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I'm an old-school MLP fan, glad the new show is doing great.

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Anyway, time for some wibbly! Time for some wobbly. Time for some timey and time for... Twilight to go off the deep end. Again. because it's about time I review...

It's About Time

We open with... Spike and Rarity walking through the land of ice cream. And Spike shows her the ice cream house he made for her. The clopping of hooves downstairs wake him up and he goes down to see Twilight pacing about. It's 3 AM. What's got her so worried? It's the fourth, but not May. So no 'May the Fourth be with you' jokes? They forgot to celebrate Arbor Day? She finished scheduling for this month, but she didn't leave time to plan for next month!

Am... I supposed to find this funny? I don't. I actually hate Twilight like this. I hate it so damned much. It's not funny. It's not quirky. Spike leaves her to her madness. "And I woke up from an ice cream dream for this." After the credits, the rooster's crow and apparently all fucking night, she can now make her schedule for next month. Although why she didn't do it right then and there... Anyway, an Ominous Wind kicks up. There's a hemisphere of light, some books and papers flying out of it and a flash. There's a Twilight Sparkle there! She's wearing a black bodysuit, has an eyepatch, a small scar and her hair looks like she shook hands with Electro. I'd make a Metal gear joke... but I have NO knowledge of the games. I've never played them. I think the main guy's name is Snake?

I'm not joking, either. I know next to nothing about that series.

Present-Twilight has a minor freakout and declares the other one to not be scientifically possible. Twilight, shut up. There's a very important message from the future. Great scott, this is heavy! Unfortunately, Cadance won't show up until the season-finale, so the Power of Love can't help out. Twilight asks if there's some epic pony war in the distant future. Insert your own Fallout: Equestria jokes here, folks. Never read it. :p But no, she's from next Tuesday morning. Okay, that was legit funny. :D The future one's got an important message, and exposits the time-travel spell's in the Star Swirl the Bearded wing of the Royal Library. The present version rambles on like an idiot despite her future self telling her she's got an important message. And as expected, she goes back to the future at 88 miles per hour before she can finish. Twilight, you idiot. Fifteen.

Twilight has the usual time-travel-tenses problem, then realizes the future must be horrible!

Outside, Pinkie is floating along, kicking the air. She's off to a party. She's got balloons. Right behind her... Fluttershy is weighed down with at least five heavy bags of party supplies. Okay, Pinkie? I get Fluttershy was... a jerk last episode, but this is still bullcrap. Twilight runs into Fluttershy and dons some Groucho glasses. She hops onto a fencepost and says she's got something important to tell everyone. They laugh at her with the glasses, natch. :D She says they have a crisis, and they gasp. She then says what happened... and Amethyst Star, Doctor Whooves, Berry Punch and Carrot Top all laugh at her.

Okay, folks? You live next door to the Everfree Forest. Your rulers are long-lived magical pony princesses who move the heavens by their command. Dance numbers happen pretty much spontaneously. How is being visited by her future self the one that's 'too out there' for you?! Fortunately, Applejack outta bucking nowhere. And she takes Twilight seriously. Applejack, you win a gold star. Pinkie Pie, still tied to the balloons and floating, skitters along screaming, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" And I laugh. :D

So, twilight uses her organizational skills in a productive manner. She has Dash and the other pegasi scout out any potential disasters. Pinkie drifts by and asks if anyone else wants to panic with her. Okay, so she's all set. Twilight says to disaster-proof Equestria! We have a... disaster-proofing montage. First, the dam, complete with Rarijack moment. The Cakes' fill up the water tower. Pinkie and Big Mac check on a bridge, complete with him dunking Pinkie into the water. :D The CMCs do some light cleaning up. Spike fills in some cracks in Golden Oaks. Rarity... snips a stray lock from Pinkie's hair. Rarity, priorities?! Applejack's also checked the Everfree, and Dash's team's checked "From Fillydelphia to Las Pegasus." Twilight's skeptical that they've fixed the problem, and suddenly there's a huge roar!

It's Cerberus, three-headed guardian of Tartarus! Pinkie Pie... "Okay, everypony. Follow my lead!" She then screams and runs off. And damn that was good. The rest scatter. And if he's here, no one's watching the store at the gates of hell. This is where Tirek escapes, too. Hopefully unnoticed by Celestia, or else I am gonna have words with her. Twilight... thinks it's great, and then taunts the huge hellhound. Okay... she thinks this is the big disaster, so partial justification. Fortunately Fluttershy pulls a Usagi and gives him a belly rub. We also get the 'Pinkie has ___ stashed in case of ___ emergency," as Twilight gets a ball from her and uses it to lure Cerberus home. Clever girl.

The next morning, Spike's had a great night's sleep. Twilight returns, stinky but successful. Spike suddenly burps up a lost-dog flyer from Celestia... right in Twilight's face. The first sign! It's the scar the future version had. Wait, she can't but a band-aid on it? She's back into panic mode. She has literally worn a groove in the floor. She then snaps at Spike for pointing it out. "I don't have time for another one of your lectures!" Wow, hypocrite much? That wasn't even a lecture. Thankfully, Spike throws it back at her. She figures it's what she doesn't do. So she 'ports out to a spot and decides not to move until next Tuesday. Wow. Twilight, you've cracked. Even more. Spike decides to taunt her, despite her massively fragile nature at the moment, and will eat a whole tub of ice cream. Twilight says to think of the stomachache, and Spike says it's future-Spike's problem. Damn, Spike...

Anyway, Dash comes in and reports Baltimare is all-clear. And she sees Twilight standing stock-still and Spike stuffing his face with ice cream. Spike explains Twilight's 'plan' and Rainbow Dashole has some fun. Spike then begins tickling Twilight's throat and I am getting pissed at him. She TK's him away, he hits a wall and belches out some fire. It hits her and she gains her Patti Smythe and Scandal hairdo. Although... can't she just fix her hair? No, seriously. She's frustrated she doesn't know what the disaster is to stop it, but Spike knows someone! He takes her to a tent. Madame Pinkie's place! And I say what the hell?! Pinkie's gone full Gypsy Rose Lee inside. And I actually really wish this was Trixie. :p Pinkie sees... Twilight will get a really cool birthday present next year! Twilight asks about the Pinkie Sense, and... that actually makes sense to do. Except the Sense is only for vague and immediate events. A potted plant then falls on Twilight's head. Hah, hah? "Where did that even come from?" Okay, that was definitely, "Hah, hah!"

Back at Golden Oaks, Pinkie finds Twilight in full crazy-pants mode. She's racing back and forth between telescopes, writing stuff down and has gone nuts. Well, nutsier than usual. Spike is still an idiot concerning the ice cream, too. Twilight tells Pinkie a bunch of technobabble concerning a telescope, and has a bandage from the flowerpot, like her future self. She's now monitoring everything. And Pinkie's freaked out by it. She stared at the Horse head Nebula for three straight hours and I am getting my tranquilizer gun ready. And possibly other 'tools'. And she hasn't slept since future-Twilight's showed up. And Tuesday is tomorrow, too. Twilight 'ports up to look through the telescope that she told Pinkie about... and she looks straight into the sun. Ouch... Pinkie's got eye patches stashed all over Equestria, and the looks is almost complete. So she decides to... stop time. Sixteen.

At Canterlot, Twilight, Spike and Pinkie are set to break into the Canterlot Library... and we've gone full-on spy mode with Twilight. Spike takes back his role as voice of reason and says it's not illegal to walk through Canterlot at night. But Twilight spies guards and they... mime? Vogue? Something. Spike complains about their black bodysuits, and Pinkie thought it was for fun. Wait, so is she Angel Bob, then? Oh, and Spike is still eating ice cream. Pinkie punts twilight through the window and they're in for this impossible mission. If they're caught or killed, Fluttershy will disavow any knowledge of their actions. Spike speaks for me. "Let's get this over with."

We have some sneaking about, the guards being pretty oblivious. Twilight's calculations... lead right back to where they started. Right across is the wing. And that... was funny. :D Then a guard comes up... and recognizes Twilight! He opens the door, and now we see why they didn't do anything to her. Nice. :D Twilight sees her full image and has no idea where any time-stopping spells are. And thank god for that. The sun rises, it's Tuesday morning and... nothing. Celestia outta nowhere and says nice new hairstyle. Hah!

And yeah, there's no disaster. Twilight is able to laugh at herself and how she looks, so good on her there. She decides to solve problems as they come and stop worrying about every little thing. *Looks ahead* Yeah... get back to me on that, Twi. :p She wishes she had learned it last week. Pinkie pops up with a spell she found.

"It doesn't stop time, but it lets you go back in time. It says you can go back once, and it only lasts for a few moments." Sounds like an early prototype spell, actually. Twilight decides to use the spell to tell her past self to not worry. And we all know how that went. Also, Spike gets a bad stomachache. Eh... considering how much of a jerkass he was, and it was a lesson he needed... Twilight TKs him onto her back to get him home. Okay, legit good on her there.


I have no idea how to feel about this episode. There's good. There's bad. I liked the town pulling together. I hated Twilight's breakdown. I liked Pinkie Pie. Spike was pretty jerkish. I... I don't know. I think the good outweighed the bad... but not by much, to be honest.

Also, Twilight? *Slaps Twilight upside the head* BAD TWILIGHT! BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, tune in tomorrow for... oh, joy. Dragon Quest, or 'Unfortunate Implications: the Episode'. Yeah, spoilers? I hate that episode too.

That is Vector Prime. Twilight's got some explaining to do.

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