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That I want to throw a bunch of Furries or even an entire nation of them into the world of Attack on Titan and just, watch the blood Run. I blame the Furry Community and their need to sexualize animals. We as Bronies never do this.

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Ponies, Dinosaurs, Shirtless Men, Oh My~ A Story Suggestion involving one of my favorite games of all time. Paraworld, a Game set in an alternate world where Extinction was not a factor in the creation of the Earth's Species and Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Creatures fight, live, and die side by side with Humans.

A Hunter's Lamentation A story which from what someone has told me is Moving, following an Old Orc Hunter by the name of Duglachiku as he is flung into the dark and depraved world of Fall of Equestria. Here he must find himself allied and in the company of one of the world's most manipulative mares. Queen Myxine. What consequences will come from his arrival and for the world itself when A Good Hunter Goes to War.

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  • A Conversion's Mistake. The ponies thought they could walk all over us as the Kaiju thought to crush us under their heels, yet, even we have Monsters we are hiding. by JawsOnYou67 9,921 words · 841 views · 54 likes · 15 dislikes
  • Malkior's Journal The Story of a Warrior of Sigmar. by JawsOnYou67 1,041 words · 285 views · 18 likes · 5 dislikes
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    34,945 words · 18,412 views  ·  1,669  ·  38



Is it wrong? · 6:03am

That I want to throw a bunch of Furries or even an entire nation of them into the world of Attack on Titan and just, watch the blood Run. I blame the Furry Community and their need to sexualize animals. We as Bronies never do this.

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Thank you for adding Soldiers of Hope to your Favorites.:twilightsmile:

Might I ask what you like about it?

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>>2256346 It has Godzilla in it.

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Thanks for the fave! What did you like about it?

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Thanks for faving Sentient Difference. What do you like/dislike about it?

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Thanks for the fave

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