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Malefactory — adj. Ill-doing; criminal in nature.


I am a reasonable editor with reasonable requests. I edit stories almost regardless of content, and will not criticize you for general mistakes, will almost always leave a reason for non-obvious mistakes. My only fee is that you make attempts at correcting recurring errors, because, seriously, nothing will make me want to drop you more than correcting the same thing eighty or ninety times.

If you like my editing, regardless of where I picked you up from or where you picked me up from, please recommend me to The Proofreader Group, so that I might grow more powerful and influential.

[Editing Jobs]

I'm currently editing for each of these people:
Lise Eclaire
CheshireTwilight — On Hiatus / MIA

Currently taking a break editing for these people:
None, though some of the people above might be taking a break from writing.
I'be been out of commission lately. Will try to get back to work soon.

Forgive me in advance if I don't update these links/people in a timely fashion.
If you have a problem, feel free to PM or email me and we'll have a chat.


A Question to Readers of Fiction · 9:56pm Jun 30th, 2016

Why do we trust writers, if—by definition—they are the kind of people who write lies?
You would think they would be so good at it that they would never have to tell you the truth.
You would think someone who never had to tell the truth wouldn't when he didn't need to.
You would think they never needed to.
So why trust any of us?

With love,

Hello World

I am Malefactory. A factory for males. Or, if you accept that this is reality, and that dictionaries are credible sources, I am a malicious human (yes, human) being. If you want to know more about me, then I would suggest that you hit me up through my email malefactory0@gmail.com or, more preferably, by PM-ing me. I am online and ready to take orders starting at 9:00 AM Mountain Time and ending at 10:00 PM Mountain Time. I have been on less frequently than I normally am. You still can and should PM me, but if it's urgent, or if you just want to get a hold of me more efficiently, please contact me through my email address located by the top.

S k i l l s I n c l u d e
3D Modeling (to a degree)
3D Texturing
Photoshop (to a degree)
Lying (high level of competency, near mastery)
Being too PC and then somehow saying something offensive without noticing

Have a nice day.

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Do you mind if my review is an obscenely long pm?
I ask this in post, having already written most of it.

Just saw your comment.

Give me until after my class to write you up a review or something along those lines.
I had a great deal of points swimming around in my head, and I thought that you—as well as I—might like it if I got them out.

Until slightly later,


What were your overall thoughts?

Well good, because that was the feeling I got. :)

For answering your question:
It was a feeling, a mystic sense as you were. The effect will be that he and Leit will have a child who is the reincarnation of the angel.

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