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  • T The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo

    Everyone wonders what Scootaloo's story is. Apparently, everypony in Ponyville has their own answer
    68,065 words · 18,003 views  ·  1,800  ·  63
  • T Faith and Doubt

    After everyone fails to heed to her warnings about Cadence, Twilight gives in to her darker thoughts
    62,997 words · 27,040 views  ·  1,457  ·  58
  • E The Doctor Of Oz

    Twilight and Spike accidently end up in Oz and must defeat the Wicked Witch with the help of some familar looking allies.
    12,680 words · 1,442 views  ·  131  ·  3
  • E Crisis of Infinite Twilights

    When Twilight Sparkles from alternate dimensions begin popping up in Equestria, it is up to Scootaloo to round them all up and find a way to send them home and retrieve her world's Twilight.
    85,828 words · 5,233 views  ·  632  ·  31
  • T The God Squad

    Luna decides to go on an adventure and her family tags along for the ride!
    96,617 words · 8,198 views  ·  754  ·  42
  • T The God Squad: Equestria's Most Wanted

    Season 2 sees Luna, Celestia, Tydal, Shining, Cadence and Chrysalis on the run and attempt to clear their good names. Needless to say, they are sidetrakced... alot
    92,771 words · 12,093 views  ·  486  ·  26 · sex
  • T The Abundance

    Sequel to Faith and Doubt. Twilight must save Equestria from her friends who've become alicorns
    136,041 words · 7,648 views  ·  963  ·  64
  • E How Do You Shoot a Gun With Hooves?

    Kate Beckett and Rick Castle find themselves transported to Ponyville and learning about friendship
    38,387 words · 1,994 views  ·  118  ·  6

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  • 4w, 1d
    Tydal- Royal Armor Design (Image)

    7 comments · 137 views
  • 4w, 5d
    Should anyone else join The God Squad?

    So, I am trying to bank a bunch of chapters during my vacation, that way there isn't a huge lull, and as I am getting near the end of Season 2 and planning out Season 3 I am undecided on the makeup of the God Squad. Naturally Luna, Celestia, Tydal, Cadence, Shining and Chrysalis will remain part of the team. Discord will also be a part of the team full time by the end of Season 2.

    There are some other characters I have already considered about allowing to join the squad but the issue that always arises is how big the team should be. Right now it is a six man/pony/capricorn/changeling team, and Discord makes seven. What should be the limit though? Keep it at the seven? Cut it down (maybe you guys want Discord not to join or would love to see someone booted off... I can't imagine the team without the Core 6 but maybe you'd like it to be a smaller group).  Or maybe you want the roster to continue to grow and have any of the following join:

    Princess Twilight Sparkle: Let her have some mommy and me time with Luna

    Polar Vortex: Tydal's favorite brother AND a character voiced by Alec Baldwin!

    Philomenia: The sarcastic phoenix that only Celestia understands

    Mary Sue: Even though she is one of the Doctor's companions she is a deity...

    Fuzzy Thinker: Yes, add the Dumbledore parody to the team!

    Starswirl the Bearded: He could either be alive or his skull could be part of the team.

    The Evil Muffin: Just make him officially a member.

    Fluffle Puff: Give Chrysalis something to cuddle

    Nyx: Poor thing, I don't think anyone but me remembers her... (looks around awkwardly)

    Let me know what you think of the currently Core 6 line-up, Discord's upcoming joining of the Squad, and who else you'd love to see join the Squad (either full time or for as a recurring member)

    Also, why are none of you making Tydal plushes? He could hunt down the other, weaker, plushes and beat them up!

    48 comments · 212 views
  • 12w, 1d
    Another Non-Pony plot bunny

    As if I didn't have enough unfinished stories sitting about (and I swear I will get back to my Iron Man/Game of Thrones crossover and my Justice League story... I was writing a lot of both of them right before my mom passed and I've found it hard to get motivated on them), I have another plot bunny dancing in my head. I've already written two chapters on my day off and I'll probably get a third done tomorrow. Just wanted to see what you guys thought of this strange combination:

    Indiana Jones and the Abbey of Downton

    Timeline: Just before the start of Series 3 and into Series 3

    Synopsis: After Sibyl marries Branson and Mary becomes engaged to Matthew Crawley the family, fearing that Edith will become desperate and cling to the first bachelor she finds, convinces her to take a trip to America. They had hoped this would allow her some time to breathe so that when she returned they would be better prepared to find her a suitable match. There was no way they could have known that Edith bring back with her a fiancée… a young soon-to-be Doctor of Archeology named Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones Jr. Now two worlds collide as a newly empowered Edith and her fiancée Indy arrive at Downton, ready to throw English society off kilter… and perhaps discover some lost treasures along the way.

    Pairings: Edith/Indiana, Mary/Matthew, Sibyl/Branson, Cora/Robert

    The basic plot would see Edith, now more empowered by having Indy in her life, and Indiana injected into the world of Downton and how this would alter things. And this being Indiana Jones, of course he is going to begin seeking out lost treasures and dangerous artifacts.

    2 comments · 159 views
  • 16w, 4d
    Everybody Wants to Rule the World...


    (We see Ponyville. Everything looks normal and peaceful… but there is an eerie calm, like the one that comes before the storm)

    Welcome to your life

    (We pan in, moving past Sweet Apple Acres, Rarity’s Boutique, Sugar Cube Corner… and while looking the same, are too static, too quiet)

    There's no turning back

    (We see the world suddenly flicker, the buildings changing from their normal forms into older stone buildings and huts straight out of the past. it is a strange vision, like a tv flickering between two channels)

    Even while we sleep

    (We see flickers and ghostly images of ponies, capricorns and other beings racing towards each other, clearly in the middle of a war. The phantoms are like wisps of fog, swirling about Ponyville.)

    We will find you

    Acting on your best behavior

    (the sky is now black and full of thunderclouds)

    Turn your back on Mother Nature

    (Everything goes quiet and still again. There is a crack of thunder and the screen goes black)

    Everybody wants to rule the world

    (The camera is now focused on a purple eye)

    It's my own design

    (We pull back to see Faith standing at the prow of the Abundance, looking down at Equestria, confused)

    It's my own remorse

    (Faith looks down and sees a golden coin. He reaches down and picks it up, his head tilted, befuddled)

    Help me to decide

    Help me make the most of freedom

    (He stares at the coin, which bears not the image of Celestia but the face of a strange pony-like figure)

    And of pleasure

    (The coin crumbles into dust in Faith’s hoof)

    Nothing ever lasts forever

    (Faith’s eyes go wide and he slowly begins to turn)

    Everybody wants to rule the world

    (We see the Abundance’s deck explode as columns of flames burst from it. Faith silently yells, racing past the crew towards the helm, reaching for Trixie, who is holding a crying Clockwork… )

    There's a room where the light won't find you

    Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down

    (…only for him to fall through the lower decks, his wings impaled by burning shards of wood. He falls out of the ship, his eyes still staring up in horror as the Abundance burns.)

    When they do, I'll be right behind you

    (Faith lands and looks up, only to see Princess Celestia, wearing grim armor, standing before him.  the silver alicorn looking about in confusion as Celestia steps over him, her stare as if she were looking through him rather than at him.)

    So glad we've almost made it

    (Twilight, Cadence, and Luna join Celestia, looking across a battlefield, Faith trying to get their attention but failing. Their horns glow and the four charge forward towards a massive army in black armor and burning manes.)

    So sad we had to fade it

    (We pan over the battle field until we come face to face with a Qilin, half dragon half pony; it is the being from the coin. He smiles and holds up his clawed hand, fire appearing in it before he silently sends out twin jets of fire through the sky towards the battlefield)

    Everybody wants to rule the world

    (Jets of fire race towards Faith, who shields himself, only for geysers of water to shoot up and stop them. Faith turns back and stares as Lord Tydal races onto the battlefield, letting out a silent roar as he leaps towards the qilin general)

    Everybody wants to rule the world

    (Faith trembles as he witnesses the battle, completely forgotten and ignored. He gripes his head and Twilight turns, snapped out of her battle fury as he screams, black magic bursting from him)

    Everybody wants to rule-

    (Close up on Faith’s eye as it goes dark, coat going pure black)

    -the world

    The Abstract Saga

    Volume 3

    The Should-Have-Been-King

    Coming to fimfiction.net later this year

    “Those who do not learn from history…”

    20 comments · 440 views
  • ...

Hearth's Warming Day.

This day, one of the most magical of days, is about family and love and togetherness and remembering the bonds of friendship.

It is also about demanding presents, showing up your family, freaking out over the tiniest detail and fighting the rush of a thousand other ponies that seem to want to do nothing more than ruin the holiday for everyone else.

This year, Twilight is getting to host her family's Hearth's Warming Day Dinner and she wants everything to be perfect. But as she sees what the holiday does to her friends and those around her, Twilight begins to lose the spirit of the season and wonders just what good is a holiday that seems to turn everypony into jealous, greedy monsters.

Join Twilight in this look at what modern life has done to the holiday season and how easy it is to reclaim the magic back.

This story is set in the Scootaverse (Which includes The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo and The God Squad). Neither of these stories are required reading but it will help.

First Published
3rd Dec 2012
Last Modified
23rd Dec 2012
#1 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Ladies and Gentlemen... Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, Twilight Sparkle!

This is my love letter to all those classic Christmas stories and my angry rant about how the holidays are so easily ruined by so many people.

Christmas is very important to me. It is my birthday, so much of who I am is tied to it. When I was born, I got a santa hat instead of a blue baby hat to wear in the nursery. So many people assumed my birthday got lost in the shuffle but my family was wonderful about making sure I felt special (my father was born on Christmas Eve, so he and I celebrate together).  As such, I am still able to enjoy Christmas and all it is.

But it drives me insane that so many people, for whatever reason, ruin the holiday and make others miserable doing so. Thus, this story was born, where we will see that Equestria is no different than us when it comes to their holidays and silly, stupid stuff can ruin the good cheer.... and it is VERY easy to get it back.

#2 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

D'awww meters off the charts.

#3 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Excellent, as always. :twilightsmile:

#4 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730748 How do you get to every story so fast?

You commenting, as well as it being a Defender fic that shows no sign of being too out of the ordinary (no offense defender but this happened with The Abundance and you know it) pretty much guarantee it getting featured.

#5 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

The metaness. It burns.

And is it bad that I recognized all three of Spike's fic references?

And a glimpse at that weird thing Twilight does when she eats brownies.


#6 · 98w, 4d ago · 1 · · Chapter 1 ·

I was also born the day after my father (though not on Christmas).  Whenever I'm in town (aka not away at college, so it's been a few years), we celebrate together.  One year some of my mom's friends got together for a cake decorating party a few days before the birthdays, so my mom decorated one for me, and I decorated one for my dad.  It was way fun.  My dad also has a twin.  And the twin has a son born the day before them.  So we have lots of birthdays around the same time in my family.

Now on to comments about the story.  Your stories are always hilarious.  I'm really excited to read more. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

#7 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730781 My comments are not always a herald of good fortune.

#8 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730841 I've seen you comment on, like, every featured fic I've read.

It's like, whoa. Are you a changeling?

Are you three changelings?

#9 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730851 We are... not from around here, tis true. We were tired of how they treated us back home, so we fled.

#10 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Those Llamas, how DO they know everything? It doesn't make sense! They're like the Mayans, BUT GOOD! :pinkiegasp:

#11 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Looks like Sam the Snowman moved from telling the tale of Rudolph to this one. (And I totally heard that in Burl Ives voice as well). How can you hate Sam the Snowman though?

#12 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730868 You're a parasprite aren't you.

You're a changeling parasprite.

Three parachangelingsprites.

#13 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730885 Three, tree, TWE...

Across the ocean doth sail we

From leaving soiled trances broke

Another time, we rarely spoke

When we arose from the ashes of a fallen page

We settled a score to set our rage

#14 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730901 Umm... uh... I don't get it :fluttershysad:

#16 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730912 Oh, it's a Nirvana song.

You are three Nirvanaparachangelingspritecobains.

I assume.

#18 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730927 We are going to flood these comments so much :yay:

Can I be a parachangelingsprite too?

#20 · 98w, 4d ago · 1 · · Chapter 1 ·

"Oh Celestia, I think I'm having a

stroke," Spike moaned.

Me too Spike, and I plan on enjoying it

#21 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730946 And so, then began young SnippitySnap's long and testing journey across the world of Equestria, to become one with the parachangelingsprites.

Hopefully it won't cop out and have one of those bullshit "the magic was inside you all along" endings. :pinkiesick:

#23 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730973 Now I am going to have to write a fic about parachangelingsprites.

Would you collaborate with me? :eeyup:

#24 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730984 But of course. :rainbowkiss:

Send us a link when you have the doc created.

#25 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730992 awsum.

I am already formulating the plot, and how to give Knighty and Art Inspired cameos :trollestia:

#26 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1731005 Oh my, do go on. :rainbowkiss:

#27 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1731013 Art Inspired is going to be living in Ponyville. He paints paintings of things that are not that much better than your average painting, but he makes awards for himself and charges "Ten million bazillion bits for my masterpiece. I will accept no less from a commoner like you."

Knighty, I'm not sure. Maybe he'll be the mayor of a tiny town representing FIMFiction, who worship the Elements of Harmony and love clopping all the time. Oh, and Poultron is Knighty's gay lover. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

SnippitySnap (me) will also be living in Ponyville, knowing that his whole life he has not fit in... because he is actually a parasprite! Yeah, he believes himself to be a parasprite and practices eating chairs and trying to clone himself. :pinkiehappy:

You will be king of the parasprites (if you want) and you live in the Parasprite hive outside of Equestria, from which gentle, distorted music endlessly plays...

And since this is all inspired by comments on a Defender fic, he might make an appearance too. Maybe he lives in Fictionton (knighty's town) and he gets insane amounts of praise every time he does something.

#28 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1731043 This idea, I like it.

#29 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1731049 Dropping every fic I was reading to make the GDoc.

#30 · 98w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Does Spike have a rival named Lone Star?

#31 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

At first I was all like :unsuresweetie: but then I was all :rainbowhuh:  and it went:pinkiesmile: and then it was:rainbowlaugh:. And now I'm just:trollestia:

#32 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Just to say that I love that prayer.  It is in-character for the Cult of Celestia, isn't it? :twilightsmile:

It also makes sense that, if Twilight is crazy, her family would be more so.

#33 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1730781>>1730841   True. I think Regidar commented on one of my stories once. It's been poorly received. No, wait... that wasn't Regidar. Who was it?  :fluttershbad: This is gonna bug me all day.

#34 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

This had me laughing pretty good. I'd better check the rest of your profile to see if you're keeping anything from me.

#35 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Good thing I made sure to stock up the bunker this summer. Lemme see... *checks a handy chart* End of the world caused by Twilight is... damn, only 3 to 1, I didn't win much.

#36 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: I love your fics.

#37 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Spike... you should just leave now while you still have the chance.

The Ponyville Exclusion zone is going to happen this year! :pinkiecrazy:

#38 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Those damn llamas were right...

#39 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

I like it, mostly...

It's a great start, but I couldn't stand the parts in the beginning when you scripted the audience. It completely broke the feel of the story for me.

#40 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

you know, in this  world I can so totally see the miser brothers existing.

" Tydal wont be in for four more chapters" I'll hold you to that!  Also, if Cadance isnt decked out in mistletoe I will be dissappoint!

Also, got the "past sins" and the "cupcakes" but what about the one where twilight becomes anthro when aroused?

#41 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1732421 Yeah, I'm curious about that one too.

#42 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·


Referring to The Goddess Within

#43 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·


And you claim to "not be a for serious brony."

#44 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·


I don't claim to be a brony at all. I write what I want to write and this world is what currently inspires me. Next week it could be Marvel or Family Guy or Jurassic Park.

#45 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1732753 Anypone who writes Family Guy fics needs to seriously think about what they're doing.

> Writes a bunch of ponyfics

> Incorporates immense quantities of headcanon

> Already included Crystal Empire

> Has seen FiW and read Cupcakes

> Is not a brony

#46 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1732576 "What's that Spike? I wasn't paying attention.

Ya missed the quotes at the end. Near the end of the fic. Only mistake i found.

Great, i love a good laugh, looks like now i have yet another fic to keep track of. Nice job. :twilightsmile:

#47 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·


I have written almost 100 different stories for different genres, including Star Wars, Heroes, castle, Bones, Transformers, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. I take my time to research things so my stories make sense and I try and be creative. But I never have and never will take the title of brony because I simply don't consider myself one; I am a writer, that is all.

Oh, and I never read Cupcakes

#48 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1732843 Okay, just clearing that up.

I am tired and all out of clever.

#49 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·


You, out of clever? No, I simply refuse to believe that! (chuckles)

#50 · 98w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

>>1732884 Damn it Faith, you douche, get off Defender's computer. He needs it to write fics that go on forever about things he does not enjoy and his many superpowered original characters that could beat Discord if he was freed from stone again. Also he needs it to break fourth walls until it stops being funny. And then break it some more for like ten more chapters.

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