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So I've considered writing a new Bioshock story, only this one will be much more serious. I got the basic idea for chapter one below, but thats about it. Personally, I was thinking about sending a BD and his LS to Equestria and having shit happen. Mostly mares wondering how the (mostly) normal stallion has a daughter but no wives (yes, herds. Why; funny reasons). Any and all ideas and criticism are welcomed.

A Big Daddy and his Little Sister die in Rapture.
The Big Daddy is an experimental Alpha mkII with four plasmids and a dozen combat tonics.
They wake up in the Everfree Forest, changed.
The Big Daddy has his memory and voice back, feels angry and almost takes it out on the Little Sister by killing her, but changes his mind, FR. (Yes, grimdark thoughts, but that's because he blames the LS for his "upgrades")
Alpha was turned into a de-wing and de-horned Alicorn, the Little Sister is a Sanguine Threstal. (Blood drinking bat pony).
Keep the Alpha, Little Sister and ponies from knowing about his "royal status" until so-so time.
They head out of the Everfree Forest and enter Ponyville, after some interesting stuff happens.
Kill some wolves, with fire, roar down a Manticore and rescue the CMC from getting lost (No, the CMC don't get to watch a fight or get in danger).
Alpha and Little Sister deal with curious and scared ponies by ignoring and waving at them.
Alpha considers roaring at them, but the Little Sister asks him to wave at them, he goes with it.
Meet M6 and questions are asked, Alpha does his best to divert or bend the truth while LS plays.

I don't know about everything, but that should be the last scene in the chapter with cliffhanger.

5321441 That seems good.:derpytongue2:

Thank you both, so far I've been receiving very positive responses on the forums I posted this on and, hopefully soon, will give everyone who commented on the threads a link to the story.


I'm free!

You don't to know just how hard it is to get away from the WildeHopps Navy; showed them my Brony Army draft card and they laughed, laughed I say! Well they started laughing real nervously once a few hundred Bronies started dropping artillery strikes on their heads and finally, they released me. MLP 1000, Zootopia 0! Now first off, I've been away for nearly a year, more even, but I've never forgotten my desire to write another MLP Bioshock crossover. If either of you would like to give me some feedback on the first chapter, as well as some rough drafts I wrote, I'd be in your debt.

Big Trouble and Big Daddy

Again, thank you.

5844050 That was a good chapter.

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