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A thought crossed my mind when I saw this picture while browsing about Derpibooru earlier

What's to say that there isn't multiple versions of our cross-dimensional duo out there in the multiverse, confusing whoever is unfortunate enough to cross their path?

The game showed us multiple Elizabeths and Bookers... so why not multiple versions of Robert and Rosalind Lutece?

3349742 Were ponies,
Are ponies,
Will be ponies.

3349742 I can only assume that you've finished the game, if not, I'll use the spoiler tags anyway -
I've read that after Rosalind and Robert completed their mission for Comstock the first time, he sent agents to sabotage the tear generator, they succeeded, while the twins were inside the machine. Basically, multiple versions of the twins exist because of Comstock's sabotage

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