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My laptop is now down again. I can only get internet by school computers until this is solved, which will be... I have no idea. I shall not be on Skype. Why is it that with all my personal laptops, I ALWAYS get some sort of severe, debilitating problem relating to that particular computer!? Serious, Dell N1550 -- Battery won't charge. Toshiba -- Suddenly turns into a fucking brick following a typical morning in Russian class! And this one is just a few months old! WHAT THE FUCK!?!? Why can my computer problems never be anything minor and easily  circumventable, like caps lock being a tad finicky, or the mousepad being occasionally derpy, or the volume meter not being visible? No, it always has to be some sort of major fuck bullshit problem which makes the computer lose a fuckton of utility or otherwise be completely useless! I will let you know when I can get back online. I am deeply sorry. Kalash93.

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Thanks, Descy. It's a joy and an honour to work with you. My apoligies that I could not have done more.

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Thanks for the Fave of As a Mother, Kal. I hope that the story gave you something to ponder about Tia and what she has given up to serve her little ponies.:pinkiesad2:

Thanks for the work that you did on it, and I hope you'll enjoy the piece that I have coming up for you to look over. And by "like" I mean I hope it makes you weep openly.:raritydespair:

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I just need to know

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