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So, when Flurry Heart was first introduced, the fandom imploded. She got so much hate from the minute she appeared on the screen. What's more, people started hating her because she was super destructive. As if they hadn't seen this before....

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE these two and I'm not saying that they should have gotten hate, but remember the episode "Baby cakes"? They had given Pinkie Pie such a hard time, even using their powers against her. They did the same stuff as Flurry Heart. But there is only one difference.

The cake twins did all that on purpose, whereas Flurry Heart did everything innocently. She didn't know what she was doing was wrong. The cake twins however gave Pinkie a hard time because they wanted to give her a hard time. But yet, no one from the fandom said a word.

Maybe it's because Flurry Heart is an alicorn? Yeah maybe it's that. But still, that isn't an excuse to hate her when she did nothing wrong.

P.S Don't hate the cake twins either though. They were babies.

Yeah, the hate she's been getting was pretty ridiculous. I mean, I have to admit, I like the jokes people made about her. Ngl.

But the real hate?

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