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  • 3w, 4d
    Vice Grip: Security Protocols

    Vice Grip's personal data logs

    Entry #490- Special Operations

    Although it's clear Equestria has no standing army at this point, they are not without armed forces. Celestia and Luna's own Royal Guard provide the royal arcanists with constant security. Fiercely loyal, well-trained in both physical and arcane combat, their numbers have even been bolstered lately following the reappearance of the Crystal Empire and the security breaches at Canterlot. While there's still far too few of these enforces to present a significant threat to our operations, it's also become clear that the Royal Guard is only the face for a larger security force.

    With the Storm Enclave's inclusion into F.I.S.T, we've received a wealth of new recruits and new data concerning the current layout of Equestria's military capabilities. Canterlot, Cloudsdale and even Ponyville were built with a strategic sense, each city constructed to withstand siege and protect the population in the event of disaster or invasion(see attachment A.1). The structure of each city hasn't changed, only grown, since their foundation so we can only assume that the ponies that constructed each city foresaw the need for such defense. But defense from what?

    The protection deception does not end there. We've had various reports from outside sources that the Princesses actively maintain a secret security presence. Spies under a special branch of the Guard called the "Specialized Teamwork and Logistics Legion" or STaLL(see attachment A.2) apparently operate independently throughout Equestria, waiting and observing various situations and relaying information directly to Celestia and Luna themselves. From what we've gathered, these ponies are chosen from the elite of the Royal Guard- the best of the best, then dispatched to various locations to function as agents ready to intervene at a moment's notice, then disappear again. Spectral hooves working in silence, answering only to the princesses.

    We're fairly certain our operations within the Stables and the Prosperity Mountain facility have gone undetected at the moment. Even Princess Luna's dream-invading is nullified by the heavy magic radiating from the crystals in the borderlands. However, in regards to the threat of the Princesses' eyes being everywhere, we have updated our security posture and enacted new protocols to ensure we are not compromised any time soon.

    First and chief among these new protocols are regulations regarding our facilities. All Storm Enclave Pegasi have been assigned their individual Stables and equipped only with pegasi-rated gear and weapons at this time. The Mk.2 Winterized Hailstorm Armor will be monitored to prevent any unauthorized use. The Prosperity Mountain production facilities, including the Magic Gear assembly will be patrolled only by the Ore Hounds of my clan. With myself, the Director and Lightning Claw being obvious exceptions, no ponies will be allowed within the factories at any time except for pilot training and advanced combat testing.

    F.I.S.T's forces grow by the day; eventually, our operations will be discovered. The future, Equestria's future that we've all worked so hard for seems it's so close all we need do is reach out and grab it for ourselves. I can only imagine what the arcanists will do if we're discovered before we're ready. VOLCANUS still doesn't have enough power to generate the charge we need but when it does...

    Well, Celestia won't need spies to see the results.

    Record end.

    2 comments · 29 views
  • 9w, 4d
    Villianous Secrets

    That's how you know who wins, right? The last one standing is the winner... the survivor. That's what I am. I'm the one that was left standing.

    A survivor.

    So, why are you the ones who got everything? Why am I the only one who was left with nothing? I am forced to watch and wait while you sit on your thrones and control the world. I don't have your wings, your horns, your powers and yet, I'm still here.

    Because I survived.

    There are different types of strength, different kinds of power. I have mine; I've honed it into something unparalleled, something unlike anything this world has ever seen. And I've seen how you use yours. Taking on the burden of rule yourselves, shouldering all that responsibility hasn't been easy for any of you, much less the purple one. You've proven that you can indeed endure the hardships of controlling this world. But you've also allowed yourselves to make mistakes, mistakes you were aware of. That's irresponsible. In its own way, that is an abuse of power. And yet, you won't let anypony take your places, any of you.

    Because you're afraid.

    The sheer insanity of it is baffling. You don't trust each other, you don't trust yourselves and you don't trust the ponies that look up to you, that truly do need you and would be lost without you. And yet, you have blind faith in some kind of power you don't even understand, that in thousands of years, you're just now learning about. How many generations have been lost to your ignorance? How much has changed because of your mistakes? Why do you cling to it like it's your last hope?

    Because it is.

    This is your last card, the final, desperate line you cling to as you drown in your own disgrace. I've given Equestria everything. With my technology, I've improved so many lives, developed things to advance our world. And there is more, so much more I can do and that I will do. Equestria deserves only the very best we can give. Yet you have held onto the same match in the darkness, jealously guarding it while I have been working to deliver light to the land. I know that I will.

    Because I can.

    I have waited. The time has passed for you to do the right thing on your own. But we all know you're not going to surrender your power willingly. So, like a parent taking away a toy from a disobedient toddler, I'm going to have to take your powers from you. All your followers, all your blind servants, eons worth of ignorance given breath, that will be wiped clean along with you when I ascend. From the ashes of this hollow world, I will build something better, something stronger. Something pure.

    Because you can't stop me.

    Everything that YOU and your kind have forsaken, everything that YOU turned your back on and left, everything and everypony YOU neglected, WE WILL RISE! You've given your kingdom thousands of years worth of neglect so now our civilization, which should be the envy of all now pales in comparison even to the savage bipeds we call our trans-dimensional neighbors. And now you sit with all the pieces to your happy little puzzle, thinking the last one just fell out of the sky. But I have news for you; it won't make any difference.

    Because I've already won. Vice Grip has survived.

    Your filth, your fear, your ignorance and your neglect... your disgusting, blind faith will be cleansed from this world. When it's all over, I will create the Equestria that everypony deserves, a new Equestria. And I will render unto you what you and all the other arcanists have been avoiding for the past thousand years: justice. I will prove that my own powers, the might of the mind, not magic, is what is fit to rule this world. Fit to rule every world. Fit to rule everything.


    The clock is ticking, Tia.

    Stable 5, Level 3

    Primary Residential Quarters

    Metallic clanks echoed off the wall as Vice Grip strode down the hall of Stable 5. The sound made the F.I.S.T security ponies guarding the doorways nervous; Vice only hurried when something had gone wrong or there was somepony that needed to be dealt with. Today, however, their boss wasn't rushing because of a problem; he was advancing towards an opportunity, one that had been delivered to his doorstep this morning.

    As he passed the door to one of the rooms, it slid open into the ceiling and a hooded figure quickly entered the hallway. Vice Grip walked past the stranger without a thought, knowing they would full-well catch up to them. And the Director did, matching his pace with him as he stamped down the corridor. The F.I.S.T guards stifled chills as the distance between them and the creepy pair grew.

    "I know what you're going to do," the Director said, his uncanny teenage voice coming from somewhere underneath the dark cloak that obscured his body. "I don't want you to go through with it."

    "And?" Vice Grip looked at the creature over his shoulder. He was in a good mood but it could very quickly sour if another pony wasn't careful. "What exactly are you going to do if I go through with it?"

    The Director was silent for a moment. The two continued walking, strides unbroken. "Nothing, I guess."

    "Exactly," Vice said. "We have a deal. If it's your money, you have the last word but your funding wasn't the least bit involved with our latest boon. So we're considering him off the table."

    The hooded figure stopped, Vice Grip continued forward. "There's still plenty on the table, Vice."

    The earth pony didn't pay him any further attention. The Director's resources seemed limitless but it didn't take a genius scientist like Vice Grip to know he was using them to further his own goals, whatever they were. Vice didn't know who exactly his mysterious benefactor was, why he just showed up that one day a few years ago and was so interested in overthrowing Celestia. His own theory was that the creature calling itself 'The Director' was simply a member of Equestria's royal family that was tired of living in the shadow of the two regal sisters. A very rich prince from another country, most likely, funneling funds and supplies to him so that he could have the throne and Vice Grip was just a well-paid scientist helping him get there.

    And Vice was fine with helping him achieve his goals. As long as he wasn't an arcanist, he was harmless. But his frequent 'requests' were beginning to get on Vice Grip's nerves. They both wanted the same thing: Equestria out of the hooves of two lazy, apathetic, controlling princesses. He had a feeling though that the Director wanted something else, though.

    Vice Grip approached the door at the end of the hallway. Like the others, it was guarded by two ponies that were part of Vice's private army, the organization/corporation known as F.I.S.T. As he walked towards the two guards, he reached into his lab coat pocket and retrieved a very special item. And to think, he was in a good mood, too.

    "Sir," one of the F.I.S.T guards saluted as he approached. "The prisoner's been restrained sir but..."

    Vice stuck the end of the cigar in his mouth. "But?"

    The guard scratched the back of his neck. "Sir, he drained two of our best before we could finally get ahold of him. I'm not sure it's safe to keep him here."

    The scientist stallion sighed as he bit down. "Splendid... is Claw still in the infirmary?"

    "He's fully recovered, sir."

    "Good, get him up here and we'll have him take care of things when I'm finished. Tell him to bring one of the special issues, too," Vice ordered. The guards saluted and the door opened automatically for him, sliding up into the wall. He stepped forward into the room beyond and it slid shut behind him just as quickly. Although there were nearly a dozen guards in the hallway he'd just left, the room was as eerily quiet as if he'd been alone. But he knew otherwise.

    One of the larger bedrooms, Vice had had it converted for prisoners and 'unruly guests' shortly after Stable 5's completion. Although he hadn't planned to be detaining anyone so early, he was still satisfied that the easy modifications made to the room did the job. The Stables would have to be easy to make adjustments to if they were to do their job when the time came.

    Vice Grip stepped further into the room, approaching the large metal cage that occupied its center all the way to the back wall. Even though it was well-lit, the prisoner was cowering from the light, sitting in the corner with a hooded cloak pulled back over his face. Not unlike the Director, Vice noticed. Another uncomfortable similarity, he did his best to put the thought out of his mind.

    Vice took a moment to light the cigar in his mouth with the finger of one of his metal gauntlets before speaking. "How's it feel to be on the outside?"

    The prisoner shifted, covering himself more but remained silent.

    "Not much of a talker, huh?"

    No response.

    Vice Grip took a drag from the cigar and stepped closer, purple smoke escaping to the ceiling in wisps. With one gauntleted foreleg, he opened the cage door. He knew the guards, his own security force, especially the Director wouldn't agree with this but he felt a line had to be drawn sooner or later. Might as well be here and now.

    "I heard you drained two of my guards before you were apprehended. That's not really the nicest thing to do to your rescuers, now is it? Then again, maybe all that time in Tartarus hasn't really made you keen on visitors, has it?"

    Finally, Tirek responded. The centaur-like creature stood on all four of his legs in the corner of the cage and looked Vice right in the eye. He frowned down at the pony standing on two metal back legs, not intimidated by his captor. His body language spoke volumes; even in a weakened state, Tirek was a force to be reckoned with.

    Vice pinched the cigar and stared back at Tirek. "Care for a cigar? They're imported from Zebrapolis, some kind of hoof-rolled stuff they make from the leaves of Knock Knock joke."

    As Vice Grip spoke, Tirek approached the pony and opened his mouth. Just as he had with the guards before, Tirek prepared to siphon Vice Grip's magic directly from his body, leaving him drained of energy and even his special talent. But Vice just stared back and smiled.

    The enormous Tirek was still taller than the pony when standing. He could easily overpower him, maybe escape but he'd seen the defenses of wherever he'd been taken to when he arrived. Tirek would need strength to escape and if it meant draining this foolhardy pony who dared approach him, he was only happy to do so. He opened his gaping maw and summoned his siphoning magic, drawing on the surrounding magic in the air to create a vacuum to suck out Vice Grip's energy.

    As he inhaled, something happened almost immediately. Tirek started choking. The smell of the cigar filled his nostrils, burning his sinuses but there was something else. Vice Grip's grin grew as Tirek stared at him, trying to understand what had gone wrong. Tirek's throat ceased and he began to cough and gag. He grabbed his throat and bent over. He buckled to his knees like he'd just inhaled a toxic gas. Something wasn't right about this pony.

    "Something wrong?" Vice asked coyly. "You look like you could use some air."

    "*cough, cough* You... you are... a void," Tirek gasped.

    Vice Grip tapped the cigar, ashes falling to the floor. "I've been called worse."

    Tirek struggled to stand. "Who... who are you?"

    "Ah, finally in a talking mood, are we?" Vice came closer. He stood over the prisoner and put a cold, metallic hand on his shoulder. "You're sure you wouldn't like a cigar? They're not made from tobacco so there's no health risks from smoking them. I don't normally smoke but this is kind of a special occasion. I wasn't expecting visitors though I have to say," he chuckled. "I'm really happy you decided to drop by."

    "Why have*cough*... why have you brought me here?" He found himself too weak to stand, like he'd been drained by his own magic.

    "All righty then, I'll cut to the chase," Vice knelt down and looked Tirek right in the eyes. Apart from Vice Grip's metal hands and feet he wore over his four legs, he looked like the average stallion. Blonde mane, brown coat, upright most of the time and he wore a lab coat. He was unassuming, non-threatening. Tirek on the other hand didn't wear clothes. His red simian-like torso sat upon the body of a pony making it hard for him not to stand out in most parts of Equestria, not that he had been outside the prison dimension of Tartarus in the last aeon. Vice Grip's blue pony eyes stared back at Tirek's black, demonic orbs as the two regarded each other. In spite of Tirek's appearance, he had to ask which of them was the more monstrous.

    "My name's Vice Grip and I run a little business hoping to change Equestria's future. I've brought you here because I'm just interested in that little alternate dimension of punishment you call home and would like to know more about it. Sound good?"

    Tirek said nothing back. Whatever pony this Vice Grip was, he wasn't anypony he could trust even if he was in the habit of trusting others. "I will not tell you anything, earth pony."

    "Hah," Vice laughed. "That's very funny coming from an abomination such as yourself. You even make the other arcanists look tame. I may just be an earth pony but let me tell you," he stuck the cigar back in his mouth. "I can be quite persuasive when I need to be."

    "You will get no help from me," Tirek firmly stated. He panted, trying to catch his breath. His strength was still sapped but he would not tell the stranger anything.

    "I understand," Vice got closer to his face until the cigar almost touched Tirek's chin. He squinted, examining Tirek. "I just have one question, though. How did you get out of Tartarus? Escape, I mean?"

    Tirek said nothing.

    Vice removed the cigar again. "I'll ask again: how do you escape from Tartarus?"

    "For the last time, I will tell you nothing! You pathetic, earth pony fool! You'll get nothing out of me! Nothing!"

    Vice smiled. "I wouldn't be so sure about that." Standing back up, Vice Grip grabbed Tirek by the neck. Taking the cigar in his right hand, he plunged the lit end into Tirek's right eye.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Tirek's screams echoed off the walls of the small room, piercing the walls.

    Vice twisted the cigar, burning Tirek's already black eye even as the monster closed his eyelids down. After a few agonizing seconds, he removed the cigar and lit it again to make sure the end was still hot.

    "AAAAAAHHHH... HAAAAAAA... AAAAHhhhhh," Tirek recoiled, bounding over and clutching his face with both claws. The pain was excruciating; tears streamed down his face along with blood from his pierced eye. The damage could be repaired, of course but he would need a lot more magic for that. But right now, Tirek only wanted the pain to stop.

    "You gotdamn maniac!" Tirek roared in agonized sobs. "You're fucking crazy... you're fucking crazy..." he muttered. He clutched his eye and backed into the cage bars. Red and clear liquid covered Tirek's claws and dripped to the floor, staining the metal.

    Vice adjusted his position, walking around Tirek's legs to his front again. "I think you can 'see' now that I'm not in a very patient mood. So, you're going to tell me what you know about Tartarus-"

    "BURN IN TARTARUS!!" Tirek thundered. "YOU SICK LUNATIC!"

    "Now, that's just inconsiderate," Vice replied casually. He grabbed Tirek by the beard and plunged the lit cigar into his jaw hard.


    "Tell me... what I want to know," Vice said, drilling the cigar back and fourth.

    "STOP!! STOOOOP!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Tirek begged. He grabbed Vice Grip's gloves but he couldn't pry the stallion off of him. His own strength was gone and he could do little more than claw at his captor as he tortured him. Finally, Vice removed the cigar and knelt down to see him face-to-face again.

    Tirek panted. He was on the verge of blacking out from pain. "No more... please, no more..."

    "Tell me how you escaped," Vice said back.

    "I didn't escape," Tirek answered weakly.

    "That's not what I want to hear," Vice responded. He stood once more.

    "I didn't escape!" Tirek yelled. "Your guards found me in the cage! I never escaped Tartarus!"

    "I didn't ask for lies," Vice said. He took the cigar in his right metal hand and dangled it over the left. The finger pulled back on the left gauntlet just as before and a flame sparked from the end. Vice took the time to let the cigar toast, letting Tirek watch.

    "PLEASE!" Tirek shouted. Still clutching his eye with his right hand, he outstretched his other to keep Vice away. "I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!"

    Vice grabbed Tirek's left claw, gripped it tightly, pulled it over and put the cigar out in his palm.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHGGGGGHHH!!!" Tirek bent over and screamed, his body trembling. Renewed tears streamed down his face as Vice finally released his claw. He pulled the burned appendage back and shook with pain.

    "You're making this a lot harder than it has to be," Vice informed the quivering captive. "I just want to know how you escaped Tartarus, whatever arcanist bullshit you used to get out of that prison. I'm a pony of science so it's quite a challenge sometimes for me to duplicate what you and the other arcanists like Celestia, Luna and the pink and purple ones do. I just like to be prepared so I'm afraid I need that information from you, my little abomination."

    "I told you already..." Tirek weakly replied. "I did not escape Tartarus. I was imprisoned there for my crimes ages ago, never to be released."

    "Really?" Vice took a knee in front of Tirek again. "Because I happen to have reports that you've made some unauthorized departures from your little maximum security vacation home over the past few years. I'm wanting to know about these little outings, how you're managing to escape your punishment unnoticed."

    Tirek turned to face Vice, a scared expression on his face. Vice was correct; Tirek had been exiting Tartarus, taking short trips out and planning on a full-fledged escape that year. But he couldn't tell Vice that. No matter how much it hurt, nothing was worse than going back to that prison. Even if it meant trading one prison for another.

    "Please..." Tirek pleaded. His lips trembled and he shook. "I haven't done anything."

    "I know," Vice replied. "That's what disappoints me." He opened Tirek's mouth with one hand and placed the cigar in past his fanged teeth with the other. He then used both hands to shut Tirek's jaw, closing it over the lit cigar until the centaur almost swallowed it.

    Tirek's eyes slammed shut as the inside of his mouth was burned. Purple smoke passed through his pursed lips and tears streamed down his face, hitting the floor in rivers. He gripped Vice Grip's metal gauntlets, desperate to pry him off. His tears made both his and the pony's hands wet as he struggled in vain.

    "You look like you have something you... desperately want to get out, Tirek," Vice said, holding the villain's mouth shut. "You ready to tell me now?"

    Tirek struggled to nod.

    Finally, the metal hands released and Tirek spat out the cigar. It hit the floor of the cage, dampened with his own saliva and rolled. Between rasped gasps, he spat out ash and his own blood as purple fumes circled his head. He gripped his throat and put one hand on the floor to steady himself, praying for it all to be over.

    Vice stood and folded his gauntleted forelegs. "So, how did you get out of Tartarus?"

    Tirek gasped and struggled to speak. His breaths came in ragged blasts as he spat. "There... there are times when I'm able to... to teleport... to-to the outside. The barrier... it gets weaker for some reason. It requires a lot of energy... but if I concentrate where the barrier is weakest, I'm able to slip past the walls and... and escape to the outside."

    "Very interesting," Vice Grip said. He kicked the cigar out of the cage as he turned back to the door. "Not exactly useful for my interests though, but the information is appreciated nonetheless. Thank you."

    Tirek was relieved though only slightly. "What are you... what are you going to do to me now?"

    As if on cue, the door slid open again and an indigo Pegasus with a broken horn walked through.

    "Ah, right on time," Vice said. "Feeling better?"

    Lightning Claw nodded. "Yes, sir. The injuries I sustained fighting Dan have healed. I brought the special issue as ordered." He presented the other stallion with a small, gray half-club shaped item.

    "Very good," Vice took the device and examined it. He pulled the top part back and then forward, hearing an audible click. "Have you been taking your medication?"

    Lightning paused for a moment as if considering the question. "Yes, yes sir."

    "Good," Vice replied. He handed him back the special issue. "We've gotten all we need out of this one. Kill him."

    "Yes, sir," Lightning Claw said in a monotone. He took the handgun and walked over to the cage.

    "What... what are you doing?" Tirek clutched his face.

    Lightning said nothing. Holding up his right hoof, he aimed the weapon at Tirek's head.

    "No! No-"

    PAM! PAM!

    Two slugs discharged from the pistol and shot Tirek in the fast. They passed through his hand, through his head and splattered the back wall. The centaur's body immediately went limp and collapsed on the cage floor. Smoke from the barrel of the gun rose to join the remaining wisps of purple in the air.

    Lightning Claw suddenly found his hoof shaking. Slowly, he lowered the handgun and turned around. Eyes glued to the floor, he hooved the gun back to Vice Grip.

    "It's done, sir," he muttered.

    "Good work. Get one of your brothers up here and dispose of the body," Vice patted the Pegasus on the head and walked out.

    Unsurprisingly, the Director was just on the other side of the door. "That's a filthy habit," the hooded figure told him.

    "What is?" Vice asked. "You mean smoking?"


    "Whatever. I have a phone call to make."

    They claim that this is a time of peace. An era of prosperity, of freedom, of equality. An age of harmony. Even some of our subjects say these things... so why is it that when I look around, I see something different?

    Clearly, they're not talking about this place.

    Zebropolis, the gleaming jewel rising out of the Emerald Jungle like a sword raised to the heavens. Our capital, the proudest of all our great cities is quite literally a shining example of what zebras can accomplish. A testament to our nation's strength and fortitude to build a settlement where the four rivers meet, culminating at the waterfalls that surround our city and provide its power. The tallest buildings rise out of the mists, beacons that all of us encourage to rise towards.

    Yet as I walk the golden roads, I can only notice the one thing that will always be out of our reach, higher than everything we have built: the stars. But they're not out of reach of every creature in Equestria. Only out of ours.

    The ponies... the coloreds and their horned overseers. They control when the sun rises, when the moon appears. Our proud Zebra Nation can overcome any obstacle, can build and perform feats unimaginable but for some infernal reason, we can't control the stars. For all our great accomplishments, we will never find our place in the sun. Because it belongs to the ponies.

    In ages past, Equestria was beset upon by a dark threat that nearly consumed our world. The changelings invaded and like a plague they swept through the lands, seas and skies draining every living creature of emotion and feeling. All of our world was in jeopardy of having the life sucked from it as the hoard of parasites advanced. We, as individuals, as races, as beings united against the invaders. It was together that we achieved victory when our world was in danger.

    The unicorns, the horned coloreds were the ones to finally seal the horde's fate. Using their magic, the changelings' powers were sapped and they entered into a state of deep hibernation. Rather than destroy our enemies as would've been wise, however, our shortsighted 'cousins' imprisoned them in a place only they knew. Supposedly, under their care, they would sleep forever. Recently however, I'm shocked to find that this is not the case.

    Before the ponies and their arcane leaders used their sorcery to vanquish this threat, it was my kind, the zebras who held the line. As the changelings overtook every nation, my race was chosen to secure the borders as the others fled before the might of the horde. Our brothers and sisters gave their lives to stop them, to buy the ponies the time they needed to put the pieces together so they could build something no other creature could. We slowed the insects with torrents of our own blood so that our allies could find the way to win.

    The ponies, the donkeys, the griffons, the thestrals, the dragons and even the sea ponies, all were vulnerable to the changelings. None of them could stand against them. None... except for zebra. Our race had adapted to our environment and because of our stripes, we were something the changelings could not imitate. For all of their deceptive magic, the changelings could not reproduce the markings on our bodies that so uniquely identified us. Each one of us was so different that the horde could not deceive us, could not infiltrate our ranks to feed off us or learn our battle strategies. They were forced to fight us on even terms, hoof against hoof. And they did.

    From the conquests of the other regions, the horde seemed unstoppable. We were urged by the unicorns to wage a defensive war, a tactical retreat as they advanced. To buy all the time we could. One zebra, however, chose to do the unthinkable. In the face of an unrelenting assault, my ancestor General Zerg Ling mounted a successful attack.

    One night, as the changelings chased our forces back, General Ling retreated to an outpost at the edge of the Everfree. The ponies fell back inside their great castle whereas hastily assembled, wooden fortifications were afforded to Ling and his troops. As the unicorns prepared their ritual, Ling was given the order his superiors had received, superiors he had replaced. His instructions were the same as they always were: hold the line, defend Equestria no matter the cost. Faced with having to protect the shambles he had been given, General Ling made the decision to obey his orders and defend Equestria. And he provided it with the best defense.

    With the moon high in the sky, the general and his zebras abandoned their fortifications. Instead, they allowed them to be taken. As the changelings continued to advance without hesitation, Ling and his forces waited. Just as the changelings began to assault the castle, the zebras made an attack of their own. The wooden fortifications behind them ignited, bursting into flames. The horde was divided in an instant and General Ling lead his army in a charge through the ranks of the insects, cutting down unprepared reserves. In an instant, the tides had turned and the changelings were on the defense.

    The swarm of parasites was beaten back, forced to retreat as their army's vulnerable columns came under attack. Fires raged, creating a ring around the ponies and their castle. General Ling fought bravely, slaughtering dozens of the invaders for each one of them. But eventually, their strength waned. As their numbers dwindled, the changelings closed their ranks, surrounding the general and his forces. For hours they fought against the darkness, not a single zebra retreated. They never surrendered.

    General Zerg Ling and his forces fell valiantly in battle. The time they provided allowed the fires to climb high, creating walls of flame and smoke. The changelings were forced to wait three whole days before advancing on the castle before realizing it had been evacuated. Now, the horde was out of food because none of the zebras had allowed themselves to be taken prisoner to provide them with nourishing emotion. The swarm had been stopped. A week later, the unicorns would perfect their very first shield spell and contain the changeling threat forever.

    Today, General Zerg Ling's Rush is remembered proudly as a heroic sacrifice against impossible odds to save the future of all of Equestria. But it is not remembered by the ponies. I see the coloreds so blatantly disregard our contributions, disregard our achievements, I am reminded of this story and what it means to us. Just as General Ling did, we will wait for the moment to make our move. And when it comes, there will be no stopping us.

    ring... ring... ring...



    "Hello, General Zen Zeal?"


    "My name is Vice Grip, I represent F.I.S.T, a security organization. I happen to have a proposition for you."

    "...I'm listening."

    "Have you ever heard of something called Magic Gear?"

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  • 21w, 1d
    Dan Vs. Equestria's Most Wanted

    Well folks, we've already seen a couple antagonists come and go; Samule, Shifty and even Nightmare Moon being among them. But we've had mentions of a few more so, just who are they?

    Since they've already been revealed, we wanted to put the spotlight on them a little bit more so you can learn more about them before you meet them again.

    Dan Vs. The Magic of Friendship(Season 1): Long-term villains update

    No. 1

    Name: Vice Grip

    Race: Earth Pony

    First appearance: Episode 6

    One of Barro's first OCs, Vice Grip is actually also the villain of one of Barro's other stories, Magic Gear Solid: Broken Balance. While his adapted backstory in the Dan Vs. MLP universe has yet to be revealed, parts of his impact and personality have already been revealed in small doses. Two other OCs belonging to two other members of the Dan Vs. audience have thus far appeared as his henchment: Lightning Claw, an experimented-on Pegasus and a zebra assassin named Cross-Eye. Vice Grip's own attitude towards ponies is identical to the one he had in Broken Balance as are his abilities and technical prowess. But now with the addition of humans, Vice Grip sees a new opportunity that differentiates it from that storyline.

    Having constructed Magic Gear KNIGHT at Luna's request, his design was modified by the princess for her own needs. But as was revealed in his first appearance, Vice has clearly cultivated allies and is not alone in his distaste for Celestia's rule. Multiple other Magic Gear designs have already been built- could the device Dan fought on the train be one of them? And exactly how are donkeys, griffons, zebras, crystal and sea ponies involved in Vice Grip's plans for the future? Why is Vice Grip fascinated with Twilight, Chrys, Dan and humanity? And who was it that captured Phoenix Wright?

    No. 2

    Name: Zen Zeal

    Race: Zebra

    First appearance: uncomfirmed

    Zen Zeal is one of Barro's later OCs and appeared briefly in Fallout Equestria: New Pegas Nights. Unlike Vice Grip, General Zen Zeal is not subtle about his disdain for ponies or for Dan.

    A war hero, the zebra general is the veteran of many battles: The Great Dragon Invasion, the Buffalo Uprising, the Occupy Barn Street Occupation, the Two-and-a-half Day's War for the Iphone4G, the Great Griffon Pirate Wars and the Annexation of the Emerald Jungle. Zen Zeal is a legend; he's never lost a fought and unstoppable on the offensive. During battle, General Zeal forces his armies to attack relentlessly until the enemy is destroyed, going so far as to execute prisoners and even his own forces if they stop or even slow down. Supply lines have stretched, soldiers have revolted but Zen Zeal has accomplished his task every time: elimination of the enemy. He's sustained more casualties under his command than any other officer in Equestria- but his ruthlessness has earned him victory after victory and respect, admiration and fear from his foes and fellow zebras alike.

    Zen Zeal first sees humanity as the way Luna saw it: a threat. The bulky, bearded zebra has since allied himself to Vice Grip for some reason though their alliance is fragile at best. Unbeknownst to all those involved, Zen Zeal is also one of the primary catalysts for a Fallout: Equestria-style scenario within the Dan Vs. universe. We're all looking forward to General Zen Zeal's first encounter with Dan where he'll be forced to go up against a zebra who's not just a living legend but the embodiment of a war itself.

    No. 3

    Name: ???

    Race: ???

    First appearance: Episode 2

    A dark mystery, an enigma wrapped within the shadow of a silent riddle. An unforgiving question mark that tears at the heart. WARNING: This character is CANON AND IS NOT AN OC.

    Just who was the mysterious caller over the phone? Referred to only as "The Director", this diabolical fiend seems to be coordinating the efforts between the antagonists that face Dan, but how? Who could possibly be this coordinated? Whoever they are, their fascination with Dan goes far beyond that of anything else in Equestria. Somehow, they are managing to pull the strings of all the previous individuals, Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Shining Armor, Cadence, Spike, Chrys, Fluffle Puff and even Dan. Just who are they and why are they so obsessed with Dan, Twilight, Fluffle Puff and Chrys?

    For that answer... you'll just have to stay tuned in for each episode of season one of Dan Vs. The Magic of Friendship! No matter what kind of character you have or you are, this story is all of ours! Only on

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  • 26w, 1d
    Dan Vs. Representing the United States of America

    Hey gang! Barro here,

    And Michael!

    ...and recently, we on the show were thinking about the possibility of Dan representing the U.S in Equestria, acted as an ambassador of sorts. But as he just kind of wound up here, we can't really talk to any humans on Earth to find out exactly what they think about the idea. How would the U.S government react if Dan was America's first ambassador to an entirely new planet populated by a new species?

    So instead of writing a transdimensional letter to our congressmen, we decided to ask some of the more memorable U.S presidents what they thought of Dan representing America. And here's what they had to say:

    How do you feel about Dan being the first U.S ambassador to Equestria?

    George Washington-

    From the thirteen colonies, our nation has grown since my time. America, the world, is very different from when I remember it.  Yet, I believe that our ideals burn brightly now ever as much as they did back then. Liberty is more important today than it was yesterday and will only gain more precedence tomorrow. The desire for freedom, the drive to fight for it and the dedication to defend it with one's life is the mark of any true American. All of us must endeavor to pursue this great moral attitude whether it be on our own soil or in a world populated by adorable, magical ponies. This is our duty, the duty of all Americans, of all people who value liberty above all else and we must, each one of us represent that cause resolutely. For the moment we don't is when it is lost.

    Wow... okay but what about Dan?

    I have come to know many men in my life and I have come to find that each person is truly unique. To say that Dan is unique among men however, would not be to state an inaccuracy. I have known individuals with such characteristics that so define them, that a drive for justice, personal and otherwise, that leads them to the pursuit of such cause that they are not to sit idle when any challenge is made to their standing or the standing of others. It is men like these, I find, that are the most capable in times of action and that should be sought when such time arises.

    Abraham Lincoln-

    There are times when the preservation of order takes precedence and can make us judge the conduct of our countrymen. History continues to flow, to change, and Dan's conduct has not always been entirely acceptable... nor condemnable. Although I may not be the best judge of character, I do not believe Dan is the best role model, in every regard, for our nation. But in some regards, his traits are far from desirable- they are necessary.

    In my time, our nation's upheaval threatened to destroy all that we held dear. Perseverance through that upheaval was what was needed to uphold the harmony in our land as I know it will be in Equestria. Above all that Dan has displayed, he has displayed perseverance and with necessary guidance, I do believe Dan could see any group through trials and hardships to a harmony that they deserve.

    John F. Kennedy-

    All right, let's get one thing straight: I am not here because my views necessarily represent those of my peers but because Barro and his film director friend played the Call of Duty: Black Ops video game last night and I happened to be one of the characters they used. I honestly do not know what to think of this world today. Socialized medicine? Is this not what we were fighting Ivan to keep out of our country?

    Um, Mr. President?

    I find it hard to believe. We spend how many decades fighting this commie bullshit and then we elect a guy who's practically Kruschev's lapdog himself? Bobby wouldn't have done this, hell neither would've Nixon. I dedicated my career to fighting the reds, trying to help other nations with the Peace Corps. and I can't say Mr. Obama is doing the same.

    O... kay... but uh, what about Dan?

    Mr. Dan's actions, some might call extreme. Honestly though, it's that kind of aggression that gets results. Dan might be seen as volatile, unrelenting in his pursuit of what he firmly believes is right but I do believe that is how our allies, how our enemies, how our neighbors should see America. We will stop at nothing to right any wrong, to uphold our values, to advance the cause we believe in.

    Barrack Obama-

    America is full of men and women, people from all walks of life who can represent this nation. This doesn't mean that speaking for others is easy; just that many have the capacity, the ability to do so. But to actually demonstrate that requires courage, spirit and ambition to see your cause through. Such strength takes many forms and many in America can embody such strength. I believe that Mr. Dan could greatly benefit from proper guidance, education but I also believe that America could benefit greatly from Dan.

    The future doesn't stop for humans or ponies, Americans or Equestrians or anything else in between. We don't have the luxury of going back and trying to change something to make the results more favorable. We can only build our future with the knowledge we have in the present. And we need the courage, the strength to build and keep building. I believe Dan has both those qualities and that with whatever resources and knowledge he is working with that he will do his very best to build something that lasts.

    So there you have it folks! What do you think about Dan representing America, possibly even representing all of humanity? Whether he does or not is another question but we must all consider it; we all represent more than ourselves at different times in our lives and we don't always have a choice in who represents us. Whether someone else is speaking for you or not, make sure your voice is heard. That's what Dan does.

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  • 35w, 1d
    Setting Sail

    My sincerest apologies to those who are fans of my other stories; it's true, Dan Vs. is my primary focus right now and I have made a commitment to update it every Saturday. I remain true to that commitment but I don't want to leave the precious few who actually like my other works.

    The point: I'm going to continue with my other stories soon. Mostly Pirates of the Caribbean but I'm going to try to update the others in my focus list as well. If there's a story I've written you would like me to give attention to, please let me know. I'm only too lucky that you've chosen to devote some of your time and attention to me.

    As far as Dan Vs. goes, I'm still going to update it every Saturday as I've been doing. Also, if you have an idea or OC you would like to see featured in an episode of Dan Vs., send me a PM. I must ask that any submissions be kept within the "Everyone" rating and that any characters be within the MLP universe of Equestria. Pony OCs are strongly preferred. Apart from a few cameo exceptions, no OCs have made an appearance in the series so far and I'm doing my best to keep season 1 that way. However, in season 2 I'm planning on devoting entire episodes of Dan conflicting with original characters, hopefully ponysonas. Meaning yours.

    Yes, I would be overjoyed for everypony who wants it to have their own episode of Dan Vs. The Magic of Friendship so Dan Vs. (insert your OC's name here) is on the horizon. It'll probably be a while but I think I've demonstrated how far I'm going with this story. I'm happy to have you along for the ride and in a couple episodes, you'll get to choose where we go next.

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  • ...

Fluttershy has never been one to make a big deal of herself. She's always tried to avoid undesired attention. But now all of Ponyville is trying to avoid her after a freak accident alters her perspective in a huge way. Cover generously donated by Fergarcia220, who is awesome.

First Published
6th Dec 2012
Last Modified
20th Apr 2013

Pretty short for now, but dear god, I can only imagine what shenanigans come next. Fave and upvote!

And the readers were struck with D'aw.


I said D'aw.  D apostrophe A W


That's better.

What if...

Twilight shrunk Ponyville?

>>1785534 What if... what if Twilight shrunk all of Equestria save Fluttershy! The ponies will soon come to worship... the Fluttertitan. The Fluttergiant. The F


Never has anything been so :flutterrage: and :yay: at the same time.

>>1785994 I'm trying really hard not to throw in a "The plot thickens" joke. I think I'm reaching the limit on corny jokes as it is...

#7 · 97w, 6d ago · · · Big Ego ·

I'm going to put money on the face that beam hits somepony, probably say rainbow dash

#8 · 97w, 6d ago · · · Big Ego ·

>>1921361 Stop guessing! You're only helping to reinforce the fact that you can see the plot coming at you from a mile a way! And not just because Fluttershy's giant, oh crap. I just went there. SEE WHAT YOU DID?

#9 · 97w, 5d ago · · · Big Ego ·

(whispers) "I have to use the little fillies room."

#10 · 97w, 4d ago · · · Big Ego ·

This is amusing and I endorse Trixie recommending the wumbo setting.

#11 · 97w, 2d ago · · · Big Ego ·


#12 · 97w, 2d ago · · · Big Ego ·

>>1934992 Despite the fact that a character randomly becoming giant-sized is incredibly cliche'd, I'm trying not to ripoff Spongebob any more than I have to. I'm happy you like it, I'm trying to picture each scene as if I can actually see it on the show itself, as if this was an actual episode. If Fluttersized was an episode, it would probably be an hour long at least so expect more to come, including immenent twists. GIANT plot twists.

#13 · 97w, 2d ago · · · Big Ego ·

>>1944969   Ah-Ooooo-gah!  Prepare the boat for submersion.  Dive!  Dive!

#14 · 97w, 2d ago · · · Big Ego ·

>>1945022 I'm blaming you for any upcoming corny dialogue that I write. Thank you so much for the encouragement, I just may have to add wumbo in there now just for you and Ebony.

#15 · 97w, 1d ago · · · Big Debate ·

Well great. They ruined a perfectly innocent book. i hope their happy!

#16 · 97w, 1d ago · · · Big Debate ·

:fluttercry: aww poor fluttershy...poor twilight. Dang you trixie:flutterrage:

#17 · 97w, 21h ago · · · Big Debate ·

in loving memory of that book

>>1951828 Use Chaos Blast on her.


crap this can't go well. A crazy Twilight and an evil Fluttershy. This should be interesting.:rainbowdetermined2:

GIANT Evil Fluttershy..........:raritydespair:

>>1962176 Let's imagine the other 5 of the main 6 both giant and deharmonized for a moment...

AJ: I'm still the same size! Y'all must be seein things!

Rarity: IT'S ALL MINE!!!!!!*grasps mountain believing it to be made of gems*

Rainbow Dash: I can't fit in Cloudsdale anymore but it's still awesome~

Pinkie Pie: What is this? Some kind of BIG joke to you?!

Twilight Sparkle: Spike?

Say, what if Discord's power was used on Trixie? What if Trixie became an Element of Harmony? You see how many options ponies give us? The possibilities are endless.


The ponies turn discordant.  It's an actual word.  Really.

>>1968514 Meh, I like mine better. Italso ties in with the Crystal Ponies being grey, gives them an explanation. Perhaps what Discord does is to simply change a pony's personality and in doing so it renders them grey but the color change in itself could be the result of a natural process when something happens to a pony's mood. Again, possibilities.

>>1968514 I appreciate you letting me know, thank you very much. To my knowledge, it hasn't been connected to the Crystal Pony's apparent loss of hue or how they gained it back. So there were greyed out ponies and Discord wasn't even involved. Is this the same process or something entirely different? It has similarities to discordization. Does King Sombra know the same power? And Twilight turned grey twice, seemingly of her own accord. Perhaps a pony becoming discordant accelerates deharmonization. And new idea: as the process continues, ponies eventually turn grey and then fade away. This is truly a dark subject matter but understanding the process is the key to preventing it, that all ponys' colors may shine.

#26 · 96w, 3d ago · · · Big Trouble ·

Ah, good to see Fluttershy back to normal :yay:

#27 · 96w, 3d ago · · · Big Ego ·

You know, wumbo! I wumbo, you wumbo, we wumbo. Wumbology. The study of wumbo. It's first grade. :rainbowlaugh:

#28 · 96w, 3d ago · · · Big Trouble ·

>>1976010 Yes, she does seem to be back to normal apart from still being giant. But now Trixie's back too... and didn't she say something about what would happen if Fluttershy returned? And Fluttershy just wrecked a whole block with Discord right behind her! So now she's stuck between Discord and Trixie in the middle of the havoc she caused just getting there! Things don't look good for our pegasus protagonist.

#29 · 96w, 3d ago · · · Big Trouble ·

not quit as good as the last chapter but still very entertaining. Discord is awsome as always.:rainbowdetermined2:

#30 · 96w, 3d ago · · · Big Trouble ·

>>1978264 Yeah he is. There need to be a few touch ups here and there but all and all I like how it's coming along. If you've noticed the character tags though, that should be an indication that there is plenty more to come.

#31 · 96w, 3d ago · · · Big Trouble ·

>>1978877 oh yeah. I was woundering why you put Flim up there.

#32 · 96w, 2d ago · · · Big Trouble ·

Slowly, her yellow color returned and she closed her eyes and smiled in the comfort of animals. Her rampage was over.

"Did somepony call the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie?!", the blue unicorn shouted from around a corner.



Oh.  Uh heh heh... crap...

#35 · 96w, 1d ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1987697 I honestly thought adding that in there would be a little too much...

#36 · 96w, 1d ago · · · Big Fight ·

short chapter. not much really happened. ok chapter.:moustache:

#37 · 96w, 18h ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1988759 Discord's out of the picture, Trixie has arrived with the Alicorn Amulet, Zecora's entered the situation and Flim and Flam have a bucking tank. I'd say plenty happened. Also, CHAOS BLAST!!!!!

#38 · 96w, 15h ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1992397 sorry. I meant not as much as last chapter. don't know why but I didn't get as much emotion from this chapter as the last chapter. not trying to be a downer or troll just stating my opinion. You are a great author but this just isn't my favorite chapter but I look forward to the next one. (I suppose build up is important so...yeah.... Just ignore me.):derpytongue2:

#39 · 96w, 13h ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1993679 I like build up too but I think there was enough of that in the beginning. I appreciate you offering your opinion and I will consider going back in and adding a few more details now because of what you said. But for right now, all the players are on the stage and have been brought up to speed on the events so, lights, camera, action! Spotlight on Flim and Flam as they wheel out centerstage in a wooden cheese-launching tank! Also, it's kind of... supposed to be... maybe a little... funny? I know I'm not the best at writing comedy and it's not high-brow stuff by any shot but I thought that at least a couple things were classy and chuckle-worthy...

#40 · 96w, 13h ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1993679 Also, how could I ignore Shadow the Hedgehog? You seem to be ignoring my constant use of the phrase CHAOS BLAST! Well?

#41 · 96w, 12h ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1994411 fine. DEATH TO ALL WHO APOSE ME!! :twilightangry2::flutterrage: also thanks.:rainbowdetermined2:

#42 · 96w, 12h ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1994411 also, if it helps, turn on mature and click on me and check out my story. Critic it as you see fit.:rainbowdetermined2:

#43 · 96w, 2h ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1994687 Thank you. I expect to see another such comment from you on my Sonic crossover when it's ready.

#44 · 96w, 2h ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1994700 Mature? *shudders* Well, if I must.

#45 · 95w, 6d ago · · · Big Fight ·

>>1996284 it was requested that I do so when I sent it in. Since it is Rainbow Factory related. I try not to go to overboard on the gore but it does get very violent sometimes. But please tell me what you think. Also it flows better the more you read on, do to me learning more about how to do so.

Anyways don't forget to tell me what you thought about it.:rainbowdetermined2:

#46 · 95w, 4d ago · · · Big Escape ·

Pinkie looks at the cheese launcher "I WANT ONE!":rainbowlaugh:

#47 · 95w, 3d ago · · · Big Escape ·

Ya know...I'm getting Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and Enormity vibes here. Good story.  *Pops open a Pepsi* please continue. :yay:

#48 · 95w, 2d ago · · · Big Escape ·

>>2019310 Appreciated my friend.

Lol fluttergiant and giga dash

so the spell did shink everypony. Fluttershy isn't big they are just small. Also the sombra joke cracked me up:rainbowlaugh:

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