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Sirens/Seaponies are in G4 now! Thanks Rainbow Rocks! :D


Hey there! I'll be hosting the following party later tonight.

My email is boardgamebrony@gmail.com if you need more info:


Meetup Name: Dragon's Lair Comics and Games in AUSTIN, TX

City/State/Country: Austin/Texas/USA

Time: 7PM-Midnight Central Standard Time (5 Hours)

Rules and Description:

(1) You may (and probably should) bring food and drinks if you like. There are some drinks and snack food available for purchase at Dragon's Lair as well.

(2) We will definitely stay till midnight playing games and we never leave early, so you can arrive at any time you like. However, if you want to watch the premiere episodes, we will do so sometime between 7PM-8:30PM, so get there early!

(3) Dragon's Lair Comics and Games is open from 10AM-MIDNIGHT, and the store is the second largest comics and gaming store IN THE NATION, so if you want to visit it earlier than the 7PM and see other events happening that day in the store, check the store calendar located here: http://dlair.net/austin/events/calender/

(4) Dragon's Lair is located in a shopping center next to several eating places including local favorite burger place Hopdoddy's, Conan's Pizza, Thundercloud Subs, Whataburger and many others. You can check the locations here: bit.ly/1pTY4dD

(5) Respect others and don't start arguments or act hostile towards any other people. The host and store staff will not tolerate disruptions.

(6) The store has two cats who wander around on their own. You can pet them, but don't pick them up or bother them.

(7) The party room is isolated from the rest of the store and big enough to hold about 20-25 party members comfortably. You won't have to worry about interacting with others in the store if you don't want to. (Last time we had 12-15 people for the Season 5 finale party.)

(8) The store has a significantly large collection of MLP Comics and merchandise if you feel like adding to your own collection : )

(9)  After watching the two premiere episodes, we will do the following:

--- Watch some short MLP fan videos

--- Play Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder

--- Potentially play a custom-made MLP RPG session that lasts 1.5-3 hours

(10) Austin, TX traffic gets REALLY bad starting at around 4PM till around 7-8PM. Look up the directions on Google Maps and whatever time it says that you take to get to Dragon's Lair from your location. Expect any in-town location travel time to be tripled.

(11) We look forward to seeing you there! : )

Location info:

2438 W. Anderson Ln

Suite B-1

Austin TX 78757

(512) 454-2399

Location website:


Host name: Boardgamebrony

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Yep! here it is. I'm really happy about this very dark and intense story. : P


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Ooh! Already it sounds interesting. :D

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Cool! Thanks! You'll see more of my stories linked to polls later.

I have an idea for another one that you might see posted tonight. It involves octavia.

: D

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That's good to hear. C:

I'm also one of the folks watching you on DA. :pinkiecrazy:

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Hello there! I'm back on Fimfiction! yeah!

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