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Basically a thread for posting head cannon on how the equestrian military is structured. This involves the chain of command, what divisions are there (air force, navy, ground), and what are their roles in keeping the peace.

I expect a level of professionalism that follow these rules.

1. Harassment will not be tolerated. You may disagree as much as you want, but no attacking the actual author. Keep your weapons pointed at the theory, not the mind behind it.
2. Excessive profanity will get your post deleted. Some swearing is fine dammit, but I want no €*~^>%[ b$|| %#}{*+^%##%>^<<#%}~{{}#><%. :flutterrage: :pinkiegasp:.
Ya got that? :ajbemused:
3. Be generally polite. Please keep a level head and actually find valid points to argue. Actually reading the post and responding to the content in a respectful manner is way more polite than just posting That's stupid.
4. Post relevant stuff. This is about the military, not economics, or law, or congress, just military. There are other threads for that.

There will be a three strike system. Judging on the severity of the crime you will either get a warning or a strike. A warning will be something that is acceptable but borderline strike. Three warnings will grant you a strike. A strike is a violation of the rules and the post will be deleted.

After three strikes you will not be allowed to post any more.

As a general rule: Be nice and have fun. :pinkiehappy: Everyone and everypony is expected to have differing opinions. Part of our community is love and tolerance, and I want to uphold that, and remember, it's just a show. A really really really great show, but still a show. So don't have too many fangasm or overzealous posts.
Okay?... good.

May Harmony be with you all.

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