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Born with the power of shapeshifting into a ferocious dragon to the cutest puppy, Spike Draco is the chosen hero destined to save the worlds of his home and Equestria, with the aid of his adopted mother and uncle, his best friends, and seven blasts from his past.

First Published
11th Jan 2017
Last Modified
15th Jan 2017

Awesome, liking where this is going.

This looks very promising. I love how you added my fave Owl City song to it.

This has potential to be a good fic, though I saw a few spelling mistakes, overall this story is well written.

Some will say your story seems cliche, but as long as you know what your writing, some readers (including me) will overlook the cliches as long as the story is rich and well written.

I really like the idea of adopted/humanized Spike, just don't rush character development and relationship development. I.E: Two characters fall in love instantly for no good reason and rut like pigs soon after.

Before posting a chapter read it over once out loud. Trust me from one fanfic author to another it really helps.

quite the prologue. just curious is this gonna be a spike harem fic?

>>7859441 I see Is it gonna be the mane 6 ( and beyond) or are u gonna mix it up a little?

This is definitely something to keep an eye on...one thing though,  I see the Human and Anthro tags here in this.   From what I've read from it,  I get that Spike's a hybrid--he's a human boy, but he can turn into a dragon.   The way it first described Princess Celestia,  I have to assume that she's canon pony.   My question is this:  I can belive that Spike has an Anthro form when he changes from his human form, but is he the only one with everypony else being canon forms, or are the citizens of Equestria anthro?

A slight bit of confusion there,  it would be appreciated to clear this up.

>>7864427 Um, Scorpan can also change from gargoyle to human. Doesn't that count for the anthro tag?

I mean, no, Spike and Scorpan aren't the only ones. You'll see what I mean.

Born with the power of shapeshifting into a ferocious dragon to the cutest puppy,
Do you mean from a ferocious dragon to the cutest puppy?

Great job, so far some great characters have appeared, and Flintheart is definitely a great character even if he's fictional in Equestria. Unless that Hearthwarming Eve story was real.

>>7865691 Indeed he is as Severus Snape reborn.

I just hope I can keep it up with the others coming along.

>>7865629 Well Spike isn't really born a dragon, just with dragon powers, so I just assumed it mean he can change from a human into various forms ranging from a dragon to a puppy.

Good chapter...and another question are other characters such as Ember, Trixie, Sunset, Starlight, the Dazzlings, and the Shadowbolts going to make an appearance?

This was awesome, and hilarious with Snips and Snails getting the full dodge ball hits. I can't wait to see next time.

Next we'll have Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Wait, you said 7 blasts from his past. Who's the 7th?



My guesses,  Ember and/or Sunset Shimmer.    Ember because one dragon just isn't enough,  Sunset because she would complete the rainbow.

Of course there gonna be some surprises that we probably didn't think of...

Oh, Spike your popularity keeps on increasing every second.



Lets not forget this could also mean that it may be starlight as well.

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