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As Twilight Sparkle awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, she found she had been turned into a changeling.

How has she become a changeling? How will she adapt? How will her friends respond? And what new terrors will her metamorphosis bring?

Cover image by the fantastic Carnifex... or Siansaar... I can't tell which. You can find more wonderful works here:

EDIT: Featured... nearing 1000 Favorites... multiple pages of comments (swoons)

Thanks for everything guys. I never expected this thing to get so popular. I need to rework the second chapter, but it looks like there's going to be a blue moon every Friday for a while yet. Thanks again for your support and please keep reading and reviewing!

EDIT2: I've updated the character list again, a little preview of the second story arc...

EDIT 3: Just doing a quick character update to account for changes made to the next Arc...

First Published
7th Sep 2012
Last Modified
10th Oct 2012
#1 · 119w, 18h ago · · · Prologue? ·

the curl of purple replaced by the heavy weight of a had atop her head     I think that should be hat

This looks promising, not going to fave yet, but if the next chapter is this good I will.

#2 · 119w, 18h ago · · · Prologue? ·


#3 · 119w, 17h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Enjoy that thumb-up. :D And my fave-track, too. :D

#4 · 119w, 17h ago · · · Prologue? ·

A new Twilight, Changeling story. This looks interesting, looking forward to Chapter 1 :heart:.

#7 · 119w, 16h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Love it :yay:

Tracked :rainbowkiss:

Don't disappoint :ajbemused:

#8 · 119w, 12h ago · · · Prologue? ·

I think this is just me nitpicking, but why would a hat appear on Twilight when she changes into AJ? The hat isn't a physical part of her. Very good though. Will be tracking :twilightsheepish:

#9 · 119w, 12h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Twilight is best Changeling! Glad to see another Twi=Changeling story. I like the sequence of nightmares.

Also, have a fav and an upvote. Take them!

#10 · 119w, 12h ago · · · Prologue? ·


The changeling queen could produce a dress out of nowhere (cadence in the cave had one, and i assume rarity would have noticed a dress going missing) and it disappears when she changes back, so i assume mimicking some clothing is possible

After checking, the changelings in the actual episode that copy AJ also end up with hats. what happens when you try to take these away from them is anyones guess.

#11 · 119w, 11h ago · · · Prologue? ·

>>1236365 Good point. I forgot about that :twilightsheepish:

#12 · 119w, 11h ago · · · Prologue? ·

INCEPTION MADNESS!!! :derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

#13 · 119w, 11h ago · · · Prologue? ·

That made absolutely no sense but I loved it :trollestia:

#14 · 119w, 11h ago · · · Prologue? ·


This is the best opening for a fic of this type I have ever seen!

#15 · 119w, 11h ago · · · Prologue? ·

A never ending nightmare... yeah that would cause me to freak out too. Unending... when do you trust reality and when do you know it's all a dream.

#16 · 119w, 10h ago · · · Prologue? ·


Looks great!  Keep up good work.

#17 · 119w, 10h ago · · · Prologue? ·

I'm sorry...but I'm still laughing my ass off at the dream within a dream bit. I know it was probably supposed to be super creepy, stressful, terrifying, and help us become one with Twilight's torment...but I just couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous it was! Haha! Keep up the good work!

#18 · 119w, 10h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Now, all you have to do is update more then once every blue moon.

#19 · 119w, 10h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Continue. I expect great things out of this. :trixieshiftright:

#20 · 119w, 10h ago · · · Prologue? ·

No Twilight, you are the changelings

And then Twilight was a changelings. :twilightoops:

Interesting to see which direction this goes.  Will Twilight accept her new self and turn all her friends (or at least Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy:) into changelings as well?  Are all her friends already changelings, along with Spike, all of 'Pony'ville, and the pool where they were relaxing?  Will they all toss her out and leave her broken only to reveal that it was just another changeling-induced nightmare and that she is still stuck in that cocoon?  

Waiting for the next exciting update.

#21 · 119w, 10h ago · · · Prologue? ·

The "layered nightmares" bit went on for a *little* too long, but besides that this is great.

You especially nailed Twi's mounting horror when she starts randomly transforming; I could almost hear her starting to cry.

tracked and liked, will likely fave.

#22 · 119w, 10h ago · · · Prologue? ·

omg this is so amazing! MORE!!!:flutterrage:

#23 · 119w, 10h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Interesting... It's like Mirror Image crossed with that-other-Twilight-changeling-story-whose-name-I-can't-remember. I like it.

#24 · 119w, 9h ago · · · Prologue? ·

>>1236947 I hope it will be that!

#25 · 119w, 9h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Not quite a full meh, but we'll see where this goes before I start shooting.

#26 · 119w, 9h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Has potential, especially with your skills. However, one thing: when I was reading the beginning of this chapter, through all the nightmares, it eventually reached a point where I thought, "did this person mistake the 'dark' tag for 'comedy?' :ajbemused:" Might think about revising that, because after the first few times it just starts getting ridiculous.

#27 · 119w, 9h ago · · · Prologue? ·

I do look forward to the next chapter of this.

#28 · 119w, 8h ago · · · Prologue? ·

why doesnt she jsut change into herself?

#29 · 119w, 8h ago · · · Prologue? ·

>>1237264 She does, for a bit. All of the changes she goes through are accidental; she has no idea herself what's happening, or why.

#30 · 119w, 8h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Okay, this is DEFINITELY going on my e-mail list. :pinkiehappy: Well done!

#31 · 119w, 8h ago · · · Prologue? ·

And then Twilight has the biggest mental breakdown in history...again.

#32 · 119w, 8h ago · · · Prologue? ·

>>1237349 how is this not a comedy? well i guess comedy is tragedy+time

#33 · 119w, 8h ago · · · Prologue? ·

moar moar moar moar moar!!!!!!!!!!! NOW:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: please?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#34 · 119w, 8h ago · · · Prologue? ·

>>1237389 Wrong person. I think you were meaning to reply to this one: >>1237184 unless I've gotten one or both of your statements confused.

#35 · 119w, 8h ago · · · Prologue? ·

So is this continuing or are you gonna be a fag and stop writing? :unsuresweetie:

#36 · 119w, 7h ago · · · Prologue? ·

>>1237264, she just became a changeling, she doesn't know how to change into herself yet:ajbemused:

#37 · 119w, 7h ago · · · Prologue? ·

So.... was the last part another dream or...?

#38 · 119w, 7h ago · · · Prologue? ·

>>1237601 No, I think it was real

#39 · 119w, 7h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Oh this looks delightfully dark. Hm, what is truth and what is fiction?

#40 · 119w, 7h ago · · · Prologue? ·


#41 · 119w, 7h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Looks pretty good - I'll be keeping an eye on this, I'm a sucker for "X is a changeling!" stories. Though, as others have mentioned, the sheer number of dreams does begin to get out of hand.

#42 · 119w, 7h ago · · · Prologue? ·

All those dream layers... we must go deeper.

#44 · 119w, 6h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Those two tags I tend to stay away, but the story is so interesting...hope everything gets okay though in the end.

#45 · 119w, 6h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Interesting. Im tracking this.

#46 · 119w, 6h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Veeeery interested in this.

#47 · 119w, 6h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Privet: Insanity Twilight meter is in the red sir, what do we do?

Commander: We watch it.

#48 · 119w, 5h ago · · · Prologue? ·

This is amazing.

Other than that, I can't really summon anything more specific, but you've already done the recursive nightmares to a sufficient depth for me to appreciate the kind of fear that Twilight must be feeling at this moment.

#49 · 119w, 5h ago · · · Prologue? ·

So far this is really interesting. I shall watch this one.


#50 · 119w, 5h ago · · · Prologue? ·

Man, those dreams were plain creepy.

Loving this.  Need more.

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