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  • 3w, 4d
    A creepy crossover coming up!

    So, earlier today I was thinking of a certain book/movie I'm a fan of, and I started getting an idea for a fanfic.  So, I've decided to do a bit of a semi-sequel AU crossover with that.:twilightsmile:  I think that people who are fans of the book/movie in question will guess what it is right away...:raritywink:

    Title: A Button in the Eye Will Surely Curse You

    Tags: Dark, Adventure, Crossover, Alternate Universe (may include Sad too)

    Characters: Scootaloo, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Other (may include Mane Cast if I decide they'll play a part in it, but for now it'll be primarily Scootaloo-centric)

    Summary: "Years ago, Scootaloo lost her parents.  Her family, her home, everyone she knew and loved.

    But those ponies who assume she's homeless wouldn't be entirely correct.  She has a mother.  An Other Mother who lost her daughter several years earlier.  Who cares for Scootaloo, comforts her, gives her anything she could ever want.

    A mother who has buttons for eyes."

    I'm sure at least some of my followers will recognize it.:scootangel:

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  • 6w, 4d
    Pages of Harmony is DONE!

    That's right, everypony!  After all his time, the epilogue for Pages of Harmony is finally up, with a direct link to the sequel in the Author's Note at the end!  Enjoy, and wow, I can't believe it's over...

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  • 6w, 5d
    Pages of Harmony - nearing the end!

    Hi everyone. I know that those who have read Pages of Harmony so far are wondering when the Epilogue will come out, and when the sequel will subsequently be released.

    Well, the wait is nearly over!:pinkiehappy:  I intend to have the epilogue of Pages of Harmony and the first chapter of the sequel up by tomorrow! (I'll post the Epilogue of Pages of Harmony once the sequel, Empress of Harmony, gets approved, so you can right away go from reading one to the other.:twilightsmile:

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  • 19w, 3d
    Another story from me—on the philosophical spectrum!

    Yup, you guys get another story from me! :pinkiehappy:  And AU about personality, identity, multiple lives, and Twilight Sparkle having an existential crisis.   With some nods to Mark Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger as well!:twilightoops:

    The story is Solipsism, and here's the claymation adaptation of "The Mysterious Stranger" that inspired it:

    2 comments · 132 views
  • 19w, 4d
    Hello, guys! I'M BAAACCKK!

    I figured since it's a few days after Independence Day, I'd use a clip from, well, Independence Day.:scootangel:

    So yep, I'm back after a long hiatus!:pinkiehappy: I'll be posting new stories and updating others!

    10 comments · 134 views
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#2 · 150w, 5d ago · · · Planning ·

can't wait to see how this this one turns out ^^p

good work, my dear sir.:pinkiecrazy:

#3 · 150w, 5d ago · · · Planning ·

I'm a girl actually, but thanks for the compliments!

And LegionScavenger, if you think you're shocked and disgusted by that first chapter, well... you're gonna feel even more so starting next chapter.

#4 · 150w, 5d ago · · · Planning ·

>>103436 Actually it was mostly meant as a joke. I love gory fics, and even more so when it's between the Mane Six. I know I'm a bad person...

#5 · 150w, 5d ago · · · Planning ·

>> LegionScavenger Hey, you're not a bad person for liking gory fics and such, it's why horror films and fics like Cupcakes are prpular as twisted as it may seem to some people.

I did like the picture joke though, putting captions to pictures is awesome

#6 · 150w, 5d ago · · · Planning ·

>>103477 Don't worry, I know. I was raised with horror movies and death metal, kinda weird that I found a liking in MLP:FiM but sometimes stuff is just weirdly put together. And yes captions to pictures are awesome! :pinkiehappy:

#7 · 150w, 5d ago · 2 · · Planning ·


#8 · 150w, 5d ago · · · Planning ·

This certainly looks interesting. Oddly enough, my only objection is against those plutonium shelves. Somehow I doubt Twilight would want her private collection of grimoires and unspeakable tomes to be constantly exposed to radiation. That stuff will drastically reduce the shelf life of a book. And, of course, there's the little matter of everything else getting a healthy dose of beta rads to boot...

Aside from that, this is a horribly intriguing a story. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

#9 · 150w, 5d ago · · · Planning ·

>>104254 Oh dear irony.  I end up pretty much going over terminology and stuff to make things accurate (and next chapter has quite a bit), and I don't check the properties of the random metal I picked out for the bookshelf. :facehoof: The one thing I didn't look up. :twilightsheepish: I think I'll give that a change before I post up chapter 2 (I'll put that chapter up tomorrow).

Glad you like it so far, though! Also, I really like that word "grimoires", it just sounds cool! *scurries off to Wikipedia to find a more proper metal to use*

>>105526 Glad you're loving it - that was actually my first time writing extreme gore to that level, so thanks for the compliment!

And yes, Twilight does indeed torture ponies like a boss.

twilight read cupcakes and thought it was a friendship guide.

>>106360 More like she read Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory and thought they were friendship guides. :eeyup:

I like this!

One problem, where will this end up? Like, is Twilight gonna go crazy and kill herself for her element or something? Or is Celestia gonna catch her and take her element or what?

You, my good lady, are awesome! I shall await the next chapter gleefully!

GTwilight still needs to kill herself to get the The element of magic:twilightsmile:

wanna bet celestia will burn twilight alive for this

i love how you track twilight's mental state through all of this. but if spike were to find out and breathe a word...

of all the things that could happen, it would surely be the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!:raritydespair::pinkiesad2:

>>117439 *does Pinkie Pie's "not saying anything" segment, zipping mouth closed, locking it with a key, burying the key, etc.*

>>117660 Oh trust me, Twilight's mental state is going to get quite a bit worse...:trixieshiftright:

5 bucks says Applejack's next.

Cause she's honest, and Twilight's overthinking at this point. So since she's honest, she'll tell EVERYBODY.

>>117676 Can we at least expect fits of insanity at some points?

>>117853 Oh believe me, you can - you think Twilight's going a bit crazy now (more than she already was when she started this whole Elements thing)?  Well... it's gonna get worse for her.  Quite a lot worse.  

Remember the nightmare with Fractured!Rainbow Dash from that newest chapter?  That's not gonna be the last time an occurrence such as that happens...

i like to read this while playing skyrim

if i read it i'll be waiting long enough for dragons to pop out and try to kill me


also, gratz, you're the new Cupcakes gal

>>118053 Lol, I haven't played Skyrim, but how fitting to read a long story about one pony trying to murder others while you wait for dragons to try to kill you.

Also, saying I'm "the new Cupcakes" is very flattering, thank you! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh my...

As has been pointed out, Twilight seems more likely to go dissection-crazy than Pinkie. You know, for science.

In any case, this continues to be hauntingly superb. And I'm really regretting reading this after midnight. :twilightoops:


Those arn't friendship guides? Oops

#30 · 147w, 12h ago · · · Paranoia ·

My reaction to this wonderful chapter:

Keep on writing. You're doing great!

#31 · 147w, 11h ago · · · Paranoia ·

i just ate. and then i sat down to read this. somehow i find myself hungry once again. good chapter!

#32 · 147w, 1h ago · · · Paranoia ·

>>167031 Aw, thanks!  Glad you like it iso far!

I'm actually kinda hoping this fic gets its own TV Tropes page/Youtube reading some day.  Kind of a long-shot, and I'd need to finish it first I suppose, but still, I'm hoping!

#33 · 146w, 6d ago · · · Paranoia ·

>>168608 Oh I just thought, what will Twi do when she needs to extract her own element? Is she going to get an apprentice? Or is she going to go loco and rip her own flesh?

#34 · 146w, 6d ago · · · Paranoia ·

>>169630 You'll just have to wait to find out! :pinkiecrazy:

There are several possible routes for this to go, and I'm still debating over exactly which one to pick, though they're all tied together by one thing... just, you'll see which way this story ends up going! :eeyup:

#35 · 146w, 6d ago · · · Paranoia ·

>>167078 thanks!  Though, considering the chapter's nature, especially at the end, I would have thought you wouldn't be hungry afterward, oh well!

This so fucked up.



>>227695 Glad that you feel like you need more... but hold on a second.  

You say that you want me to make you vomit/throw up your organs?  You say that when there are two of Twilight's friends left to eliminate?  You say that when one of them in the one that you begged me not to give a painful death to?


>>227776 Oh yes...

There will be blood.

Not really a big fan of this chapter but that's because I'm more of a slasher guy. It's still very beautifully written and enjoyable to read.

Keep up the good writing! :pinkiehappy:

>>227789 Oh yes indeed, there will be... and torture... and I, uh... apologize in advance for anything that might happen to Fluttershy.

>>227826 Hey, as far as lying goes I didn't see much of a thing for slasher-ness... but soon I think you shall be quite satisfied...

>>227849 Go ahead and go all out on Fluttershy. Or else Pinkie's coming for you...[img][/img]

>>227874 Lol @ that Nightmare Moon picture!  And I am actually quite eager to write that...

>>227876 Really?  And you said you didn't want me to give Fluttershy a painful death before, oh well, no regrets, yay! :pinkiecrazy:

Fluttershy: *looks terrified*

>>227909 I said that originally, but I feel like Fluttershy has to have the most heart breaking, Saw 4 status death in the story. It feels, right.

Well 'Shy,  Shadowed Rainbow's gonna take care of you for a while.

Have fun!

usually when i watch or read something particularly gory, i need to stop, clear my innards, and continue later. with your story, i end up hungry as fuck. for meat. sweet, bleeding meat. didn't get a whole lot of that out of this chapter, but i liked it anyway besides. I DEMAND MY INNARDS BE FORCEFULLY EJECTED FROM MY REAR.

>>228943 Ah, so yet another person who wants me to cause something to happen to their organs?  Well, as stated before... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

By the way, I changed up the chapter a bit because I realized a procedure that could be done more on Applejack... that's what happens when I try to rush a chapter out.

But I will take my time with the next chapters and make sure they are as I want them to be!


i read the changes. very good!

>>232041 Glad you think so - I'm glad that inspiration hit me fast enough so I was able to make the change quick!

It might take a bit longer to get the next chapters out, but I am hoping to make them as best as possible... and hopefully cause the desired nightmares and organ-spewing (... particularly my plans so far for the chapter after next....)


yay violent projectile organ-spewing!

Yes, I really have finally updated - not an April Fools prank, everypony!... in fact, it's so much not an April Fool's prank that it's super long! :eeyup:

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