Howdy, ya'll! Like adventure? Like TwiDash? Like intrigue? Action? Well have I a treat for you -- Legionnare: Death of Innocence by my friend, The Lord Inquisitor.

Princess Twilight Sparkle has sent on a mission to resolve a diplomatic mission with Equestria's ancient rival, the powerful Khanate, with everything teetering on the brink of a calamitous war as loyalties are tested and intrigue rules the day, where not even a king is truly in charge of even his own castle. Nothing is as it seems in a world half tipped into madness. She isn't alone, however, being joined by elder statesmen Diplomatic Incident, the tempered Khan zealot Prophet, and under the protection of the ninth company of the Equestrian Legion, led by her old flame, Rainbow Dash, with whom she still has unfinished business. Against them are arrayed shadowy forces from both without and within. They only know for sure is that that failure is not an option, and the deeper they delve, the more tangled the web becomes and the thinner become the fine lines they must walk, and the dearer the price for failure.

Read this and more in The Lord Inquisitor's Legionnaire: Death of Innocence.

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#236 · 5d, 3h ago · · ·


Wow, thank you so much for doing all that for me. I'm genuinely blown away. Yes, I did purposefully try to create a sort of common universe wherein I would set at least the great majority of my stories in a sort of broad continuity sharing settings, themes, events, and characters. I did this because I have a terrible attention span when it comes to writing multipart stories. You see, I tend to run out of steam rather easily on prolonged projects and I find myself either getting off track or getting bored. Either way, I mostly write oneshots, because I would rather deliver on a single complete story that's good rather than start a piece only to abandon it midway. I genuinely don't know why Hot Button Beach Day took off and did as well as it did. I just thought the idea sounded hot and would be fun to write, so I just hammered it out without really caring too much. You can imagine my surprise when I found myself on top of the feature box and receiving so many alerts that they were appearing at a visible rate every few seconds. Thanks to your words, I'm trying to write again. I currently have a multipart HiE fic with a few unique twists in the works. Essentially, think of Gentlemen for Mares but with guns and written like a season of a show. My goal is to come up with six chapters of a few thousand words each, each chapter containing a self-contained plot which connects in with a larger story arc. Thank you so much for going through everything and offering your advice. I'll dedicate the first chapter of the new story to you when it comes out.

#235 · 4w, 1d ago · · ·

Your comment on my page reminded me...

¢===⊙===> Here is your watch, good sir!

#234 · 10w, 5h ago · · ·

So I'd like to make a little comment about your stories and make take on them.  If you don't want some fan critic's opinion feel free to delete me now.

So you didn't delete me so I'd like to talk about your stories.  I just finished reading all 41 of them over the past week. Starting with the beginning and working forward.  As it seems to me you have one ongoing project (Racer) and these one shot clops are basically coming out while you are either at a road block or bored with racer.  Out of your stories only a handful of have more than one chapter and a couple have a sequel that's essentially ch. 2 of the prequel.   For some reason out of all your stories your button mash story is the most popular and the longest other than racer.  

I can't tel if they are in the same universe but it has potential for a longer story as do several others.  Question is why leave them as one shots and not devote more time to them?  

Your recent luna story while just straight clip has potential for character development but ends.  

Honestly I'd like to see one of the more popular one shots become another multiple chapter fiction that you work on when you can and want and not be a chore.  Anyway my thoughts take it or ignore it.

#233 · 25w, 6d ago · · ·

For awesome story's

#232 · 31w, 2d ago · · ·

I miss you...

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