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  • E Crisis of Infinite Twilights

    When Twilight Sparkles from alternate dimensions begin popping up in Equestria, it is up to Scootaloo to round them all up and find a way to send them home and retrieve her world's Twilight.  · defender2222
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  • E Crisis of Infinite Twilights

    When Twilight Sparkles from alternate dimensions begin popping up in Equestria, it is up to Scootaloo to round them all up and find a way to send them home and retrieve her world's Twilight.
    85,828 words · 5,362 views  ·  638  ·  31
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  • Saturday
    Non-Pony Story: Do You Want To Fly the TARDIS? (A Doctor Who/Frozen crossover)

    I try to do several different Christmas present stories, as I call them, at this time of year. I do one MLP story (hence this year's Les Petit Poneys) and then I do something else, something completely different.

    This year it is 'Do You Want to Fly the TARDIS?', a crossover between Doctor Who and Frozen. Taking place towards the end of 'The Angels Take Manhattan' (with me correcting that episode to give Rory and Amy a less sad end), the Doctor finds himself alone and journeys to Arendelle where he gets caught up in the events of The Eternal Winter and has to team up with Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf to find Elsa and bring back summer.

    The story is 100% complete and I will be posting a new chapter every 2 days or so. PLEASE take the time to read and review.

    Thank you all and keep an eye out for 'Les Petiti Poneys', which begins after Thanksgiving!

    2 comments · 55 views
  • 2w, 2d
    This Year's Annual 'Hearth's Warming Eve' Story...

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  • 4w, 11h
    Non-Pony related: National Novel Writing Month

    So... I normally don't do things like this but I thought it might be fun and give me the kick in the pants I need to get back to doing some serious non-fan fiction writing. So, dun dun dun dun!, I am going to be participating in National Novel Writing Month!

    Now, since I have a few days, I just need to decide which of the four novels I have bouncing around in my head I should write. Here are the four current ideas I have.

    'A Monster's Tale'- A retelling of the Frankenstein myth from the Monster himself, revealing that much of what we thought we knew was a lie and that who is the man and who is the monster is up for debate. (Drama/Retelling)

    'Confessions of a Reluctent Supervillain'- The story of Dex Deus, son of two supervillains who realizes he isn't evil... and how his parents, their friends, and the entire hero community is sure he must be bad to the bone. (Comedy/Superheros)

    'The Heart of War'- A total departure for me, writing wise. A young woman named Denny answers a job posting and ends up being hired by Ares, the Greek God of War, to be his personal assistant. Imagine her surprise when the War God turns out nothing like she expected. (Young Adult)

    'The Bible with Bill'- A book several people want me to write right now. This story, written as a series of episodic tales, stars Bill. Bill is an immortal being who wanders around the Old Testiment interacting with God, the Devil, Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Samson, Lot and his family, Goliath and more, pointing out how they are making things harder than the need to be. Bill is the straight man to the insanity that is the Biblical Days. (Pure comedy)

    Any one people want to vote on?

    22 comments · 116 views
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    Tydal- Royal Armor Design (Image)

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  • 9w, 4d
    Should anyone else join The God Squad?

    So, I am trying to bank a bunch of chapters during my vacation, that way there isn't a huge lull, and as I am getting near the end of Season 2 and planning out Season 3 I am undecided on the makeup of the God Squad. Naturally Luna, Celestia, Tydal, Cadence, Shining and Chrysalis will remain part of the team. Discord will also be a part of the team full time by the end of Season 2.

    There are some other characters I have already considered about allowing to join the squad but the issue that always arises is how big the team should be. Right now it is a six man/pony/capricorn/changeling team, and Discord makes seven. What should be the limit though? Keep it at the seven? Cut it down (maybe you guys want Discord not to join or would love to see someone booted off... I can't imagine the team without the Core 6 but maybe you'd like it to be a smaller group).  Or maybe you want the roster to continue to grow and have any of the following join:

    Princess Twilight Sparkle: Let her have some mommy and me time with Luna

    Polar Vortex: Tydal's favorite brother AND a character voiced by Alec Baldwin!

    Philomenia: The sarcastic phoenix that only Celestia understands

    Mary Sue: Even though she is one of the Doctor's companions she is a deity...

    Fuzzy Thinker: Yes, add the Dumbledore parody to the team!

    Starswirl the Bearded: He could either be alive or his skull could be part of the team.

    The Evil Muffin: Just make him officially a member.

    Fluffle Puff: Give Chrysalis something to cuddle

    Nyx: Poor thing, I don't think anyone but me remembers her... (looks around awkwardly)

    Let me know what you think of the currently Core 6 line-up, Discord's upcoming joining of the Squad, and who else you'd love to see join the Squad (either full time or for as a recurring member)

    Also, why are none of you making Tydal plushes? He could hunt down the other, weaker, plushes and beat them up!

    48 comments · 226 views
  • ...

Who is Scootaloo? Everypony knows about her present, but when it comes to her past there are as many different answers as there are questions.

Is she the love child of two star-crossed lovers? The last hope for the future? The child of a broken home? A mysterious figure fighting a war no pony knows about? Or is it something else entirely? Is she even a pony at all?

Twilight Sparkle decides to ask everypony in Ponyville and find out about Scootaloo...and the stories, rumors and gossip she gets will leave her wondering how the truth can ever compete with fiction.

My thanks to Page Turner for the new story cover!

Now has its own TVTropes Page!

And has a featured page in the Non-Canon My Little Pony Funny Page!

Thanks to all my readers and fans for all the support and help I have gotten! I am truly touched.

First Published
27th Aug 2012
Last Modified
11th Oct 2012
#1 · 117w, 3d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Ok, so since I am so far ahead in writing my Castle/MLP crossover, I decided to challenge myself and do something different.

The idea behind this is to do an anthology-like series, where each chapter is a different character telling a different origin about Scootaloo. The only rule I place on myself is each one must involve Scootaloo in some form. Each story will be connected by Twilight as she begins her search to figure out just what is Scootaloo's origin.

This chapter was a parody of both the romance and shipping fics that are out there (especially the ones that make two men or two women somehow have a baby together) and the Lifetime Movie of the Week style of telling a story.

Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see more stories. Each chapter will be completely different, focusing on a different genre or archtype. Also, i do have a final chapter that WILL reveal what I believe Scootaloo's true origin to be.

Finally, if you would like to suggest a story type or movie/tv/book that you would like to see me parody in this, please place it in your review. If selected you will be credited at the start of that chapter.


#2 · 117w, 3d ago · · · The Cakes ·

A bunch of comedies about how our favorite chicken came to be? Instant-favorite!

Of course, the fact that the first chapter is hilarious helps also. Can't wait to see what else you've got.

#3 · 117w, 3d ago · 1 · · The Cakes ·

I LOLd so very very hard...:rainbowlaugh:

#4 · 117w, 3d ago · · · The Cakes ·

The is gonna go far kid!

#5 · 117w, 3d ago · · · The Cakes ·

LOVE IT!! :pinkiehappy:

Although... you may want to try to find an editor to fix up the minor grammar and wording errors (minor enough that I would have to re-read it to find them). :derpyderp2: I would offer, but I'm already working on three stories currently and have another two on my backlog. :twilightoops: There's never enough time.


if you would like to suggest a story type or movie/tv/book that you would like to see me parody in this, please place it in your review.

COPS maybe? I dunno, it was the first thing that came to mind for me and it made me laugh a bit just thinking about it.

#6 · 117w, 3d ago · · · The Cakes ·


I have been trying to edit it as I reread it, and when I do find a mistake, I fix it, so hopefully any issues will be gone soon.

COPS might work for one idea I have...stay tuned.

#7 · 117w, 3d ago · · · The Cakes ·


I'd suggest putting this in a google docs page. It's spell check is pretty good at ignoring new words like Scootaloo and detecting wrong word choice.

Otherwise, I like it. :scootangel:

#8 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·


I would, except I've had some...issues with Google Word Doc before, so I tend to use my Word program with a modified spellcheck (some of the 'errors' that people find in my stories are merely artistic choices for how I want a sentence phrased...what can I say, when you get a degree in communications and writing, you tend to thing VERY hard about story flow and will sacrifice perfection in grammar for perfection is flow).

Glad you enjoyed.

#9 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Hm... This is pretty ridiculous, but up to now it works. We'll see how the next chapters hold up. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

#10 · 117w, 2d ago · 1 · · The Cakes ·


Finally someone else who feels grammar errors aren't as important as story flow and readability.

#11 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·


More stories are ruined because a writer is too concerned with following the 'rules' of grammar than the aspect of weaving a narrative. One of my professors once said that grammar rules are only there so people in universities can feel like hot is better to focus on the flow and let a period fall in the wrong place than have every chapter be academically perfect only for the story to read like a text book.

For example, my BIGGEST pet peeve is word repeating. Don't repeat a character's name twice in two sentences right next to each other or use the same term over and over...mix it up.

#12 · 117w, 2d ago · · 1 · The Cakes ·

While it might get you on one or two people's bad sides, I think it would be hilarious to have the story of Scootaloo's origin being told as the arrival of a prophesied savior.  There was no room at the stable, so they had to deliver her in the attic of a friend's inn, etc.  Either that or being found in a floating basket of reeds.

Needless to say, I already love this story and am looking forward to wherever you take it.

#13 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·


Unfortunately EQD doesn't care about that at all. Just a handful of errors will keep you from the prereaders.

#14 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·


I do have a 'heroic' origin for Scootaloo planned, but it isn't Biblical. I won't say what it is (that will ruin the surprise) but I think it will get a huge laugh.


Well, I did manage to find 4 errors that I thought I had corrected ( 'Have to hit the save button' grumble grumble) but that should bring this up to snuff.

#15 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Absolutely hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: You sir, deserve a cookie!  Seriously though, well done!

#16 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

If this is really true... XD

#17 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Soooo many plot holes(I mean in there story, not yours. But I guess it could be your story... you know what nevermind.) Ahahahaha! That was hilarious. Can't wait for more.

#18 · 117w, 2d ago · 1 · · The Cakes ·

I absolutely love this story. I can't wait to see more.

Also this story feels like a bit of a parody of fanfiction involving Scootaloo and the fandom's tendency towards theorizing about Scootaloo's past.

Was that intentional or is that just me over-thinking it?

#19 · 117w, 2d ago · 1 · · The Cakes ·

Gramer ain't what no need for to story for understands reeding to floe the plot.


#20 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

>>1166215 Well, I didn't expect to see you here (I just found this story on the front page by accident).

If there is one thing I dislike about this, it's that the Cake's last name was always the plural form, but canonically is the singular form. Aside from being out of canon, it's a bit more awkward to say either mentally or out loud.

As for a parody idea, I suggest looking up the origin story behind Kamen Rider Ichigo.

#21 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

You could try a human in Equestria origin, with someone trying to convince Twilight that Scootaloo is actually a shape-shifted human from another dimension.

#22 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

LMAO! Nice one, can't wait to see more!

#23 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

teh cakers are shipperrrr

#24 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

This is bucking brilliant. Take your like and favorite good sir! Take it and eat it! :moustache:

We demand of this.

#25 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

This is the single funniest story I've read in awhile:rainbowlaugh:...and Rarity/Applejack scenes made me die:rainbowlaugh: (BTW you're not shipping them for real are you?:rainbowhuh:) I WANT MOAR!:flutterrage:

#26 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

"Look at them, look at how they sit so far apart, neither of them touching, never paying each other any attention. See how Rarity rolls her eyes and Applejack continues to focus on her food rather than the mare in front of her? That is a sign of love."

Favorite line in this entire chapter, can't wait to see more

#27 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Oh my god ! They're so irritating !!!:twilightangry2:

#28 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

They haven't made love in months! GUH! No wonder Twilight is so on edge! :rainbowwild::heart:

#29 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

This seems to sum up my feeling on gay shipfics. They rustle my jimmies.

#30 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

I'm liking the idea behind this fic.  :twilightsmile:

I throw my vote in for an origin like John Conner from Terminator or maybe somehing out of Warhammer 40,000.  :pinkiecrazy:

#31 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

A 'Scootaloo is the second coming of Kamina' one!

#32 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Have her be her own grandmare in one.

With Granny Smith.

That was downright hilarious!!

#33 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Yes!, KEEP THE RUMMOR MILL GOING!, I want to hear also about the rummors about Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, The mane 6 and the alicorn sisters!

I want to know how The Doctor will tell the tale about Scootaloo's origins... I´m sure it will involve The Master, Dalakes, Cyberponies, Weeping Pegasi, Princess Celestia, Princeess Luna and a muffin

loved the implications about Twilight being the foal of Nightmare Moon and Celestia(Althought somewhat implied)

I suppose that other rummors will tell that Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's daughter, and she looks over her from afar while she watch her play with her firend's daughters (Applebloom from Big Mac(who is adopted into the apple family) and Applejack and Sweetie Belle from Rarity and some colt who had a horrible gory death)

OR that she's a Scootabot class robot, paired with a Sweetiebot class robot to protect the savior of ponykind from a Machine-controlled Equestria, Machines created by Twilight Sparkle

#34 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·


#35 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

That was awesome. Please write more when you get the chance.

#36 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Oh you son of a-

I had an almost exact same freakin' idea just the other day!!! :twilightangry2:


Back to the drawing board... :facehoof:

#37 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

this should end well

#38 · 117w, 2d ago · 1 · · The Cakes ·

My entire reaction to Mr. and Mrs. Cake:

#39 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·


This was really funny!  The Cakes way of speaking reminds me slightly of the Springs Guide from Ranma 1/2.

#40 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

>>1169337 I lol'd about that!:rainbowlaugh:

#41 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Unreliable narrators!  Those are always fun!

I love the idea you have for this.  Please keep it up.

#42 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

One of my theories about Scootaloo is that she is Spitfire's sister,but she was sent to ponyville to live with her aunt.Could you please do one like this?,if it's alright with you?:yay:

Please continue it's really interesting!:heart:

#43 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

The cakes are best crack shippers :rainbowlaugh:

#44 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Twilight's scream at the end makes it complete.  For such a wonderful story, Mrs. Cake gets 4 out of 5 facehoofs.


Also, Rarijack...



"In fact, Mrs. Cakes had heard some gossip that Twilight was in fact the daughter of Nightmare Moon and-"

:rainbowderp: Wow.  Just... wow.

#45 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·


Can't wait to read more!

#46 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·


Ah, the Cakes seem to be inveterate shippers! Can't wait to find out what other exciting and Twilight-breaking backstories you have in store for Scootaloo! :scootangel:

#47 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

In the absense of facts, any number of fantasies race in to fill the gap, as we see here.

I'm personally betting that Scootaloo's "secret origin" will turn out to be completely mundane - the foal of a totally-undistinguished family where both parents work long hours leaving her to more-or-less look after herself.  Like a lot of kids in such a situation, of course, she tries to 'sex up' her history just a bit.

#48 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Lolwhut. Poor Twilight; this should be interesting. :pinkiehappy:

#49 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Must kill stupid c***  

#50 · 117w, 2d ago · · · The Cakes ·

Twilight was in fact the daughter of Nightmare Moon and-"

Write this now.>>1169756>>1169486>>1169312>>1169082>>1169192>>1168731

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