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Ah hell no. I'm going to come in so many places and so hard that it'll never stop snowing in Ohio!

... yeah, I cumdededed.

Yet another "unf" inducing masterpiece. Great as always, darf!

God damnit, Cheerilee.  I don't even like horses that way.  Now take off the damn baggy sweater and tights, and stop helping this fucking author confuse my sexuality every other week.


That bit at the end of chapter one was priceless xD

Commence read.

I mean... yeah, a diet wouldn’t be a terrible idea, but I’m comfortable with my pudgy-pudge. It keeps me from freaking out over a skeleton in my mirror when I wake up, in any case.

Nothing wrong with that.

nursing his new glass of schnapps as though it held the secrets of the world inside its sparkly green bubbles.

They hold the secrets!

I have the fucking stomach flu and a really high fever.

I did not need all my blood going south.

Damn you.

... Damn it, darf! First Bronystories, now you!?

Confound all these stories, they drive me to read instead of do homework!

Hello there darf. Good to see you again. Sure to enjoy this clopfic as much as your others.

That was fantastic. Slow clap. Encore.

It's the first female human in equestria clop I've read that's actually been readable, let alone erotic. This is one for the most secure vault of my mental wank bank, but then that's true of all your stories.

Will read later for that darling looking Cheerilee.


mental wank bank?

i should follow your page just to collect your analogies xD

Always could use more Female human/stallion fics


That's actually stolen from The Inbetweeners, UK series.


and you are the guy who bugged to remember, so shup and like the following

Another Human Girl in Equestria where the protagonist wants to have sexy time with ponies because she's a girl who thinks that humans aren't suitable enough partners and simply too unsatisfactory?

Well, this totally hasn't been done to death; a HiE where the human is female and of course it's clop!

This is a surprise, said nobody ever.

:rainbowderp: great. now i need to change the bedsheets again.:twilightoops: a very good clop story. well written and well presented

You don't see these kind of stories every day

good job


I've always called it the "Spank Bank."

Two countries separated by a common language, and all that.

Incidentally, one of my favorite clop authors commenting on my other favorite clop author's page. Hot damn if this ain't a good day. :ajsmug:

There are simply not enough Girl x Stallion fics

Ok, I have clopped to some fucked up shit but this is just too disgusting.

Just what the fuck?

Where did I put that brain bleach?

Sex, Sex, sex, sex sex ,sex!!!!!!!

Look more sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read this, and boy oh boy, was it something. I mean, I'm not one to get turned on by text, but... Wowzers!

But, as someone commented to this being unoriginal: Whatever happened to cuddle-sex?

Sex!! So much sex!! I love you sir. Can We get together something??


I loved it. SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir, I do say, I will bend over for you to damn amazing writer.

:ajsmug: :raritywink: :twilightblush:

in my experience with your works, they've either been a complete hit or a complete miss with me. and this, sir, was certainly a major hit.

a few things that were kinda "meh" but overall this was very hot and fun to read :twilightsmile:

First HiE story I have ever read. I am not disappointed.

Okay, what locks this in is the narration. Samantha is likeable from the start because she sounds so real, and your passionate descriptions of sexuality are very blush inducing. I'm going to keep reading.

god i came all over my fingers then had to lick it off

jesus darf how do you make someone want to get plowed by a stallion so hard

If only I could find a gal like Mandy.  Or a human Cherilee.

...What was I talking about again?  Blasted Valentine's Day reminding me of being single.  So difficult to find a gal who's a reader it seems.

the entire story so far has been anxious 4play o-o

I usually stay far away from Human tagged stories, but fuck me! This was HOT! Double penetrated by two horse cocks? Genius! Thumbs up! :heart:



Okay, first of all, your detail is amazing. Second, despite how rough and saucy the rutting is, it's also surprisingly heartfelt. Somehow you made Cheerilee blowing giant horse cock arousing. The best part by far was Sam's passionate tongue war with Big Mac.

Definite like. This is the benchmark for any rough and dirty clopfic, and I'd love to see more in the future.

Excuse me for a few minutes...

>>2078703 that picture made me wake up my parents, yeah, it was fun explaining. BUT WORTH IT!!

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