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Just a big, tall teenager that is trying to write horse words as soon as possible... And loves games. A lot. Also, I enjoy Roleplay. Feel free to PM me about it.




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Good day, everybody.

I'm a Hispanic living in Florida, the 27th state of the United States of America.

I am five-foot eleven to six feet tall, depending on whether I am hunched over or standing up straight.

I enjoy gaming, reading, writing, roleplaying, eating, watching videos, learning, listening to music, relaxing, helping people, and occasionally working on things I have to work on.

My theme:

That's all I'm gonna say for now; have a good day!


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>>2380903 In other words, you won't tell me.

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Thanks for the follow.  Out of curiosity, why'd you follow me?

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I thank you for your attempted assistance though.

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>>2367545 Ah, my apologies good sir. I was merely trying to provide aid to you in your next game of Scrabble. I apologize for my discrepancy kind sir.

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