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Hiatus · 10:51am Dec 27th, 2013

I am officially putting Eternal Requiem on a hiatus. I don't know how long it will be on a hiatus for, but I can guarantee it will be back.

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Plans for Eternal Requiem · 1:25pm Jul 24th, 2013

So, this has been a long time coming. Literally.

I've decided to state a bit about what I plan for Eternal Requiem. There will be three major arcs to this story. The "Freedom" arc, the "Resolution" arc, and then finally the "Absolution" arc. These arcs will be easily identifiable. The chapter titles have all started with "Freedom." I'm not going to spoil what I have planned for the end of this arc, or anything about the next two arcs. But I will say something about this one.

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FINALLY! · 12:38am Jul 6th, 2013

I am so, so sorry for taking so long to get this out. So I am standing by what I said in my last blog post. I am never giving any guarantee of when a chapter will come out unless I am nearly completely done with it. At which point I might as well just finish it instead of waiting. So don't expect time limits for these updates.

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Fuck · 5:55am Jun 5th, 2013


I'm not dead, and I apologize for taking so long to get the next chapter out. I made the mistake of buying Animal Crossing, two different Harvest Moon games, and a Rune Factory game, at the same time, and playing them all. I didn't even know what month it was this morning. I am so sorry. I'll work on getting the chapter out hopefully soon. And I promise not to set dates anymore. Chapters will come out when I get them written.

Again, sorry.

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New Chapter Coming · 2:21am May 10th, 2013

Yo, people who are watching me. That's five total now, pretty cool. Didn't really expect to have anyone follow me, I hardly do that and thought that was what most people did. Apparently I was wrong. (Also apparently it's not just people who are watching me, but also any stories I have up here that I tag accordingly. So that's even more who will be notified of this. Cool stuff.)

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Sorry. · 4:12am Apr 11th, 2013

Hey, I actually have people following me who can see this. I had nearly forgotten about that.

Sorry about the long wait for the third chapter to Eternal Requiem. Schoolwork isn't even a viable excuse this time. It just took me a while to work out what I wanted to happen in this chapter, and I sincerely apologize for promising to have the chapter come out sooner, only to go and make it even longer.

It should be up by either the morning of the 11th or 12th.

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