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The Abundance
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Which blood, like sacrificing Abel's, cries,

Even from the tongueless caverns of the earth,

To me for justice and rough chastisement;

-William Shakespeare’s ‘Richard II’

It was a mixed group of ponies that greeted Shining Armor as he stepped onto the deck of The Abundance. There were happy tears and joyful cries as foals, fillies and colts rushed over and leapt into their parents' forelegs, hugging them tightly and jabbering about what had happened to them. They told stories of flying earth ponies and stallions with wings made of silver glass who called upon storms to aid him in fighting dark knights built of gold. Those little ones that didn't have parents to welcome them were not forgotten and quickly found some pony to nuzzle. It warmed Shining's heart to see every pony actually smiling and felt that this moment was worth all the pain of the last few weeks. They had won… not the war, perhaps, but at least one battle.

And yet it wasn't all happiness on the great airship. There were pegasi that seemed to be walking about in a daze, their eyes blank and their stares hollow. Most troubled was Rainbow Dash, who seemed nearly as bad as Derpy had been. Scootaloo, who was receiving some dark stares from members of the rebellion, was always at her side, her wings fluttering as she constantly asked Rainbow what she needed and rushed to provide it.

Shining glanced over at the bubbly gray mare, who was chatting away with Dinky and the Doctor. At least that was one happy ending... for now.

The ponies that were clearly in charge of The Abundance glanced at him with measuring glazes, like they were studying him and looking to see if he would meet their standards. They gave many members of the rebellion a wide berth, a clear division forming between the former prisoners and the ponies that fought against the queens. The ponies that had gone with Twilight seemed to have no problem with this, shooting back wicked glares of their own.

Something had happened that much was clear... and Shining didn't like being left in the dark.

"Twilight!" Shining called out, spotting his sister making her way below deck. He hurried after her, bobbing and weaving through the throng of ponies on the deck before slipping downstairs. His horn glowed and he used a bit of magic to track down his wayward sister. The alicorn of the stars had selected an empty room of her own and was furiously pacing back and forth, muttering under her breath. Spike was seated on the bed, nibbling on some purple stone Shining couldn't identify. The baby dragon motioned for Shining to come closer and the unicorn sidestepped his sister, who showed no sign of having noticed him enter the room. "What is going on?"

"She's losing it."

"What now?" Shining practically moaned, wondering what little issue could have driven his sister nutty.

"Faith blew up Cloudsdale."


Spike sighed. "His brother, Loyalty, really did a number on us. Loyalty had the ability to turn ponies into puppets... literally puppets, with strings and everything. Would have been cool, if not for the whole brainwashing evil mastermind thing. From what I was able to gather, Twilight was having some problems with him until Faith showed up in this totally cool airship," Spike grinned wide, looking about the cabin in glee, "I mean, look at it!"

"Spike, about Cloudsdale going boom?"

"Right, sorry." The drake blushed. "Anyway, Faith showed up and him and Twilight fought Loyalty. I arrived at the end and delivered the killing blow, but hey, that's just Spike being Spike!" The purple dragon puffed out his chest and the stallion rolled his eyes, motioning for him to continue. "Ok, so we all managed to give Loyalty a mortal wound and we came here... only..."

"Only what?" Shining pressed.

"Only Faith decided to blow up Cloudsdale!" Twilight snapped, whipping around and glaring at her brother. "Boom! Just blew it up! Just like that! Didn't matter if I told him not too..." Twilight lowered her head, hissing under her breath, "but TRIXIE asked him I bet her would have been dancing around asking what to do next…”

Shining's right eyebrow shot up and he glanced once more at Spike, silently asking for some clarification.

"Seems that when Faith was captured he ended up with Trixie… she’s a magician that-“

“I know who Trixie is,” Shining said simply, leaving it at that.

“Oh. Well, Faith ended up with her, that Iron Will guy, Flim's brother and a punch of other ponies. They staged a jail break and apparently they are now pretty close."

“I’m not surprised,” Shining stated. “As horrible as it is to say, being in prison is much like being in the military… it becomes a second family.”

"Pretty close," Twilight grumbled. "I'm surprised Trixie isn't picking out china patterns yet." She began to pace again, rattling off of the issues she had with the silver alicorn. "He ran off without tell me where he was going, and then when he does pop up he had the nerve to tell me to leave and let him take on Loyalty? Ha! Like I was going to let him out of my sight for a moment! Good thing too; who knows what horrors he would have committed if I weren't there." She grit her teeth together, grinding them so hard it was a wonder they weren't turned to powder. "He didn't care... that was a city... home to pegasi… it has existed for thousands of years and is a beacon of hope and light in Equestria and he just destroyed it, like it was nothing!"

"But Twilight, what about Loyalty?" Spike asked. When Twilight whipped around to level him with a cold stare the baby dragon leaned back nervously. "Just... saying that Loyalty was bonding with Cloudsdale and if Faith hadn't ordered it destroy he might have come back..."

"There were other ways, Spike. Who gave Faith the power to do what he did?"

Shining sighed. "Twilight, take a breath, ok?" The alicorn's jaw twitched but she did as asked. "I get why you are angry... Faith overreacted."

"Exactly," Twilight said.

"You were facing a monster that could take over ponies and force them to turn against everypony they knew. That got him angry, of course, but that is no excuse for what he did."

"Right," Twilight said, stewing in her own frustrations.

"And when Faith attacked the changeling queen, he let his emotions get the better of him and he overreacted."

"Yeah, that he-" Twilight blinked. "Wait, what-"

"Did I say changeling queen?" Shining said with mock surprise. "I meant to say abstract. I mean, they are so different from each other... it’s not like Loyalty disguised himself as a pony you knew and trusted." Twilight pursed her lips, readying to tear into her brother, but he just steamrolled ahead. "And it isn't like he had mind control abilities that could make ponies like... well, me... into their slaves." He narrowed his eyes. "Of course Faith should get a tongue lashing for going overboard... the proper response would have been to brutally beat Loyalty in the middle of a wedding until he was an inch from death… then he should have attacked a bunch of doctors and gone to a nightclub." The unicorn turned to Spike. "Should we be expecting Faith to begin chatting with a black-flanked alicorn with mirror wings?"

Twilight leapt forward, getting in her brother's face. "That was different! Don't you dare make what I did to be anything like what Faith did."

"You are right... Faith was justified."

"What are you-"

"THIS IS WAR!" Shining roared in fury. Twilight stumbled back, eyes wide and legs trembling. All at once she felt like a small foal once more, her big brother towering over her. It was silly, of course, as Shining was now an inch or so smaller than her... and yet she felt like the little one.  "Did you forget that, Twiley? Did you forget what the abstracts have done? They have brainwashed this country... they kidnapped foals and they imprisoned innocent ponies just because they refused to give up their own beliefs! One of those damn abstracts was trying to take over Cloudsdale… he bastardized it and destroyed it. Get that through your head right now… Cloudsdale was no longer Cloudsdale… it was Loyalty. Faith mercy killed that great city so it wouldn’t be turned into a weapon against the ponies that loved it.” Shining shook his head in disgust. “And if you honestly think Faith enjoyed doing that then you are a fool.”


“I barely know Faith but I can tell you, from what I have seen, that abstract is nothing like his brothers and sisters. He actually cares for us and he works constantly to avoid hurting any of us… and you.”

“He did say sorry,” Spike pointed out softly. “And… he didn’t look to happy doing it.”

Shining turned his back on his sister. “Faith did what you were to scared to do. And his reward for actions is your hate… the hate of his truest friend. By Celestia, if he is anything like you then we are truly doomed… last thing we need is him to go dark again.” Twilight winced at that. “If you want to be mad at Faith for destroying Cloudsdale, go right ahead. I understand that. But be mad for the right reasons… be mad because he didn’t consult you or take your objections seriously. But don’t stand on a soap box and pretend you are better than him. If this war has taught me anything… it is that all of us are a bit lower than we thought.”

And with that Shining left Twilight, Spiking hurrying quickly after him.

“That was kinda harsh,” Spike stated.

“Twilight has gotten away with a lot lately, Spike,” Shining stated. “Maybe it is time she got a taste of harsh.”


“I… I suppose this should have been done with more pomp and circumstance, but I am afraid this will have to do, Princess.”

Celestia smiled softly, fluttering her wings as if she were a filly, trying to learn to fly. She looked down at Faith and smiled as the silver glow from Faith’s horn faded, the magic receding to reveal Luna returned to her former glory. The alicorn sisters, restored so that they could once again claim the title, took several moments to inspect one another, examining each others’ returned forms. Luna had remained almost completely unchanged and if one had missed the events of the last few months they would believe nothing had happened to her. The same could not be said of Celestia; while she was the largest of the alicorns much of her impressive height was gone, leaving her only a few inches taller than Luna and Faith.

“It will take time, I’m afraid, for you to be restored to your full power. You will be strong, of course, but I fear not strong enough to tackle one of my sisters or my brother on your own.” Faith turned, swaying as he made his way over to his bed. Celestia and Luna hurried over, helping to prop him up. It was clear that the alicorn spell had drained him and it was a wonder he had not collapsed after performing the first one. He put up a brave front, but his imprisonment and stabbing had weakened him greatly and though he had seemed to return to full strength to battle Loyalty now he appeared quick feeble, as if all his magic had been drained from him. “Don’t mind me, Princesses, don’t mind me… seems my age has caught to me at long last.”

“None of that,” Celestia said, using her magic to help ease the silver alicorn onto his bed. The main cabin of The Abundance was fit for a queen… quite literally, as it was clear that it had been designed to house whichever of the queens were to command it at the time of battle. A massive bed like those in Canterlot Castle dominated the room, but there was also a writing desk and a small sitting area for guests. There were no windows, for the queens’ protection, but instead veins of enchanted gems ran along the ceiling, allowing light to spill in. There had once been a mural depicting the five queens, but the crew had seen to destroying and defacing it. “You are barely older than I am, so saying that makes me feel quite ancient.”

Luna nodded. “And stop with the Princess nonsense. You have had no problem calling us by our names in the past.”

Faith sighed. “I suppose I have been beaten down recently and it has left me reeling. Not quite sure where I stand in this world right now.”

Celestia smiled sadly. “Yes, we heard about some of your troubles… are you alright, Faith?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Faith said, a bit more brashly than one would have expected. His voice held a fake sugariness to it that set one’s teeth on edge. “I mean, of course I have only been Faith for 3 months, having spent 2000 years as a dark alicorn who enjoyed using ponies like chess pieces, but there is no time to truly get settled in, not when I am helping a new alicorn and a baby dragon grow strong. And when I returned from the vacation that was suppose to help myself and Twilight relax and discover ourselves, I discover that her friends… ponies that she cares about and thus I care for… have been brainwashed by my family.

“My family… my brothers and sisters… now there is a shocker. I… I spent 2000 years searching for some hint of them, trying to remember their names and faces and now that I have found them we are opposite sides. The last memory I have of them, before Discord and all that, is us being happy. We spent so much time together, working together to spread joy and friendship and harmony, yes harmony, to this entire world. I can hear my sisters’ laughter and remember the games my brothers and I played. I… I can see it… when I close my eyes…”

Faith’s head twitched violently, as if he were going through a seizure. Luna stepped forward but leapt back and a tendril of dark magic lashed out, nearly striking her. Faith didn’t notice, lost in thought. Magic poured out his horn and thrashed about in agitation.

“And… and then I hear my brother Loyalty’s cruel words… he, of all my family, is unable to forgive me. He hated me, till the ever end. I searched for him and I missed him and he hated me. So I killed him… I killed him to save Equestria and to stop this madness and I killed him to save him from himself because the Loyalty I remember would never have wanted to be like that but I wonder if I knew him at all. He wasn’t like me, when I was Doubt… I was changed but he seemed to be more distilled, stripped away. That’s… that’s why I had to do it, don’t you see?” he turned wide, panicked eyes towards Celesta and Luna and the alicorns swallowed nervously. He looked all at once so utterly desperate and broken. “You understand that, right? You understand why I had to kill him?”

“Yes,” Celestia whispered softly. “Yes we do.”

“Good… at least some pony does. The rest of them… they look at me like it was easy. They scorn me and hate me all because of that… or cheer and slap me on the back and call me the abstract killer…. when I didn’t even want to do it! How could they think I…” Faith’s wings fluttered in agitation. “Twilight hates me… she hates me and it is worse than when Doubt stabbed me. I want to talk to her… I want her to listen and to understand but she’ll only scream. She’s the only one I want to talk to, the only one that understands… no, I thought she would understand. She doesn’t, she just loathes me…” The abstract slammed his hoof against the mattress. “And now Trixie and the rest of them have put me on some damn pedestal and that was never what I wanted! I am their king… what bloody foolishness! I want to be their friend, not their master! I don’t want to rule, I don’t want to be some warlord or commander… but how the hell am I suppose to tell them that? How do I keep from breaking their hearts and spirits? Tell me that. How do I go on when all the world hates me and Fate conspires to force me to continue on this horrible mission and all I see is my brother’s face right before I killed him! I… I’ve tried so hard… so very hard and it all just keeps turning to ashes and I don’t know what to do and then I see my brother’s face and… oh Loyalty…oh…”

The silver abstract turned, red rimmed eyes locking with the sisters, drawing them in.

“Am I alright?” His voice was utterly quiet, like the morning air on a grave. “No… I’m not alright at all.”

And with that he broke down. Luna moved in, wrapping him up in her forelegs, murmuring as he sobbed against her shoulder. Celestia stood beside them, hugging them both as the lord of the gray cried, 2000 years of pain coming to a head. His body shook and his tears fell like a thunderstorm and for a moment the alicorn sisters thought he might disintegrate into dust and ash. Every once and a while he would whisper “Loyalty” and begin to sob again. He cried till there were no more tears to cry and still he found the power to cry some more.

Finally Faith fell it an exhausted sleep and the mares extracted themselves.

“What do we do now?” Luna whispered, her heart breaking at the sight of that noble stallion lying in such terrible ruin.

Celestia sighed. “I will go find Twilight… you find the other one… Trixie. They need to know about this and they need to make this right.” Luna nodded and the two left the room, gently shutting the door behind them.

“Oh Faith,” a deep, rumbling voice whispered sadly, emerging from the shadows. If Faith had been awake, he might have died of shock at seeing just who it was that had come to sit at his bedside. “I am sorry… this is all my fault.” He leaned down, gently kissing Faith’s forehead.

Faith opened his eyes. “Honesty?”

#1 · 94w, 1d ago · 9 · ·

This is why you are my favorite author. No one is held in a higher light, and every action taken has consequences. You have shown an excellent ability to weave a story filled with moral quandaries.

#2 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Oh no!! Applejack!!! Run, Faith, run!!!:pinkiegasp:

#3 · 94w, 1d ago · 4 · ·

Uh-oh.. That was unexpected. Nowhere is safe, is it?

On a side note, I really feel sorry for Faith. That ramble he went on.. Almost heartbreaking. I hope Twilight will see reason here.

And Shining... Low blow there.

#4 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Stupid cliffhanger...

#5 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Very good chapter! Btw towards the start its twilight not twilgiht.:twilightsheepish: Its where shining yelled her name when he was going to find her.   Other than that very good chapter!!!

#6 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Another aspect appears, this should be interesting.

#7 · 94w, 1d ago · 2 · ·


Actually, it doesn't sound like Applejack.  Too formal.  More likely it's actually Honesty the Abstract.

#8 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Well here comes Honesty... bet he's going to manipulate the ponies and Faith... eish

Some errors I have noticed:

"Twilgith!" = "Twilight!"

Flim's brother and a bunch of other ponies.

he hated me, till the very end

#9 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

So now the question we all need to ask, is there going to be even one abstract that can be swayed from Doubt's dark grasp. Maybe Honesty? She is the only one that has been reported missing a lot of the time, is that what the ending was hinting at?

#10 · 94w, 1d ago · 2 · 1 ·

..... I like this story. But the Shiny and Twilight scene.... Was that a kind of take that to nay-sayers on certain actions? :trixieshiftright:

In any case, while I somewhat agree with Shining Armor on the whole we're at war thing.

What exactly are the ramifications for killing an abstract anyway?

They are the personification of an idea so will loyalty now fade away in Equestria?

If so this doesn't bode well for The Abundance.

Canonwise not only does Equestria have some kind of Hellgate somewhere, but the EoH (a major villian/evil deterent) are also the keys to seals on evil (such as Discord). Won't something worse now get loose and be unbeatable now that the EoH are completely inoperable?

Also, possesion is nothing like a shapeshift illusion, It can be infinitly worse dependent on the nature of the possesion.

But in any case, the whole 'Faith was justified' bull crap does not hold in a retroactive sense as Chrysalis was indeed an invader and Canterlot was prepared for war.

And while retroactive justification is not generally applicable, the mindset I keep getting from Faith and other 'Justified' ponies is the 'the ends justify the means' one.

So by that logic, Twilight preventing changeling invasion and aiding in rescue of a princess? Vicious assault on host as a formal event while doing so? Totally justified.

I'd like to point out that Loyalty was dying last chapter and tried to save a portion of himself. Cloudsdale could have become a pony killing cloud monster sure.... or just a place where ponies feel a little more loyalty. Also, the thing that really gets me is that Twilight seemed to actually be getting through slowly but surely. 'Stripped away' my ass.... I've got a feeling Faith was like that too once upon a time.

#11 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Oh boy here we go again, another stupid abstract that can't accept the fact that life is flawed. What kind of pathetic excuses will they come up with this time? :facehoof: (I actually really like them but in all honesty like them or not they suck when it comes to being villans)

#12 · 94w, 1d ago · 2 · ·

Twilight will see reason. it is just a matter of when.:twilightsmile:

#13 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

er... HE leaned down? okay, last Time I checked AJ was Honesty's Bearer... looks like another interesting Twist

and yeah, ACtions bring Consequences. Several Authors either Tend to blur some Events over or Exaggerate them so much that it is OOC, but this seems about  "right" for my Headcanon

see you around

mfg Nordic

#14 · 94w, 1d ago · 1 · ·


It has been mentioned, not glaringly so I forgive you not remembering, that when an abstract dies a new one is born to take its place. How this happens has not been discussed, but with Loyalty dead a new being will rise to become the abstract of Loyalty. The only wrench is that Loyalty died not as a full abstract but as a pony too... and that will open up some new paths.

Second, Shining is referring to the fact that Chrysalis brainwashed him, remember. She did to him what Loyalty did to others.

#15 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Yes I agree it is war war means doing the necessary evil but their are necessary rules and regulations for conflict that Shining needs to learn like Civies Should NEVER fight and unfortunately that is what Twi and Trixie are civies with emotional ties to everything.

#16 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Hmmm...actually, this could be a very good thing!  Think about it, when have you ever heard any of his brothers or sisters called him 'Faith'?  It might be possible that Honesty might be the first one to come back to his sense.  Oooh, this is getting more awesome!

#17 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·


Chur Bra... I did forget that! :pinkiesmile:

And arguably, Faith himself as Doubt had a heavy hand in the some of the prior actions of Twilight.

The way that the possesion looked on Rainbow Dash was very similar..... Untill Loyalty was called out at least.

Seems to me that Shiny forgot that bit.

#18 · 94w, 1d ago · 1 · ·

Did... did you just... make me... CARE... about Faith? That took some skill, considering how much I hate the dude. My hatred of Faith, I think, is transferring to Twilight. I think her alicornification is getting to her head. I think she needs to remember who's in charge and who actually knows what an effing war is.

Hang on a tic... there was a lot of feelings pouring out of each of the characters, some of them very personal, deep, and blunt. Was Honesty... doing his thing? And he was... listening... to Faith's whole monologue... huh...

I gotta hand it to you, you've really perfected the art of the cliffhanger.

#19 · 94w, 1d ago · · 4 ·

ok i'm gonna kill shining armor, i am going to do it slowly and over several weeks. he of all people

and i mean ALL people has no right to talk to her in any way like that. lets not forget who was the biggest ass hat in the royal wedding and faith and doubt. he doesn't get to make that speech. NEVER!

#20 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

oh shit! since when did honesty know where they were based at?

#21 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·


I was wondering when someone would notice that...

#22 · 94w, 1d ago · 4 · 1 ·


Perhaps one could argue that, of all ponies, he should make that speech, since Twilight is now making the same mistakes he did.

#23 · 94w, 1d ago · 5 · ·


See the way I see it is that the reasons that Twi gave for being pissed at Faith are just the surface reasons and the real reasons she's pissed are more really hinted and stated subtly. Kinda like how someone will ask you "Why are you mad!?" and you give them a reason but it's not the real reason... yeah that's kinda how I see it at least.

Sure she went on a bit about "how could you destroy it!? That city full of ancient history and art!" However, she did hint at her real reasons, at least what I think her real reasons are. Faith is supposed to be one of her closest friends and he goes off without a word or hint. Vanishes and sends no word back. Then in the middle of a large battle he returns with no warning and tries to take over the fight from there, which kinda sends the message that "It's cool, I don't need you. I got this." He'd been off on his own adventure doing who knows what while Twi was fighting a war... sure he was doing his part in his own way but Twi had NOOO fething idea what was going on with him. And now he's back, acting like nothing had happened (at least that's how he's kinda acted around Twi that we've seen) and now he's got ponies and people calling him "King" (not something that Faith wanted but does Twi know that?) and this whole while you've been trying not to freak out because you had no idea if he was safe, dead, being tortured, or brainwashed.

At least those are my own thoughts on Twi's reaction.

#24 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Man oh man.

Even when there's not a fight going on, the end of the chapter is still worthy of "Oh snap."

Plus, Honesty? If it is him, why is he being kind? Is he realising the error of his ways?

Somehow I don't think it's that simple.

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I know I should have post this before, but:

"...I know more about her then you, brother... your little mistress is the first Doubt, driven mad and seeking out all our deaths. You inadvertently pledged yourself to a madmare and she will see all of us burn!"

"You lie," Loyalty snapped.

"No," Faith said coldly.

Hello? Did Loyalty suddenly forget abstracts cannot lie? :rainbowhuh: Faith could simply tell the truth about  Doubtence´s machinations to Honesty right now, and she would not have other option but to believe him.

#26 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Some good stuff in this chapter and a nasty cliffhanger. I have to say, Twilight was overly calm for what happened. I expected a full meltdown and a subsequent lashing out towards someone. It was good to see Twilight put into place more or less there and I hope that it happens more only because I enjoy Twiabuse. On the other side of the fence though I hope that Twilight and Faith patch things up because they will need their combined strength to take down the rest of the Queens and the abstracts.

All in all this was a solid chapter but in my opinion it could have been stretched out much longer to encompass more Twiabuse and Faith doubting himself. That is my only issue.

Also 1 spelling mistake, 6th paragraph,

"Twilgith!" Shining called out, spotting his sister making her way below deck.

#27 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

The Concept of Loyalty did not die, just the asshat that was the embodyment of the concept.

I wonder ... Since Loyalty died will his power attach itself to the closest vessel capable of using it ... like .. RD?

Hopefully Honesty will not have to be beat to death to get a clue ... :unsuresweetie:

#28 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

and a punch of other ponies.


Finally Faith fell it an exhausted sleep and the mares extracted themselves.

'into' perhaps?

#29 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·


A justified low blow with a taste of a reality check!

#30 · 94w, 1d ago · 1 · ·


When has it ever been simple mate?

#31 · 94w, 1d ago · 3 · ·


That shows how truly gone Loyalty was. He didn't even see Faith as an abstract anymore and thus could not see that his brother was still the abstract of faith and thus unable to lie... that is the tragedy of Loyalty, so blinded by his own attachment to an ideal that he failed to see the truth.


What is the old saying... the king is dead, long live the king?

A new Loyalty is coming... and I think you will all love it.

#32 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·


#33 · 94w, 1d ago · 1 · ·

Good chapter.

...what's this? Shining Armor gets to be right about something? This really isn't Equestria anymore.

#34 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·


spelled wrong

other than that nice chapter

#35 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

ok then... Want more soon

#36 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

>>2080934 While that might be true, there is one little problem with "Honesty": It doesn't always equate truth. It is nothing more or less than what the speaker believes is truth. That's a significant difference.

#37 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

Interesting update as it seems that despite her power boost,  Twilight is still a child.:twilightblush:

By this I mean that despite all her knowledge and skills she has yet to face the ways of a true war and she still sees things in black, white and grey.:twilightoops:

Still this maybe the wakeup call that she needs to try to understand the true seriousness of the situation for her and her friends.

Also, I think that Honest maybe tricking Faith into his clutches because the truth can be twisted as long as it honest.:ajsmug:

Nice update overall as I cannot wait to see which element is next...

#38 · 94w, 1d ago · · 2 ·

How did Twilight/Rainbow/Luna/Celestia not sense Honesty on board the airship?

Oh well, hopefully loyalty is about to have some company in the afterlife.

#40 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

"Twilgith!" Shining called out, spotting his sister making her way below deck.

A new chapter, introducing Twilgith, Twilights long forgotten sister. :twilightoops: Or maybe it was a spelling error but that's only half as funny.

*reads the other comments about it* Damn...:facehoof:

Now, on to the story of this chapter. I like Spikes character. He literally feels like he is between every front, still mantaining his childlike wonder (Loyalties tricks were cool...except that they were bad, of course) and still aligns himself to Twilight. He also seems like a little child in the way he brags but still, I can't help but wonder how mature the little guy really is. I also think that the airship Abundance would have a dangerous enemy in Spike if he ever decided to fight against it. Is there a limit to how hard his scales can get? Or how strong he can be? Is there a way to limit his wishes? What if he loses faith in his abilities while he is fighting with them?

Now on to Twilight. If I were an insensitive jerk I would simply ask: Has Twilight entered her period? As I am now, I refrain from such comments. Yes, Faith blew up a town, so what? Did she really believe that a war can be fought without any collateral damage? I agree with Shining on that point, Twilight definitely overstepped some boundraries. Not that he didn't too...

What actually pisses me off is Twilights excuse for her rage and pain in Cloudsdale. Yes, that one pisses her off like nothing but what really hurt her was the absence of Faith. He simply left without a word and no way to contact her and now when he appears he does something she doesn't agree with. She should apologize for attacking Faith like that afterwards though if thats the case.

Then there is the issue with Trixie. Why is Twilight so angry about that? I chalk that one up to female behaviour because I, as a male, cannot understand this.

On to the princesses: Yay, more alicorn powers! Let's take a headcount here, yes? We have Faith and Twilight, Rainbow Dash and the alicorn sisters Celestia and Luna on the side of the rebels. Looks like quite a strike force, except there are possibly 12 alicorns they might have to face against. Still, 5 to 12 is way better than 2 against 14, the way it was when Abundance started. It makes me wonder, are the princesses joining the fight? As of now there is little to be seen of them in any kind of fighting form. We saw Luna as Nightmare Moon being quite strong and we saw Celestia trying to defend herself against Chrysalis. Not much of a track record for fighting, I guess. But still, if they are as old as Faith they probably have some kickass techniques under their belt...or wings.

It is also nice that they show Faith a little bit of comfort when he literally breaks down on them.

Faith also is at his weakest. And who steps in? Honesty. A twisted Honesty. Of course Honesty could have freed herself but this early in a war? I actually don't believe that. I simply think that Honesty wants to turn Faith against the rebels...or maybe Doubtence has learned a bit of changeling-magic.

#41 · 94w, 1d ago · 3 · 1 ·

I'm very disappointed in Shining Armor.  He Just used the changeling incident as a example yet forgot one important part of that event. This is how doubt appeared the first time  When you have a argument instead of walking out like a fool you should talk it out like adults.  Twilight is not a solider she knows nothing about the sacrifices of war regardless of what she has read.  To think that this is simple matter that she should quickly get over is stupid.  Also he once again he and Spike have left her to her own thoughts without any true closer.  I hope Celestia gets to her soon before she fall to those feelings again.

I really don't have a feeling for Honesty if he really wanted to do something he has had plenty of chances.  Faith is weak, Luna and Tia aren't at full strength, and Twilight will be in a funk easy pickings.

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Maby there are things that Twilight Will Not do.

If she and Faith start throwing away their morals because they tell themselves "it is what we had to do" then they WILL turn into the recently deceased Loyalty. He sacrificed what was right to do what he had to do. He was not happy about his decisions but he did them none the less. After all , the fate of the world was at stake and he had a corrupted brother out tempting ponies to evil so he did what he had to do. Look at Scootaloo. Loyalty sacrificed her for the good of all. He did not do it for fun or enjoyment. He did what he thought was necessary, he did what he though he had to do. What does one pony count when you balance the fate of the world?

What did Twilight see to make her disagree with Faith? (from her point of view)

1) He chose to kill Loyalty out of anger and vengeance. (that does not make it true, just what she saw from her point of view)

2) He cast her aside to go along with ponies who were declaring him the new "King". Ponies who essentially told her to shut up and do as you are told.

3) Faith chose to kill Loyalty for doing all the things that Faith himself had done in the past. Did others try to kill him for his sins? How about another of the great evils ... Nightmare Moon? Banished to the moon but not executed. The Nightmare Moon that Twilight (and her friends) did not execute but reformed back into Luna. (for the record that is Twice that Nightmare Moon avoided execution, once with Celestia and once with Twilight) Lets look at Chrysalis ... Not reformed but NOT DEAD either. Ponies who knew that murder in cold (or hot) blood was wrong stopped Twilight from killing her with hate. (I wont even mention Discord because he is still safely in stone waiting to be redeemed at some later point in time).

What was so special about Loyalty that he Must be executed while Nightmare Moon/Luna And Chyrsalis deserved a second chance?

Why did Loyalty choose to Kill his brother when Celestia chose to imprison her sister? Faith/Loyalty did what he had to do...

he had to die so a less stupid Loyalty could be born but the killing still sucks. :unsuresweetie:

#43 · 94w, 1d ago · · 1 ·

Even with all her power, Twilight still hasn't grasped the concept of "mature adult" yet.

#44 · 94w, 1d ago · 4 · 2 ·

>>2080703 twilight is making mistakes yes, but the same as him is a bit of an overstatement, twilight is distressed having watched a city that was her friends home town and the center of pegasai culture get annighlated, she may have reacted strongly, but it was something that justifyed her attitude.

shining armor got angry that his sister made a blantent accusation when he wouldn't even let her fully explain her fears to him in private, and he DISOWNED he, after this lead to a BSOD he took the longest to admit it could be his fault and not faiths. he has yet to even try to show a real attempt at wanting to get forgiven.

so how does the 'best big brother ever' comfort his distressed little sister? by acting like twilight shouldn't have feelings at all, by accusing her of causing trouble, by shouting at her repeatedly when she should be the one venting. no shining's words only suit to make him a larger asshat. this entire problem could have been avoided had shining armor taken a bloody minute to listen to his sister and not be the worlds dumbest jerk.

#45 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

"Sworn to secrecy" Is already getting old fast....want new chapters!

#46 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·





#47 · 94w, 1d ago · 2 · 1 ·


That is exactly how I feel.  Shining was the only character that I felt got to keep his dirty little feelings about Twilight to himself in the last story.  Only Spike knows about his animosity to her. She thought the world of him to have it tossed in her face the last time and ounce again he has done it without even trying to comfort her.  I don't want him to cuddle her but this action won't help in the long term and can become a easy opening for doubt.

#48 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

And now, the dictator of Equestria, conquerer of Zebrica, the future emperor of the world... Faith.

#49 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

is shining really bringing up new twilights actions when she first met faith?

i really dont see the connection!

#50 · 94w, 1d ago · · ·

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HONESTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiegasp::raritycry::fluttershbad:

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