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  • Tuesday
    Just Thought to Ask

    Would anyone be interested in a Consequences-verse group? This is the third time I've had people asking/talking about alternate stories based on it and I'm fully supportive, but it made me think.

    The group would be a place for the collection of stories set in the Consequences verse as well as similar stories playing on the concept of Gary Stu/Mary Sues in a more literal sense.

    Obviously I'd include some more concrete info about the Consequences verse for people to play around with, not just stuff from Emeris' limited perspective.

    Just something my crazy (and hyped up on one too many scoops of pre-workout stuff) brain thought to ask before I head off to work.

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  • 1w, 2d
    Do you want it now or later?

    Right, so, I've been writing up the next chapter for Consequences of Unoriginality and it's been pointed out to me that it's gotten a bit... hefty.

    ... like ~15,000 words hefty.

    And I just got to the date proper.

    So, um, yeah... would y'all like me to get this posted up with the actual date in the next chapter or should I finish up with the date in this chapter?


    Also, huge thanks to PandoraBoxable for the cover-art for the story! Apparently something even cooler is in the works, mad props ;-;

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  • 2w, 3d
    Preview of Consequences of Unoriginality's Next Chapter

    Just super happy with this scene so far and couldn't help but share:

    ”No!” I couldn't let that stand! No! My head jerked around, there would be no confusion! I couldn't even let myself think of that happening! “I would-”

    My words caught in my throat as my breath hitched in pain and I flinched away instinctively, my horn lighting up.

    There was dead silence as I stared at an equally wide-eyed Sure Scissors, my brain trying to catch up-

    There was a wet *thwap* and my eyes flicked over to the sound-

    … was that my ear...?

    That was a piece of my ear.

    My eyes returned to a horrified looking Sure Scissors.

    She'd just cut off part of my ear.

    We both looked over at the bloodied piece of ear on the hardwood floor.

    That was practically half of my ear, cut off at an angle.

    Our eyes returned to a lock and my ears unconsciously flexed, a sharp, stabbing pain followed by a dull ache making themselves known in my mind at my right ear. The soft *pat* of a droplet hitting the floor was soon followed by a slow pitter-patter as the blood began to drip freely from my ear... stub of an ear...

    Sure Scissors pupils had shrunk to tiny pinrpicks, “I-I-I-... I'm sorry-” she stammered softly past the scissors in her mouth as she began to tremble like a leaf.

    She'd cut off half of my ear!

    She hadn't meant to... obviously so.

    Her whole job was to cut hair and not do exactly that!

    Her name is Sure Scissors, her cutie mark is a pair of scissors, this is probably the first time this has happened!

    She was freaking apologizing! After going on a damn tirade about how saying sorry wasn't enough!

    She was apologizing.

    The light around my horn died out, and I could practically feel myself deflate, “You're forgiven."


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  • 3w, 2d
    Future CoU stuff and Help Request/Challenge

    Right, here's the immediate future of Consequences of Unoriginality:

    Next Chapter:

    The Date, Emeris' overly forgiving nature finally gets him in some trouble, the second to last "Emeris focused" chapter;

    8.5 out of 12 scenes completed, currently 8,700 words

    Chapter After Next:

    The Doom Party, Pinkie's party for Emeris finally happens, last "Emeris focused" chapter for a solid while

    Still sketching out the scenes

    Next Arc:

    The Crystal Empire. Things be fucked up yo. Due to things Emeris' did as Gary, this isn't the canon Crystal Empire craziness. It's much worse. Celestia and Luna actually send a guard along with the Elements of Harmony (not just the Mane Six, but Elements included) to the Crystal Empire. It's gonna be crazy.

    I consider this the point where the ball is finally rolling for the story proper, we're finally away from Emeris fixing the immediate consequences of his curse and now with him as part of a group dealing with the more far reaching ones and the trials/tribulations of other ponies.

    The Request / Challenge

    And this brings us to the request/challenge:

    I've got some vague outlines for the guard that accompanies the Mane Six to the Crystal Empire, but I need some help. I suck at names amongst other things. Feel free to suggest additions or alterations to the following ponies!

    Pony 1

    Name: ???

    Species: Unicorn

    Cutie Mark: Skeletal hoof lit by emerald flames

    Color: ???

    Mane/Tail: ???

    Appearance: Small unicorn, one of his sides is a patchwork of stitches hiding a nasty secret, his front left hoof is a skeletal, necromantically powered prosthetic

    Rank: Broken Horn Coven Arch Warlock

    Specialties: Black (Emotionally Fueled) Magic [Eighth Degree Master], Necromancy [Ninth Degree Master]

    Personality: Arrogant. He believes he's above all other ponies. Supremely loyal to Celestia even though Luna is technically his boss. Devoted to his job.

    Relaxation: Necromancy

    Pony 2

    Name: ???

    Species: Earth Pony

    Cutie Mark: A flag waving in the wind with his house crest on it

    Color: ???

    Mane/Tail: ???

    Appearance: Absolutely enormous earth pony, over half the size of Celestia, bigger than even Big Mac

    Rank: Lieutenant General of the Equestrian Army

    Specialties: Command, being terrifyingly fast and strong and skilled, social connections, money

    Personality: Pleasant, calm, focused on his family, a relatively small noble house, everything is focused on his honor, status, and to help them

    Relaxation: Maintaining his family lands

    Pony 3

    Name: ???

    Species: Lunar Pegasus (Batpony)

    Cutie Mark: Silloughette of an earth pony with the shadow of a Lunar Pegasus

    Color: Very dark blue-gray

    Mane/Tail: ???

    Appearance: Large lunar pegasus

    Rank: ???

    Specialties: Shadow manipulation, shadow-diving, stealth

    Personality: Loyalty focused, wants to finish her term to the best of her ability before getting back to her herd

    Relaxation: Flying at night, playing with foals

    Pony 4

    Name: ???

    Species: ???

    Cutie Mark: ???

    Color: ???

    Mane/Tail: ???


    Rank: Zenith Guard Captain

    Specialties: ???

    Personality: Pleasant and happy, good natured, crush on one of the Mane Six (Tis a secret who!)

    Relaxation: Elements of Harmony fan

    Pony 5

    Name: ???

    Species: Zebra

    Cutie Mark: ???

    Color: Black and White

    Mane/Tail: Black and White, style?

    Appearance: Decent sized

    Rank: Battle Shaman ; Zenith Guard Lieutenant

    Specialties: Battle potions, hoof-to-hoof combat

    Personality: Seeking strength, pleasant otherwise, wants to be the strongest, focused on survival of the fittest

    Relaxation: Training

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  • 5w, 3d
    Consequences Lives! A Poll (AND ALL THE THINGS)

    Okay, we've got a lot of business to cover, so I'll try and make this quick. The poll is at the end though.

    Consequences of Unoriginality is once again live and kicking! I'm working on the next/final chapter of the side story Despair of Gary Stu as well as the next chapter of Consequences of Unoriginality. Chapters won't be coming out as fast as this last one did, that's an exception due to a surprising amount of free time.


    Now, there's been some (VERY) minor changes to Consequences made because I had an idea that had to be written in (so much better drama and story!). Don't worry about re-reading the story for it though, we're talking about a few sentences worth of change over 110,000 words. You should be able to pick up on it just from reading onwards.

    Cover Art!

    I'd love to have cover art for Consequences of Unoriginality </broken record>

    I'm willing to commission art, but I'm not sure what would be appropriate for the story and any suggestions would be awesome. Commissioning will be at least a month away due to budget concerns on my part.


    I always feel awkward with the thought of updating the TVTropes page for Consequences of Unoriginality. It's awesome that it exists! But I don't know what's appropriate for an author to do about their own page. Thoughts?

    The Future!

    Emeris has been doing good so far, things are looking up for him! ... for the next arc. Things are going to drift from Emeris being the center of the story (FINALLY). He's our PoV character still, but he's not going to be the focus of the story anymore! *champagne poppers* Wooooooo!


    Huge thanks to Aburi for helping me with this story, he makes things so much better like you don't even understand ;-;

    I'm definitely not saying no to prospective editors or pre-readers though. Aburi is awesome, but he's only one guy.

    Also, support his good story! I have it on good authority that there could be an equally delightful sequel to it :trixieshiftright:

    Spoilerific Stuffs and IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!

    Okay, fair warning, this is gonna be sorta spoiler-y for a bit.

    The summary for the rest of the story is going through a bit of a revision since it was written before Season 3 was even done, let alone Season 4 was a thing. So the future of the story is being rebuilt a bit.

    One of the things I've been considering is such: Could the Elements of Harmony have been used to revitalize the Tree of Harmony? As in: Would it have worked if Mane Six blasted the Tree of Harmony with the Elements rather than giving the gems back? There will be a comment below to vote on with your opinion.

    As someone asked (and I'll codify here): I kind of need some OCs. I could make them myself, but I always love tapping into other people's creativity! I need some pony nobility, some griffons (primarily nobility), nobility for some various species, and some military / administration ponies that would work for Twilight once she's a princess, since Emeris helps her settle into her job and assumes command of her military guard.

    Now for the really spoiler-y stuff:

    If Emeris was swept up in the magical mystery cure which swaps their cutie marks and talents (and noting that his cutie mark is, terrifyingly, directly connected to black magic and knowledge of it), what are suggestions on who gets swapped with whom?

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  • ...

"These papers are my reports upon my studies of equestrian cutlure, physics, genetics, magical theory, geology, politics, and war. Viewed in as scientific form as I can manage.

These are my theories and observations as best as I can describe them, and their contrast with those in my home reality. Hopefully, these observations will shed further light upon the world of Equestria for those within, and should these ever manage to go further, those without."

By Emeris Fillson

(Inspired by both Xenophillia and The Xenophillias Guide to Equestria, two very awesome stories.)

This is directly connected to my other story, Consequences of Unoriginallity, and are in-character observations of the main character. These observations do not occur at any specified point in the story, and as such, may have slight spoilers. Reading of one does not require reading of the other.

First Published
3rd Nov 2012
Last Modified
20th Oct 2014
#1 · 102w, 6d ago · · · Initial Reports ·

Linked Story: Consequences of Unoriginality

While these are from an in-character perspective, these papers are going to be primarily my own suppositions on the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, drawing heavily from Xenophillia by the completely awesome Anonauthor. Seriously, whoever you are, write more shit, that was awesome.

I am very open to suggestions, comments, further suppositions and I'd particularly love to include counter-papers by other researchers in the equestrian world, that'd be awesome.

If someone wishes to use this information or world-building for their own equestria, feel free, I would just like to know about such usage because it'd make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that I made something useful :heart:

#2 · 102w, 6d ago · · · Initial Reports ·



#3 · 102w, 3d ago · 1 · · Initial Reports ·

I strongly suspect that the geas involves Name and/or Soul magic.

The change in c is well under an order of magnitude; a more reasonable interpretation of the data is that his estimate of the hooflength/foot conversion ratio is slightly off.


The Punnett square assumes an XXY female, which not all breeding mares are. Assuming an initial distribution of P% XXY females and Q% XXX females (where P%+Q% = 100%), we have:

XXY+XYY: 2p/9 XYY; 5p/9 XXY; 2p/9 XXX

XXX+XYY: 0q/9 XYY; 6q/9 XXY; 3q/9 XXX

q=(1-p), so: 2p/9 XYY; (6-p)/9 XXY; (3-p)/9 XXX

The proportion of XXY females in the new population, which call P2, is then (6-p)/((3-p)+(6-p)) = (6-p)/(9-2p). Graphing this equation reveals that low values of P will result in P2>P, and high values of P will result in P2<P, implying that over time the ratio will tend towards a stable middle point. We can find that point by solving p=(6-p)/(9-2p), as follows:


9p-2p^2 = 6-p

0 = 2p^2 -10p + 6

By the quadratic formula:

p = 10/4 +/- sqrt(100-4*2*6)/4

p = 5/2 +/- sqrt(100-48)/4

p = 5/2 +/- sqrt(52)/4

p ~= 4.3 or 0.7

We know we're looking for a proportion, so we want the one between 0 and 1.

QED: About 70% of the mares in Equestria are XXY, and about 30% are XXX.

We earlier calculated that we have 2p/9 XYY (i.e., males), which works out to about 15%, or just under 1/6. So we should expect slightly more than five mares to every one stallion, which is very slightly more than observed.

I would speculate that, since stallions are considered more valuable due to their rarity, it is possible that a mare that has foaled a colt (and who therefore must be XXY) may be considered a more valuable mate. Further research is indicated to test this hypothesis.

#4 · 102w, 3d ago · · · Initial Reports ·



I love you.

Platonically if you're a guy mind you, but I love you.

On the first one, Yep! Note that "In the modern theory-" line about the magical schools, that's very important. There are other, unnofficial schools of magic, as well as ones that have been absorbed into others, etc. etc.

The thing about c is intentional, though I'm not sure which direction to take it really. The intention is that things like inertia, mass, and other sundry things are altered noticeably, but not world-breakingly. What direction would you take it? My personal knowledge runs out pretty fast on this.

Thank you for doing that math for me! So much. :heart: I knew that I hadn't accounted for that, and Emeris would have accounted for it eventually, but I didn't really have the time to sit down and figure out what math I'd have to do to account for it.

And yes, in this world-building exercise, mare's who have demonstrated mothering a colt are more valuable than others.

#5 · 102w, 3d ago · 1 · · Initial Reports ·


> What direction would you take it?

It seems to me that advanced physics like relativity requires fairly careful study to find out. Unless there's a physics lab somewhere in Equestria, it's unlikely Emeris could reasonably come to justified conclusions about that stuff.

(I don't think Gary couldn't do it, either. Since his dress designs turned out awful in retrospect, we can infer that the GSE made him an acclaimed designer rather than a competent one; that is, it doesn't confer actual competence. If Gary tried to research physics, he'd come up with meaningless drivel that everyone fawned over. He might be able to build a death ray or something though.)

#6 · 102w, 3d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


You misunderstand what I mean, I meant the speed of light relative to our own :twilightsheepish:

And this isn't caused by the GSE. Emeris is actually extremely competent at this. Note how in Chapter 1 he notes that his calculative abilities had not been affected by the curse in either direction.

Also note how little he's actually confirmed and how much is supposition. He's been using magic as a substitute for technology when it comes to analyzing things (mostly genetics), but careful use of telekinesis and sense-enhancing magics enabled a large number of experiments that he simply does not have the technology or infrastructure for otherwise. As my knowledge of the physics and experiements involved is less than what Emeris' knowledge is intended to be, I cannot give specific examples, though I can try to find some.

The only one that comes to mind is the classic "Electron, Particle or Wave?" double-slit experiment. If you can find a way to generate electrons and fire them in a direction as well as detect them one by one, then it becomes easy to do the experiment.

Or, for a future one that he will do: The power of Celestia's sun. If you know the distance of the sun from the planet and have a bucket of water, a thermometer, and a clock, you can calculate the energy output of the sun. Note that he can (and will) just ask Celestia herself how far the sun is from Equestria and get an accurate answer, the only issue is converting units.

#7 · 102w, 3d ago · 1 · · Initial Reports ·


I thought you/he were talking about the relative values of c in Equestria vs. Earth; I'm not sure what I said to give an impression otherwise.

If you're inferring the speed of light to mean anything other than how long it takes for light to get somewhere, and Emeris is, then you're working with relativity.

If he has "little more than a rudimentary understanding of physics", then it's not at all clear to me how he would even verify the existence of e.g. strong and weak nuclear forces, unless unicorn magic is capable of examining and manipulating subatomic particles with minimal training.

I think the point I'm trying to make is that Emeris probably understands less than he thinks he does about Equestrian physics, and is jumping to conclusions based on insufficient evidence.

#8 · 102w, 3d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


We're talking past each other for some reason, probably a misunderstanding on my part >_<

To start off: Yes, he is jumping to conclusions a bit.

The "little more than a rudimentary understanding of physics" line is Emeris selling himself short. While it's not official, he's intended to have nearly had an equivalent to a bachelors in physics by the time he was introduced to Equestria. And while Unicorn magic (in this worldbuilding exercise) is not capable of examining and manipulating subatomic particles, it is capable of doing so with atoms and chemicals given an awareness of and disposition towards such. Emeris was the Alicorn of the Earth for two years and more than capable of getting any naturally occurring mineral or element he so desired.

Doing so over time, he tried to create an Equestrian periodic table of elements... and ended up with something very similar to the one we're/he's accustomed to. As in, basically identical. This is from both the chemical properties of the elements, as well as the size of their atoms and their atomic weights (figured out by taking a mole [or fraction thereof] of atoms of the element, weighing it, and calculating its atomic weight from there). This implies that whatever causes atoms to be... well... atoms... is functionally identical to our world.

Combined with other experiments such as "Does spinning a magnet induce an electrical current?" and the reverse "Does a wound copper wire around something magnetic create a magnet?" as well as others, he has data to support the two world's being nigh identical in function, though the data doesn't explicitly point to them being identical 'under the hood'. That is him guessing and getting overly excited about the ramifications/possibilities.

#9 · 102w, 3d ago · 1 · · Initial Reports ·


Given those observations -- especially unification of electricity and magnetism -- I'd say the conclusions are reasonable. Also, if he can directly measure the sizes of atoms, he can use that to establish the length conversions.

But, yes, he's definitely getting overexcited -- if the difference in c had as far-reaching implications as he thinks, the modified physics couldn't have produced the same periodic table.

#10 · 102w, 2d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


I'm trying to read your conversation with the author, but being a teenager who got a 60/100 for physics, can we please just say:


#11 · 102w, 2d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


I (and by extension, Emeris) totally didn't think of using atoms to derive length conversions. Also not sure how you'd go about it to be honest.

I had him over-excited about the difference of c for a couple reasons, the two main ones being it's in character for him, but also because I myself don't know the full ramifications of what a difference in the speed of light (*coughmassless-particle-speedcoughcough*) would have on physics :twilightblush:


Actually, Hayquill is doing basically exactly what I requested. And this story/sidestory is mostly about the physics of Equestria because of/in spite of magic. In spite of any appearances otherwise, I greatly appreciate Hayquill :twilightsmile:

#12 · 102w, 2d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


You can do that if you like. This is a side-document, meaning it's optional.

#13 · 102w, 2d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


Well my biology finals are in two weeks time, I guess I can read this and tell people I'm studying.

#14 · 102w, 2d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


I honestly recommend this. Funny, but also informative.

#15 · 102w, 2d ago · · · Initial Reports ·

And suddenly, last paragraph says that the human is an alicorn... explanation please?

#16 · 102w, 2d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


Connected story. Shameless Plug!

Main character, the IC writer of these papers, was once human and through means that will be eventually revealed within said connected story, was transported into Equestria explicitly as a Gary-Stu. The prologue of the story deals with how he becomes instead a "normal" unicorn and the rest of the story deals with the ramifications of having spent 2+ years as a Gary-Stu.

#17 · 101w, 2d ago · 1 · · Initial Reports ·

While there are a number of different forms of choosing of gender in my world, this is the only system used by the warm blooded species.

Not actually true. Birds have a similar, but inverted, system, with ZZ being male and ZW being female, and the platypus has the downright psychotic(and currently nowhere near being understood) system that leads to them having five pairs of sex chromosomes.

#18 · 101w, 2d ago · · · Initial Reports ·


Whoaaaaa, wait, what? :rainbowhuh:

I knew that one about birds, though I thought they were still referred to as X and Y (whoops :twilightsheepish: ), but the platypus one is totally new to me.

To note: This is an explicit case of lack of knowledge IC rather than mine on the part of the birds, but that platypus one's totally blindsided me, say what?

#19 · 101w, 2d ago · 1 · · Initial Reports ·


I'm serious. Platypus are just that insane.

News on it

Where I initially learned of it.

These things are crazy down to the genetic level.

I bucking love Emeris.

#21 · 101w, 1d ago · 1 · · On Alicorns and their Rarity ·

That end note. :rainbowlaugh:



Though if I may ask: What do you love about Emeris? For future reference and any other characters I may make :pinkiehappy:


I think that's going to become Emeris' sort of signature really, a lot like Twilight's "Your Faithful Student" mess :rainbowlaugh:


Best Wishes,

Emeris Fillson

Emeris, reports are half way to become the new subject of study in Equestria universities. I even see a book with the picture of him on the cover.

Something tells me that princess Luna is particulate found on this reports, after all she inspire him to write and document all of that and I bet she is eager to help him, explore more of Equestria Anatomy, history, genetic and even the mystery of magic.

Oh please make him and Luna a couple, I can see them together and this time I will win her heart the right way, and not because of the curse. Beside It may help with what is happening with Twilight when she confuse that with something he is planning.

Ah, and remember, he didn't see Luna that often because of the curse, but he admit that he like the night more than the day.      


Just kind of Emeris in general? He's an excellent, fleshed-out character (in the other fic) with a nice writing style (in this one).

#25 · 98w, 5d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·

You wouldn't believe some of the letters Emeris gets, mostly from stupid nobility.

He gets a lot of letters from stupid nobility.

Some are worse twats than Blueblood and try to claim him as one of their own (Emeris-face: :twilightangry2: ). Delight in Emeris suffering my dear readers, delight to your hearts content.

#26 · 98w, 5d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·

Lol. Emeris' ALL RAGE MODE activated. :pinkiecrazy:

#28 · 98w, 4d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·

take that racists

#29 · 98w, 4d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·

Typo alert: Unicorn section, 4th paragraph, 1st line "they're horn". should be their


You tell 'em, Emmy!

#30 · 98w, 4d ago · 1 · · The Magic of the Tribes ·

Question, sorry is this is a stupid question, but how Emeris is sending this reports? I thought that the flame spell is very complicated for him.

Also, how did he continue receiving letters? According to the story, ALL Equestria hate him (except Dash…kind off) And even if this bastard snobs still admire him, how did they manage to deliver letters? I doubt Derpy is going to willing deliver him letters.

Also, please, put Celestia more motherly in the future, at the begging you said that she was only testing his willpower, but I don't like much that he keep said to himself that he is a lap dog, and Celestia is still very cold. Did she is putting him in another test? The curse is finally lifted she should be more supporting, like a mother helping his son, walk again after an accident, not a Brat, that is waiting for her toy to be repair (sorry, but Celestia is starting to look a little like that) .

P.S: This is more a question for your other story, did Photo Finish will try to make him a model? I don't mean Gary, I mean Emeris, by the looks Rarity always use him as a model, and the fact that his scars give him some unique treats, i can image her try a new stile with stallions models and he as the face of her new designs.  

#31 · 98w, 4d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·

Oh Emeris, you hide your feelings so well... :duck:

#32 · 98w, 4d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·


Nah, this ain't rage mode, this is frustrated/irritated, RAGE MODE involves stabbing :pinkiehappy:




This is actually a particularly big rub for Emeris, as while it hasn't been shown in-story, he's a white boy that grew up in a black ghetto. While he was never discriminated against, he saw it happen to his friends and noted how differently they were treated compared to him. It bothers the fuck out of him anymore.


Intentional. Emeris 'types' these out with his mind and makes typos, and without spellcheck, he misses them sometimes. I thought I'd had another in there, but I guess not.


Question, sorry is this is a stupid question, but how Emeris is sending this reports? I thought that the flame spell is very complicated for him.
The flame spell is impossible for him anymore, and he's sending them through the post or, later, by dragonflame.

Also, how did he continue receiving letters? According to the story, ALL Equestria hate him (except Dash…kind off) And even if this bastard snobs still admire him, how did they manage to deliver letters? I doubt Derpy is going to willing deliver him letters.
This is a bit of intentional disinformation on my part as an author. Emeris, our PoV character, feels like all of Equestria hates him, this is untrue. Most of Ponyville doesn't even hate him. They dislike him a lot for the most part, but they don't hate him. For reasons that will be elaborated on in the next chapter and the one after it, there is very little consistent information about 'Gary' out there.

Also, please, put Celestia more motherly in the future, at the begging you said that she was only testing his willpower, but I don't like much that he keep said to himself that he is a lap dog, and Celestia is still very cold. Did she is putting him in another test? The curse is finally lifted she should be more supporting, like a mother helping his son, walk again after an accident, not a Brat, that is waiting for her toy to be repair (sorry, but Celestia is starting to look a little like that) .
The original tone was a bit of a mistake. Celestia is actually usually rather nice to Emeris. Also note that Emeris not only doesn't mind being her lap dog, the thought of her basically playing him like a political chess piece is actually entertaining to him. Celestia was the way she was to him in an intentional contrast to the way everyone else was acting to him to help him stay sane. Also, the letter is addressed to Celestia/Luna only because of the scientific information it has within, the tone of it is directed primarily at the supremeist fuckwads, whom Emeris expects Celestia to read the letter to.

... she will by the way, just to troll them because they irritate her too. :trollestia:

I apologize if Celestia is coming across that way to you, that is not the intention. You'll probably like her better in the Consequences of Unoriginality (Alternate) that I have planned where Emeris gets all the power and other effects of the curse, but instead of loving him, ponies are made to hate him. Again, with Celestia the only pony able to consistently resist it.

P.S: This is more a question for your other story, did Photo Finish will try to make him a model? I don't mean Gary, I mean Emeris, by the looks Rarity always use him as a model, and the fact that his scars give him some unique treats, i can image her try a new stile with stallions models and he as the face of her new designs.

Photo Finish has not met Emeris yet, though she did try to get Gary to model. Though at least that was just clothes. Other mares tried to get him to "model", as in, in porn.

Rarity hasn't seen him with his additional scars yet, but the mains reason she is using him as a model is that it's a nice way to spend time with a friend and because he's the only stallion of his size in the town other than Big Mac who's off limits. That and for all his grumbling, it does't bother him much and she knows it.

Also to note: While a lot of people try to make scars out to be cool, most of Emeris' scars are deliberately not cool and really rather ugly. The only ones that are classically cool are the ones on his cheek, and even then they will only be so when they are fully healed (Currently, they have ugly scabs over them). Soldiers would consider the ones on his stomach impressive, but otherwise, most of his scars are rather ugly.


He does! It's actually a deliberate bit of characterization on my part, the dichotomy between his 'academic' and 'irritated' tone and the tone he normally takes when talking to people (ponies), in particular, cute females.

He is so biased. Thankfully, he at least admits it :rainbowlaugh:

#33 · 98w, 4d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·


Ah thanks that explain a lot, so she is acting like that to keep his sanity, now a see, the chess game is only because his mental state, I get it.

Oh, one final question, I know he work for free with the Apples, but other than that, what is his real job? did he is some kind of ambassador or politician of the princesses?

#34 · 98w, 4d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·


Actually, the chess game is because it amuses him personally and because she's a powerful political leader. Celestia is manipulative to a certain degree, but she can be delightfully blunt about it with Emeris because it amuses him considerably and he actively enjoys being helpful. The harshness was (mostly) because of his mental state. That and I can't write Celestia worth a damn most of the time, that's a factor.

And he's currently working for free for the Apples because he promised to, but will eventually work for them for pay. As an alicorn, he actually did not have a job, and was instead given a royal stipend to stay alive, a small one at that because he had an otherwise impossible ability to just pull bits from nowhere to pay for things. Now though, he needs to find a job, and he has found one at the Apple farm. He fully intends to be paid for his work eventually, but is just fulfilling his word about doing work for free.

#35 · 98w, 4d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·


Got it, so for now his work because of the promise I know that but latter one he will actually work for expecting a payment in the farm, I see, je maybe from there will start a love interest with AJ…or maybe Fluttershy or Luna, those 3 look that caught his attention, especially the last one.    

#36 · 98w, 4d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·

>>1727311 Can't Let you do that, StarfoxEmeris! :pinkiecrazy:

#37 · 97w, 6d ago · · · The Magic of the Tribes ·

Givem. . . lets see. . . as many bucks as you'd think I'd like (Which is rather variable :trollestia:) for me Emmy!

#38 · 97w, 5d ago · 1 · · Departure From the Norm ·

Emeris isn't going to be happy when he finds out that she sent that to the Princesses, those were personal notes :rainbowlaugh:

As always, comments are lurved!

#39 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·


Well, it's already been pretty well established that Twilight doesn't seem to care about Emeris's feelings due to his eeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiiiiiil.

#40 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·

Ah, this makes so much sense- including why all the Pegasis Stallions we've seen in the show turned out to be jerks.

World building, yay! And Twi still doesn't get the 'whole other order' thing, does she? Emmy's old species may still be mammals, but that's about it

#41 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·

Ah, you've changed the name.

It's "scientist".

#42 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·

Love the world building, my favorite chapter of this side series has to be the genealogy of ponies.  Have to ask though, is some of this world building influenced by Xenophilia?

#43 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·


(Inspired by both Xenophillia and The Xenophillias Guide to Equestria, two very awesome stories.)

Source: The very first line in the description

#44 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·


She does care, she just isn't thinking everything through, something Twilight does :rainbowlaugh:


Even after having their brains directly linked, it's hard for Twilight to wrap her head around the thought that Emeris is from a world where there's only a single sentient species that has manipulator digits without any form of magic at all. She intellectually understands it, but she doesn't really get it just yet.


I had that right the first time I changed it, how the hell'd it change... :rainbowhuh:


All of the social (and some of the genetic) worldbuilding is either directly from Xenophillia and its side stories, or built from scratch using those principles. The magic, physics, and genetics is entirely my own work (and thus, probably sucks :rainbowlaugh: ).

#45 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·


You better not be fishing for compliments, because I found your version of pony genetics to be very workable and fascinating

Ya do good work, boyo

#46 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·


I see a payback in the future with Twilight diary and a missing pages.  

#47 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·


I'm proud of the initial concept I had for the genetics (Triploid genetics... why not?), but the maths I've done are haphazard at best as shown by Hayquil's additions :twilightsmile:


Oh, it'll be even better than that :trollestia:

#48 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·


Also, now that Emeris mentioned, in the last chapter of the other story. Twilight try to avoid his horn by all means because of that or because of the consequence of doing that during a mind reading? Also, I hope that whatever happen is just temporal, Emeris and Twi, now having a cockel of personalities resulting of the fusion of their brain will be EXTREMELY awkward. Especially to AJ and Dash  

#49 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Departure From the Norm ·


I have not seen Hayquil's work. Would you mind terribly if you gave me a link?

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