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Requires moar foalcon :v

>>1420342 I'm not crazy about foalcon. It just doesn't feel right to me.

#3 · 193w, 4d ago · 1 · · Home Sick ·

10/10 I approve considerably!

With a man with dumb of a name I will consider to read your story...

#5 · 193w, 4d ago · · · Being Small ·

Ah Youth. :ajsmug:


does this have the sexes in it


chapter three does, yeah



Wow, I didn't actually expect you to respond.

Kudos to you, only good authors respond to blatantly stupid comments.


this is correct

What is it about this couple that attracts people? Including me.


Flitter and CC are a pair of very pretty ponies


For me it's not the couple so much as YAY MORE CLOUDCHASER! I could care less about the other characters. xD

EDIT: Is there going to be more to this? With all the build up and paths you left open I'm kinda anticipating more. I really wanna see Thunderlane's reaction when he gets home at an inopportune time.


i will say i had the most fun writing cloudchaser in this story

a girl who's spunky and not afraid to be frank about sex is kind of super hot

probably why i enjoy writing vinyl so much. lyra's the same in that regard as well, at least for me.

Yet another incredible clopfic, Darf. Keep up the amazing work!

>>1420549 your profile is epic

Heh heh heh... nice edit on the cover pic, there. :trollestia:

I loved the NSFW version of the cover picture as soon as I saw it, and I love you for making this fic! :pinkiehappy: I will read it tomorrow morning, and I am sure it will be awesome!!!!! :rainbowkiss: You have my favorite and my thumbs-up already!! <3

This is great.

95% percent of the fanfics I've read involving these four (Cloudchaser, Flitter, Thunderlane, and Rumble)

ALWAYS have sex in them. :unsuresweetie:

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I hope you know I'm not exaggerating when I say this

You are quite literally the reason I have an account here

A friend sent me the link to your 40 oz Bounce Story, and I was shocked. It was brilliant, I didn't think people could write good fanfiction before that. Afterwards I signed up, favorited, and followed you.

To this day you amaze me with the quality you put in to each chapter.

Long story short, I wanted to say thank you, for everything

Best of luck, and keep being awesome :twilightsmile:







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Wind Beneath Her Wings

I see what you're doing here... Don't lie to me, I see everything.



surprised you're the first one to catch that


That makes me part of the 5%!

#26 · 193w, 4d ago · 1 · · Being Small ·

I've only read the first chapter and I already know I'm gonna like this. You write well, my friend. Pure grammar, great description, nice dialogue, and showing the emotions of Rumble was very well done. Let's see how I'm liking this in a few chapters, shall we? :twilightsmile:


comments like these always add so much

thanks for sharing

#29 · 193w, 4d ago · 3 · · Movie Time ·

Man oh man, that was the sexiest thing I've read in a very long time. The relentless descriptions of every phase of the sex were so vivid that it didn't take much to picture it. And mad props for not being afraid to use words like cunt and cock - it really accelerated my excitement.  I also like how long the story is; I couldn't keep myself from climaxing before the end - my favorite kind of read.

Now I need to change my sheets.

Darf churning out fuckin sweet fics again. So many happies. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Edit: *sees it's featured* Hell, it's about time.

#31 · 193w, 4d ago · 1 · · Morning After ·

Read it. You are now my Iron Will. Because I'm 100% satisfied. I mean GOOD GRAVY, MAN! That was some wickedly hot stuff right there. It wasn't realistic, it wasn't in any shape or form even close to canon. And I liked every single word of it.

About the story itself. I think there was some pheromones in that potion as well, because both of the mares went wild after they took a whiff of his "musk". Without that idea, I think the story would have gone too fast. And also CC's reaction in the last chapter was one of the best "oh shit" -moments in a long while. Also Zecora needs a little (or not so little) thankyou from a certain colt.

And I need a cold shower and a lie down. And new pants.:twilightblush:


just wanted to say i love reading comments like these - they're the reason why i like writing this stuff

glad you guys enjoyed it

I have seen the NSFW version of that title cover.

That was awesome. Loving how you wove the growing up theme together with porn. This is why I follow you.

And you got featured! Congrats, you deserve it.


Got a link?

There´s quite alot of RumblexCLodu ChaserxFlitter lately isn´t there? Not that i´d complain about it. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, not only was this (in CloudChaser's words) "one fucking hot session of clop", you also managed to write Drop the (b)Ass, another incredible clop fic. You, sir, deserve some sort of award, possibly one with lots of monies.

Also, I second the idea that girls that are spunky are super hot. That may or may not have something to do with Rainbow Dash being my favorite pony. :rainbowwild:

You know, I can't help but feel sorry for Rumble. I mean, waking up to be small again...after that. Man that was harsh. And, yeah, I kind of liked Flitter with him. I mean, she cares for the little guy. Cloudchaser too, but Flitters more open with her emotions. I do so hope it works out. (And Rumble. Don't be a stud. Look for a mare who loves you and wants to be with you, instead of just having one night stands. Perhaps one day, you can tell your own colts and fillies about growing up...MInus the sex parts.)

#41 · 193w, 4d ago · 2 · · Morning After ·

Who's the grey pegssus

That's a sex machine to all the chicks?


You're damn right

Who is the colt

That would risk his neck for his brother colt?


Can ya dig it?

Who's the pony that won't cop out

When there's danger all about


Right on

You see this pony Rumble is a bad mother--

(Shut your mouth)

But I'm talkin' about Rumble.

(Then we can dig it)

He's a complicated colt

But no one understands him but his mare

(Big Rumble)


i could not miss the fact that the story says complete....

he did not get his fill up

zecora did not get her fill up

and i would kill to see the reaction of his brother walking in the room and saying ''hey i got free ear---''

damn that would be hell to coffer up

guess  sometimes its better to dream that to see huh?

Oh, why did I read this?!?! :raritycry:.......:ajsleepy:.........:facehoof:.......:moustache:

#44 · 193w, 4d ago · 2 · · Movie Time ·

holy fucking imagery batman..

This...this is, bar none, the best clopfic I have ever read. It is so fucking descriptive...I mean..wow..


give us......moar!

Ahhh, so the legendary darf submits yet another story, eh?

I'll check this out. Eventually.

[color=grey]Damn my ever-growing list of read laters...they drive me to insanity!

#47 · 193w, 4d ago · · · Home Sick ·

I haven't read that far into the chapter, but it seems like Zecora gave the kid Ayahuasca* with some aphrodisiacs brewed in there.

*Ayahuasca is an incredibly powerful psychedelic brew from the Amazon rainforest.

Well that was interesting. What else do you have in store?

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