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  • Friday
    Soge does reviews

    Soge reviews ponyfics, and recently he's started doing them frequently. He makes good points, and explains them with precision and style. I recommend his posts.

    His reviews have one glaring flaw: He has not reviewed any of my stories. Perhaps my "untimely accident" policy in responding to reviews has unintended consequences.

    ADDED: He did review one, and though he gave it a (deservedly) poor review, I love that he listed its genre as "Bad Horse Fic". Now I'm like Isaac Asimov!

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  • Friday
    Required reading

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    Story recommendation: Collaborators

    The second-place story from the latest write-off, Collaborators, by the mysterious and diabolical Baal Bunny, went live a few hours ago, with significant changes to the beginning and the ending.

    (Still no kissing, though. :ajsleepy:)

    Ahuizotl threatens to sue A. K. Yearling for libel unless she stops writing the Daring Do books. She makes him a counter-offer.

    This story starts clever, dips into scary, then goes all heartwarming. If you like 50,000-word shipfics, you might find the second half of the story too fast for your tastes. This is not really a shipfic except in my head, but it is about a relationship, and people who like relationship stories tend to like long, slow relationship stories. Hence my only hesitation in recommending this one--it's 10,000 words, but you might wish it had been a lot longer.

    It has pyramid traps, man. Pyramid traps. Now that's classic villain action. If only pyramids weren't so expensive these days.

    The relationship character arc is tied to the plot, and there's a second character arc tied to the first character arc, though it's a little sparse. The underlying logic that connects the different pieces of the story is strong, and interesting.

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    Character names: Re-use versus re-describe

    Have you got a strong preference for one or the other of these paragraphs?

    Rainbow Dash rocketed into the sky, her wings working hard to gain the speed she would need. Pinkie Pie applauded and cheered as Dash trimmed her wings and tilted her head back, throwing herself into a spin. Pinkie whooped even louder as Dash began sending a spray of water droplets in all directions.

    Rainbow Dash rocketed into the sky, her wings working hard to gain the speed she would need. Pinkie applauded and cheered as the rainbow-maned flier trimmed her wings and tilted her head back, throwing herself into a spin. The pink party pony whooped even louder as Dash began sending a spray of water droplets in all directions.

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  • Monday
    Reading of "Elpis" by Cherax; other readings

    What time is it, kids? It's time to crash your browser!

    Somehow I missed this: Cherax did a reading of Elpis:

    It's a hard story to read, what with its mix of subdued tone and dramatic events, and rapid switches between fast and slow narrative. I think he did a good job. Plus, British accent.

    (The Greek letters always look like "Elric" to me. If only.)

    Other readings of my stuff:

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    Mortality Report, read by multibronybrony (Doom Pie Network) here.

    Behind the Scenes, read by multibronybrony (Doom Pie Network) here.

    Did I miss any?

    Now, I want you to do one little thing for me: At exactly 11:37PM Greenwich Mean Time, open your windows, turn up the volume, and press play on all the videos. Make sure to start them all within 2.7 seconds of the first, or the subliminal programming won't work you won't get the full effect.

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  • ...

To Holmes, she is always the mare.  In his eyes she eclipses the whole of her sex, and fills him with admiration and loathing.  Whether she in fact stole the Starry Night was ultimately beside the point.  What mattered to Holmes was that he had been matched at his own game, by a mare; that it had not been altogether unpleasant; and that she had caused him, however briefly, to turn his keen and unflinching gaze upon himself.

First Published
22nd Jul 2012
Last Modified
29th Jul 2012

100 deviantart points per story to the first reader who identifies the two stories that large parts of the first two paragraphs are stolen from, and 200 points to the first reader who identifies the one-sentence theft in chapter 3 (not from Doyle).

And 200 points to the first reader who finds all 4 secret messages!

Updates will be every day starting Monday at 9 or 10pm.

If anybody can think of a catchier name and/or description for the story, please suggest it in the comments.  A name change is likely, because this is a boring title.  A cover picture change is also likely later on, because I haven't got anyplace in the story to put the original cover art.  I'll avoid changing both at the same time.

Thanks to Ickhart, GhostOfHeraclitus, and Vimbert the Unimpressive for pre-reading and pointing out many problems!

Luna's Starry Night is by RK-d.  atryl designed French Rarity and the gallery setting; BB-Kenobi put them together and re-illustrated them.   Brianna Wainwright (DracosDerpyHooves on did the EqD cover image, and two other drawings that you'll find within the story.  Other credits are given with the pictures.

The fact that this has gone unnoticed is a travesty.


Thanks!  But I haven't submitted it yet.  Still revising.  How did you find it?


Oh, derp. Wow. I'm an idiot.

Yeah, I liked it a lot. Guess I've tipped my hand now by doing such a stupid thing, but oh well.

The first paragraph is from a Scandal in Bohemia. I recognize the second paragraph, but I don't have the time to go through the stories and find it.

I don't remember where I saw van Gogh's Starry Night, but the description in the story was how I felt about it.


Correct!  PM me with your deviantart account, if you have one, & I'll send you

... Well, no.  But you will get


(This is evil on a budget.)

>>953321 Holy crap, really? I feel validated now. I actually read your first comment as 100 internet points.

I always feel considerably less intelligent after reading stories as well thought out and executed as this one is for some reason. I don't know if it's the fact that so many words that I've never used are used in them or what, but yes.

Good show old bean, jolly good show.

There was only one minuscule error. A Mr. F. When. (that gets me too).

:moustache: I would read more but I hear coffee calling.

This is relevant to my interest, keep up the good work.

[strike]Comments from a week ago. Front page today.

Not sure what's going on, but I'll refrain from pointing fingers due to the possibility of me being wrong.[/strike]

Nevermind; I just read the comments. I'm a retard. :facehoof:

I am so following. :heart:

I'll consider reading it when it's finished.

I'm rapidly running out of reasons to not read the source material.

BRB, googling "Arthur Conan Doyle"

I've had the exceptional pleasure of helping pre-read this lovely thing. I can't recommend it enough. Also, since I know how the rest of the story goes allow me to share a not-really-spoiler: It gets even better. Seriously. The story goes to a very interesting place that took me by surprise. Read it. You won't be sorry.


The name is "Mr. F."  This is a Victorian way of writing - the premise was that the viewpoint narrator is telling a true story, and making real-life characters semi-anonymous by using only their initials.  Unfortunately the F came at the end of a sentence.  I think that's the correct way to write it.  It is jarring, though, so correctness is a poor excuse, and I changed it.

A work of art this is, I only hope that the latter pieces are as good as this one :moustache:

Wow This story is SOOOOOOO good! Cant wait to read more!

OK, I'm baffled.  Why isn't this story called "A Scandal In Equestria"?


Hmm.  On one hand, it doesn't involve anything I'd describe as a scandal.  On the other hand, that title would give readers familiar with A Scandal in Bohemia an idea where the story is going.

Plus, I could lure in readers hoping for some Twilestia...  How would this do for the cover art?

UH Oh! A clash of egos the size of Holmes and Trixi might cause a sigularity to form. I suprised they do not knock heads together when the both enter a room :)

the beginning sounds like the intro of a scandal in Bohemia from the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.


Loving this so far.

Mystery that not only doesn't shy away from magic but brings it to the forefront, and well-written Trixie, and earth pony/unicorn tension?  Instant follow.

"It is the dregs, the leavings, the last resort. It is, in a word, ours, Watson."

Just wonderful.  Cannot wait to see where this goes.

I liked this the first time I read it and I still enjoyed reading it a second time! :pinkiehappy: Congratulations on the excellent story and the feature on EqD!


Makes sense, but I couldn't help thinking of the Arrested Development connection.

Anyway, Fetlock seems to have an issue distinguishing bluster from actual ability, kinda odd when it seems that he deals with lies and half truths on a day to day basis, but maybe he sees something I don't.


I'm committing the oft-committed sin of making Trixie more competent than she is in canon.  Let's say she's had time to improve.  She's more generally useful as a character this way.  But you're right - I assumed by default that Holmes had done his homework, but Doyle would have stated that explicitly.


No, no.  That's,

Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide,

no escape from reality...

>>956919  Had the same feeling.  I was reading it 2 weeks ago and I thought Bad Horse was rewriting the whole thing.

A marvelous distraction if I do say so myself.

the second paragraph is also familiar but i can't put my finger on it...:twilightangry2:

Awaiting MOAR :flutterrage: .  Only time I've used that!

I'll give Trixie that she has massive pony stones, for walking in there, breaking the painting out, and putting it right back in it's hole. Almost would be worth the hours of interrogation.

:yay: for the update!  And no, I am not claiming... (someone else can get in trouble for that :trixieshiftright: )

I checked the view count when I posted the chapter update: 475 readers.  I checked again one hour later, after the story had scrolled off the "Latest Updates" page: 477.  Ouch.  I had 700 referrals from EqD in the story's first day.  About 500 of them followed the link here to fimfiction, then left without clicking on the first chapter.

Here's a question for all of you.  Why did you decide to read the story?  Did anything almost make you not read it?

I just thought this looked interesting, i am not sure why so many people didnt read this.

gotta give you credit, you've got me interested. Bring in the worlds greatest detective, Trixie, and an original adventure, and suddenly you have me hooked on this story, Hope to see more soon, keep goin and stay golden^^

This is one of the best fics I've read across all the fandom.  You capture the Victorian writing style, as well as the personalities of Holmes and Watson, with excellent accuracy and precision, and combine it with an intriguing plot that has a high dose of realism.  It is truly a delight to read.

>>967721 Honestly the length of your individual chapters may be what's turning people away. I usually don't read a story unless it averages at least a thousand words a chapter. The only reason I decided to actually read your story (no offence intended) was because I followed the Equestria Daily link.


Do you prefer longer stories and avoid short stories?  I break stories up into 1000-word chapters because I look at the view counts on each chapter to find out where people stopped reading.  This is usually somewhere within the first 2000 words, so the first 2 chapters can be at most 1000 words each to learn where people stopped reading.

>>971515 I avoid shorter stories for many reasons that probably only make sense in my head. The foremost reason is because I find longer chapters give the author a chance to do a better job of both world building and characterization. I also prefer longer stories because I enjoy stories that take more than three minutes for me to read. I think my total words read on fimfiction at this time is over 22 million [22,904,897(I had to check...)] I read quite quickly and I prefer a fully thought out single chapter that is several thousand words long to several snippets of story that leave me unsatisfied.

I could never publish the first chapter to a story before having written the ending - I always have to go back and change things to make the pieces fit together right.  The reason I release chapters one per day, instead of all at once, is so that the story will appear on the "Latest updates" page and attract new readers.

However, this isn't happening.  From the rate at which first-chapter views increase, it appears I've gotten approximately zero new readers from the "Latest Updates" page.  But I've lost about 160 readers who read the first 4 chapters, which were all posted at once, and haven't returned.

Is it better to release chapters on a regular basis, or put an entire story out there all at once?  Would you appreciate a story more, or less, if you didn't have to wait for the updates?


I have another story that's been troubling me for a long time, a tricky story with touchy subject matter.  It's a Fallout: Equestria one-shot, darker than this one.  I don't know if I should release it, re-write it, or obliterate it like a device heretic blog post.  The secret unpublished link is here.  It's not violent, but it is sad, sweet, and terrible.  I'd appreciate your opinions.

I haven't read a detective story in quite a while.

Honestly, I've been reading this for a while- just never bothered to log in. xD

I'm rather a fan of this story so far, and I am keeping a steady eye out for it. I'd love it if you posted the rest of the story so I could just scarf it all down, but if that's not your style, then okay. I'd think a lot of other folks would feel similar. (That they'd like to be able to read the whole thing from word go, so to speak.)

Actually I prefer a somewhat longer wait. Sort of like French cuisine. Anticipation makes it all the more enjoyable.


I would suppose that it depends on the length of the chapters.

With shorter chapters it would be better to post them all at once. This allows the readers to read at their leisure.

With longer chapters spreading them out might work towards your advantage, seeing that the story has a large word count might stop them from beginning it in the first place.

EDIT: I know that when I post new chapters I pick up about ten new readers. How far they make it is a different issue...

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