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  • 2w, 16h
    Rainbow Rocks full review!

    First off, new chapter on Tuesday, if only because this took forever to write.

    Okay, proper review time. This is a three pronged review: the movie itself, the DVD/Blu-Ray, and the novelization. I’ll be reanalyzing the songs to see how they work in context as well. Okay, let’s begin.

    The Movie

    We open at a cafeteria where everyone is fighting, and three girls sitting in a corner are apparently to blame through their singing, which they use to feed off of negative emotions. These are the Dazzlings: Adagio Dazzle, the leader, Aria Blaze, the one no one talks about, and Sonata Dusk, the one who gets the Draco in Leather Pants treatment because people think ditzy equals good. Guess they’ve never watched/played Kill la Kill, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Super Paper Mario.

    They moan about not getting a real meal, until they see the climax of the last movie in the background. Adagio senses Equestrian magic, and realizes that the world has been altered and magic can be used. That gives them an idea.

    Then we get the opening credits, with our first song, “Rainbow Rocks”. No new context, so no song re-evaluation. The visuals here are impressive, and they even summarize the first movie in a few seconds, so I’ll give the sequence my pass.

    We then open properly at Canterlot High some time later. Everyone is making flyers. Sunset Shimmer tries to join in, but no one will talk to her except the Humane Five. They’re her only friends, and she’s now a social pariah.

    I need to address something. In my review for the first movie, I snarked about Sunset's Heel Face Turn. Part of that was seeing two long term villains in season three go good when there was story ideas for them as villains. Now, having gotten over that and reevaluated things, I’ve realized something: Sunset’s reformation was the only in-character reaction to losing. Because of one simple thing: Sunset’s motivation for villainy came down not to wanting power, but love.

    Sunset, before the end of the first movie, didn’t get love. In the 2013 Annual of the comics, which shows her life with Celestia, she believes Celestia not making her an alicorn was a form of rejection, not getting that Celestia saying no was in her best interest. When she got to Canterlot High, she equated love with popularity, and did anything to get it, even the most underhanded things.

    Then Twilight comes along. She’s not only Celestia’s new student, but has become an Alicorn. Despite her efforts to tear her down, she becomes the most popular girl in school almost effortlessly. Note that when her bluff to destroy the portal fails, she’s disappointed, but it’s only when the Humane Five congratulate her and make it clear they love her that she becomes enraged.

    Losing to Twilight made her face the truth, that her failures were her own fault, and if she really wanted love she needed to start thinking of others. So... extra points to Equestria Girls.

    Anyway, Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna come in and dump exposition, saying that a talent show off will be taking place soon. They also remind everyone about Sunset’s past. Wow, these two are terrible principals. And I didn’t notice this in theatres, but man are those long legs.

    In the music room, Sunset moans things are never going to get better. Then we gets the second song, “Better Than Ever”, sung by the Rainbooms. It’s still a meh song, but it does set up that things have improved since Twilight’s visit.

    I might as well bring this up here. I totally buy that the Rainbooms would forgive Sunset because Twilight asked them to teach her about friendship, but that leads to a little nag: everyone at Canterlot High holds Twilight in high regards, given the change that’s been brought on. I’d think that Twilight’s request would spread around, and everyone would at least try. It’s not a big complaint, since I think this is believable too, but a line of dialogue addressing it would have been nice.

    During the song they sprout pony-like features, and comment that it’s started happening when they play ever since they defeated Sunset. And since they are apparently furries, they don’t mind. We get our first glimpse of Rainbow Dash’s ego, and then the vile pony comes in.

    Okay, seriously, I really don’t mind Flash, as pointless as he was in the first movie. He’s better here. Not great, but I think he at least has a purpose for existing. He asks if Twilight will be coming by the showcase, and is disappointed that she isn’t. After he leaves, Sunset admits she only dated him for popularity, but I don’t know how true that is. Then she leaves to show three new students around, hoping to get some good graces in before they find out about her. Fluttershy then suggests they try a song she wrote, but Rainbow blows her off, and you know that’s going to lead to something.

    The three new students are in fact the Dazzlings, now looking like the Eighties threw up on them. They practically announce they’re the villains, and Sunset is... suspicious. They also refuse to let Sunset touch their pendants. Foreshadowing.

    At lunch, Sunset notes there was something off about them. She guesses someone already told them about her. Outside, the Dazzlings get ready, and Sonata does a joke that was funny at first, but the fandom has run into the ground.

    We get our third song “Let’s Have a Battle (of the Bands)”. It’s a good anti-thesis to the cafeteria song from the first movie, and there’s some good blink-and-you’ll-miss-it foreshadowing with Vinyl in the background.

    By the end of the song, everyone is at each other’s throats, except our heroes. Sunset recognizers it as dark magic, and they... tell Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna about it. Wow, smart. Unfortunately, so are the villains, who have already turned them into mindless puppets and made them change the showcase to a competition. See, Chrysalis, this is how to be a manipulative villain.

    Now stuck on what to do, they realize they need to contact Twilight. Sunset reveals she has a journal that, when she writes in it, it will appear in the sister journal, which is still in Princess Celestia’s possession, being what they used instead of Spike. So she writes the message.

    Back in Ponyville, Twilight and her friends are getting things moved into her new castle when they notice the top book on a pile has begun glowing and vibrating. Okay, in the theatres, I just chalked this up to narrative convenience, but thinking about it, it makes sense. Now that Twilight has a castle, she can be trusted to guard more things. She’s been through the Mirror and knows the most about the world on the other side, so it makes sense it’d be her responsibility. So it also makes sense she’d get the only line of communication between two worlds.

    Anyway, after reading the journal, Twilight realizes the Dazzlings must be the Sirens, three creatures who fed on negative energy and nearly threw Equestria into chaos before Starswirl the Bearded banished them to another world. Before there’s any cries of “somepony else’s problem”, it’s made clear Starswirl believed their powers would be lost.

    Realizing that the book has a connection between the two worlds, Twilight uses it to reopen the portal. I can buy this. As for why nopony’s tried it before, I’ll chalk it up to no need. She tells the others to stay behind because it would be confusing to have two of each of them around, instead of, I don’t know, they need to watch Ponyville while she’s away.

    They go through and the gang’s back together. There’s some hesitation when Sunset offers her hand, a nice catching up scene which I thinks take place during Music to My Ears. Twilight recognizes the transformations as a side effect of magic being introduced into this world. They decide they can use this magic to defeat the Dazzlings and decide to confront them at a party that night.

    At the party, Twilight and Flash run into each other, and that actually serves a purpose later. Big cringe comedy moment that I’m skipping over because you all know my feeling about that. The Dazzlings use it to summon up more animosity. They also recognize the Rainbooms as a threat.

    With their magic not working, they wonder what to do next. Sunset suggests that they can’t do it without the Elements of Harmony, and suggests they need to use music. Realizing that’s when the transformations take place, Twilight agrees with her. They decide to play at the competition, with Twilight as the newest member. A small scene of Sunset’s sadness, then justification for making Twilight the lead singer. More on Rainbow’s ego.

    They ask Twilight to write the musical counterspell... why? Yes, she knows magic, but they know the transformations happen no matter what. Why not get Rainbow Dash to write it, given that she already is writing all the music. This is the only real flaw in the movie, and thankfully one I can mostly ignore, even if it only serves to draw out this film.

    Twilight and Spike head to sleep in the library instead of going home, which she can do now, but Pinkie proposes a slumber party instead. On the next scene we get some antics, and I just noticed Spike is downing those biscuits a little to readily. More on Rainbow’s ego, Twilight can’t write the spell, a lot of little things.

    There’s the last minute kitchen scene. There’s a nice little bit when Twilight acting like a pony, some good bonding between Sunset and Twilight, and another joke the fandom ran into the ground.

    Then a horrible music number the next morning. It made my ears bleed, which I know is the point, but it’s still cringeworthy. We get more on Rainbow’s ego, then on Rarity’s vanity, and I’m ashamed to say while the Daft Punk refrence got everybody in the theatre laughing, it sailed over my head. Realizing the battle of the bands is in fifteen minutes, Twilight panics because if the spell doesn’t work, the Dazzlings will realize what they’re trying and not let them try again. They decide to just keep up in the competition until Twilight is ready.

    The competition starts, Vinyl’s still banging on her headphones, and I feel now is a good time to bring this up. Some people interpret this movie as saying that competition is bad. I disagree, it’s clearly showing the students are going to unhealthy extremes. The Dazzlings note the Rainbooms are unaffected, but Adagio says all they need is the right push...

    Another cringeworthy music number, but “Please don’t drop the microphones” is funny, as is Pinkie and Sonata bouncing along to it. Once Snips and Snails leave, Rarity shows up in an impractical outfit just in time for their turn.

    They sing “Shake Your Tail”. I complained no one noticing the sabotage in my earlier review, but everyone pointed out brainwashing, so I’ll give it that. The song was better in the music video.

    Afterward, everyone is made because of the performance. Rarity and Applejack argue over the outfit, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow over the confetti. Sunset suggests they go practice while she keeps an eye on things. Derpy cameo!

    Twilight and Flash run into each other again, but Flash is now cruel and cold. Thus, he has a purpose: showing how much powerful the Dazzlings’s spell is becoming. Earlier, Flash still liked Twilight even under the spell. So, he has a purpose. He still has the personality of cardboard, but hey, a purpose!

    Sunset confronts the Dazzlings, but they get under her skin by pointing out the girls excluded her from the band.

    Then we get the best song in this film, at least in my opinion: “Under Our Spell”. It features cool visuals, a huge fandom nod with Lyra and Bon Bon, and it also shows just how much the Dazzlings are in control. They’re practically telling the school what’s happened, and they still love them.

    Flash loses and he’s not happy.

    We get the tail end of “Tricks Up My Sleeve”, and that’s disappointing. I liked that song. Trixie confronts them, we see Rainbow’s ego come through once more, then a pretty good joke.

    Then they start seeing “Awesome as I Wanna Be”. We don’t get a full version of this either, which is fine, it was a so-so song. However, Rainbow Dash starts growing her pony stuff, and Sunset, panicking, tackles her to stop them from blowing their cover. This gets the audience to think Sunset’s still evil, and they seem to applaud it.

    Now, I’m fine with this moment, and I feel the need to justify myself, since one of my big criticisms to A Canterlot Wedding was that the plot had something stupid being done by a normally intelligent character in order to get everyone think she was the bad guy.

    Here, I can buy Sunset was just panicking. In Wedding, Twilight sees Chrysalis hypnotize Shining, then confronts them at the rehearsal. She clearly waited until it started to do this, which means she actually thought it was a good idea. That’s not panic, it’s stupid for plot’s sake.

    Plus, the moment in Wedding had no resolution, or at least not a good one. Two lines, then characters that debuted in the two-parter could get all the credit. Here, it fits in with the story, driving Sunset’s arc along. The friends actually have a discussion, and forgive her fairly quickly (admittingly, because they’re already mad at each other). In a way, this is getting a lot of what I hated about A Canterlot Wedding right.

    This also acts as a tipping point in the Rainbooms’ increasing unpopularity with the rest of the students. Since they weren’t able to pass them, it causes their arguments to start to bubble over. But the Dazzlings manipulate Celestia and Luna to letting them win, much to Trixie’s outrage, as well as the rest of the school. Something the Dazzlings exploit, putting ideas in Trixie’s head.

    Oh, and Octavia talks. I barely noticed in theatres.

    As they set up on stage, Trixie and the Illusions open a trapdoor, trapping them under the stage. Spike avoids this to go get help.

    As Trixie performs on stage, the Rainbooms start arguing about everything, it’s an effective scene given all the buildup, and they’re feeding the Dazzlings.

    The Dazzlings start “Welcome to the Show”, and Sunset, seeing this, yells at them to stop. She admits she’s seen the whole mess building and was too scared to say anything. But she tells them they need to work out their problems. Spike shows up with Vinyl, whose headphones have protected her. Twilight realizes the song doesn’t matter, and they decide to use Fluttershy’s song, as well as Rarity’s outfits.

    After the Dazzling’s first verse, Vinyl shows up, her car turning into a soundstage... out there, but okay. The remaining sequence is too cool to describe, just watch it.

    So, Sunset stepped up in an awesome light show. The Dazzling’s jewels are destroyed, which stops their magic... and makes their singing horrible. Okay, that’s a nitpick, but really? I would have thought that talent would have been natural. Twilight and Flash are reunited, Trixie gets a good line, and Sunset joins the band on guitar, which being Flash’s ex, I can buy.

    Twilight and Spike go home (why don’t Flash and Vinyl see her off?), Vinyl is apparently the Rainbooms’ roadie, and Sunset writes to Twilight through the diary, promising to keep in touch. We get out final song, “Shine Like Rainbows”, which is meh, but we see Sunset’s been forgiven.

    Then we get our final scene... the real Human!Twilight suspects something...

    Equestria Girls 3 now!

    Okay, bottom line: a massive improvement over the first. Better pacing, better characterization, better plot, and less cringe comedy. Not to mention something to look forward to in the inevitable third movie.

    The Blu-Ray

    First the Audio Commentary.

    Okay, they say six moons have passed since the first Equestria Girls. I bring this up because the film itself didn’t address the time difference between the two worlds. Judging by the pictures in the first movie, only three years passed in the EqGverse while enough time passed for Twilight to become Celestia’s student and grow up. They also don’t explain where, exactly, Sunset has been staying or how she cares for herself. I didn’t count that against the film itself, since that’s a flaw with the original, but really, did anyone think of anything?

    Also, lampshading plot holes doesn't make them go away. How Twilight, Sunset, and the Dazzlings became students is never explained. They note this and don’t answer this. I watched hoping to get answered. They also brought up nitpicks I didn’t notice at first but now can’t ignore.

    I also didn’t care for them turning the Dazzling’s green mist into a fart joke.

    So... yeah, not much there.

    Okay, next is the eighth shorts, obviously... with no option to play all eight at once. And a new order. Tell me if you see the logic: A Case for the Bass, Guitar Centered, Hamstocalypse Now, Music to My Ears, Perfect Day for Fun, Pinkie on the One, Player Piano, and Shake Your Tail.

    Finally, sing-alongs for “Better Than Ever”, “Let’s Have a Battle (Of the Bands)”, and the final part of “Welcome to the Show”. Eh.

    The Novelization

    Here’s the third Equestria Girls novel. Since the former one got the film’s name, this one is called My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks: The Mane Event: The Book: The Revenge: Digerry Digerry Doo. Like the former, written by Perdita Finn.

    The dedication is hilarious.

    The first chapter has a hiccup: the Rainbooms are apparently a band during the finale of the first movie. And the portal between worlds was destroyed? Not just closed? And later, Sunset has a car, apparently big enough for seven. How can she afford one?

    And at the point in the story it happens, there’s the entire lyrics for “Under Our Spell”. But not for “Welcome to the Show”. Wouldn’t that make more narrative sense?

    Okay, onto some good things: this does explain Twilight writing the counterspell a bit better, showing some false starts in her song. But they still don’t explain why she’s the one writing it. They also add that Vinyl had to pry the door open... I assumed she just found the key.

    All in all, it’s okay. Not great, but okay.

    And that’s it, the longest review I’ve written. Next time: My Little Pony: Friends Forever #10.

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  • 2w, 2d
    IDW Comic Issue #24 review!

    Well, between finally writing a new chapter of About Last Night, I got another review out.

    The comic begins with Fluttershy deciding to take the Cutie Mark Crusaders on a nature hike because it’s always the quiet ones that turn out to be masochists. The foals are looking forward to seeing dangerous animals, but Fluttershy says they’re going to learn and observe from a distance. Then, a meteorite crashes into her front yard because Fluttershy said an ironic sentence.

    No, really, it’s Discord, as we find out after a pretty good gag involving the schematics of names. Then, after Discord pulls a crick out of his neck, he announces he’s there for his and Fluttershy’s weekly hangout session. Given the dialogue here, I’m hoping this is supposed to be before Twilight’s Kingdom.

    Fluttershy reminds him that their meetup was cancelled for the week because she was taking the CMC on a field trip. Discord “realizes” (I’m assuming he’s lying because Discord) he accidentally went back in time. He tries to push the plans, but Fluttershy puts her hoof down and says it’s a CMC only field trip... which Discord can come on after being made an honorary Crusader in Friends Forever #2.

    Of course, Discord quickly gets bored with Fluttershy’s droning and encourages the foals to poke an alligator. I got to say, Discord is funny as always, but Fluttershy’s expressions as she deals with these antics are pretty good too. Discord proposes taking over the field trip since, being immortal, he knows lots of animals that Fluttershy can’t show. She’s reluctant, until he worries about running into a harmless dragon sized butterfly, to which Fluttershy agrees instantly.

    There’s a slight hiccup then: don’t lampshade your foreshadowing, writers, unless you’re purely playing things for laughs.

    Discord summons a time machine, and kicks Dr. Whooves out, because if there’s one thing IDW is better at than milking licensed properties dry, it’s shoving in fandom nods. And Discord says they can’t change the past, which gives the three little delinquents free reign to do whatever. This should be fun.

    They end up in ancient Anugypt, where they’re immediately arrested for something Discord did long ago. So apparently Discord’s powers have decayed so much that even when he was evil his rule wasn't the pain and suffering Return to Harmony hinted.

    Well, it might be because Anubis is apparently on his power level. Yeah, they’re taken before him and Discord doesn't just teleport them away because... reasons. Sweetie sees some hieroglyphs of Anubis holding NightMare Moon’s cutie mark while cats worship him.

    The King himself is angry at Discord for betrayal, apparently with the cats. Discord says he did it because Anubis was too obsessed with order, and seeing a cat in the rafters, whispers to Fluttershy to keep his head down.

    The cats attack en masse, and the leader, Baast, guides them out. Wait... cats can talk? Is Rarity a slave owner?

    By the time machine, Baast... apparently was in a relationship with Discord.

    Okay, time out: was this back when Discord actually lived, or has Discord been time traveling since he’s been freed? If it’s the former, why was friendship such an alien concept to him? He must have cared about Baast on some level if their dialogue is any indication. If it’s the latter, why aren't we told that?

    Sweetie all but guesses the same force that corrupted Luna is corrupting Anubis, and Baast doesn't like Fluttershy because she believes she’s Discord’s girlfriend. Oh boy, the last time a writer tried shipping, we got the NightMare Rarity arc.

    Discord goes too far into the future, where we get... Cyberponies. Wow. Then Discord takes theme to the Kelpie City of Coltlantis. Hey writers, make sure the horse puns work.

    Then we get dinosaurs. While Fluttershy is geeking out, a large Roc swipes up the CMC, and Discord doesn't just poof them back because... reasons. Then Fluttershy passes out while trying to catch them, because... reasons. Yeah, it says she’s tired, but it seems to come out of nowhere.

    Discord gets an idea and whistles. Then we cut to Fluttershy waking up to see the CMC are safe and Discord talking to a butterdragon named Hubert. He explains that Hubert was his friend before Fluttershy and he saved the girls.

    There’s two things wrong with this. First, it makes it clear that Discord had friends before Fluttershy. Yet in Keep Calm and Flutter On, he clearly doesn’t know what friendship is. He’s completely caught off guard when he realizes he doesn't want Fluttershy to be angry with him. What has she done that Baast and Hubert haven’t? Did he have some horrible falling out with them later? Well... see below. And second, a climax off screen? Lame.

    So Discord takes everypony home. The End.

    Okay... this needed to be at least two issues. This could have been great at exploring Discord’s life before he was imprisoned. But like The Journal of the Two Sisters, it raises more questions than it answers, the big one being why was Discord portrayed as such a powerful and dangerous figure in his first appearance when we see him as just an eccentric creature here? Why did his friendships not stop him from being evil? It doesn't seems they ended badly since he was still on pretty good terms with them. Have the Nightmare Forces been at this with more than just Luna and Anubis?

    Why not make issue #24 all about Anugypt, use the pages to fill in the back story, then make issue #25 about prehistoric times? I want to like this issue, but... all these questions.

    Well, judging by the preview image, the next issue will be epic.

    By Sunday, along with a new chapter: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. That’s the film, the DVD, and the novelization. So I’ll make it. Seven things in seven days.

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  • 2w, 3d
    A Brony Tale review!

    A short review, being a documentary.

    Okay, lets start with the DVD cover. if Ashleigh Ball wasn’t the star, I’d be worried this would be a mockery rather than a celebration. Ashleigh looks as if she’s screaming in annoyance.

    We open on Ashleigh in a recording booth, doing her lines for both her major characters. Then we get an interview with her. I’d admit, I’d never heard of her before this show (the only other work of hers I’d seen was Coconut Fred, but I didn’t see her episode) so this was new stuff for me.

    There is an overarching story of Ashleigh going to BronyCon, but it’s a loose one. It’s mainly an excuse for several interviews. Most of these are from the fandom side of things, as is fitting by the title. Ashleigh introduces the concept a montage, and gets an invite to BronyCon, and hey, DustyKatt!

    And then we get a long interview on Brony psychology. Actually, there’s a large psychological basis in this one, as it delves into why so many people love this show. I love this. This is something I wanted to see in the first documentary.

    A look into Hey Ocean’s side of things, and that’s something we don’t really see: a non-brony having to deal with a brony on a non-negative level.

    Really, that’s all I can comment on the main feature. It’s a string of interviews with a loose connecting thread. Go see it.

    Bonus Features

    * A slightly longer version of an earlier interview.

    * An acoustic performance by Ashleigh Ball. Excellent

    * An “abridged” audio commentary. Thank goodness, I don’t think I have the time to sit through an hour and a half of this. Especially since I’m doing Rainbow Rocks this weekend.

    * A quick director shoot

    All in all, a good way to spend an hour-and-a-half.

    Next time: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #24

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  • 2w, 4d
    IDW Annual 2014 review!

    Okay, is this going to be a theme with the Annuals? Exploring alternate worlds? I’m not complaining if that is the case, but I’m left wondering if in 2015 we’ll finally see the Mirror!Mane Six do something.

    We open in Maretropolis, where there’s a robbery in progress committed by the Phony Pharaoh. And apparently cars exist in this world. You know, I’ll chalk it up to comic book sci-fi.

    Naturally, he’s stopped by the Power Ponies, and it’s a good thing the comic reminds us of their names, because the episode they debuted in was so unremarkable I had completely forgotten.

    Anyway, there’s a fairly good fight scene, and I’m getting the sense that the Power Ponies aren’t carbon copies, personality wise, of the Mane Six. We’ll see.

    The Phony Pharaoh gets arrested, and in a montage, so does Long Face and Femme Fatale. This gets them another key to the city, where they say that teamwork is what keeps the team together.

    ...Then we cut back to their headquarters, where we find the team can’t stand each other. Only Humdrum seems to want to be a team, and he’s flatly ignored by the others.

    Meanwhile, at Balkham Asylum, the villains are having a meeting. The ones that got caught and a new villain, Smudge, soon meet the Mane-iac, who interestingly enough the other villains seems to fear. Guess she really is the Joker of their world. She proposes they follow their own team, revealing she has already recruited a sixth, Shadowmane, to break them out. There’s another interesting fight scene, a light joke about what to call themselves, and they’re free to cause havoc.

    At the tower, the alarm sounds, and we see Masked Matter-Horn and Mistress Mare-velous argue over leadership. They run off to confront the trouble, and it turns out that the villains have set a trap that they’ve walked into because didn’t think to tell them about the breakout. No wonder the city needs these guys.

    The villains defeat the Power Ponies with disappointing ease. Then steal their powers. Wow. Is this were an ongoing series this might have made for a cool storyline, but here it’s a bit rushed.

    The ponies are left powerless, but Humdrum tells them that they can defeat the villains with the power of friendship. After a bonding montage, they set out to defeat the villains... and end up getting captured. Wait... an MLP media that subverts that? Blasphemy!

    Actually, they don’t. They realize they need to make sure the villains aren’t friends. So they escape, then spread seeds of discontent in the ensuing battle, which again is thankfully well done. The Power Ponies win, then celebrate by watching My Little Donkey. Okay... this is a comic-within-a-comic, so in-universe this is a parody of My Tiny Gecko, which is in turn a parody of My Little Pony... Except that the donkeys look like the Mane Six, who could read the comic since it exists in there universe. Could they sue for likeness rights, considering they're national celebrities?

    In the back up story, the Mane-iac escapes from jail, proving that no matter how you play them, you can’t keep a good supervillain down. So goes back to her hideout from the episode, and for no reason the mirror portal is there. She goes in and comes out to the Equestria Girls universe.

    Well, kind of. She meets a human version of the Mane-iac, and they agree to work together. the whole thing turns out to be a comic Human!Rainbow Dash is reading.

    Okay... this was good, but it’s something I think needed to be at least a bit longer. Maybe a spin-off? Come on, IDW, you’ll do anything for some extra cash. And we better get a follow up to the side story.

    Tomorrow: A Brony Tale.

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  • 2w, 5d
    Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo

    Well, here's a book review.

    Chapter One

    ...Yes. Lyra and “Sweetie Drops” are “best buddies”... and nothing else...

    Anyway, there’s a pie eating contest. Cranky wins. What, are you expecting plot?

    Chapter Two

    The next chapter has the customary “We don’t think kids have memories” chapter. At least we know Charity is doing okay. Then some stranger shows up and wants to give Sweet Apple Acres a business award even though the farm barely stays afloat. The winner gets all the perks that Twilight has already, plus a new plot of land.

    Chapter Three

    Applejack writes in the diary about what she learned, then goes down to dinner where Granny Smith commits blasphemy by making carrot soup. Granny serves it without her siblings there. Way to follow down home country politeness there. Applejack decides to wait, but they never show up.

    Chapter Four

    Apple Bloom and Big Mac show up, saying that they were busy playing tea party and making Princess Big Mac canon. Applejack quite rightly chews them out for being so inconsiderate, and the book treats that as a bad thing.

    That night, Granny Smith goes to the attic and gets something because Applejack is suddenly afraid of the dark. There’s an aside with Applejack’s old doll Yeehaw that amounts to nothing, then Granny Smith brings down a leather bound book. So apparently those sentient cows can be slaughtered at will.

    It was a sketchbook belonging to Applejack’s mother, and we still get no clue what happened to her. Granny suggests using it as a journal.

    Chapter Five

    The next morning the Apple Family starts their work, and Pinkie shows up for inventory, but constantly distracts Applejack with her talking.

    Chapter Six

    At the end of the day, Applejack realizes she only got half her work done. But she’s not too worried.

    Chapter Seven

    Applejack apparently knits. But after failing that, she vents about Pinkie in her journal. Afterwards, she feels better.

    Chapter Eight

    The next day, Rainbow Dash helps out. But first she has problems with authority, and then she causes a mess when performing a simple task due to showing off. Oh dear, this is going to be a thing, isn’t it?

    Chapter Nine

    That night, she vents once again about Rainbow Dash, and the fact that Big Mac and Apple Bloom barely got any work done because Big Mac decided to give Apple Bloom an apple bucking lesson.

    The next morning Fluttershy and Rarity are helping her. Rarity shows up in an impractical dress, while Fluttershy is too nice to get any wild critters to leave.

    Chapter Ten

    Applejack vents again. Then she goes to check on Rarity, only to find that she’s barely gotten any work done due to being concerned with a paint stain. She vents again.

    Chapter Eleven

    In a journal entry, it’s revealed that Applejack just turned Twilight away, even though she’s the most competent of her friends, and was angry when she suggested using her authority to get an extension. As she vents, Twilight shows up, and Applejack quickly hides her journal. Twilight apologizes for suggesting it, and Applejack invites her for dinner, saying that making up felt better than venting in a journal.

    Chapter Twelve

    Applejack arises early in the morning and decides she was wrong about her friends... um, why? The books says they tried their best, but... no they didn’t. Twilight and maybe Fluttershy did. The others willingly did something that slowed things down. They didn’t have accidents, they each made a poor decision and didn’t work because they were more concerned with other things. For Rarity, Applejack says she was wrong about how frilly she made the sign, but the main issue in that chapter was her impractical dress, so it feels rather forced. Just like Bats!, the one making the most sense is treated as wrong.

    Anyway, Apple Bloom announces she can add theft to her rap sheet since she stole Applejack’s journal and gave it to Rainbow Dash. Yay, There’s less than twenty pages in this book to resolve this.

    Chapter Thirteen

    As it turns out the others are still in good spirits and convince Blue Ribbon to help. They admit they read the journal, but decide to just forgive and forget. Applejack says she was a jerk for letting her ambitions get in the way of her friendship no you didn’t! Your friends were being irresponsible with something important to you and you had every right to be mad!

    Okay, maybe the moral is you need to tell your friends when your upset and not bottle it up, which is fine, but the way it’s presented comes off more as saying Applejack is wrong whenever her friends let their egos, vanity, lack of backbone, and desire to play get in the way of doing work they promised her they’d do. There's been episodes about why each of those traits is a negative thing, but since we need Applejack to be in the wrong here, that's ignored.

    Let’s get this over with.

    Chapter Fourteen

    Spoiler alert, Applejack wins, gets a gardening column in a magazine, and for some reason Lyra and Aloe are helping out on the farm. The end.

    Alright... the next of these books comes out in January. Until then... other stuff!

    Next review: The IDW 2014 Annual.

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Chrysalis has been defeated, now Shining Armor and Cadance can be wed. Or can they?

...Well, no. It seems the bride objects to it. Is this Cadance a changeling too? No, that would make far too much sense...

From a concept by defender2222 comes a tale of love...really, really screwed up love.

Image by SwanLullaby.

First Published
14th Nov 2012
Last Modified
24th Sep 2013

Well, here it is. This first chapter is short, I know, but this won't be a trend. Future chapters will be longer, and the next will be up very, very soon.

defender2222 came up with the concept of: What if Shining Armor never dated Cadance? What if it was really Chrysalis he had fallen in love with the whole time?

I thought about it. What's the only way that could possibly be worse for Shining Armor? Answer: Cadence was in love with somepony else. Not only that, but it was a mare. And who would be the worst mare she could love?

Suddenly it all came together. I asked for the idea because 1. it was hilarious, and 2. it was a good way to make fun of the abundance of femslash in MLP fanfiction. I have a ton of stuff planned for this fic, but I'm warning you: don't take a single piece of this seriously. It's just going to get even crazier . :trollestia:

I don't think I even.... but I might.

Oh goodness, I can't wait. This chapter was entertaining, and the rest is bound to be good.

I have not seen this before you have intrigued me :rainbowderp: Go on O.O

Yeah... after reading your comment. I think I'm going to skip this story. Bet it'll be awesome through! Thumbs up just for the concept!

Clone had been observing the scene with the rest of the ponies. They were shocked. This turn of events seemed so strange and confusing. Clone stood there with a glass of champagne in his hand. Many wondered what was going through Clone's head at this point. He revealed it in an action.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Clone laughed his off.

"Clone!" Twilight yelled. "This is serious!"

"No, it's hilarious. And since the story and reality aren't in peril, you're on your own for this one."

Rainbow has it - This is so messed up!

I love it! :pinkiehappy:

Well, this was one of those moments...

I read the entire chapter with a poker face, reading through the absurdity of it all.  But the moment I finished, I busted out laughing.

So, what more do you got?  I'm a little bit scared  :rainbowderp:

I.... I... I don't even know!

P.S. please continue.

I had a sorta similar concept soon after Canterlot Wedding, except further back in time. Shining and Twilight never met the real Cadance, there is a skeleton of a 5-year-old alicorn in the mines.

alright, you earned my fav and updates through emails.

Ermagerd! I'm loving this so far. "Favorite foal to sit for" indeed...

I'm honestly surprised it took this long for me to come across a Cadance/Twilight story that didn't involve a threesome with Shining Armor.

Let me try to keep track of all of this. So Chrysalis loves Shining, Shining loves Cadence, and Cadence loves Twilight? This should be interesting. :rainbowderp:

Good beginning, I was laughing most of the way through. Keep up the good work!

Ok, you caught my attention enough that it has been added to my read list.

Now that was hilarious. This story is going to be wonderful, I can already tell.

>>1604599 "Chrysalis was in love with somepony else." Normally I wouldn't offer suggestions for comment typos, but as its the very first comment you may want to fix it.


Everyone's a changeling. Even me.

Even you! :twistnerd:


I don't even...

This is better than the synopsis made me think it would be.

I almost wasn't this one a shot... I'm glad I did!

Oh man. That gives a whole new reason to why cadence was so eager to do that little rhyme with twilight now...

Highly amusing and looking forward to more!

It is a very short chapter, but sure full of suprcied.

As much as I do not like romance part in fanfic ( especialy between 2 mares ), I still find this chapter amusing.

so, let me get this straight:

Cadence ♥ Twilight,

Twilight ♦ Cadence, (not entirely according to the actual rules, but the best I have for their relationship atm.)

Chrysalis ♥ Shining, and

everyone ♠ Chrysalis.

This is so. bucking. weird.

Followed and upvoted.

Oh man, I've been waiting for something like this. :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to read more!

Oh, I need more of this.

I love this story.

This is... I don't even know what this is. But I like it. :twilightsmile:

Well you and defender2222 both do good work, so... what the heck, I'll favorite this, see where it goes.

I am so excited for this story.  It has great potential.  

Yeah, I am to blame for this. I accept... well, not full credit since Darth did most of the work. I am the fic's daddy and he is the mama (yeah, I went there).

Now can we reveal the sexual overtones to the little nursery rhyme (You don't want to know what it means when a ladybug 'shakes')


What if Shining Armor never dated Cadance? What if it was really Chrysalis he had fallen in love with the whole time?

I thought about it. What's the only way that could possibly be worse for Shining Armor? Answer: Chrysalis was in love with somepony else. Not only that, but it was a mare. And who would be the worst mare she could love?

I think you meant Cadence

W-What, B-B-B-B, I don't know even what to say except maybe this:

I think I thought the phrase "didn't see that coming" like three times while reading this, and laughed out loud about five. "Waht a twist" doesn't even begin to describe it. Ridiculous concept, so much promise for hilarity, and written by an exceptional author?? Like, upvote, fav, mustache, whatever. :moustache: MOAR. :twilightsmile:

And my brain is now full of wut... I LOVE IT THOUGH!

Oh man, this is gonna get really crazy, really fast...


And Twilight is COMPLETELY freaked out by this whole thing. :twilightoops:


Well, thought this was going to be a new chapter of About Last Night, but I see I was wrong... :facehoof:

A little short as you said, but also seems kinda bland. Just due to lack of detail I guess and like Honeymoon, how confusing this seems to be and how casual some of the characters seem to be (like Celestia and Mane 6 not being hostile toward Chrysalis, if they knew she was still there before she spoke up and how'd the spell work, if they didn't truly love each other in the same way?). If Chrysalis didn't put her in the caverns, who did? And almost thought the worst mare comment was like if she loved Chrysalis herself or some other baddie. But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... :pinkiegasp: So Cadence loves Twilight? And Chrysalis loves Shining Armor? This is going to get SO awkward super fast, especially for the parents and siblings, I'd think. :twilightoops: Well, even though this chapter didn't really draw me in, I like the premise of this and chalk this up as another story I'm tracking by you!

Epic story is epic. I love it. The part at the end where they just fainted... :rainbowlaugh:

So, Chrysalis is kinda... adorable, I think. I can't wait to see more of this story. Now, if Shining would just get over the whole "She's a changeling" thing...

Oh the dramas, they are delicious.

:twilightoops: :derpyderp1: I have no words. Faved, and upvoted.

*sees incomplete* You mean this isn't just a oneshot? *Fist pump*

But please, don't let things get too absurd or OOC. Don't lower yourself to the likes of Art Inspired, who come up with a good idea and ruin it with stupidity and blatantly OOC characters. I don't think you will though, Families and Post Nuptials prove you're too good an author to do that.

:rainbowlaugh: This is so fucking hilarious. >>1616289 You're not the only one man. Cute picture by the way.

Hahaha:rainbowlaugh: I love it!


this is my face

and i love it :pinkiehappy:


Wait ! .. Wha?

ummm... but ...

I think my mind just broke ... :unsuresweetie:

it feels ... GOOD! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, most delicious. Please continue.

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