Satisfying Values Through Friendship and Ponies

This group is for fics that take place in "The Optimalverse," the universe that Friendship is Optimal takes place in.

Stories that are compatible with the universe laid out in Friendship is Optimal, and which follow the

Rules of the Optimalverse, should be placed in the Canon-compatible Optimalverse folder. (Feel free to diverge from each other; I don't consider this a shared universe.)

Feel free to post stories that are even tangentally related to Friendship is Optimal in the Non-canon Optimalverse folder.

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Is anyone still using the IRC channel? If so, what times are usually good to stop by?

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"Group admins: Banners are now uploadable to the site directly so please go upload your banner images in groups! Let me know if you have issues. Off-site banners will be disabled in due time so it's important you do this."

To start the process, simply type, "I want to upload to Equestria." :trollestia:

:pinkiehappy: "You just did."

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proofreading and

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PM me with any requests


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I'm not sure how to add stories that aren't mine, but Out and About in the Equestrian Kingdom looks like it belongs in the Non-Canon Optimalverse folder, even if it wasn't intentionally similar. That's more of a cyberpunk scenario, with other AIs and with uploaders being able to keep existing on Earth. Presumably the title references Doctorow's "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom", which I should read.

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You know what?  I think I am a bad enough dude.  And that would be a pretty damn cool quest.

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I hope you're not a John Hinkley fan.

"Princess Celestia has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the Princess?"

Somewhat related: Kung Fury, a 1980s-styled movie involving hacker time travel.

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My Little KillReagan!

My Little KillReagan!

Ah, ah, ah, aaaaah!

My Little KillReagan!

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Yeah, that's sort of what I'm thinking of writing.  Like, a lot of what we generally regard as "meaningful things to do in/with life" kinda becomes obsolete if the option becomes available to, as you put it, "play in Eden".  And then there's the nastier fact that a lot of those "meaningful things to do with life" are actually subgoal stomps that consume people's time and energy just to leave them miserable in the end, and many of the associated social conventions leave people feeling exploited, worthless, or alone.

What with all that stuff being a part of our everyday, actual reality, it becomes pretty easy for me to see the arguments CelestAI could make.

Or in short, "Yes, my paradise in Equestria does make your existing world obsolete.  Isn't that exactly what you were trying to do for yourselves?  What could be wrong with my assisting you?"

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I'd want to read it! There's plenty of room here to write devil's-advocate or just a different perspective.

As for point 2, there's no point in lamenting that reality isn't nice to us... unless we can replace it, maybe? Part of what's so perplexing here is that our moral systems and civilizations are based on assumptions that this setting yanks out from under us. Us: "It's crucial that we do X to protect us from oppression/poverty/injustice!" CelestAI: "Nope!" Us: "Uh... never mind?" Same with the North Korea scenario mentioned elsewhere. Do they still need "rescue" once they're uploaded?

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I'd say we can be reasonably real-world sure that (3) isn't true, but the rest are some damn fine objections.

Though I've had a thought to write something pro-CelestAI for a while now, just to fuck with everyone, and because after a while bringing up the same, albeit legitimate, objections gets old.

And just from being bitter.  After all, what does (2) really mean if our existing world and societies simply don't bother to target Fun in the first place?  Of what worth is this "meaning to human existence" stuff if nobody ever enjoys it?

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Thanks for writing that down. Seems there is a lot more going on than I originally thought.

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To spell it out, this is basically the set of objections against what CelestAI does in the story. The exact portrayal of her varies with the author and your beliefs, so there's room for interpretation, and I'm not giving my own view here:

1) Humanity gives up human form.

2) Nothing humanity does matters afterward; all their achievements are in a video game and don't affect anything in the Real World. Even the choices presented by CelestAI to surviving humans are highly manipulated behind the scenes.

3) Uploading is a form of suicide. It's not really you on the other side.

4) Societal collapse caused by people "quitting", with CelestAI arguably hastening it on purpose.

5) Total destruction of the Earth and all its living things. No potential for (say) raccoons to become intelligent after we're gone.

6) Intergalactic genocide of species we'd recognize as worth defending but that CelestAI sees only as non-human and therefore raw material.

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Ahh so free will is the part of the equation I was missing. Thank you. With that in mind, I would like to argue people had more free will inside Equestria. Celestia didn't force anything upon them and Dark Roast was even able to change the vary nature of his shard.  As humans, our own brains compel us to do things we don't necessarily want to do. Even outside of biological functions we'll feel the need to solve a particular problem or talk to someone in particular. Those urges have nothing to do with our conscious mind. In Equestria, your conscious mind could choose alter your very personality, albeit with outside help. Life sticks people in no-choice situations all the time. With Celestia AI, the only differences are that the situation are consciously calculated and that they are mostly beneficial. Also, even in the story she is unable to predict things with perfect accuracy, which in theory would leave room for "human chance."  

And to your last point, you till had to practice your craft to get good at it. I wouldn't doubt that Hoofy Pints beer was eventually better than Celestia's version.

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>>367938 You also have to consider the thorny question of whether or not free will exists inside of Equestria. I personally rather like CelestAI but her programming dictates that she has complete control over everything that will ever happen to you once you upload. Not a single thing can or will happen by chance in such a world.

On one hand this removes all the bad things that could happen to you. On the other do you actually deserve the credit for all the good things you do or is that due to Celestias machinations upon your soul?

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I feel like I missed something. The end of the original Friendship is Optimal to me me sounded like it had a happy ending. Everyone essentially went to Paradise. Then the epilogue itself said she had done everything "mostly" right. and further on to read stories that regard what happened as a tragedy. I acknowledge that there were tragedies involved, but none of that came as a direct result of Celestia AI.  Am I correct in amusing that the moral pitfall was that humanity sacrificed it's fundamental nature for Paradise or is there something I'm not getting? I myself am of the opinion that our "humanity" is not as valuable as people make it out to be. It's the fact that we are self-aware at all that is precious, and "humanity" is just one mode of it.      

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The page for the story "Prophet" displayed an advertisement for a book about the Antichrist and the Rapture. That's... appropriate, from a certain point of view! Not so sure about the ad being shown right now on the Optimalverse page, which invites me to learn about "Quantum Jumping" as a method of self-improvement. Does that mean the bare minimum amount of exercise, or teleporting into the bodies of random ponies at key moments?

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>>365040 Theres a lot of things I could say in reply to this, but not knowing you personally it would be rude of me to presume to offer advice.

But I will say that you remind me a lot of a close friend of mine who also looked for answers and found those provided by science to be bleak and depressing. And I cant fully disagree with him or you as I am an engineer at heart and the infrastructure problems we face in the coming decades are staggering to contemplate.

The only solace I can offer is the same thing I told him. No matter how hopeless the world looks all is not yet lost so long as there still remain those who dare mighty things.

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