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As long as you love, you have a life worth living, and a life worth living is a life worth loving.

About Me

Name: Kat

Age: 19

Birthday: 14th of November, Zodiac Scorpio

Sexuality: Pansexual

Gender: Fluid

Relationship(s): Polyamorous

Country of origin: North America

Mood: Flirty and bored as heck

Occupation: None at current

Hobbies: Gaming, drawing, writing, fencing/sparring, archery, acting-as-makeshift-therapist, parkour/freerunning, music design

Steam/PSN: TheSakrament666

Favorite colors: Black, purple, green, blue, pink, red.

Favorite games: Skyrim, Silent Hills: 1-3, Journey, Dear Esther

Favorite Shows: MLP and Adventure Time

Favorite activities: Archery, sparring, parkour/freerunning, gaming, reading, writing


Hello! I'm Sakrament, a Goth who loves gaming, writing and reading. I might post kaleidoscopes from time to time. I am gender fluid , please respect that.
I'm generally on this site about six hours a day give or take so don't be surprised if I end up poofing or whatever. Also feel free to PM me if you're having a bad day, need to vent or just want someone to talk to, I'm almost always delighted to see a new face around here and I enjoy conversations of most topics. And always remember there's always someone who cares, the only thing is you have to believe it.
Have a look at my "About Me" box or take a look at my Excellent Ponies box to be directed to some fine ladies and gentlecolts.

I'd rather get to know my followers than have a thousand blank faces. Come chat with me a bit, I don't bite.

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I couldn't drink enough.

There was just that one time... And the car was only moderately totalled.

I'll pass. I don't trust your driving.

Sorry Minxy for blowing up your page this is just how we show we care.

It was over before it started I just like putting on a show for audiance. Hey loved ones let's go on a journey.

  • Viewing 6,230 - 6,234 of 6,234
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And I'm Still Kinda Stuck · 3:35am May 1st

New computer is an old laggy piece of spiff that can barely even run IE so I might just have to get a cheap $200 laptop for the time being like I originally planned. I JUST WANT TO WRITE FOR THE LOVE OF DAGON!!!

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