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  • Today
    Elements of Excess Cancelled

    I debated it for a long time, but I think it is finally time to admit that I am never going to finish this story. I could give you some fancy excuse or meandering reason, but I'll spare you that. The simple fact is that when I sat down to write the next chapter, despite having the plotline in my head, nothing happened. I tried to write and nothing came out. I like to think of myself as a professional with standards, which is why I was so afraid to cancel it for so long.

    This is the first thing I wrote that was actually popular, so I figured its cancellation warranted some sort of notice. I'm not done writing pony prose, but I simply don't have the drive to finish this story. This story is a mess and my own lack of skill is very apparent reading it so long after I wrote. I'm flattered that so many people enjoyed it despite its flaws, and I hope that the other things I have written and will continue to write will entertain people.

    I considered posting all my notes and outlines, but most of them were lost when my previous computer got a virus. For what it's worth, I put a rough outline of the rest of the story in a Gdoc over here. I considered uploading it as a chapter, but I did not want to mislead anyone with an update notification.

    I know how disappointing it is when a story one likes stops updating. I've gotten that feeling myself (once from Princess Sparkle's School for Eccentric Unicorns and once from the Ask Dirty Diamond Tiara tumblr). Feel free to vent in the comments, though be aware that I'm committed to the decision.

    1 comments · 22 views
  • 3w, 5d
    The Similarities Between Fan Fiction and Professional FIction

    It is often remarked on how different fan fiction is from original fiction. There is definitely truth to these remarks; the amateur nature of fan fiction and the baggage of using an existing setting creates many differences.

    Over time, however, I’ve noticed some similarities. One could say that some of these are reaching, or that they happen rarely, and that is not unreasonable. I thought it might be an interesting mental exercise regardless.

    The “It'll be done when it's done” Attitude: This is not universal, obviously, but many different artists have a habit of delaying their projects for extended periods of time. Naming them all would take forever, but a partial list can be found here. Valve Software and George R.R. Martin are probably two of the most infamous examples in modern pop culture.

    I personally don’t consider this a bad thing, to a degree. Creativity is not a faucet—it can’t be turned on and off at will. There are hundreds of examples of video games that were rushed out the door and tanked as a result.

    The main difference here, of course, is that fan fiction has no professional obligations. Taking its time is expected with fanfic. Admittedly, with things like Patreon that line is starting to get fuzzier, but the majority of fanfic authors don’t use that.

    Popularity snowballs and A-listers vs. Mid-listers: To become more popular, one needs to be popular. For every popular author, there is another less popular author (or, as devas pointed out in the comments, five less popular authors). This gap between the most known authors and creators shows up in both amateur and professional settings. Stephen King is almost a household name, Charles Stross less so, and Ken Liu even less than that. For every Descendant there is an ocalhoun behind them and a cleverpun below that.

    The obvious difference here is the scale. If a youtube user only has 5,000 followers, or a book only sells 5,000 copies, then it is not that popular. Meanwhile a FIMfic story with that many story views has done well, and if it has that many upvotes it is in a group of only a few dozen fics.

    This gap between different entertainers is a combination of many factors, but I would say that most of them apply to both fanfic and original fiction. Amount of output, timing and cultural relevance, subject matter, and ease of digestion all affect how popular someone is, and all those and more apply equally to all mediums.

    Relationships Between Fans and Creators: There was a time when this was exclusively the purview of fanfiction. In modern times, however, authors and creators have increasingly become friendly personalities. Cons, email, and blogging have all made communication between individuals easier, and artists are no longer on this lofty pedestal above their fans.

    The difference here, naturally, is the distance. With fanfic, a direct line to the author is right there on the story page, either in the form of a comment window or a PM button. With other media, you often have to dig up the author’s email or the company’s website before you can actually talk to them.

    This also goes in the opposite direction. Reclusive artists can be found in both fan fiction communities and professional settings. It is perhaps a bit harder to be reclusive on the internet, but hardly impossible. The fanfic author who answers no comments is a sort of parallel to the original fiction author who answers no email and goes to no cons.

    So there you are, three ways in which fan fiction and original fiction are not so different. Interesting to note, though, is that all these reasons relate to the presentation of the work. They focus on how the work is received and the interactions of creators with their audience. I considered a few reasons related to content (like how sex sells or shallow entertainment gets a bigger audience), but those seemed like more subjective issues. Perhaps in another post.

    As always, comments and counter-analysis welcome.

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  • 7w, 1d
    FIM and Wish Fulfillment

    It's no secret that Friendship is Magic has a preponderance of wish fulfillment, both in fanfiction and in art.

    This is nothing new. All fiction attracts escapism by its very nature. Yet FIM as a fandom seems to have a lot more of it. You could argue the law of averages here—more fans and more internet exposure may make the problem seem more severe than it really is.

    I don't think it is that simple. In this blog post I'll examine three factors that might explain this, at least partially. As with all my opinion posts, however, this is mostly speculation.

    Cutie Marks—This is a big one. Cutie marks mean that no pony ever has to worry about unemployment, "finding themselves", or living with their parents until they turn thirty because of the housing crash. Every character in the setting is good at something by default. This is an incredibly alluring prospect, and there are countless fics and ask blogs which are sort of "occupation porn"; They focus solely on ponies with cool jobs doing those jobs. Wouldn't being a firefighter or police officer without having to sit through years of training be pretty cool?

    I don't want to make any assumptions about the fandom as a whole, so I'll only reference myself when I say that finding a career is hard. I sort of lucked into choosing one and I still haven't completed all the training necessary to do it yet. The idea of a society where every person has a purpose, and yet avoids the dystopic overtones of having your path chosen for you (a la Brave New World et al.) is a very enticing prospect, and lots of wish fulfillment stories use it.

    Humanity is absent—This is nothing new. Science Fiction has been using the Humans Are Special routine for as long as the genre has existed.

    Ponies, however, gives this a different context. Humans don't exist in the setting by default. This means that if a human ends up there, then they are special and important by virtue of their existence. If a human/author stand-in appeared in the Legend of Korra universe or the Harry Potter universe, so what? If anything, they would be at a massive disadvantage without all them sweet powers and magic and whatnot. If an author avatar popped into Mass Effect, it wouldn't be worth noting. All the aliens there are quite familiar with humans (and several of them actively hate our guts). When a human appears in Equestria though, it is not the same. It is (within the logic of the story and real life), a justifiably big event. They are unique despite being normal, interesting despite being bland.

    The setting is malleable—I've said before that fanfiction authors do not attempt to perfectly emulate the universe. Fanfiction universes that tend to become popular are ones that leave a lot of details open for authors to use and speculate on.

    Equestria fits this criteria perfectly. It has an uneven technology level (trains and quills alongside more modern "electrical" devices like projectors and arcade cabinets). It has magic. It has thousands of years of backstory that the show has not bothered to expand on. It has other types of magic. It has classical mythology creatures alongside original creations. It even has its own High School AU. It's a mishmash of dozens of parts and slapping on a new one doesn't raise an eyebrow.

    This means that any element that appeals to an author can be included without much fuss. Does Luna own an Xbox 360? Sure, why not. Were humans there all along? Sure, why not. Do ponies know how to play Dungeons and Dragons? Sure, why not. Video games and tabletop RPGs are the main culprit here, but it can apply to anything. The universe has rules, but it is so poorly defined that space can be made for anything without contradicting the setting. And since wish fulfillment relies on appealing to the author, this becomes very easy for facilitating otherwise counter-intuitive things.

    Are these factors the only ones? Of course not. I left out quite a few things because other people have already made their own analyses of them (including, but not limited to; Spike, OC Stand-Ins, high female population, friendship, and low setting lethality). But these three are integral parts of the setting that, in many ways, foster wish fulfillment.

    If anyone wants to link to posts covering those or other topics, please do; I could not find them despite googling. And, as always, comments discussing what I missed, what you agree with, or what I could phrased better are always welcome.

    11 comments · 161 views
  • 7w, 1d
    Alternate TUSH versions now available on FIMfic

    By popular demand (complaint, whatever), the alternate gender versions of The Unexpected Sexual Harassment of Twilight Sparkle now have their own FIMfic entries. I suppose I could have uploaded them in the original entry, but that would have been a confusing mess.

    You may find their entries linked on the original story or below.

    All-mare version: FIMfic

    All-stallion version: FIMfic

    Stallion Twilight/mare main five version: FIMfic

    If you want to favorite them go ahead, but if you want to be notified of the (hypothetical) sequel, then you would be better off keeping the original favorited as well.

    So, there ya go. Let it never be said that I don't do tedious digital housekeeping for my fans. :rainbowkiss:

    0 comments · 110 views
  • 20w, 6d
    Writing Advice: How NOT to Write Edition

    In the past, I have made some attempts at giving writing advice. Between my limited qualifications and the delivery itself, however, said advice was of questionable merit.

    Today—in order to reconcile my limited skills with my desire to help others improve—I thought I would try something different. One of the most reliable ways to learn is from mistakes. In this post, I will walk you through one of my discarded stories, and try to pinpoint why it was not very good. Then, theoretically, you can learn from my mistakes and go on to make your own! Everybody wins, probably!

    This was a rather unorthodox way to construct things for me, so apologies in advance if parts are a little hard to follow or the structure is a bit odd. Please comment if you spot something that needs elaboration or rearrangement, and I'll do my best to fix it.

    With that, on to the fun part.

    The story in question is called Librarian Librarian Librarian. You can find the original Gdoc that I used for editing here (including some very astute comments from Burraku Pansa).


    The concept of the story was taken from a post in the TVTropes pony fanfiction thread; in a discussion about the differences between the various pony types, I wondered aloud what it would be like to have a story where one each of the three pony types have the same job. Since all three pony types are fairly different when it comes to talents/abilities/superpowers, I thought a contrast of how they do the same mundane job (librarian) would be interesting.

    Already problems show themselves. My initial concept was more suited to an essay or worldbuilding lecture than a proper story, and it lacked focus. The latter issue, in particular, is a thread that runs throughout my entire attempt at this fic.

    After writing half of the story, then taking a long break, and finally forcing myself to finish a conclusion, I had what I thought was a passable first draft. It clocked in around 5800 words. This is where, in retrospect, more problems show themselves. I really had to slog through the first draft—the actual act of writing was incredibly boring, and I didn't feel any attachment or interest in the characters. This should have been a red flag—if even the author is bored by a story, chances are your readers will be no better off.

    I asked someone from The Proofreader Group for editing assistance (the aforementioned Burraku Pansa), and despite going through another draft or two the story did not change much. It was when moving to the third draft that I realized the story's main flaw was being boring.

    Let's take a look at some of the passages to get a better sense of what I mean.

    Soft Shock glanced over the card again. She blew an errant bit of green hair out of her face and looked up. “You do realize this was due a week ago?”

    The pegasus looked to the left. “I know, but…”

    Soft Shock sighed. Her horn lit up and a quill floated out of a nearby inkwell. “If I had half a bit for every patron that came in here with a late book and said ‘I know, but’ then I would be a very rich mare.”

    “Couldn’t you make an exception just this once?”

    Soft made a large, sharp check mark on the card. She wrote a few numbers next to it and slid it back inside the sleeve in the book. A box filled with folders floated out from under her desk. She flicked a few of them forward. T-A…T-E…T-H, there we are. She pulled out a few slips of stapled paper and glanced over the first page.

    “This is your third late book, Mr. Thunderstruck. So no, I can’t.” She wrote a few numbers on the form and slipped it and Thunderstruck’s library card back inside the box. She levitated the box under the desk and turned back to the pegasus. “Since you’ve had so many late books, I’m sure you know the drill by now. You can have your card back when you pay the late fee.”

    Thunderstruck sighed. “Fine, I guess I’ll be back tomorrow.”

    Soft Shock smiled. “I appreciate a good book as much as any pony, but rules are rules.”

    “I guess.” Thunderstruck turned and trotted out of the library, his hooves clacking loudly on the tile as he left.

    This is how the story opens, and despite being nearly 300 words long, almost nothing happens. A lack of conflict can be used well, but there are several problems that prevent this from being engaging;

    * Actions are described in a very dull way. All of the mundane actions that both characters take are described in the barest terms possible. "She did this." "He did that." "She wrote something down." Slice of life stories rely heavily on their prose being engaging, since the events themselves do not have any inherent excitement.

    * There is no payoff. While there is some very bare buildup (we want to see how the characters react to the late book), the resolution is over in a sentence or two. Stories rely on the reader being curious how things will turn out, and this blunt resolution to even a minor conflict gives the reader no payoff. It is impossible to feel happy or interested, because how the conflict and its resolution was presented was over so fast.

    * There is limited description of characters and setting. A slow start is a common trend in all fiction—introducing the readers to the characters and setting takes time, and so the audience does have some tolerance for slowness at the beginning. This story, however, makes almost no effort to describe the characters or library to the reader. Combined with the above problems, it makes attaching to the characters impossible, which is the opposite of what a story should do.

    All these problems (and more) repeat across the entire story, so I will spare you sitting through more of it. Suffice to say that this passage is a decent encapsulation of the unengaging writing.


    Next, let's look at the story's plot and flow, such as they are. The initial sequence of events goes like this;

    Unicorn Librarian talks to Late Customer.

    Unicorn Librarian does some paperwork.

    Another Patron comes in looking for some Starswirl books.

    Unicorn Librarian summons Pegasus Librarian to help Patron.

    Unicorn Librarian tells Pegasus Librarian what the Patron wants

    Unicorn Librarian and Pegasus Librarian have an inane chat.

    [. . .]

    You can see how boring this is from the summary, and this is only the first 1200 words of 5600. As pointed out in the previous section, stories have to engage the reader. All the actions that the characters take both drag on too long and have very tenuous connections to each other. It takes Pegasus Librarian another 800 words to show the Patron where the section he needs is, and another 700 to grab some books and return to Unicorn Librarian at the front desk. The pacing goes beyond slow and into glacial. The introduction of a new character (Earth Pony Librarian) does nothing to alleviate this problem. Indeed, her interactions with the other characters are more of the same inane conversation and overly drawn out mundane tasks.

    The story ends when the three ponies finish up and leave. There's a few minor goodbyes, and then the story ends as they head home.

    The plot line also had other noticeable shortcomings. The ostensible point of the fic was to highlight the differences between the pony types, but the only time all three are together is at the end. The concept did not inform the themes, and as a result the plot line did not explore the subject matter properly—the contrasts between pony types are not evident enough to carry the story, and the events themselves are not interesting enough to make up for it.

    It is clear then, that the plot and flow have several key issues;

    * They don't engage the reader

    * There is only a tenuous connection between events, both thematic and otherwise.

    * Events take too long to happen.

    * The plot doesn’t follow through on the concept


    Finally, let's take a look at the editing process (though given my “involvement” in it, that may be too charitable a term).

    Again, I must point that many of the problems mentioned thus far were pointed out by my editor in their very first readthrough of it. Looking over the Gdoc revision history, however, reveals a very limited number of changes. Here’s a passage to illustrate;

    An errant sunbeam hit his eye. His eye squinted shut and he glanced up at the ceiling. He looked up. The strip of glass panels across the center of the roof gave a clear view of the sun. Huh, guess I spent longer shelving books than I thought. Didn’t expect the sun to be that low.

    He looked down. There was a large “517” painted across the shelf in white block lettering. He looked to the right; tThe other shelves had similar labels. They were large enough to be readable five shelves over. They were there to help the other pegasi staff locate things quickly—new hires even had a habit of carrying binoculars as they adjusted to the sheer size of the building. Of course, Helter hadn’t been made one of the head librarians for nothing. Not that he needed them.

    These edits don’t do anything to address the problems the editor pointed out. If anything, they make the glacial pacing and dull sentence structure worse. Rather than targeting the problems that had been pointed out, I thought a few minor adjustments would fix the problem. I did not utilize the advice I was given properly.

    This can be seen as late as the third draft—instead of actually correcting problems, I was just adding more of the same, making the story longer/different, but not better.


    We can see then, that this story had many issues; bland concept, unengaging writing, paper thin plot, and lack of changes across drafts. All of these combine to make a very boring, dull narrative, without any emotional weight or interest. The writing can’t carry the concept, nor stand on its own.

    Hopefully, there are lessons here that can apply to other stories, not just this one. Synergy between themes, concept, and plot; individual sentence structure backing up plotting and flow; and the importance of appraising and applying advice are all among the lessons that this story taught me, but those are hardly the only ones.

    Thanks for sitting through this entire post. With any luck, it was not a complete waste of your time. Comments welcome, naturally.

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  • ...


Discord was defeated. Villains always are. It’s really quite cliché.

Before he lost, he asked himself a question: what if your virtues went out of control, rather than your flaws? Perhaps if the heroes and villains weren't so clear-cut, the conclusion wouldn't be so inevitable. If nothing else, there would be some fun chaos along the way!

Can the main six find a way to undo Discord's magic, in spite of themselves and each other?

Disclaimer; I have been working on this for a while, and the writing at the beginning is not as good as the writing later. Hopefully it is not too great of an impediment to the story.

Editing by Meta Four, ocalhoun, Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi, Sessalisk, Sereg, and JapaneseTeeth, all of whom are amazing. Go shower them with admiration!

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Alternate cover by sstwins! Unfortunately I couldn't use it since it compresses badly on fimfic, but still worth a look!

Google Docs version (contains unpublished/scrapped chapters and early drafts--if you're only interested in the finished product you can safely ignore this link)

First Published
16th Sep 2012
Last Modified
11th Sep 2013

EDIT: "Ch 0: Chaos" has been cut for not adding enough to the story and for being boring.

Versions of it are still available in the google doc for the curious

SO far so good, Im liking this already. I read the prologue entirely in "his" voice. :)

Looking forward to the rest.

Nice plot, and did Discord use his powers to bestow common sense? Seems legit.

I do Like this ^_^

tracking just to know what will you do with Pinkie.:pinkiecrazy:

Hmm... I gotta say, this looks quite interesting. Definitely gonna keep track of this!:pinkiehappy:

let me get this..So discord "amplified" her elements? in a chaotic way ,huh


Great concept.

Great fic, but shouldn't this have an "alternate universe" tag?


Pinkie isn't until a few chapters in, look up "mania" if you're impatient though :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:


Not really, it's a hypothetical that takes place sometime after season 2. I guess Ch. 0 takes place in season 2 episode 2, but it's not deviating from the the show in any, just filling a gap.

This is really interesting, can't wait to see where you take it!

Ohhhh dear...

...watching this. :yay:

Hmm... you had me at Discord, lets see what 'presents' he left behind. Funny I am doing the same thing in a story I am working on. It just makes too much sense that Discord would know he was going to lose and leave some bits behind before he as zapped.

Ha, this is awesome. Manic Twi, Brutally honest Jack, and now clingy Dash. Can't wait to see what is next!

I can't think of words to describe this, so I will give you my reactions:










It's looking good so far. Loved how brutally honest Applejack was. Keep up the good work!


That is all I will say about that chapter.

I can't wait for the others.

So tell me, why do you release a fic BEFORE the editor is done? Or to make it more WTF, before he has recieved the fic?


'cause my last editor wasn't punctual, and because I like attention?

Iwas sad when Project Saturation was canceled, but now I got this to read. Its all okay. :twilightsmile:


Never heard of it 'till you mentioned it, but thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Hooray for update. Love me some Clingy Dash. Just glue yourself to AJ and you will be all set.

“Easy there, Clingy. Bad enough I agreed to hold your sweaty hand through half of Ponyville.”

“Yeah, no kidding!” Dash draped her arm over AJ’s shoulders as she agreed.

I believe that should be 'hoof' and 'foreleg', respectively.


Thanks for the note. Arm is a totally legitimate synonym for foreleg, I'm told, but the "hand" is a definite derp on my part- fixed

Spike, you're gonna have to fix this...

Clingy Dash is even better here than she was in the first draft.

Clingy Dash. New headcannon get.

(Mistake made on purpose)

Their all quite, quite mad. Hooray!

Poor little animals :fluttercry:

"Too much of a good thing."

That saying applies perfectly to this fic.  I wonder how long before Spike finally writes to Celestia.  Probably after he sees all of the Mane 6 afflictions.


They're mostly fine, though their breath smells horrible. :pinkiesick:


I was going to reference a letter at the end of this chapter but I didn't want to bog it down - it shows up in the next one.

Oh, this cannot end well. Rarity...

Watch, Rarity will end up giving every single thing she owns to random ponies that she doesn't even know.

Looks like Fluttershy hasn't changed at all. :trollestia:

This story is amazing! You did a great job keeping the Mane 6 (or really mane 4) in character, even if their personalities are magnified! :yay::ajsmug::rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

Whoah. Your name is cleverpun, and mine is somethingclever. It's like we both couldn't think of anything clever, so we put something referencing that as our usernames, which in turn made the inability to think of something clever into something clever.

Oh god, Pinkie! Jesus, that's going to be horrible. I mean, Rarity's going to be one ball of wax, but an overdose of happiness, combined with Pinkie's natural predisposition towards physics-breaking...

My god, they're all going to die.

Great to see that you got this up on EQD.  Looking forward to future chapters. :pinkiecrazy:

Gratz on the EQD spot, dude. You've earned it.

Applejack! Applejack! Big Macintosh got caught stealing Twilight's Smartypants doll! He needs your advice!


Oh dear... Discord would be proud... :facehoof:

Rainbow Dash is now AJ's bitch, whether she wants one or not. xD

I think Applejack is confusing "Honesty" with "Bitch", also loyal RD is best RD.

“Well, that’s an unsettlin’ sentiment—almost as unsettlin’ as the way Dash is caressin’ my coat!” and that line is the reason I'm cleaning canada dry from my monitor and keyboard :rainbowlaugh:

huh. I while back, I had this exact same Idea.


nah, it's cool. you've done this a lot better then I ever would.

I read the first four chapters.  It's just so amazing to see four of the six main ponies have their personalities magnified to ludicrous levels, just as their personalities went the opposite directions in Return of Harmony.  Twilight becomes more obsessed with studying; Applejack is the pony-equivalent of Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay: Brutally honest, almost to a fault; Rainbow is as much clingy to her friends as a gamer is to Call of Duty or World of Warcraft; and Fluttershy is putting too much of herself behind her friends' well-beings.  And, in the next two chapters, Pinkie Pie will probably laugh herself and others around her to death (hopefully, not literally, though), while Rarity would give everything in her shop to charity, even the stuff she might need to make a living, like dresses to make and sell, or food on the plate!

And Celestia watches from Canterlot, munching popcorn... :trollestia:

>>1829272 But the description says this is Discord's fault. Though that might still hold true (in a Narcissistic way).

  This is a great story so far, flanderizing their elements to the extreme. I'm worried how this affects Pinkie and Rarity. >>1830728's guess sounds accurate.

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