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I'm a long time science fiction and animation fan who stumbled into My Little Pony fandom and got caught -- I guess I'm a Brony Forever now.

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  • T Teacher Zero

    YOH 1501: In the aftermath of Twilight's mental breakdown, Princess Celestia considers her own mistakes.  · Jordan179
    7,473 words · 2,868 views  ·  279  ·  27
  • T Kindness Is Magic

    S1E01 of Kindness Is Magic -- the Quest of the Elements from Fluttershy's point of view.  · Jordan179
    2,592 words · 230 views  ·  22  ·  3
  • T Post-Traumatic

    April, YOH 1505: Twilight Sparkle and her Companions have returned to Ponyville from Our Town. Now they must deal with the emotional price of their incomplete victory.  · Jordan179
    65,404 words · 1,160 views  ·  92  ·  13
  • T Her Special Gift

    Early in the morning after marrying Cheese Sandwich, Pinkie Pie gives him a very special present. In his sleep.  · Jordan179
    2,673 words · 749 views  ·  33  ·  8
  • T Getting Stuck

    You made a few bad decisions and trusted someone you shouldn't have and now you're trapped in a world of talking little ponies!  · Jordan179
    3,325 words · 245 views  ·  17  ·  8
  • T Dancing Alone

    YOH 1505: Moon Dancer has resumed her friendships. But can she overcome the damage of her alienation?  · Jordan179
    18,897 words · 350 views  ·  25  ·  6
  • T Audience Reaction

    YOH 1548: Rarity is not pleased with High Concept's Succession ad on the Twelfth Equestriad Interview show.  · Jordan179
    2,867 words · 485 views  ·  27  ·  9 · sex
  • T Undying Love

    Celly and Dissy have fallen in love. But another is jealous of their happiness, and dark dreams threaten their happiness. Can Love conquer all?  · Jordan179
    4,517 words · 382 views  ·  34  ·  12 · sex
  • T Fools and Drunks

    Spring 1505. Snips Fields and Snailsquirm Carrot do something a bit dangerous to celebrate Snails' sixteenth birthday. What could possibly go wrong?  · Jordan179
    7,573 words · 336 views  ·  28  ·  6 · sex
  • T Love Starved

    Compound's lost her administrative post and been assigned to what amounts to a suicide team. Will she have to spend these last months of her life alone? Or will she find friendship in the least likely of places?  · Jordan179
    5,934 words · 228 views  ·  19  ·  2 · sex · gore
  • T Can You Go Home Again?

    A Pinkie Pie who lost her way comes home for the holidays, bringing her best friend and dearest love for moral support.  · Jordan179
    3,731 words · 406 views  ·  22  ·  3 · sex
  • T Ruminations in Stone

    Wind Whistler, trapped within Discord in the form of a stone statue in the gardens of the Royal Palace of Canterlot, muses on many things.  · Jordan179
    2,293 words · 365 views  ·  26  ·  2 · sex
  • T The Fall of Hive Hunger-Prime

    Theoretical-Infiltrator Compound, pressed into service in her Hive's last desperate need, muses on how it all went wrong as she awaits her end.  · Jordan179
    18,028 words · 387 views  ·  30  ·  4 · gore
  • T A World of Illusions

    Three girls encounter some unusual events at Canterlot High School.  · Jordan179
    4,174 words · 687 views  ·  37  ·  6 · sex
  • T His Mark On History

    Across the Stormy Seas to the east of Equestria, on the continent of Taura, the ponies of the Running Water are oppressed by their Griffon overlords. Can young First Strong Messenger strike a blow for independence and change history?  · Jordan179
    4,405 words · 187 views  ·  16  ·  2 · gore
  • E Royal Business

    When Spike is called away to Canterlot on Royal Business, he expects to have to do something for Princess Celestia. Instead, he winds up being interviewed by Princess Luna and fed a lot of gems. Life can be tough for a young Dragon!  · Jordan179
    9,491 words · 1,517 views  ·  68  ·  4
  • T Substitute Mentor

    Wise Dreamer was the mentor of the Pony magician Trixie Lulamoon, but he can't be everywhere at once. When the Humanoid Trixie is fated to fall into Nightmare, Wise Dreamer, busy in another dimension, must find her a substitute mentor.  · Jordan179
    6,164 words · 379 views  ·  27  ·  9 · sex · gore
  • T Divine Jealousy and The Voice of Reason

    Late Season 4: When Discord discovers that Fluttershy has another love interest, will he attempt a traditional solution? Or can a Voice of Reason stay his hand?  · Jordan179
    73,965 words · 1,403 views  ·  89  ·  18 · sex

Top Favourites

  • My Little Balladeer The Elements of Harmony find themselves facing an evil beyond their knowledge, armed with an alien magic. In desperation they use their Elements to summon aid and get - a hillbilly with a silver-strung guitar? by Ardashir 151,377 words · 2,807 views · 121 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Lost Cities North of Canterlot, in the far marches of the Equestrian lands near the Griffon tribes, there is a mountain that flies. by Cold in Gardez 11,045 words · 6,560 views · 875 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Without a Hive A young changeling is separated from his hive, and must blend in and survive among the ponies of Equestria. by Phoenix_Dragon 189,652 words · 14,695 views · 1,491 likes · 25 dislikes
  • Traitor The story of "Twilight's Kingdom" from Discord's point of view. by alarajrogers 29,255 words · 2,439 views · 214 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Pony POV Series Season Four: Generation Transitions & Origins Why is Pinkie Pie 'weird'? Why is Celestia? Why is Discord? A connection between G1,MLPT, G3, and by Alex Warlorn 79,042 words · 3,197 views · 162 likes · 6 dislikes

The "Shadow Wars"

The machinations of the Cosmic Concepts have shaped the history of the Ponies for ten thousand years.  But now their mistakes have cracked the Cosmos, and the Shadows seep through to claim our own Universe for their dark and predatory purposes.  If they can gain a bridgehead on Equestria's Earth, this will be but the first step in a war of extermination against our continuum, a war which will end in the destruction of all life in our own Universe.

Can Celestia lead the defense of the Earth and save, not only her little Ponies, but all Earthlife, from utter annihilation?  Can Luna be redeemed from the Shadows and return to her former greatness?  Will Discord prove a powerful ally, or betray them all to damnation?  Can a new generation of powerful beings aid them enough to bring victory?  Or will the Earth die, drained of its vitality by the sinister Shadows?

List of stories in the Shadow Wars universe further down the page.

Now with its own master TV Tropes Page!

Featured Completed Stories

  • Nightmares Are Tragic Nightmare Moon spends a thousand years banished to the Moon, then returns to seek her revenge. From HER point of view. by Jordan179 32,977 words · 4,844 views · 351 likes · 19 dislikes
  • An Extended Performance The Great and Powerful Trixie gives the performance of her life during the Longest Night in Eqeustrian history. Start of Season 1. by Jordan179 26,641 words · 1,408 views · 73 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Teacher Zero YOH 1501: In the aftermath of Twilight's mental breakdown, Princess Celestia considers her own mistakes. by Jordan179 7,473 words · 2,868 views · 279 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Post-Traumatic April, YOH 1505: Twilight Sparkle and her Companions have returned to Ponyville from Our Town. Now they must deal with the emotional price of their incomplete victory. by Jordan179 65,404 words · 1,160 views · 92 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Twelfth Equestriad Interview Two and a half decades after the final victory over the Shadows, Princess Luna records an interview for the Summer Sun Celebration by Jordan179 15,740 words · 1,097 views · 60 likes · 11 dislikes

The Flutterarc

  • Dragonshyness Fluttershy endures one of the most frightening experiences of her life. (It is a testament to the utter terror that can be Fluttershy's life that confronting a full-grown Dragon counts as only "one" of the most terrifying days of her by Jordan179 38,857 words · 1,148 views · 70 likes · 6 dislikes
  • A Robust Solution Fluttershy comes to terms with a mistake from her past, and learns how to handle herself in the future, with the help of her good friend Rarity. by Jordan179 11,859 words · 922 views · 82 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Fluttershy Is Free Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go to see a butterfly migration. Mid-Season 1, immediately after "Call of the Cutie." by Jordan179 10,460 words · 1,569 views · 112 likes · 5 dislikes

List of Stories in the Shadow Wars Series

Here are the stories of the Shadow Wars, roughly in order, including major incomplete and projected works:

Undying Love (incomplete):  Takes place from around 2500 to 1500 years ago.  Discord and Celestia; how he loved and lost her, in a love that is undying, much as they might wish they could forget.

Corruption at Nightfall (incomplete):  Takes place over a thousand years ago.  The tale of Prince Crimson Quartz and Lady Tourmaline of the Crystal Empire, and Princess Luna of Equestria; and how the Empire fell into darkness.

All the Way Gone (projected):  The story of how Princess Luna of Equestria fell into the Nightmare.

"His Recipe For Love" (complete, 11,334 words):  YOH 1252, or 248 years before the Season One opener.  Aventurine Miter is very much in love with his wife Harmonia Pie.  Join them on the Hunt for the Ingredient of the Cupcakes of Life!  M-rated, NSFW, both sex and gore.

Collateral Damage (complete, 32,231 words):  In YOH 1481, some 19 years before the start of Season 1, ex-Guardspony Falcon Punch tries to deliver a vital package from Appleloosa to Canterlot -- but unknown to him, an elite Changeling Infiltrator is on his trail!  Characters include Falcon Punch, Princess Ceymi, and a 9-year-old Cheerilee.  Dark tragedy, with gore and (very limited but horrifying) sexual content.

Pinkie Sense and Sensibility (incomplete):  The birth and early life of Pinkie Pie and her sisters.

"Ruminations in Stone" (complete, 2,292 words):  Spring, YOH 1500, a couple months before Luna's Return and the start of Season One.  Wind Whistler, trapped within the stone statue of Discord, muses about her past and future.

Nightmares Are Tragic (complete, 32,976 words):  S1E1-2, June 21-22 YOH 1500, The Elements of Harmony (Season One opener), from Luna's perspective.  The core story of the Shadow Wars continuity, introducing its interpretation of the Mane Six and especially of Princess Luna and the true nature of the Shadows.

An Extended Performance: (complete, 26,639 words) S1, June YOH 1500 (same time as the Season One opener): Side-story to Nightmares Are Tragic, detailing how Trixie defended her show against the Shadow Coven in Manehattan on the Longest Night, and what Celestia was doing while all this was going on.

A Long Night at the Hippodrome (incomplete) S1, June YOH 1500 (same time as the Season One opener):  Side-story to An Extended Performance, detailing how Trixie's old friend Piercing Gaze dealt with the Longest Night at his theater in Baltimare.

His Mark On History (incomplete, S1, June YOH 1500 (early Season One, from The Elements of Harmony to "The Ticket Master. but set on another continent):  Can First Strong Messenger make his mark on history by striking a blow for the freedom of the South Speaker Ponies of Taura?

The Romance of the Open Road (incomplete) early S1,  YOH 1500:  The Great and Powerful Trixie leaves Manehattan and takes to the road to win her fortune -- a road that will lead her to Ponyville.

All the Way Back (incomplete) early S1, YOH 1500:  How Princess Luna, purged of the NIghtmare, recovered her power and sanity, making a place for herself in the strange new world of modern Equestria.

Least Noticeable and Little Flappy (incomplete):  Early S1, YOH 1500, contemperaneous with E5 "Griffon the Brush-Off"  How "Least Noticeable" Claire Pie, Pinkie's gigantic invisible twin sister, saved a little flappy creature and made a new friend.

Dragonshyness (complete, 38,854 words): early mid S1, YOH 1500, contemperaneous with E7: "Dragonshy."  The most terrifying day of Fluttershy's life, as she must finally face the creature she most dreads -- a full-grown Dragon.

Royal Business (incomplete): Early mid S1, September YOH 1500, a bit after E7 "Dragonshy."  Spike is called away on royal business to meet with Celestia, but he winds up spending a while as Luna's guest.

A Robust Solution (complete, 11, 859 words):  mid S1, YOH 1500, just before E12 "Call of the Cutie."  Fluttershy reveals a shameful secret from her past to Rarity, who helps her friend understand and surmount its emotional legacy.

Fluttershy Is Free (complete, 10,464 words):  S1, YOH 1500, after E12 "Call of the Cutie."  Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash go to see a butterfly migration, and Fluttershy reveals a dark secret of her origin.

"Teacher Zero" (complete, 7,440 words):  S2, YOH 1501, right after E03 "Lesson Zero."  Celestia and Luna react to the madness that has nearly claimed Twilight Sparkle.

"A Meeting by Moonlight" (complete, 2,932 words): S3, YOH 1503.  Princess Luna visits Twilight Sparkle one night and tells her a tale of the Age of Wonders, revealing more than she means to in the process.

"Feeling Adrift"  (complete, 4,938 words):   S3, YOH 1503,  right after "A Meeting by Moonlight."  Princess Celestia tries to help her sister deal with her feelings of alienation and loneliness.

Divine Jealousy and the Voice of Reason (incomplete):  S4, November YOH 1504, right after "Equestria Games" and before Twilight's Kingdom.  When Discord discovers he has a rival for Fluttershy's love, he consults his inner Voice of Reason for advice.

Substitute Mentor (incomplete):  Pony Earth segment is between S4 and S5, January YOH 1505, while the Nightmare Delusion Humanoid Earth segment is AD 2016 and the Angel of Illusion Humanoid Earth segments are AD 2010 to 2016.  Can the Humanoid Trixies be saved from madness and their worlds from devastation by the Humanoid Piercing Gaze?

Post-Traumatic (incomplete):  April YOH 1505.  Starlight Glimmer has been defeated and Our Town liberated.  Now the returning Mane Six must deal with the damage the Sameness did to their minds.  Sometimes, mere victory is not enough.

Fools and Drunks (incomplete):  April YOH 1505.  Snips and Snails decide to celebrate Snails' 16th birthday by gping into the Everfree doing something a bit more unwise than usual.  Will Snails finally tell Snips about Glittershell?  Will the two teenage colts even survive?

"Her Special Gift" (complete, 2,673 words):  May 4th, YOH 1507.  The morning after her wedding night, Pinkie Pie gives her new husband Cheese Sandwich a very special gift.

Love Amongst Monsters (incomplete):  Starting YOH 1508, concluding YOH 1512.  Ill Wind, a brilliant Pegasus scientist, works to complete a vital engineering project for High Commander Windvane, and may find romantic as well as professional success.

Love Starved (incomplete):  February-March, YOH 1515.  Compound is reassigned to the Provisional Hive Defense Swarm, which she knows is a near-suicide post.  But in what she assumes to be the last days of her life, she makes two very good friends.

The Fall of Hive Hunger-Prime (incomplete):  April, YOH 1515.  Compound and her friends struggle to survive within the last of Queen Hunger's hives as it falls at the end of the Great Changeling War (1513-1515).

Twelfth Equestriad Interview (complete, 15,741 words):  June YOH 1548, 48 years after Luna's Return and 24 years after the final victory in the Shadow Wars, Luna and Twilight are interviewed on TV on the night of the Summer Sun Celebration.

"Audience Reaction" (complete, 2,867 words):  June YOH 1548, side-story to Twelfth Equestriad Interview.  During the historic interview TV broadcast, Rarity and Spike deal with an attempt to sabotage Rarity Enterprises' perfume campaign.


Those of you who have read An Equestrian Gentlemare, Stranded Amongst Alien Barbarians, Consoles Herself, may have noticed that the Sunset Shimmer I portray in this story is morally-imperfect.  This is not even because she does sexual things with Flash Sentry -- she does this in love, after all, and "Love Makes Clean" is explicitly part of my Equestria's philosophy of sexual morality.  Under the same conditions, Twilight Sparkle might very well do exactly the same sorts of things -- Sunset and Twilight, after all, have had similar moral upbringings.

It is more a matter of her arrogance, her dismissal of Humanoid culture as inferior despite its technological superiority and the ample evidence she has that the Humanoids are capable of finer emotions and more moral conduct than for which she gives them credit.  Indeed, she is in love with a Humanoid who displays fine emotions and strong moral scruples -- Flash Sentry.  Rather than conclude from his example that her opinion of the Humanoids is too low, she instead decides that Flash must be an extraordinarily-atypical Humanoid.  Well, he is superior, but not as exceptional as she imagines.

Sunset Shimmer is also a hypocrite.  One of the reasons she sees the Humanoids as morally inferior is that they are inconstant in love and friendship -- but her experience of this comes from a school in which she has been consistently disrupting love affairs and friendships!  (She's actually right that the Equestrians are on the average less promiscuous in love and more loyal in friendship than the Federals -- but the difference is less than she imagines, and much of it comes from the fact that Equestrian culture has been influenced by Princess Celestia for its entire existence).

Another reason why she regards the Humanoids as inferior is that they are more aggressively violent than are the Ponies.  This is true, and part of the reason why it is true is biological -- the Humanoids have evolved to be more aggressive and violent than have the Ponies.  On the other hand, she misses that the Humanoids are also more imaginative and individualistic on the average than are the Ponies, and for similar evolutionary reasons.  And the reason why she misses this is simple racial arrogance -- she's looking for reasons to feel superior to the Humanoids.

Also, her basic original plan is to plunder the Humanoid world for magic which she can bring back to Equestria to impress Princess Celestia into making her an Alicorn (she still doesn't grasp that Ascension doesn't work that way).  She is perfectly willing to violently attack, and even if necessary risk death to, Humanoids in order to do this.  Very few of the other students at Canterlot High School (which, remember, is an elite high school) are this vicious.  And of course when she falls into Nightmare, all bets are off -- she actually tries to kill Twilight Sparkle, who is not only another Pony but a Pony from the same background and even House -- Twilight is a distant cousin of hers!  (Admittedly, nopony behaves well when Shadow-ridden).

Even in the sexual-moral terms I discussed at the start of the essay, Sunset Shimmer comes off less well than she imagines in comparison with Flash Sentry.  Sunset, after all, assumes that she's going to have to leave him for good to return to Equestria -- she fantasizes about bringing him back with her, but doesn't really believe that this is going to happen.  Flash, on the other hand, assumes that they can stay together indefinitely -- he doesn't intend to leave her.  Thus, she's being more promiscuous than he, and this is despite the fact that she was raised in a LESS promiscuous culture.

Sunset (to her credit) sort of gets this -- she feels bad that she's taking advantage of Flash.  But she doesn't feel bad enough about it to avoid doing it.

(Another irony here is that Flash does ultimately leave her, and his reason is that he starts to realize just how malevolent Sunset is being to the other Humanoids, which among other things makes him morally uncomfortable).

So, basically, Sunset Shimmer isn't perfect, and I'm quite aware of this.  I am not trying to write her behavior as perfect and having her come off as arrogant, hypocritical and racist -- she is all of those things.

But then, this is pre-reform Sunset Shimmer.  Why should this surprise anyone?  This is the girl who winds up turning into a she-demon and trying to enslave her schoolmates and kill Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Part of the reason why Sunset Shimmer is crying when she finds herself in that crater, at the denouement of Equestria Girls, is because she's just had a tremendous Heel Realization -- freed from her Shadow, she grasps not only that what she was doing in her Nightmare but a lot of what she has been doing all along was morally wrong.  She grasps that her presumed moral superiority over the Humanoids was largely an illusion born of arrogance.

Now, post-reform Sunset Shimmer isn't perfect, either (in particular, she's still bad-tempered).  But she's a lot more virtuous, and less-vicious, than she was before.  In particular, she's a lot less arrogant about being an Equestrian Pony, and a lot more tolerant and even appreciative of the Humanoids, than she was before her reform.

I'm not sure why any of this should surprise anyone.  Yes, I love Sunset Shimmer.  She's one of my favorite characters.  But I also know her limitations.

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Ah, so you figure most drakes get turned out to scrap for their tucker at an early stage, which would put Garble & the gang at a handy resource/energy-storage midpoint 'tween Spike & the Dragontowners. I'm thinking Spike's deeper (and barely-tapped) mojo reservoir may have rendered his Birthday Quickening(R) that much more of an adrenaline-rush power trip;  dragons with average resources might have a rather more incremental but lucid time of it. In fact, remember that green teen with the scrawny upper body & super-chunky legs/tail? I'm thinking he was partway through a conventional greed spurt.

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