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Back in August of 2012, GBscientist of Space Battles wrote a short-story in the Hasbroverse. It's untitled, but can be found here. A short summary is a group of Decepticons under Galvatron's command attempt a raid on a human mining colony, but it goes very wrong very quickly when the colony's defenders, the Iron Grenadiers, fight them off.

It's rather good. The action is well-written and easy to follow, the characters are good, and I do rather like how this exemplifies the 'Con's how the mighty have fallen status in the Hasbroverse. For these and other reasons, I have decided to make this official Hasbroverse canon, making GBscientist the second author for the 'verse. Congrats, GB. :D

And for the record, I should've posted this a long time ago. I was wrong not to, and I apologize.

This also makes this a... shared 'verse! *GASP!* What next?! ;)

Also, for the record, if any of you have Space Battles accounts, do NOT post there asking when/if it's gonna be updated. That would be a pretty bad thread necro and usually isn't looked too kindly upon by the mods.

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Thanks for the Fave of As a Mother, RK. I hope that the story gave you something to ponder about Tia and what she has given up to serve her little ponies.:pinkiesad2:

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Thanks for faving:twilightsmile:

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Thank you for favoriting She Knows How To Treat a Lady! :raritystarry:

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Gg. Great stories mate. :ajsmug:

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