For stories that feature equines entering their estrus period. (Nonponies are welcome too, they just need to drink from a separate but equal water fountain, go to a separate but equal school, and sit at the back of the group.)

Note, not for fics that have a "heat" chapter, I mean stories that have ponies in heat for a sustained duration of the tale. Oneshots are welcome

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>>368638 Well only one thing to do...RUN AWAY!


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heat is exactly why i would never go to equestria with out my gun sasha (and plenty of rubber bullets)

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Sweetie Bot! Get it here first!

Heightened Erotic Attraction Test

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I love "Ponies in Heat" stories....they're hilariously erotic.:rainbowlaugh:

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there are thousands of heat stories why are there so little

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>>311437 Alright, fine, the group is now more politically correct (damn civil rights activists)

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Step one has been done, now for step two: gather more members. SO SPREAD THE WORD!!!:flutterrage:

JK :trollestia::derpytongue2:

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Ponies only? Because lions go into heat too, so I would imagine everyone's favorite gryphon would too.:duck:

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