Yeah, I know, surprised me too. Here I am half-anticipating the moment when I realize that I've finally run out of steam for Equestrian Joe, and I actually manage to churn out another chapter.

Well, for Equestrian Joe as a story, I think we can safely say that we are at the 40% mark already. We're approaching the second half of the story now, and things are hopefully going to become easier for me to write instead of harder because most of the planning for the writing that I did was for the SECOND half rather than the first half of the story.

That said, I'm not too sure if I'm going to have enough time on my hands to work on getting more writing done, because I'm going to be flying off to Australia in a couple of weeks to commence my university studies. If all goes well, my university course will actually help me in getting more inspiration in my writing, seeing that I'm majoring in Creative Writing for my Bachelor of Arts, then I should be able to get EqJ finished within a handful of months... Of course, that's assuming everything goes well and I have enough spare time on my hands to dedicate to finishing this project, after all. Here's hoping that the fellow writers I meet there will be willing to collaborate with me on this story...

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Any news on Elements of Gaming?

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You have my thanks for following me. I hope you will enjoy your stay as I try to keep to the standard that I have somehow set for myself.

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Gave you a jolly 150 followers :3

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>>922764 Yes, and the news is that it is on indefinite hiatus while I'm working on other projects :twilightblush:

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Any news on Order of Koaxia?

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