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M1dnight Rain

Gonna be real here, I am alive even if I am not on here. I promise. Mostly Steam and Discord


I do still exist. · 3:58am Oct 5th, 2020

I know I don't talk any people on here but just being silent for 3-4 years is pretty low for me so I figured that I would finally update this still. I am not dead, just busy and I haven't been on a much as I should have. Between my job and my Photography I have been fairly busy and while I know not many probably even remember me, at least saying this seems like the right thing to do.

So Hello and have a great day!

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A rather innocent question. · 6:27pm Oct 30th, 2016

Is it normal for someone to start misspelling words that were once easy? Like you go to spell a word but you put another. I guess an example would be if I were to spell "the" but instead I put "and" or if I were to put "a" but instead I used "I". Or like I've been doing and put "but" instead of "put"... Or misspell a word beyond recognition. 

I am just curious.:twilightsmile:

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Merry christmas · 3:23pm Dec 25th, 2015

Merry Christmas from everyone here and we hope your year is better and that you are loved by many.

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