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I have been thinking about Engine Roll Call from Thomas, and realized how much of a disservice it is to the North Western Railway. I know a song listing ALL the engines would be too long, so only Awdry's 11 and Emily will be mentioned by name in the extended Roll Call portion, but I am making sure to reference others too. I hope you enjoy, and tell me your thoughts after you read!

So many engines working hard
Pulling trains or in the yard
Each with their own color and hue
They're the really useful crew

Doing jobs every single day
Completing them without delay
They're the team that can't be beat
The North Western Fleet

Roll Call:
Thomas, works on his branchline
Edward, a kind friend of mine
Henry, he's so strong it's true
Gordon, the express is coming through

James, vain with a heart of gold
Percy, does any job he's told
Toby, he is wise you'd say
Duck, is the Great Wester way

Donald, with twin Douglas too
Oliver, with breakvan Toad Woo-hoo
Emily, she always gets it done
And more, engines on the line they run.

Chorus x2

Hope you all enjoyed it! I am open to any suggestions too!

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