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Well, I'm one of the few bronies that hail from Singapore. Still, I'm here to put my writing skills to the test, so leave feedback if you  enjoyed one of my stories! Peace out! ^^


This is it, guys. This is the turning point. I'm steadily starting to lose steam and passion in this fandom, mostly for the reason that there are other things occupying my attention, and there's not a lot of people with which I can discuss the progress of EqJ with, which makes planning and preparing future chapters rather hard when there's nobody to vet my writing and make sure that what I'm producing isn't a piece of crap. Most of my pre-readers are starting to drop out due to either lack of interest or other commitments outside, so I'm starting to lose a lot of steam when it comes to this project.

I need new pre-readers guys, stat. Is anybody willing to volunteer their services?

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Gave you a jolly 150 followers :3

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>>922764 Yes, and the news is that it is on indefinite hiatus while I'm working on other projects :twilightblush:

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Any news on Order of Koaxia?

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>>882573 Your commenting and prereading prowess, haha. I've already sent you a PM regarding this project I'm working on, hope to get your help on it :raritywink:

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Hello there and thanks for joining my glorious legion!

But, what convinced you to join?

~Skeeter The Lurker

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