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Hello again, myself (since no one reads these here)!

I am working on a new story right somewhat while writing WHHD. The story's name is the title of this post (except for the "What is this?!" part, which I just put in there to voice out loud your confusion at the post's name), and it will be in the form of an epic! That's right, if you google up Beowulf or other classic epics, you might know what I am intending to write. It's an arduous task that I don't really know if I am up to, considering I practically know nothing about writing such literary pieces, but it's something I wanted to dabble in for a while now plus it's fun. So what's there not to like?

Unlike the other stories I have out there, I actually plan to pre-write a larger portion of the story before publishing the parts. Why? Because it takes so, so long to write anything in 'epic' form and I fear I'll screw up so badly. Seriously, just look up Beowulf and tell me you don't feel intimidated just by the thought of having to write something like that. Luckily for you and me, mine will have much simpler structure and grammar, because I am not anywhere near that level when it comes to English. Or writing skills. Or anything, really.

Sorry about the rant, just really tired right now and wanted to let you know that I'm not really just stalling in my writing.

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