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As long as you love, you have a life worth living, and a life worth living is a life worth loving.

About Me

Name: Kat

Age: 19

Birthday: 14th of November, Zodiac Scorpio

Sexuality: Pansexual

Gender: Fluid

Relationship(s): Polyamorous

Country of origin: North America

Mood: Flirty and bored as heck

Occupation: None at current

Hobbies: Gaming, drawing, writing, fencing/sparring, archery, acting-as-makeshift-therapist, parkour/freerunning, music design

Steam/PSN: TheSakrament666

Favorite colors: Black, purple, green, blue, pink, red.

Favorite games: Skyrim, Silent Hills: 1-3, Journey, Dear Esther

Favorite Shows: MLP and Adventure Time

Favorite activities: Archery, sparring, parkour/freerunning, gaming, reading, writing


Hello! I'm Sakrament, a Goth who loves gaming, writing and reading. I might post kaleidoscopes from time to time. I am gender fluid , please respect that.
I'm generally on this site about six hours a day give or take so don't be surprised if I end up poofing or whatever. Also feel free to PM me if you're having a bad day, need to vent or just want someone to talk to, I'm almost always delighted to see a new face around here and I enjoy conversations of most topics. And always remember there's always someone who cares, the only thing is you have to believe it.
Have a look at my "About Me" box or take a look at my Excellent Ponies box to be directed to some fine ladies and gentlecolts.

I'd rather get to know my followers than have a thousand blank faces. Come chat with me a bit, I don't bite.

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I couldn't drink enough.

There was just that one time... And the car was only moderately totalled.

I'll pass. I don't trust your driving.

Sorry Minxy for blowing up your page this is just how we show we care.

It was over before it started I just like putting on a show for audiance. Hey loved ones let's go on a journey.

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I'm Alive Kind Of Sort Of Maybe-ish · 8:09pm October 16th

I got a new PC a bit ago but there were some issues with Google not saving my passwords correctly so I had to do some excessive guesswork and whatnot, and I've been a bit busy with the attempt at getting the hell out of here, here being my current residence. However now that the first thing has been taken care of maybe things will start being easier to deal with? Just maybe slightly hopefully? A tiny, smidgeony bit?

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