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This story is a sequel to Sombra's Little Brother Comes To Visit

After his annoying little brother caused him to lose focus, allowing the mane six to defeat him, Sombra has been focusing on not losing his sanity while trapped under the ice with his obnoxious sibling.

However, when another member of his family shows up out of nowhere, he'll wish he'd been blown to pieces by the Crystal Heart.

A story made for fun

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Treble Clef has had to deal with the advances of Adagio ever since he started attending Canterlot High. At first he thought little of it, but as he formed a relationship with another girl it became more and more of an issue.

He didn't hate her, he was more annoyed than anything. However, once he finds her in a more vulnerable state, she begins to tell him her real reasons for being so persistent. All the schemes, all the flirting and all the sly grins. What drove her to go to such lengths to earn his attention?

This story features a character from the story Cut Above The Rest

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The mane six backed against a corner, the crystal heart out of reach and the royal couple out of commission. Sombra had the ponies right where he wanted them...until a certain someone shows up.

(Just a silly little idea that I thought would be funny)

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Tick tock goes the clock...

Symbol is a young boy with a relatively peaceful and happy life in Equestria, living in Canterlot Castle with Celestia and Luna. He has everything he could need. Food, company, opportunity and a soft place to rest his head.

Soon, he finds two stray changelings lost and alone. Things get a little more interesting around the castle.

But what happens when an evil unicorn wizard named Clockwork casts a spell on Symbol that sets his life on a time limit?

With his life now on a timelimit, Symbol will have to search through the history books to find a way to counteract the spell with the help of his friends.

But is there something else that he should be worried about?

Mostly slice of life, not much dialogue but more narration. No romantic feelings between the canon cast and the human, but there may be something down the line but we'll just have to wait and see.

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Some people dream of fame, fortune and popularity. Some dream of the one they love, what their future entails and what they want to do.

But others, they dream of far smaller things, things that most people take for granted. Friends, a family that cares or maybe just someone to hold close to your heart.

With Canterlot High's newest student...no one knows what he dreams about.

Roden, son of Chrysalis and long lost childhood friend of Octavia Melody, will bring his own meaning of dreams to Canterlot High.

Who knows? Some of them might even come true.

This story belongs to the PoME group, a group of authors that have created characters to ship with main or side characters of the Equestria Girls movies. Thank you to all of the PoME authors that continue to show their support.

Cover art by BlueSun52

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When Lyra goes to confess her feelings to the human living in Ponyville she expects a positive answer.

When she is rejected she demands to know why, and the human is forced to explain how it wouldn't work both personally and physically

Teen for use of sexual language

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Twilight knew the day would eventually come, the day that Spike would move out to live his life. As he had become of age Rarity had accepted his feelings and after a few years they were to be wed.

Twilight thought she could handle things on her own, but she had become so accustomed to having someone by her side to help her. After taking a walk through the now tame Everfree Forest she comes across a strange being in a tux. This being is the solution to her present problem.

Little does she know, this being isn't just in Equestria to find someone to serve, it's on the lookout for something that could be a danger to all living things.

This is not a human X pony fic, the romance tag is for something else further down the line

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There comes a point in everyone's life when you just can't put up with somethings. For Ditzy Doo that something is the way she is treated by everyone else at Canterlot High that isn't her sister or her only four friends. She's smart, it's just that no one believes that. No one will take her seriously with her wonky eyes and clumsy personality.

However, that all changes when a boy named Shard Storm enters her life. Finding her eyes 'beautiful' and her clumsy nature 'adorable.'

How will things play out for these two? I think we all know the answer by now.

Oh, and there's something about some company trying to get Shard or something.

Part of the PoME universe

Any OCs used that are not created by me are owned by there respective owners

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Long ago in Equestria their existed a human with no memories of his past life or where he was. He quickly befriended Princess Luna and soon found himself married to her. Over the years of his new immortal life he discovered a flaw in Celestias so called 'harmony' and set out to correct the mistake.

Celestia did not see this as helpful, only a danger to her ponies. So she confronted the human, but the empire he had built was too great and she was forced to banish him.

Centuries later he has returned. Over the course of the years a new human had made herself known as well as an entire family of humans that now live in Ponyville. It's up to the human girl to stop the shadow King. But will she want to after hearing his true goal?

Set in an alternate Equestria where Nightmare Moon and Luna are separate beings and the Draconequi are still alive as a functioning empire.

Everything that happens in this story, no matter how random it may be, happens for a reason, remember that

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Equestria is about to get a whole lot crazier. When a monster begins possessing the bodies of foals and mysterious beings start showing up all over the place Twilight and friends will need a little help from beyond their universe.

Portgas.D.Ashley, the girl that controls fire and her trainer Symbol Shattered, a mysterious boy that has been brough back from the dead after destroying an ancient evil. What will happen when these two join together with the ponies to take down evil? Just about what you'd expect to happen in these kinds of stories.

Portgas.D.Ashley is from the anime and manga series One Piece (you can read this with no knowledge of the show, the important stuff is explained)

This story is part of the Nightmare-verse, a collection of displaced stories that interconnect. Any characters that appear from other stories are part of this universe.

Now being co-written with an awesome dude: Prince_Zodiac

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