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  • 19w, 3d
    HMSS Epilogue: It's Finally done! ....Now what?

    The Epilogue of Her Majesty's Secret Service is now up for consumption, and with that, I finally officially declare this fic "complete" after two years.  God I'm slow sometimes.  I hope everyone who's still around enjoys it.

    So now that that's done...what's next?

    Well, I have a few projects ahead of me I'm looking to write.  In no particular order:

    1: Get back to work on "Growth Spurts." This one's pretty obvious and is probably first in line.  

    2: Sequel to "Purely Scientific Interest." Will probably be longer than the original but shorter than HMSS.

    3: Other unrelated Sparity-shipping ideas. I seriously have like three of them floating around in my head wanting to get out.

    4: A fic specifically dedicated to exploring the workings and mechanics of a culture/society with a well-defined mating season, and everything that entails. Well, it entails sex, obviously, but the idea would be to explore more than just that: how does it change their day to day lives, how do different ponies approach it, how involved is the governing body, how thorough is the school system in educating young ponies about it, etc etc etc.  I actually started this fic already as a collaboration with Ariamaki months and months ago, but it fell to the back burner as we both ended up focusing more heavily on individual projects.  I'm hoping to resurrect it though, with a little reworking for updated canon.

    5: This one's a big maybe, but there was a fair bit of interest in seeing a bonus chapter to HMSS featuring Luna after her return from the moon, in which she too is in need of some attention in the same vein as her sister, and calls upon.....somepony, to help her.  Dunno who exactly, there are a variety of candidates, but there's a fair chance this one might happen someday.

    Anyway, that's all for now.  Thanks for reading, everyone!


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  • 19w, 4d
    HMSS Chapter 10

    The tenth and final regular chapter of HMSS is now live.

    All that remains is the epilogue, which is going through final editing right now.  I'll probably post that later today or early tomorrow.

    Thanks to everyone who read it and enjoyed it and made it popular.  Sorry it took me so long to finish.

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  • 23w, 23h
    HMSS Chapter 9

    Chapter Nine of Her Majesty's Secret Service is now live.  Just in time for Father's Day.  Anyone else notice there's always a bunch of new porn featuring Twilight Velvet on Mother's Day?  Let's start a wave of porn featuring Night Light for Father's Day, huh? I've done my part!

    In the home stretch now, y'all.  Just one short final chapter and an epilogue to go and this two-year-long slow roll will be finished.



    (PS: It's a Bond Girl name. Look it up!)

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  • 30w, 1d
    HMSS Chapter 8

    Hey look, I'm alive!

    Chapter Eight of my 'How Twilight's parents hooked up and how Celestia helped' story, "Her Majesty's Secret Service," is finally, finally complete, after nearly seven months hiatus. Hit up my stories page to check it out.

    As you can probably tell, this one was a huge struggle for me.  Real life distractions aside, I had more honest difficulty with this chapter than just about anything else I've written.  Conflict is really hard for me to write well, especially when I don't-really-want-to-but-I-kind-of-have-to, and I went through long periods where I didn't so much as touch this chapter; the first couple thousand words were written probably before I even started my Cloptober project, "Growth Spurts" (which is also still alive I swear).  I finally managed to hit a breakthrough though, and the remainder of the chapter finally spilled out of me, leaving me free to move on the the parts I REALLY want to write (I'm already several thousand words into the next and final chapter, not counting the epilogue).  With a little luck, I should finally be able to finish this story in the next week or two.  *crosses fingers*  

    In any case, if anyone's still reading this fic after such a hideously long hiatus, thanks for sticking around, we're almost done.

    In other news, you guys may remember my friend and collaboration buddy DragonShadow, who I worked with in writing the round-table sextalk fic "Feels Like the First Time."  If you liked that story and want more of it, DS has recently started a solo-venture sequel, titled "In the Heat of the Night." You can find that on his stories page right over here.

    That's all for now. Back to writing.


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  • 37w, 6d
    While you Wait: Another fic recommendation

    Sorry for the radio silence lately, been hopelessly addicted to Marvel Heroes over the last few months. I'm starting to get back in a writing groove, though it's currently spread across three projects (two of which are Growth Spurts and HMSS) and it's a tossup which will be finished/updated first at this point. I swear I'm still alive though.

    In the meantime, Isseus, my comrade in smut, has a new fic out that I'd generally recommend. I served as pre-reader and editor for it so I got to watch the story develop live and it was a very enjoyable experience.  It's called "No Good Deed" and you can find it here.  If you have a kink for spanking (and/or completely independent of that, an interest in ScootaDash shipping), this fic is for you.


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This is going to the top of my read later list. The premise bears too much of a striking resemblance to a scene in one of my stories to pass up reading this. [img]//[/img]

How I have waited for this moment.

And still I want more!

Great start to the story!

Favoriting and upvoting! Definitely looking forward to some more.

I like it! :yay:

And it is wonderfully refreshing to again come across a well-written story with sex just another aspect, if an admittedly large one. :eeyup:

Ah, what the hell, I'll give it a shot.


well color me interested :rainbowlaugh:

whatever color that is... :rainbowderp:

And guess what happened the next night... XD

Great story so far. I may or man not have read the line “…And last but not least… a toast to me! Because I’m just always that awesome.” and asked one of my friends what the hell he was doing in your story. Also, the lipstick part had me pounding my desk laughing. That was hilarious.

princess Celestia is twilight i right? if you are cool with fulfilling my need to guess an entire plot by just its short description.


That would be interesting, if it wasn't for the fact that Twilight Velvet and Celestia have been in the same room before, three times now.


MORE! Shadow clone no jutsu!

I need more of this story!


Lucky you, I just posted more!

And suddenly, featured. Concept proven.


You very well may be right.  That's really interesting. I suppose it makes some sense, a rule like that ensures that it's stories of at least some substance that make it to the feature box.

Oh well, nice to have that little bonus.  Thanks for the tip.

Well, this is still getting good! Must follow!

Why do I get the feeling Celestia is going to have him guard something so stupid until he realizes what Celestia is trying to teach him?

Looks like Velvet's only gonna get more into it later. If you know what I mean... :ajsmug:


Thanks for an amazing story, man. Hope to get MUCH more from it.

Maybe if NL had told Velvet what the private asked him that morning she would have understood.

Good GOD this story. Now I see where Twilight (Sparkle) gets her adorable-ness from!

Keep it up! Can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:

Ah, Celestia. That pony sniffs out relationship blockages like a bloodhound on the trail...


All I can say is...


In breif.

I appluad you, a lot.

>>2475561 cool seems i was wrong, might read this one :)

i do this now with almost everything since alot of things have become cliche and alot of the times you can guess the whole plot going in. which makes it boring to me.

I was a little bit off-put by the mention of changelings. My impression from A Canterlot Wedding was that nopony had even heard of them before the invasion. Still, that's a nitpick, and it doesn't really affect anything. :twilightsheepish:

I approve of this story greatly, and I eagerly await further developments. :raritystarry:

something tells me that Night Light is going to meet up with Molestia later

I am intrigued by the I will put everything else on hold and start this one!!!

>>2476540 I am thinking the same thing.

Dear Celestia, what was wrong with him?

Nothing!! He's in the military!!! After a drunk night out, two hours late is early!!! I should know, I was three hours late this morning and my Flt Sgt asked why I wasn't still in bed!!

>>2476589 Yeah, if the quthor doesn't have Molestia say to him 'Prepare your anus' than I'll be surprised. either way, sometime in the near future, Night Light is gonna get raped by Molestia or Twilight Velvet, who ironically looks like the original Twilight, the way she is described.

...............this stallion needs a slap!!

Hmm..........depending on where you take this, it may end up as part of my head canon. Do you accept the challenge?

The fact that Night Light's friends don't respect the effort he puts into his job makes me a bit sad.  I don't really know how Pommel could come to the conclusion that wanting to make your shift on time and not getting arrested for disorderly conducted somehow implies Night Light hero-worships the princess.


I cant but find myself agreeing with this and while I understand Night Light might be a workaholic Pommel just seems to be disturbed with the idea of taking your job seriously.

That aside I am really liking it so far and I hope to see more from you soon.

Vodka Martin, shaken not stirred

>>2476629 Oh, my friend was 10 minutes late and 'Seal Clubbing' happened. Seal Clubbing, is hard to explain.

Damn... you made him a dick!

>>2476689 I do get Night Light's reactions with Pommel and think Night has a point. However, I think that's where Velvet has a point. She does her work, and she might put in overtime all the time she gets her job done. However, to Night that doesn't seem to be enough and she needs to be more like him and a workoholic. To me, I read it as they were all a little wrong and all a little right. We have two extremes, Pommel and Night, and then someone who I think appears to be the median: Velvet.

At least those are my thoughts.

So at the conclusion of this story, there needs to be a time skip where Shining Armor goes through the exact same thing.

(Own thoughts)

This is story, so far, is really good. The characters are interesting and well thought out. It's perfect.

The only problem I see, is that you may go down some rather 'nasty and cliche' roads.

First off, I totally see where Night is coming from. Seeing the new recruits worry and apprehension would affect anyone, and help set a better self-image. (Although, Night is kind of pushing it, yelling at Velvet and being all strict.) But right before the letter, we see him change his mind. That he would go still, because they were his friends.

The story is set, and here are my fears.

1: I have a distinct fear that this is going to involve a Molestia vibe. Which does get me. Since, the monarch of the show doesn't strike me as such.

Granted, you could kind of use this, probably for a comedy. But you're going for a more serious tone, so I have apprehension.

The big problem with this is that, yes, this could throw him into Velvet's hooves and to get out more, but we already know he was about to do so.

So, in a sense, Celestia just prolonged the three's suffering and is about to bring more upon them.:twilightoops:

2: The second and bigger problem that may or may not occur, is the whole 'we're not going to talk or acknowledge you' thing that often happens in squabbles like these. Those always got annoying fast and just made 'facedesk' hard, because we know they're going to work it out. The sooner, the better. (And especially over how stupid this problem is. Night Light doesn't want to go out drinking. Fine. Can't they go out and do something else? Actually, why don't they? Is getting drunk so important? Getting drunk is stupid people, it kills your braincells, causing 'hangovers', and makes you seem like a slut or idiot. Sometimes both. That's why I'm never going to drink.)

The other problem that occurs, is when their is a 'girlfriend or loveinterest' involved. This gets me even more, because we know she likes him, but instead of talking it out, she'll go and be slutty around some other boy, either to irritate her 'real love', or actually find someone else. (It'll be more infuriating cause we know they're going to get married and have Twilight :twilightangry2:(and the big moron named Shining.))

I know Twilight Velvet is above such things and would still try and be there for Night.


(Side note) It's probably just me, but I always saw both of Twilight's parents as studious bookworms, kind of like their daughter. As well, as light as it comes to drinking. (I don't think pour Twilight could handle one glass before passing out.:twilightblush: Surely that's hereditary.)

Again, this is your story. Do whatever you see fit, and stick to your own devices. I'm just stating my opinion.

You know i have a feeling i know exactly whats going to happen next chapter:eeyup:. :pinkiecrazy:hehehe i'll inform if i was right:derpytongue2:

*Before Reading* Yes I'm not the only one to think her parent's worked for Celestia prior to their marriage!:pinkiehappy:

And without so much as a goodbye or a coy wink or even a simple, platonic smile, Velvet rounded the corner at the end of the hallway and was gone, leaving Night Light to wonder dazedly how he had managed to anger his two best friends in the whole world to the breaking point within ten minutes of each other.

That would be because you're being a sanctimonious douchebag, Night Light :raritystarry:

I dearly hope there's a moment where Celestia demands that he remove the stick. Preferably while she, herself, is three sheets to the wind wasted.

That would be hilarious.


I'm not really sure what you mean by a "Molestia" vibe.  If you mean literally 'abuses her position to literally molest ponies under her rule' then no, that's not what's (going to be) going on here. 'Molestia' is a character created by JJ, bearing little to no resemblance to Celestia, created purely for laughs and dirty humor.

In any case I feel confident in saying you need not be concerned.


We were discussing a theory over on my blog that the feature box never displays any stories with less than 4k words.  I (loosely) tested this theory by leaving my first chapter up overnight by itself, at just over 3k, and saw no feature box, but within half an hour of posting chapter two the next morning, there it was.

Hardly irrefutable proof or anything, but it certainly lends credence to the theory.

dis gon b gud

Dose shameless 007 references. Me will read dis late'ah.

Twilight's reaction is too  . . . mild, to say the least. Try saying what Night said to a real girl, even one as forward as Velvet. You will lose her as a friend. Also, the whole friendship triangle does not scale well in time. At all. 15 years of those two knowing each other and that's the first time Night mentioned out loud Velvet's actual intentions of 'seducing' him? I'm afraid that's just not believable. That is, if I read it correctly.

15 months, yes, but 15 years . . . hell no. Again, do a mental exercise and try to simulate in your head a friendship like that, that spans on the course of 15 years. It's a little bit tricky but if you do it step by step, you'll figure out how wrong you were when throwing those numbers there. A lot of times I see mistakes like these in assessing how characters and relations between them develop over long periods of time. Velvet's been into him since they met? Imagine just one year (12 months, 356 days) seeing each other almost daily. It would have been impossible for them NOT to have a conversation like that, probably very early in that year as well.

Also, the way Velvet talks with him at the bar (the whole name our foal like that) and his whole reaction that follows (That’s right, he recalled, his best friend Twilight Velvet had just gotten her promotion, and their other best friend Pommel had insisted on a celebratory night out.) is a rather strong contrast to have right at the beginning, especially when you are setting the characters up. Needless to say, I was rather confused of their relationship status during the whole chapter, following that rather peculiar line. Also, the blowjob attempt was rather poorly handled. Given the fact that he never talked with her about dating in 15 years, a reader could take it as a normal thing. I can imagine other drunk nights when Velvet ends up dry-humping a rather unfazed Night Light while he's carrying his drunken friend back to the barracks. "The shit I have to put up with," muttered Night, trying to ignore the damp spot on his hind thigh and the very energetic mare clinging to him. See? it's not quite believable.

You may consider these nitpicks, but for me (and probably others that aren't following this just for the porn), they form a rather big discrepancy in the plot. Again, if I've misread any of the time variables, please correct me (it is rather late here). The story promises a lot, and you can turn this into a very good read (not just clop), if you straighten out the emotional reactions and relationship time scaling.

Is every chapter going to have a Bond reference?

I have a feeling that Night Light is about to find out how much of a pony Celestia really is?:twilightblush:


You read it incorrectly.  Night Light and POMMEL have been friends for 15 years.  Their friendship with Twilight Velvet is much newer. I haven't yet stated explicitly how long they've been friends, but if you'll look again at this line:

But Night Light had appreciated the friendship nevertheless, and it had held strong for the fifteen years that followed, going through school together, through boot camp together, climbing the ranks of the Royal Guard together, even befriending Twilight Velvet together.

The implication here (and perhaps not a clear enough one, I'm willing to admit) is that this is a linear chain of events; as in, they are already out of school, through boot camp, and climbing the ranks of officers in the Royal Guard before meeting Twilight Velvet.  So you can approximate from this that Velvet has been their friend for, oh.....maybe two to three years.  Five at the most.

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