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So I was inspired by Art Inspired on how I'd like to organize this group.

Unsurprisingly, this group will have (hopefully!) a lot of SFW art depicting Twilight's adorable posterior. Rather than lump everyone's findings in one unweildly thread, I plan to make a thread for each artist, and put links to their art in the appropriate thread.

I would appreciate it if others would do the same.

Group Admin

Currently researching the artist for the following:

Jondor is a boss.

Group Admin


#8 is this with this shopped into it.

Not sure how to handle the artist in this case, since the majority of the picture is one artist, but the actual TwiFlank is another.

#7 also checked off: TomTornados
#6 down: Ponegranate
#5: Frist44
#4: iFoxTrax
#3: Garam
#2: Zajice
And done. #1: Audrarius

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 3
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