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It's one thing to create/throw already-established characters in a story of some kind. It's another thing to develop those characters, regardless of the situation they're in.


Leia has willingly crawled into my lap, and she's now a happy camper. She's growing fast and getting plenty of love, mainly from me because she has a tendency to chew on cords when she's out and about in the living room. In addition to that, my CPU fan's thermal grease dried out, resulting in my computer refusing to start. So new grease and backup parts had to be ordered, but I am able to use my laptop in the meantime to compensate. Also, there's a newly built dish shelf made of aspen in the kitchen, and I'll post a picture of it once its coat of lacquer dries.

I'm also considering getting a cable hook and wire ties because of Leia's newfound chewing addiction. Aside from that and writing and drawing, not much else has been going on with me as of late. As per usual, keep an eye out for an update soon-ish.

Had to collage the triad, but that there is the new aspen shelf. It has screws jutting out the sides to hold woks and skillets not in use, which is pretty nifty. :D

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Thank you for the fave :yay:

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Thanks for the watch, I really appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

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