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Here's a picture of me and Nahmala, my moon and stars.

Stay awesome!

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>>1824178 sorry, i don't feel lkke using translator.

This is the dlc I am talking about.

Now, while in good spirit, i believe we may have drifted off courseon what the original stake was, so i digress.

But, one thing i would want to close with Bourbon was that he did seem like a scumbag, but at the same time i don't think what society he lived in would have dictated his intentions on artyom, at that point all we have are his morals and speculation if he would fulfill the contract or scam his partner.

#216 · 3d, 20h ago · · ·


Are you talking about the guy who outfits you at VDNKh?

My point wasn't that those acts aren't unique to metro society, but they are frequent occurances and they are done when it would have been safer for them, easier than doing anything, and cheaper in terms of ammunition which is scarce and money.

About Bourbon, once he was at Dry Station, he didn't have to give Artyom his AK-74, a very valuable piece of equipment -- useful if he wanted to stay in business, or very valuable if he wanted to trade it for a favor or enough money to pay off his debtors or retire. Honestly, he could have just shanked or stiffed or fled Artyom once he got to Dry. He could have even presented him to the guys as someone he caught snooping around as a means of persuading them of his amicability.

I had some DLC for 2033. It was the Ranger Mode and the volt driver and heavy automatic shotgun. Shit happened with the hard drive, so all that stuff's gone and so are my saves. I got no DLC for Last Light. Considered that drama with DLC going missing has caused me grief with Oblivion more than once, and killed my Mass Effect file when I was pretty far into my playthrough, I'm pretty much done with optional DLC.

#215 · 4d, 8h ago · · ·


I recall several of thise examples, but i am failing to see how that thpe of behavior of people helping one and another can't be done in other societies. The only ine I recall to be completely selfless was the gunsmith. To counter for the sake if the arguement, also consider that in the ranger training DLC level, the fellow rangers and armory master will only give him supplies if he purchases them.

Also, from what I remember Bourbon had a direct interest in protecting artyom because they had an agreement and he was using the player as much as the player was using him.

#214 · 5d, 38m ago · · ·


>> kalash93 I agree based on what you described with the philosophical ideals of it, but from what I played in the games and saw there I didn't see much of the philanthropic mentality outside of the spartan  rangers voluntarily taking it upon themselves to protect the metro. One could say the Stalkers who risk life and limb to bring resources back down to the subway could embody some of that, but at the same time I feel as if they themselves are doing so for personal gain... But then again corpses don't talk much. I saw the capitalist mentality mainly in how there were many vendors and such as well as almost countless poor people begging for money.

Maybe i am confusing it with communism, but its just that from what I recall from a small studies in college about the subject, the resources in the metro seemed to be so scarce that i don't think that kind of society would be able to exist under the weight of all those people.

I notice it in the various people who risk themselves to protect you in spite of having absolutely no obligation or vested interest in doing so. Thinking just a little...

2033: There's the guys at Riga who pull you over the ramparts despite you being amidst a horde of mutants. Bourbon takes you under his wing and risks himself in order to help you, even protecting you when he is captured by bandits. There is the man at the Communist station who helps you escape capture. Andrej the Blacksmith is not even a ranger, yet he does his little bit to help everyone he can.

Last Light: There are guards at one station who open the doors to let you in despite the mutant horde chasing you. The boatman to Venice first saves you from the nosalises and then saves you from the shrimps. There are the doctors who help the plague victims in spite of knowing it likely means death.

Essentially, you get helped a lot of times by strangers who would have been pragmatically better off not helping.

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any update on spike sexy surprise? pleas more

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