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Only for those who finished the game, what is the basic understanding for the end of Bioshock:Infinite? You just die in the end.

1999 mode shows that he is still alive on the day he gave anne away. and you go see if she is still in her crib because he never gave her away because comstock never came into existence because he never went to the baptizing ceremony.

It was also the 123 time Booker went to Columbia bu it was the first success

That isn't only in '99 mode. That's just a post-credits scene.

I tend to interpret that scene as, given infinite possible universes, it's impossible to completely eradicate someone-- even if you do, a new universe in which you failed will just branch off. So really, they failed, imo. :/

1383864I AM TOO DUMB TO UNDERSTAND, ENGLISH PLEAS:derpytongue2::derpytongue2:


It happens at the end of the credits in whatever mode you play in. I got it while playing easy

1404236Oh. I skipped 'em. OFF TO THE CREDITS!!

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