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Somepony make sea ponies appear in G4!


His name is Tbone, the Ranting Brony and recently he read "I Didn't Know Nala Could Do That..." in exchange for donations!

I have no idea what that story was about, but by the look of his comment after reading it, it was definitely Not Safe for Work and I think he lost some sanity too.

Click here for the rundown! Take a look. Thanks guys!


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Yep! here it is. I'm really happy about this very dark and intense story. : P

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Ooh! Already it sounds interesting. :D

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Cool! Thanks! You'll see more of my stories linked to polls later.

I have an idea for another one that you might see posted tonight. It involves octavia.

: D

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That's good to hear. C:

I'm also one of the folks watching you on DA. :pinkiecrazy:

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Hello there! I'm back on Fimfiction! yeah!

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