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  • T About Last Night

    A night of drinking turns into weeks of...interesting antics.
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  • E Post Nuptials

    The wedding might be over, but emotions are still running high for many that were involved.
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    Spike and Scootaloo are acting strange, and Twilight and Rainbow Dash are going to find out why.
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    A quick peek at Shining Armor and Cadence after their wedding.
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    The Mane Six have to work to save Equestria... without Twilight
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    The orgins of Queen Chrysalis.
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  • 1w, 3d
    It's a Hard Knock Time...

    Okay, bottom line:

    My life sucks right now.

    There's been a long series of unfortunate events that hit a nadir with the death of my cat yesterday. She was old and lived a good life, especially for an outdoor cat, but letting her go was still painful.

    So, that's why updates are slow.

    Chapters and reviews should come within a week, however, if only because I need a distraction.

    Yes, I've heard of the theatrical feature film. I have no opinion of it since nothing else is known.

    9 comments · 137 views
  • 2w, 4d
    The Journal of the Two Sisters review!

    Here’s the sequel to the Official Guidebook, the in-universe journal. Well, here we go!

    Our first entry is rather eye opening. It seems to skip entirely how Celestia and Luna became Alicorns or if they were born that way. They were simply approached by Star Swirl and the three founders with the proclamation that they be the rulers, since they will look upon the three tribes without bias.

    Luna also offers a pre-coronation entry. She tries the Royal We, but gives up because she thinks it sounds silly.

    Both these entries show them very much like Twilight when she became princess: nervous and unsure. I like seeing the pair like this, given how little development they get in the show.

    There’s a shorter entry for the coronation, in which Star Swirl and five Unicorns lower the sun, showing the duty still isn’t theirs. Luna is simply a one sentence entry with several doodles.

    Celestia reveals two biggies: Alicorns simple age at a slower rate and are not immortal, and that they are still blank flanks even at their age. They vow to get their cutie marks soon.

    Luna’s entry reveals that Everfree is not the result of Celestia and Luna’s battles as I thought, but it was always like that. Luna thinks they should build there in order to have a place to be away from everypony. I kind of assumed the leaders of Equestria would need to be on hand at all times, but whatever.

    Celestia has a more practical reason: because they find the Tree of Harmony there, which is a legend even in this time.

    The next two entries prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the two sisters are complete dorks: Luna gets excited about building traps, Celie about a secret room in the library. Guess that’s where Twilight gets it from.

    The next entry is the longest so far, detailing a run-in the workers have with a manticore and a reminder why building in the middle of a forest is stupid. Luna writes that she learned compassion. Yay, life lessons!

    Luna can apparently talk to animals, and uses it to finish the castle faster. Then they play hide and seek.

    Then, as it turns out, Princess Platinum didn’t lead the Unicorns, her father King Bullion did. And she apparently didn’t lose her ego. She and Luna end up not seeing eye to eye, and Luna pulls a prank on her. She immediately regrets it, but it seems to make her lose her ego, so alls well that ends well. This leads to the castle being decorated and the Equestrian flag being made.

    The next chapter is more pranks against Clover, Pansy, and Cookie. Other than that, Celestia’s meeting with them seems to go well. Then Luna tries hide-n-seek with Chancellor Puddinghead. She loses, because Puddinghead is smarter than she lets on.

    In the following entry, Star Swirl shows the sisters his library. Two things of note: first, the Alicorn Amulet is known, even this early. Second... Celestia talks about Alicorns that there are several of them, enough to have their own research in magic. I’m really hoping we get clarity on that. Star Swirl both talks about his time travel spells and asks Luna for help with another.

    Okay, this next chapter confuses me. Luna checks an area that Melvin the Manticore won’t enter and finds Zebras living there. Apparently they come from Everfree... how does that work?

    It turns out that the spell Star Swirl wants to try is moving the stars, but they start by moving the moon. And Star Swirl apparently masters his time travel spell.

    Commander Hurricane was apparently a boy. This information comes just as the Griffons declare war over territory disputes. It ends without bloodshed, thanks to Melvin cluing them in on a few griffon weaknesses.

    Then we get a long bit with this information: the Crystal Empire, ruled by a Princess Amore, a Unicorn with the same, or at least a similar, cutie mark to Cadance. What’s there connection? I don’t know, the book ever clarifies. The pair work to get the Crystal Heart back from a dragon. This time, they’re more aggressive. I guess this is to show there’s a time for diplomacy and a time for war.

    The next point has the Unicorns running out of magic, and Celestia and Luna needing to step up. They do (duh), and get their cutie marks (double duh), and realize they are the same as two symbols on the tree. They wonder about the third, and Star Swirl clearly knows something. Maybe we’ll see him in season five?

    And that’s where it ends.

    Then we get the entries the characters wrote during season four. It even has the right parts highlighted from the season finale. It’s mostly that, except for a few rambling entries from Pinkie Pie and a few short ones from Twilight.

    It doesn’t fix Bats!

    Well, this was a disappointment that brought up more questions than it answered. Still, I’ll look forward to the season five guide.

    Next time: Friends Forever #9

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  • 3w, 2d
    IDW Comic Issue #23 review!

    This one’s a bit hard to talk about, because I’m not sure how to summarize it. It’s told entirely in silence until the last two pages, and in comics that makes for a breezy read. The best you can critique through most of this is whether the no dialogue aspect works, and it does... mostly.

    Angel Bunny wakes up one morning to find that Fluttershy hasn’t made him coffee. Now, Angel’s an evil cuss, but he seems to be the only one who notices that Fluttershy is gone. And while the other animals freak out, he keeps a cool head and starts looking for clues.

    Angel suggests... something. His rubis balloon is a trophy and two butterflies, so I’m not sure exactly what. I think that it’s to look for Fluttershy. The others congratulate him on this, then kick him out. More on this in a bit.

    Angel looks around the town and finds it deserted except for the pets. Using Winona, Angel tracks Fluttershy’s scent to the outskirts of town. There he finds all the town’s citizens (and Trixie, Coco, Hoity Toity, and Octavia, because IDW needs their cameos) under the control of a mysterious song, and destroying the city’s dam, which would flood the city. Personally, I think the dam looks way too small to flood anything. It looks nothing like the one in The Mysterious Mare Do Well either. Yay! I have something to whine about!

    Winona, too dumb to know any better, just runs up to the hypnotized Applejack. This leads the pair face-to-face with our villain, a sea pony-esque creature. It orders the ponies to attack them, but they’re saved by Owlowiscious and Tank.

    They gather Opal and Gummy (in the best gag in this issue, Owlowiscious carries Gummy by the eyelids) and meet at Zecora’s hut. Angel fills them all in, which Opal does not care, and in fact seems amused, until she realizes she’ll get wet too.

    This is what I wanted to note: Angel and Opal tend to have conflicting personalities. Exactly how much of a jerk Angel is varies from whatever episode he’s in. Here, he seems to be the most sensible of Fluttershy’s pets, as opposed to the “It’s All About Me” attitude he usually has. And Opal, who acted as Rarity’s conscience in Sweet and Elite, is pretty amoral.

    Luckily, Angel has a plan that involves using Zecora’s potions. First, Winona lures the ponies away with a speed potion, then Owlowiscious drops in Opal to fight them off with a growth potion, then Tank drops in Angel to hit the creature with a potion that’ll destroy its voice.

    Sadly, the creature has Twilight catch him before he lands. But Angel has planned for that and tells Gummy (who has hilarious expressions again) to bite him in the tail. Despite having no teeth, this hurts it enough that it lets out a yell, freeing Twilight, who drops Angel and lets him administer the potion.

    Now free, the angry ponies gang up on the creature. The creature, finally identified as a kelpie named Cassie, begs for help, explaining she was trying to get a load of water sprites to the ocean. Twilight justifies this, proving that IDW listens to the fans and let’s all villains come with their leather pants already on.

    Seriously, why didn’t she just ask for help? Was she afraid they’d react negatively? Then just put them under your spell then. And why not just tell the ponies to do whatever it is they ended up doing while free? I wouldn’t mind so much, but with how much the villains are already whitewashed in the fandom, plus stuff like Wicked, Maleficent, and maybe the upcoming Dracula Untold turning established villains into the real victims, I’m starting to think this is a dangerous trend to follow.

    The ponies, not remembering anything, so the pets go unrewarded. But they’re friends, and at least that’s something.

    Oh, and the amoral one is now giant and is likely to do thousands in property damage. Yay.

    Next time, The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Celestia and Luna.

    12 comments · 148 views
  • 4w, 5d
    Rainbow Rocks First Review!


    Okay, I'll write my full synopsis review later, but I've seen it now, and I want to talk about it. Here's the bottom line:

    I want an Equestria Girls 3 now.

    ...Shocking? I know. Let's take a look:

    The Pros

    - Less Cringe Comedy. Always a plus for me.

    - The music rocks. The album can't do it justice, see it in context.

    - There was a discussion in my comments for the earlier reviews that Twilight was lead singer just because she was the title character when it should have been Fluttershy. Well, here's the answer: Rainbow Dash was lead vocalist along with guitarist, Fluttershy's stage fright meant she was happier in the background, and Twilight took lead singer to do the counterspell and because she didn't have time to learn an instrument.

    - I felt better about Sunset reforming in this. Part of the film is the uphill battle she faces in regaining the school's trust. She's always wanted love. In the first film, she is ruthless in her pursuit of popularity, and is angry at Twilight when she gains love and respect while going against every tactic she tried. Here, she has love from the others, and doesn't know how to handle it. It's foreign to her, much like it once was to Twilight.

    - I was right, Rainbow Dash's arrogance was a plot point here.

    - Maude. And Derpy. And Bulk Biceps.

    - The Dazzlings are excellent villains. Sinister and threatening while being hilarious at the same time. I'm a little disappointed they lost their powers, it probably means they aren't coming back.

    - Vinyl Scratch's role was a pleasant surprise. I'm glad they kept her as a mute, it adds a nice layer on her character to make her a music lover that can't speak.

    - The ending battle FTW.

    - That stinger...

    EqG!Twilight! And she seems suspicious about what's going on at Canterlot High! Equestria Girls 3 is confirmed! It's confirmed you guys!

    - Also, given that it's pretty clear EqG will be its own thing now, I no longer mind Flash Sentry. He had a diminished role here, only around to remind us he exists and still loves Twilight.

    The Cons

    - Still nothing to fill the plotholes of the first movie. No clue where Sunset's been staying or how she's been caring for themselves, or how she got info from Equestria to know the layout of the palace, or the time difference.

    - Do no one notice Photo Finish and Snips and Snails sabotaging the Rainbooms? Seriously, were Celestia and Luna asleep?

    Okay, now that that's over, my guess for the inevitable EqG series: The introduction of Equestrian magic has caused several other beings that were banished to the human world to regain their magic. Twilight can't be in the human world to round them up, so she leaves the job to the human Twilight and her friends. Boom: adventure and slice of life, just like the main show. If they don't do that... future fanfic.

    Next time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #23.

    14 comments · 270 views
  • 5w, 1d
    Friends Forever #8 review!

    Well, in order to wash the bad taste of My Little Phony out, let us read one of the better Friends Forever issues, shall we?

    This issue works on the time honored principle that, if your characters are good enough, you only have to put them in a situation and watch the story write itself. A lot of this story’s charm won’t come out in my synopsis, because it’s all Applejack and Rarity’s chemistry. Well, let’s get to it.

    Our story opens with _____ delivering a letter to the Apples. It’s from the West Coast Oranges, saying they’re interested in selling their apples closer to their home. This leads to a good gag of the barn getting destroyed... again.

    Anyway, since the juvenile delinquents Cutie Mark Crusaders wrecked Applejack's saddlebag, she goes to borrow one from Rarity. However, upon hearing Applewood, Rarity insists on coming along, wanting to see the sights, despite Applejack insisting that it’s only a short business trip.

    On the train, Applejack announces a stopover in Salt Lick City, and Rarity insists on seeing the Largest Ball of Cashmere Yarn. Applejack foreshadows that what I’ve been doing with her in Direction is accurate by announcing she’ll be working on her business plan. Once they get to the ball, there’s a gag with a goat eating a season five script, but mostly Applejack gets bored and falls asleep.

    Naturally, she woken by Rarity saying the train is leaving soon. They race back and jump on the train that’s leaving. They then find out their train was delayed, and this one is heading to Seaddle. Rarity is unconcerned and offers to help Applejack with her business plan, but she refuses and storms out.

    The next morning they apparently have time to see a show, even though their train leaves in the morning. The show ends up destroying their cab, and since it’s apparently the only one in the city, they are forced to walk. They get caught up in the rain, and decide that breaking and entering is the best solution.

    After the rain stops, Rarity suggests that, instead of walking, that they commit a felony and steal a biplane. As they fly, Rarity asks when the meeting is. When Applejack says it’s whenever they show up, Rarity chews her out for being so irresponsible, and being in a hurry when there’s no deadline. This leads to her, of course, crashing into the most easily avoidable obstacle: Mount Monument, a mountain with the four princesses’s faces carved in. BTW, notice there’s a petition to add Chrysalis to it, with only Chrysalis’s signature?

    Applejack gets mad that they were going the wrong way. Despite losing all their bits, they manage to hitch a ride on a carriage... one that gets hijacked by bull bandits.

    This leads to a great two page scene where the two fight them off while arguing. Applejack calls Rarity a poor business planner, but when Rarity finally sees Applejack’s business plan, it’s simply “sell apples” and blows up on her for having poor business sense. Even so, she still wants to help fix it, because even with the little tiff the two are still friends.

    Also, Rarity mentions social media. What does that entail in Equestria?

    Later, after the two work out a real business plan and somehow get money from nowhere, it’s Applejack who suggests a detour... to a Disneyland rip-off. One made by someone who actually went to Disneyland.

    By the way, Applejack and Rarity getting excited about it is too funny.

    Afterward, they head to the Orange house. They’re surprised to see Applejack, since they never sent a letter. Back home, Granny Smith notices that she might have meant East Coast. Ha! She’s suffering the depressing ravages of old age!

    There’s a “Where Are they Now?” Epilogue. Applejack, Big Mac, and the Stranger have the best.

    A sub comic shows that Winona is every bit as evil as Angel Bunny.

    Well, there you go. Rainbow Rocks is out Saturday, expect some initial thoughts on that, then My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #23.

    5 comments · 127 views
  • ...

Chrysalis has been defeated, now Shining Armor and Cadance can be wed. Or can they?

...Well, no. It seems the bride objects to it. Is this Cadance a changeling too? No, that would make far too much sense...

From a concept by defender2222 comes a tale of love...really, really screwed up love.

Image by SwanLullaby.

First Published
14th Nov 2012
Last Modified
24th Sep 2013

Well, here it is. This first chapter is short, I know, but this won't be a trend. Future chapters will be longer, and the next will be up very, very soon.

defender2222 came up with the concept of: What if Shining Armor never dated Cadance? What if it was really Chrysalis he had fallen in love with the whole time?

I thought about it. What's the only way that could possibly be worse for Shining Armor? Answer: Cadence was in love with somepony else. Not only that, but it was a mare. And who would be the worst mare she could love?

Suddenly it all came together. I asked for the idea because 1. it was hilarious, and 2. it was a good way to make fun of the abundance of femslash in MLP fanfiction. I have a ton of stuff planned for this fic, but I'm warning you: don't take a single piece of this seriously. It's just going to get even crazier . :trollestia:

I don't think I even.... but I might.

Oh goodness, I can't wait. This chapter was entertaining, and the rest is bound to be good.

I have not seen this before you have intrigued me :rainbowderp: Go on O.O

Yeah... after reading your comment. I think I'm going to skip this story. Bet it'll be awesome through! Thumbs up just for the concept!

Clone had been observing the scene with the rest of the ponies. They were shocked. This turn of events seemed so strange and confusing. Clone stood there with a glass of champagne in his hand. Many wondered what was going through Clone's head at this point. He revealed it in an action.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Clone laughed his off.

"Clone!" Twilight yelled. "This is serious!"

"No, it's hilarious. And since the story and reality aren't in peril, you're on your own for this one."

Rainbow has it - This is so messed up!

I love it! :pinkiehappy:

Well, this was one of those moments...

I read the entire chapter with a poker face, reading through the absurdity of it all.  But the moment I finished, I busted out laughing.

So, what more do you got?  I'm a little bit scared  :rainbowderp:

I.... I... I don't even know!

P.S. please continue.

I had a sorta similar concept soon after Canterlot Wedding, except further back in time. Shining and Twilight never met the real Cadance, there is a skeleton of a 5-year-old alicorn in the mines.

alright, you earned my fav and updates through emails.

Ermagerd! I'm loving this so far. "Favorite foal to sit for" indeed...

I'm honestly surprised it took this long for me to come across a Cadance/Twilight story that didn't involve a threesome with Shining Armor.

Let me try to keep track of all of this. So Chrysalis loves Shining, Shining loves Cadence, and Cadence loves Twilight? This should be interesting. :rainbowderp:

Good beginning, I was laughing most of the way through. Keep up the good work!

Ok, you caught my attention enough that it has been added to my read list.

Now that was hilarious. This story is going to be wonderful, I can already tell.

>>1604599 "Chrysalis was in love with somepony else." Normally I wouldn't offer suggestions for comment typos, but as its the very first comment you may want to fix it.


Everyone's a changeling. Even me.

Even you! :twistnerd:


I don't even...

This is better than the synopsis made me think it would be.

I almost wasn't this one a shot... I'm glad I did!

Oh man. That gives a whole new reason to why cadence was so eager to do that little rhyme with twilight now...

Highly amusing and looking forward to more!

It is a very short chapter, but sure full of suprcied.

As much as I do not like romance part in fanfic ( especialy between 2 mares ), I still find this chapter amusing.

so, let me get this straight:

Cadence ♥ Twilight,

Twilight ♦ Cadence, (not entirely according to the actual rules, but the best I have for their relationship atm.)

Chrysalis ♥ Shining, and

everyone ♠ Chrysalis.

This is so. bucking. weird.

Followed and upvoted.

Oh man, I've been waiting for something like this. :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to read more!

Oh, I need more of this.

I love this story.

This is... I don't even know what this is. But I like it. :twilightsmile:

Well you and defender2222 both do good work, so... what the heck, I'll favorite this, see where it goes.

I am so excited for this story.  It has great potential.  

Yeah, I am to blame for this. I accept... well, not full credit since Darth did most of the work. I am the fic's daddy and he is the mama (yeah, I went there).

Now can we reveal the sexual overtones to the little nursery rhyme (You don't want to know what it means when a ladybug 'shakes')


What if Shining Armor never dated Cadance? What if it was really Chrysalis he had fallen in love with the whole time?

I thought about it. What's the only way that could possibly be worse for Shining Armor? Answer: Chrysalis was in love with somepony else. Not only that, but it was a mare. And who would be the worst mare she could love?

I think you meant Cadence

W-What, B-B-B-B, I don't know even what to say except maybe this:

I think I thought the phrase "didn't see that coming" like three times while reading this, and laughed out loud about five. "Waht a twist" doesn't even begin to describe it. Ridiculous concept, so much promise for hilarity, and written by an exceptional author?? Like, upvote, fav, mustache, whatever. :moustache: MOAR. :twilightsmile:

And my brain is now full of wut... I LOVE IT THOUGH!

Oh man, this is gonna get really crazy, really fast...


And Twilight is COMPLETELY freaked out by this whole thing. :twilightoops:


Well, thought this was going to be a new chapter of About Last Night, but I see I was wrong... :facehoof:

A little short as you said, but also seems kinda bland. Just due to lack of detail I guess and like Honeymoon, how confusing this seems to be and how casual some of the characters seem to be (like Celestia and Mane 6 not being hostile toward Chrysalis, if they knew she was still there before she spoke up and how'd the spell work, if they didn't truly love each other in the same way?). If Chrysalis didn't put her in the caverns, who did? And almost thought the worst mare comment was like if she loved Chrysalis herself or some other baddie. But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... :pinkiegasp: So Cadence loves Twilight? And Chrysalis loves Shining Armor? This is going to get SO awkward super fast, especially for the parents and siblings, I'd think. :twilightoops: Well, even though this chapter didn't really draw me in, I like the premise of this and chalk this up as another story I'm tracking by you!

Epic story is epic. I love it. The part at the end where they just fainted... :rainbowlaugh:

So, Chrysalis is kinda... adorable, I think. I can't wait to see more of this story. Now, if Shining would just get over the whole "She's a changeling" thing...

Oh the dramas, they are delicious.

:twilightoops: :derpyderp1: I have no words. Faved, and upvoted.

*sees incomplete* You mean this isn't just a oneshot? *Fist pump*

But please, don't let things get too absurd or OOC. Don't lower yourself to the likes of Art Inspired, who come up with a good idea and ruin it with stupidity and blatantly OOC characters. I don't think you will though, Families and Post Nuptials prove you're too good an author to do that.

:rainbowlaugh: This is so fucking hilarious. >>1616289 You're not the only one man. Cute picture by the way.

Hahaha:rainbowlaugh: I love it!


this is my face

and i love it :pinkiehappy:


Wait ! .. Wha?

ummm... but ...

I think my mind just broke ... :unsuresweetie:

it feels ... GOOD! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, most delicious. Please continue.

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