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  • Mendacity Bon Bon, Lyra, and the Unseelie Court by Dromicosuchus 74,792 words · 23,118 views · 1,519 likes · 23 dislikes


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  • The Three SistersShining Armor and Cadence's spell reveals something completely unexpected.6,388 words ·28,304 views ·2,810 likes ·56 dislikes
  • Gestalt Trace's Last StandGestalt Trace is in a lot of trouble... but all she wanted was to be a heroine3,149 words ·1,645 views ·91 likes ·6 dislikes
  • The Sweetie Chronicles: FragmentsSweetie Belle must find Twilight by travelling through different Fanfic worlds...311,662 words ·24,830 views ·2,592 likes ·46 dislikes
  • What if: Rarity from The Three Sisters met with ChrysalisA 'what if' short that explores what the pair would have to say to each other.4,323 words ·15,989 views ·1,725 likes ·22 dislikes
  • Sparkle's No. 1 AssistantTwilight gets a more effective assistant.1,558 words ·4,972 views ·875 likes ·37 dislikes
  • The Three Sisters: Like FudgeChrysalis' daughters are serving their community service in Ponyville. Nothing can go wrong.8,571 words ·3,494 views ·742 likes ·11 dislikes

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