Howdy, ya'll! Like adventure? Like TwiDash? Like intrigue? Action? Well have I a treat for you -- Legionnare: Death of Innocence by my friend, The Lord Inquisitor.

Princess Twilight Sparkle has sent on a mission to resolve a diplomatic mission with Equestria's ancient rival, the powerful Khanate, with everything teetering on the brink of a calamitous war as loyalties are tested and intrigue rules the day, where not even a king is truly in charge of even his own castle. Nothing is as it seems in a world half tipped into madness. She isn't alone, however, being joined by elder statesmen Diplomatic Incident, the tempered Khan zealot Prophet, and under the protection of the ninth company of the Equestrian Legion, led by her old flame, Rainbow Dash, with whom she still has unfinished business. Against them are arrayed shadowy forces from both without and within. They only know for sure is that that failure is not an option, and the deeper they delve, the more tangled the web becomes and the thinner become the fine lines they must walk, and the dearer the price for failure.

Read this and more in The Lord Inquisitor's Legionnaire: Death of Innocence.

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Thanks for faving my story Fall of Equestria: Sacred Order - The Freeville Chronicles. :twilightsmile:

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Do you take requests?

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>>1824178 sorry, i don't feel lkke using translator.

This is the dlc I am talking about.

Now, while in good spirit, i believe we may have drifted off courseon what the original stake was, so i digress.

But, one thing i would want to close with Bourbon was that he did seem like a scumbag, but at the same time i don't think what society he lived in would have dictated his intentions on artyom, at that point all we have are his morals and speculation if he would fulfill the contract or scam his partner.

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Are you talking about the guy who outfits you at VDNKh?

My point wasn't that those acts aren't unique to metro society, but they are frequent occurances and they are done when it would have been safer for them, easier than doing anything, and cheaper in terms of ammunition which is scarce and money.

About Bourbon, once he was at Dry Station, he didn't have to give Artyom his AK-74, a very valuable piece of equipment -- useful if he wanted to stay in business, or very valuable if he wanted to trade it for a favor or enough money to pay off his debtors or retire. Honestly, he could have just shanked or stiffed or fled Artyom once he got to Dry. He could have even presented him to the guys as someone he caught snooping around as a means of persuading them of his amicability.

I had some DLC for 2033. It was the Ranger Mode and the volt driver and heavy automatic shotgun. Shit happened with the hard drive, so all that stuff's gone and so are my saves. I got no DLC for Last Light. Considered that drama with DLC going missing has caused me grief with Oblivion more than once, and killed my Mass Effect file when I was pretty far into my playthrough, I'm pretty much done with optional DLC.

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