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Current status of writing · 7:53pm May 6th, 2018

Hi y'all,

This is just a quick update since a few people have asked, and it has been a... little time since my last chapter. A few months ago I went from working half-time to a full time job, one that took almost all of my free time. Things have calmed way down these past couple of weeks, and I'm happy to report that I managed to get back into writing; at a slower pace than before, but still.

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Writing is weird. · 5:34pm Jul 3rd, 2016

Spend months trying to think of a good way to write the second chapter.

Restart the damn thing about 6 times, never happy with it.

Finally snap and write a bunch in a few days, lost in a fever dream.

Result is weird as fuck, but I like it.

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Status of updates. · 6:42am Apr 1st, 2016

Welp, my latest story kinda blew up. Not saying I'm not thankful it was so well received, but having it on the front page for so long was kind of scary. Or absolutely pants-shittingly terrifying, either or.

That silliness aside, lets talk updates:

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Loneling news, some rambling. · 4:58pm Feb 22nd, 2016

Brevity is the soul of wit, said a great man. And if that's true, I'm right properly screwed.

The next chapter of Loneling is almost done, sitting at... 19.647 words. Yep, I did it again. 20K words of pure smut. What the heck.

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I'm back... wait what year is it? · 5:30pm Jan 6th, 2016

Sooo yeah. Hi. Long time no see. Posting this blog to inform you that the next chapter of Loneling's adventures is almost done, and to give a quick explanation for the small delay (fuck me sideways it's been half a year already).

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Work delays · 6:00pm Aug 26th, 2015

Not sure if anyone will read this but I prefer to give a heads up in case someone is waiting for the next chapters for my stories and is wondering what the heck is taking so long.

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