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Group Admin

Hey guys, the boss here being a lame-o , this is a request to the writers of the group, if you have in mind an idea for a smollus fic in the near or distant future, include these ideas in your story, please???, I really wanted to read them.

●smolder celebrates his birthday, and has a special private evening with gallus playing tea together

●gallus invites smolder to a gala and smolder has to wear a pink dress! (sweet celestia , she would look so beautiful)

●gallus and smolder sleep together cuddling with their own wings (winghug is win ❤)

and finally a very eccentric idea

● in a matriarchal world, smolder and gallus are a couple, but smolder carries gallus everywhere on a leash, he doesn't care 😎

I hope you have at least one of these ideas in mind, have a noce day ;)

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