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I've got you all a new story to depict, a new journey to venture into and spend countless times wondering while you stare at your ceiling in both horror and excitement!

Now, here is the issue my fellow chumps, and we all know what issues mean: Problems.

Now, I need some chap to help me edit these fine parts on my story, and I quote-on quote don't you 'my' as bragging rights, eh? No. I am simply stating that it's a story that is in decent hands and written in decent hands. Right? But all in all, it needs refining and refining is simply what I lack, and with a collective eye you can help achieve this story to perfection, or at least in a greater area of perfection than it was previously stuck in. Now, would someone, anyone, please, I know were all Bioshock fans here, but if someone can possibly help me. It would be most appreciated.

Just flip quick through the story and see what you think!

Would You Kindly?

You would be doing somebody whom you don't even know a huge favor! :heart:

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1