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Sirens/Seaponies are in G4 now! Thanks Rainbow Rocks! :D


Oh my gosh, today I practiced reading a line from Nicolas Cage’s “The Rock” so I could learn to do a Nick Cage impression.

I practiced varying degrees of the Nick Cage impression 50 times.

I said the line in my own voice as a baseline 9 times.

I lip-synced the words to Cage’s delivery 12 times.

This took over 35 minutes of actual voice practice (with breaks) with several hours of searching for/watching Cage videos to see how he delivers his lines.

And now I can do the most basic of Nicolas Cage impressions!

Prepare yourselves for Nicolas Cage fan fiction readings...soon...

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Yep! here it is. I'm really happy about this very dark and intense story. : P


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Ooh! Already it sounds interesting. :D

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Cool! Thanks! You'll see more of my stories linked to polls later.

I have an idea for another one that you might see posted tonight. It involves octavia.

: D

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That's good to hear. C:

I'm also one of the folks watching you on DA. :pinkiecrazy:

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Hello there! I'm back on Fimfiction! yeah!

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