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Martha Steward, a 16 year old girl from Matthews, North Carolina, was rushed to the hospital yesterday for a broken jaw, severa stomach pain, and extreme over abundance of bowel movements. According to the family, she had fallen down the stairs a three days before after dinner at their annual family reunion, however had expressed no pain or injury aside from a slightly loose, but unbroken jaw, she was sighted up later that night, however since the young girl has a tendency to sleepwalk, no one thought anything of it. The scare came the next day, when her newborn brother was found to be missing, and the nursery window open, assuming the baby had been kidnapped from out of their own home, the family panicked, Martha also notes around this time she began needing to relieve herself with increasing frequency, and her 'loose' jaw suddenly became much more problematic, though she didn't inform her parents out of confidence she'd be fine.

It was only on Saturday, when she 'shat so hard her ass started bleeding' according to her older sister who found her passed out on the toilet after the incident, that she was rushed to the hospital, where x-rays to find the source of her stomach pain revealed the half digested corpse of her baby brother inside her stomach, and anther x-ray revealed her jaw was not merely loose, but had practically come entirely unhinged, this is likely what allowed her to swallow her baby brother whole, the doctors say, as this is not the only known case, snakes also unhinge their jaws in order to devour prey, so her unhinged jaw was what allowed her to perform this act, though her family has not been able to be talked too about it, if the behavior of Martha herself is any indication, then they're too stunned to know what to do about it, at last report, she was being given pills to help her dispose finish off the remains faster, and scientists of human anatomy are questioning their sanity. We do not yet know if legal action is going to be taken.

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