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The original Fallout: Equestria story can be found on fimfic here.

The Equestria Daily post about it is here.

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#194 · 5w, 6d ago · · ·

that banner is awesome.:twilightsheepish:

#193 · 6w, 1d ago · · ·

Oooh new banner!

...I like.

#192 · 6w, 6d ago · 2 · ·

that new banner.

i like it.

#191 · 7w, 2d ago · 1 · ·

>>380752 Fallout: Equestria and Breaking Bad.

#190 · 7w, 2d ago · · ·

>>380288 Witch story are you talking about?

#189 · 7w, 6d ago · · ·

That banner...

Oh dang, that gave me chills down my spine. Why?

#188 · 8w, 3h ago · 1 · ·

>>380267 Oh, now I see. In addition to crystals, Pip and Homage can also make as many Part Time Mint-als as they'd like. Just remember, Pip is the one who knocks.

#187 · 8w, 12h ago · · ·

>>380261 Crystal, Crystal Glass, Crystal Meth is a slang word used for Methamphetamine.

the qoute: "Jesse, we have to cook." Comes from Breaking Bad (a show which revolves around the production of Methamphetamine).

#185 · 8w, 14h ago · · ·

>>379754 "Homage, we have to cook."

#184 · 8w, 5d ago · · ·

So, is Pip going to go on and on about crystals now?

#183 · 10w, 5d ago · 6 · ·

Pip possessed by dark magic?


#182 · 10w, 6d ago · 2 · ·

These new banners.

I like them.

#181 · 10w, 6d ago · 2 · ·

Whoa. Is that new banner for Halloween or something? That's pretty trippy.

#179 · 13w, 5d ago · · ·

>>375575 Up at the top it says "stories". Click on that, then on the "status" folder. :twilightsmile:

#178 · 13w, 5d ago · · ·

>>375500 Hey thanks, just where is this place in which I should post it, BTW it is still being pre read but will be out by or at the end of the month... Hopefully :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Tempest Knight deleted at 1:39am on the 15th of September, 2014
#176 · 13w, 5d ago · · ·

>>375164 You can just add to the Ongoing/complete/one shot (whichever one applies) folder, and I'll handle the rest >^_^<

#175 · 14w, 1d ago · 1 · ·

I wrote my own after reading FoE, I will be posting it at the end of the month. I only have one question... Where exactly do I post it? It is a short book, only 108 pages, but I tried my best not to interfere with what everypony else was writing. Thanks!

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