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  • Mendacity Bon Bon, Lyra, and the Unseelie Court by Dromicosuchus 74,792 words · 14,488 views · 1,414 likes · 22 dislikes


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  • The Three SistersShining Armor and Cadence's spell reveals something completely unexpected.6,388 words ·24,775 views ·2,435 likes ·53 dislikes
  • What if: Rarity from The Three Sisters met with ChrysalisA 'what if' short that explores what the pair would have to say to each other.4,323 words ·13,466 views ·1,452 likes ·18 dislikes
  • The Three Sisters: Extended FamilyA pony has arrived in Ponyville looking for her 'auntie Purity'.28,565 words ·14,798 views ·1,982 likes ·27 dislikes
  • The Changeling QueenChrysalis has to choose a successor.4,842 words ·18,321 views ·1,284 likes ·44 dislikes
  • X is a ChangelingThere's a lot more going around Fluttershy's cottage than anypony knew. 3,036 words ·2,695 views ·379 likes ·10 dislikes
  • WD: The HiE ExperimentWD dies and ends up in Equestria. Then dies again. And again. And again.46,078 words ·6,424 views ·747 likes ·37 dislikes

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King Sombra is a good villain

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>>1099791 No. I didn't see them. I usually just need an explanation for speed. Also, I'm still irritated by I can't stop writing here. It'll lead to memory loss and contact loss and I hate that. If ever you think about doing it again, I'm still here and so is Coccoon.

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>>1094286 Sorry bro, if you saw the blogs I have a lot of crap going on IRL

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Tooktoolongtothink. I'm not writing for this site anymore, so you don't need to bother with the collab idea.

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>>1082532 Sure, go ahead.

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