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  • E Cheer One More Time

    After the events of the first story, Cheerilee finds herself facing off against a new threat to Equestria. If only the villain would be more specific and tell her what she was supposed to do.  · GWFan
    4,799 words · 475 views  ·  32  ·  1  · 

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  • E Cheer One More Time

    After the events of the first story, Cheerilee finds herself facing off against a new threat to Equestria. If only the villain would be more specific and tell her what she was supposed to do.
    4,799 words · 475 views  ·  32  ·  1
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  • 19w, 6d
    Anniversary Time Once Again

    Hello everyone.  It’s me again, GWFan the Softcore Brony (obviously) and as the title says, its anniversary time again!  Whoo hoo!  I now celebrate my third year anniversary as a Brony and my second year anniversary as a Let’s Player!  

    So obviously, Let’s Playing has kind of taken over the time I used to spend writing fanfiction.  I haven’t given up on writing Spiral, Cheer One More Time, or my weird little Celebrity Deathmatch crossover, but I have since decided to officially cancel Night of Harvest.  My ultimate idea for it, though nice and creepy in its own right as I had wanted, doesn’t pan out well to an ending especially considering all that has changed in the show regarding Princess Twilight and what have you.  I know that may not seem like it has any real baring on this particular story as it simply could be set earlier but the ending is still complicated to make work either way, plus I think I’ll use the plot somewhere else not pony related since I like to write other stuff from time to time too.

    As far as Let’s Playing news goes, I have planned to start Super Mario RPG once I finish EquestriaBound and then follow that up with the yet to be released full version of War of Harmony.

    I apologize to anyone who was enjoying my fanfiction since I haven’t updated in nearly a year and it looks like I probably won’t update again anytime soon, but I still might and frankly I still want to finish the three listed up there or in the least the Celebrity Deathmatch one since that has garnered some surprising attention by those who gave it a shot expecting something different.

    Have a good day everyone.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for watching my videos if you in fact do that.  Thank you all for being a Brony.  Arrivederci.

    0 comments · 35 views
  • 53w, 1d
    And then I updated a story

    Wow, it actually happened.  I put up a new chapter of Spiral: the Strangeness of Ponyville.  For the few of you who read the previous two chapters just note that slight changes were made to make Twilight into Princess Twilight.  Truthfully there was very little to change and most of it can be noted in the first scene of chapter 1.  Also, I updated the story to include a comedy tag since it does technically have a lot of that when everything is not being serious.  Hopefully this third chapter doesn’t feel rushed.  Also I wonder what you will think of how I’m writing Scootaloo?  Thanks for reading and especially for being patient folks.

    - GWFan (The Softcore Brony)

    0 comments · 86 views
  • 54w, 3d
    Will I ever update a story again?

    Hello everyone.  It’s been four months since my last blog update and is closing in on a year since I made an update to anything that wasn’t the 550 Word Challenge (thank you Writers Group for at least keeping me a little active.)  It’s not exactly that I’ve become completely lazy in regards to my fic writing but more so that my attention has been focused elsewhere.  Since I started Let’s Playing, I’ve spent a lot of time researching, taking notes, and practicing various games because I have an obsessive desire to play them to the best of my abilities with as much knowledge as possible.  As a result, my time for writing has suffered substantially.  I didn’t even participate in this year’s National Pony Writing Month, which disappoints me to no end.

    At this point, I want to formally announce the official cancellation of one of my fics, The Manly Man Way, as I have no desire to return to that fic.  Some of you may remember long ago when I wrote an apology letter for how bad that fic was and still is, as I haven’t changed a thing.  It was an amusing idea at the time but it no longer seems that way even though I do have other parts of that fic written which will now never see the light of day unless I do a blog showing my notes and what have you on it I suppose.

    This still leaves me with four unfinished fics.  One of those fics is Night of Harvest, which I wanted to finish for Halloween this year but obviously didn’t.  Truth be told, I’ve changed my mind on the ending to that fic and currently don’t have one.  Without the ending, the rest of the story just seems like a random occurrence and that wouldn’t do at all.  I’m debating canceling that as a result since I’ve lost sight of the ending but as of this time, it still remains in hiatus status.

    My other three fics, I absolutely want to finish.  I really should work on Cheer One More Time as it at least has a foothold in EQD and I promised to finish that one nearly two years ago now.  Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure on a lot of the middle portions of it, even though I know where I want it to go ultimately.  

    Spiral would be a more obvious choice to work on and finish as I have a lot of that written already.  I currently have 18,081 words posted but I have a total of 56,507 words written for that story as a whole already.  I have at least a small or large portion of every chapter in the story written including the ending.  The story currently spans 19 chapters but only the two I’ve posted are fully complete.  However, I do want to do a slight rewrite here to change Twilight to Princess Twilight, since that wouldn’t be very difficult to implement (the story does take place ten years in the future).  

    The last story is another one I really want to get back to, my Celebrity Deathmatch crossover, which has surprisingly been encouraged to be finished by more than one person over on my account.  That one I already know exactly what I want to happen and exactly how many chapters (9, which just makes 6 more I need to finish).  

    Overall, I don’t know or rather can’t promise that I’ll ultimately do anything, though it would kill me to cancel what I have left.  I should say I can’t guarantee how soon I’ll work on them but I must.  If I don’t by next month you have my permission to send messages to me everyday telling me I should be working on writing too, not just Let’s Plays.

    Thank you all for reading, commenting, watching, and favoriting.  I always appreciate it even if I don’t send a message saying so.

    - GWFan (The Softcore Brony)

    8 comments · 103 views
  • 72w, 5h
    My Anniversaries and What Not

       So today I celebrate my two year anniversary as a Brony and my one year anniversary as a Let’s Player.  I can’t believe its already been that long.  Things are running pretty smoothly except for my Fanfiction.  I’m still writing very, very slowly and although I hoped to get a new chapter of Cheer One More Time out at least once a month, I have barely touched it since releasing.  Sorry about that readers.  Hopefully I’ll get some time in at some point, but I can’t promise you’ll see a new chapter in the next week or anything.

    In other news I’ve seen Equestria Girls and personally enjoyed it.  I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I liked it and thought it was good so that’s my opinion at least.  

    Anyway, my let’s Plays are moving smoothly although this week was slow uploading for me, I’ll hopefully be back on track soon.  School (yes, during the summer still; technical schools barely give you time off it seems) and work have me busy too, so finding time around that is an interesting dance.

    Anyway, thank you all for reading and thank you all for watching.  It suddenly came to my attention the other day that some folks thank the readers that favorite their stories personally, but it never occurred to me to do that.  Sorry if anyone felt like I was not being grateful.  It just never occurred to me before.  So I would like to give a thank you all who favorite my fics and thank you all in the future who may still favorite them as well.  Even if I don’t give you a direct thanks, I always feel thankful when someone favorites or watches so again, thanks.

                        - GWFan (The Softcore Brony)

    4 comments · 101 views
  • 78w, 1d
    Cheer On Sequal Finally Happened!

        I finally decided to stop procrastinating and write that sequal that I should have started a year ago.  Though I might be a little slow to upload new chapters, hopefully it won't be as slow as it took get this fic up.  In the least I'm hoping for once a month, but then I said that about getting the first chapter up back in January.  My bad.

        As for some of my other stories that have been in sleep mode for almost six months, I still plan to continue them eventually.  Night of Harvest was meant to be a Halloween themed fic started and finished in October, but I was sidetracked by my focus on my Let's Play series, so at this point I'm hoping to finish it again for next October.  Again, we'll see.

        Spiral: The Strangeness of Ponyville, has been an interesting run for me and my reason for slowing down surprisingly does not entirely have to do with me being lazy.  The fic takes place ten years in the future, but I started writing it before the Revelation of Princess Twilight, and thus she's not an Alicorn in the story.  Even in a crossover fic like that one, I always try to keep things as show accurate as possible while still retaining some of my own ideas that are decidedly not show accurate.  For Spiral, I'm trying to decide if I should continue from where I am or go back and adjust what I have already written to account for Princess Twilight.  It wouldn't be too change a few major details and events around too reflect our newish Twilacorn, but it would still take at least a little replanning on my part, since I don't know exactly how the show is going to continue with Princess Twilight, or rather what direction they are going to take the show from this point.  Being a Princess, does that mean she has to live in Canterlot or can she stay in Ponyville?  Season 4, I need you for clarification!

        And for the last fic, the crazy Celebrity Deathmatch crossover, which has been surprisingly more popular than I was expecting, that one I could probably continue rather easily since I already know most of what I want to happen.  I'm probably going to try to focus on Cheer One More Time though, since it has been so long coming.

        Anyway, thanks for reading, I always appreciate the comments on my fics and I'll try not to procrastinate on my fics as much as I have in the last year and a half.

    3 comments · 104 views
  • ...

After a budget cut, Cheerilee is replaced by a younger and stricter teacher.  Cheerilee searches for a new job in Ponyville while her students deal with the new teacher.  However, everything is not what it seems.  Can Cheerilee use her vast knowledge to save her students and Ponyville?

First Published
29th Nov 2011
Last Modified
21st Jan 2012
#1 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

This story sounds fun and promising. Very few grammar errors, but nevertheless a solid story. The lectures Cheerilee presented to the customers were absolutely hilarious.

#2 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Lecture mod HAS no off switch!

Good so far, looking forward to more!

#3 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Cheerilee should work at the library.

#4 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

i can't find the story:flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::ajbemused::twilightangry2: and just because i want to laugh:duck:

#5 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

now i am going to show each characters funny faces because i have nothing else to do with my life. applejack:applejackconfused:, applebloom:applecry:, that pony model pony thing:coolphoto:, derpy:derpytongue2:, fluttershy:flutterrage:, pinkie pie:pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiesick:, rainbowdash:rainbowkiss:, rarity:duck:, scootaloo:scootangel:, trixie:trixieshiftright:, twilight sparkle:twilightoops:, spike:moustache:

#6 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Lol, Mud.

#7 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

One point. The head of a school is spelled principal, not principle. It's an easy confusion of homophones, as Cheerilee might say.

#8 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

keep up the good work really enjoying this one

#9 · 155w, 5d ago · · · Budget Cut ·


:twilightsmile: Ah, thanks.  Noted and fixed.

#10 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Bwahaha! :rainbowlaugh: I nearly died when the pegasister asked about reverse osmosis water! :rainbowlaugh:

#11 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Nice work, Cheerilee's lectures were hilarious (And informative!) If you ask me her perfect job would be helping Twilight at the library- she's probably the only pony who knows even more facts than she does.

And I know very well the horrors of an overbearing, antagonistic teacher, I actually had nightmares about this one teacher I had in year four of my primary school. Its amazing how many people go into the teaching profession that don't:

1. Enjoy teaching.

2. Like working with children.

3. Have the ability to teach effectively.

#12 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Nice idea of a stoyrline and a great job in making it almost like a real-world people do lose their jobs to big changs all the time. Still, it was a nice update and I do wonder how will the Crusaders and their Classmates fare over their new teacher. :unsuresweetie:

Also for Cheerliee I would have a montage of her trying various jobs and then fail each one of them, just for the comedic timing of it, before finding her true calling.

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

#13 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Looks like LECTURE isn't very effective....

Keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

#14 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Love It:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::ajsmug::ajsmug::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::heart::heart::derpytongue2::derpytongue2::fluttershysad::fluttershysad:

#15 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

That restaurant scene was amazing!

#16 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

LECTURE TIME!:moustache:

We need more Cheerilee lectures. Very entertaining it's a very cute story.

#17 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

A very enjoyable story so far. I chuckled a little during some parts! Please make more! :twilightsmile:

#18 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Cocoa is spelled cocoa, not coco. Other than that one set of errors, great start to the series!

#19 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Loving it so far. Only one complaint:

I really don't think the principal would fire Cheerilee in front of her students.

Besides that, very good! Looking forward to more.

#20 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

The new teacher is an ass.


#21 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Spot on with all the characters. You really got the perception of Cheerilee's attitude. Nice touch with the Pro-Wrestling from Cheerilee; I think that Cheerilee is going to use that skill later on against Ms. Plum. (I really hope so! :rainbowlaugh: That would be so awesome!) Really great use of knowledge of water and other facts about the chemistry of water. I unexpectedly learned something more from this story!  I hope you keep doing well and I can't wait to see how the storyline will go. Ms. Plum seems quite strict, so I hope the children survive the first day and that Cheerilee doesn't waste time with facts on how the force of nails go into the wood. :twilightsmile: Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

#22 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·


Thanks.  Another one I missed.  Actually I could have sworn I fixed that once before but whatever.  It's fixed now.

#23 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

I'm liking how this is going.  Cherilee's enthusiastic manner of imparting information...  good for classroom, could be BAD for everywhere else.

Plus, pro-wrestling?:rainbowderp:  Is that a random thing a reference to the '80's, or do you have a sinister connection?

#24 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

I'd like to see CMC team up with Tiara and Spoon. CMC with their unstoppable enthusiasm, Tiara and Spoon with their wealth and connections - and Cheerilee will return in no time!

#25 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Wrestling? The 80's must have been interesting indeed.

#26 · 155w, 4d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

that was a good read lol derpy and ms.plum doesnt seem that bad from what i see

#27 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

A pony is like a cardboard box because of the many ways we may slice them open:pinkiecrazy:                Also, that new teacher is indeed an accurate depiction of most school teachers nowadays. I will be dissapointed if she fails to meet a humiliating predicament before the end of this fic.

#28 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·


I have to say, for being the first one to try that riddle, I was not expecting a Cupcakes reference.  :fluttershyouch:

#29 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Very nice story, tracking this :pinkiecrazy:

#32 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

O MAI GOSH! :pinkiegasp: SEW AWESUM :rainbowkiss:

#33 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Ha! That restaurant scene is awesome! makes me laugh like an idiot.

#34 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

>>44767 Sadly I've read all of the Cupcakes alternate endings and sequels and loughed WTB:pinkiecrazy: is wrong with me?????

#35 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

I has the image of pinkie guttin rainbow forever burned in mag head....

#36 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Very interesting imma keep a eye on this story

#37 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·


How did this circulate back to the topic of freaking Cupcakes!?:flutterrage:

And yet, in the end, even though I've never liked Cupcakes, I was introduced to the fandom becuase it exists, so I can't exactly hate on it either.:derpyderp1:

#38 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·


It went back to cupcakes when somepony mentioned the riddle and answered it with cupcakes. This caused everypony who read that comment or your reply to it to remember cupcakes. I liked the gory story of cupcakes...


It's a good story, yes, but I'm just not interested in it.

-Adds "somepony" and "everypony" to computer's dictionary.-

#39 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

This is now one of my fave fics.


Despite this, I feel some parts of this story were rushed, which is odd because other parts feel very well thought through and researched. For instance, I feel the way the head fires Cheerilee is kinda abrupt, and not how I think it would be done- Firing her in front of her class? Nonononono. All wrong. Wrong.  More bitchy complaints about this scene is that it seems you're trying to force a point with many things- the style of the principal seems forced somehow. I'm not sure how. The restaurant scene is great- especially considering how I imagine Cheerilee- Just like this, except maybe not quite so... Impulsive? I find it kinda odd how she sees a coupla ponies fixing a roof and is like "I'll help" with (almost) no questions asked. You might not have read it, but the story "Romance Reports" is one of the fics that best writes Cheerillee's character- I would recommend reading it  reading it if you can work around the cloppyness :pinkiegasp:

I also like how well you've managed to portray the bad teacher. I've had a few, and this kind of attitude is exactly what I think of when I think "Bad Teacher". On a final note, I love the way the kids talk to each other- so true, and probably from experience, although I think the whole "mud" thing, while funny, isn't really the caliber of humor that I would expect from a filly. :scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry::twistnerd:

#40 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

The good news is that your story is funny and awesome so far. The bad news is that you spelled 'divisor' wrong the first time. The good news is that you fixed it for the rest of the times. The bad news is that derpy got hurt :( But the good news is she's okay. The bad news is that there's a lot of misspelled homonyms. But the good news is that YOU'RE THE FIRST AND ONLY PERSON IVE EVER MET TO ACTUALLY SAY "WITH *insert name of god* AS MY WITNESS" CORRECTLY!!!! everybody else is all like, 'as god as my witness' and im like

i love you

#41 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

I'm getting addicted to Cheerilee fics. Maybe it has somethign to do with the fact that I want to be a teacher. :derpytongue2::twilightblush:

#42 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

I'm getting addicted to Cheerilee fics. Maybe it has somethign to do with the fact that I want to be a teacher. :derpytongue2::twilightblush:>>45752

Oops, something

#43 · 155w, 3d ago · · · Budget Cut ·



that is, um, if you don't mind... and um, take your time... i wouldn't want to interrupt anything... :fluttershyouch:

#44 · 155w, 2d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

looks like Cheerilee is getting popular... School Daze, and now this... yay for teachers!

#45 · 155w, 2d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Moar! I need it! :pinkiehappy:

#46 · 155w, 2d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Spikestache seal of approval. :moustache:

#47 · 155w, 1d ago · · · Budget Cut ·

Is it wrong for me to be listening to "Another Brick In the Wall Part 2"? I think not :moustache:

#48 · 155w, 1d ago · · · Budget Cut ·


Meant to say while reading this, my bad.

#49 · 155w, 2h ago · · · Job Hunt ·

OOH, Cheerilee got to have her own mental breakdown! Awesome!

#50 · 155w, 2h ago · · · Job Hunt ·

I have an idea for a possible job for Cheerilee, why not become Princess Luna's teacher for a while ? :rainbowkiss:

I mean Princess Luna does need some help in getting reaquanited with the citizens of Pony-ville and all of Equestria and what better way to do that, than have a teacher who could assit you on your journey.:pinkiehappy:

Plus, think of the perks that Cheerilee could get if she does this job.:scootangel:

Still it was a nice update and a sad look at where the kids ponies are at now with the new Teacher. Man, is she a pain and not in a good way at alll. Doesn't this Miss Plum have any nice qualities in her ? :unsuresweetie:

Ha-ha  between the moments of Derpy and Cheerilee, plus Derpy is a busy pony with her own bad eyesight. That part with the "Science of muffins," had me rolliing out laughing.:derpytongue2:

It seems that there's a mystery going on with the school's budget or at least something wrong with it. As it seems that someone is scrapping money out of it.

Nice update to the storyline as Cheerilee is one educated pony, even on par with Twilight and her knowledge.

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great storyline like this one. :twilightsmile:

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