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In dire need of a hat, Sky Surge seeks the opportunity to garner such lavish headgear through a magical book that literally sucks the reader in. Get it? Huh? Huh? Okay...

What more can I say than hats?

Rated M for "MEEEEEEM." But other than that, this reading environment is pretty safe, save for mild violence involving two adversaries fighting over a 138.4 bud item. And the occasional not blowing up from a grenade.

Cover art (hastily) drawn by me.

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After the pointless war, fought between the griffons and ponies, a young soldier returns to visit his hometown, to soak in the memories he had once had before the war, finding a way to forget about his experiences during the war. Something he didn't know that his childhood city is different than it use to be.

The things some ponies do to forget about hard times, is to learn to walk at the speed of memories.

The cover art came from my phone two years ago...

Chapters (1)
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