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    Let's Talk Funny

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    And now, Deep Thoughts. With M.A. Larson.

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  • 1w, 6d
    It Seems Green Has Inspired... Fanfiction?

    I got a nice little message from a long time reader that apparently she'd been inspired to write about Fancy Pants and Fleur and Luna...

    I'm not sure what to say. I'm flattered, and humbled.

    I can't link it directly, but here's a text link you can choose to follow. Be forewarned though, it's NSFW.

    5 comments · 176 views
  • 2w, 19h
    To Clarify Regarding My Views On French

    I think I upset a couple of people, judging by how Green earned a couple more downvotes when my only activity was a blog post. So to clarify: I do not feel that French is a pretentious language. I think it's rather beautiful. But then, I don't speak it, so to me, it sounds lovely. It also strikes me as the type of thing that an upper class pony might do in a social setting: speak a language she is certain the other pony doesn't speak, to insult them while smiling.

    If I have insulted any french speakers in my naivety... I sincerely apologize.

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  • 2w, 22h
    Regarding Chapter 28: French To Equestrian

    For those (like myself) who do not speak french and were confused by Fleur's utterances, a brief explanation.

    I do not, as previous stated, speak french. I do however believe that somepony named Fleur De Lis should occasionally speak the language.

    In context, we have this scene.

    Rarity cleared her throat, prompting Fleur to look back in her direction. While Fluttershy had been talking, she’d been adding five more glasses from around the room, all carefully sipped from. “Ahem. Fleur, I’d like to introduce my marefriend.

    “Oh?” Fleur’s ears perked up. “I hadn’t noticed you brought anypony else. Where is she?”

    Fluttershy squirmed uncomfortably.

    Fleur looked back and forth between the two of them, flushing when she realized her faux pas. C'est gênant! What you must think of me! I meant no offense, Rarity. Nor to you, Fluttershy.”

    C'est gênant!: How embarrassing!

    “You cherish the princess, mon amie?” Fleur De Lis’ eyes twinkled as she laughed merrily. “Perhaps she is close to you both?”

    “Nothing so crass as that,” Rarity replied, flushing guiltily. After all, it wasn’t as if she’d never entertained the idea. “My friends and I are simply important to both sisters, though I admit we have had occasion to deepen the friendship of late.”

    “Ah, forgive me. I misunderstood.” Fleur’s eyes flicked over to Luna, who was twirling around in her new dress. “Fancy and I have had that opportunity as well.”

    Rarity, who had been in the middle of sipping at a sixth wine glass, nearly choked in shock. “I must be mishearing you—”

    Je resterai bouche cousue. I have said more than I should have and I will thank you if you will forget it,” Fleur said quickly. “Our younger princess does not need a scandal laid at her hooves.”

    Je resterai bouche cousue: I won't say anymore.

    Sorry for any confusion to native speakers and google translate users alike, but that's what I meant to have these phrases mean. I did pretty extensive searches for proper phrasing, but this is the risk you take when you try to utilize a language you don't speak yourself, sadly.

    Oh, and for those who stayed to read through all of this, the next chapter will be posted promptly on the 1st. I am doing everything I can to keep to that steady schedule of once a month, and so far it's been working (since April it's been consistent.)

    And for anyone whose eyes glazed and are somehow reading the end of this: TL:DR Steel does not speak French, and if you look up a little you'll see what I wanted Fleur to say.

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I see the lights in your boutique on late into the night sometimes. I stay up way late myself, because I don’t need a lot of sleep. And that means I get to hear you singing to yourself a lot. You sing... really beautifully, did you know that, Rarity? I love it when you sing, because you do it when you’re happy. But there are nights when you don’t sing, and I miss it... You didn’t sing last night, or the night before. I didn’t sleep very well.

Pure diamond, this chapter.


El. Oh. Hell, that's satisfying.

Oh, look, my feels are pooling with the clop to make this really awkward to read. Good job! I guess?

I did really like it, but I skipped the clop for the feels. :twilightblush:

Oh... Well that wazza unexpected...

My good sir your a genious... :twilightsmile:


Nice feels!  And Raripie is always a good one.

Me like, shame I can't do anything but comment due to the WHOLE COUNTRIES INTERNET GOING DOWN.

I'll be surprised if this comment actually posts.

Can't wait for more of this.

Ah clop, if you do it right, it's touching enough that the sexual content doesnt look so foul in comparison to the romantic elements.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that this is not clop for the sake of clop, but a well crafted romantic tale that ultilises the sex aspect as a suppliement to heartfully tell of the love and relationship between the two mares.

I... think that makes sense, doesn't it?:rainbowhuh:

>>1710235 got it in one. I don't do sex without heavy feels.

accidentally spent fifteen minutes reading a Cosmarepolitan article

You're not fooling anyone, Rarity.

Good stuff. Not gratuitous, and lots of good feels. I like!

That was... good. Very damn cute, and rather hot in its own way.

Definitely looking forward to more of this. =3


Hit it right on the head! Well done, sir!


I cam here to be annoyed at your complete lack of capitalization on your title, honestly.

But this is actually a well written story, at least a better one than I expected by far. There's a point where Pinkie's talking and she mentions the lights from Rarity's boutique and it is quite surprisngly... feels-y. Good work.

Just.. Capitalize so that the title is "I Love To See You Smile", that's all I ask. Because the story is good.

The feels made the clop seem like a backdrop more then anything. It was good and not overpowering, nicely done.

It seems the only way to 'unwind' in this fandom is through sex :applejackunsure:

>>1711038 Thanks, both for the tip on the title and for reading the story. I'm glad you liked it.

D'awww, ok, you won me over.

Wow... for such a steamy story... I couldn't help but feel touched. I have never really seen a story that handled sex with such care and, for lack of a better word, adorableness. I obviously loved it, from beginning to end. :pinkiesad2:

So that just happened...

Thought this was pretty good, I usually have a stronger stomach for erotic scenes but when I read

“Oh! You... you touched it. Please, don’t touch it...” she gasped feebly as the hoof lightly caressed her.

Pinkie drew her hoof up to her mouth and licked it. “Mmmm, not bad. You taste sweet.” She smacked her lips and beamed at the trembling pony she’d just tasted.

I couldn't help but cringe for a moment's notice there. I must say though it is really well-written, I'm glad this wasn't "just" a clop-fic since it incorporated very feelsy kinda moments in the story. Good job! :twilightsmile:

Alright, new story. Commence read.

Nice story. Very heartfelt. It should be very interesting to see how a relationship springs up from this.

Awesome, write more.:pinkiehappy::raritywink:


Of course you did. What many of the younger or less cultured bronies don't get is that pretty much all romance novels from the era of time that they were vastly popular, contained several or numerous sex scenes - because it was simply part of the story, or the story was leading itself that way.

Yet still they manage to complain about sex in a fanfiction, when thousands of celebrated books that sold well in the real world quite openly display that they are sexually oriented and are completely acceptable because that is at least somewhat expected of the genre in many cases.

You essentially made a call back to such pillars of writing in the worldwide reading community, and pointed out that Steel's work is more in line with such stories in its conception and structure. I really do hope the fools with loud mouths stay away from this one, don't you?


I agree. This is really good.

the fic Xenophillia is a lot like this, except that it is an HiE, and explores more the difference in cultures and complications with a relationship that arise from it, along with the strength of the bond of the lovers being able to overcome the problems.

>>1711125 Actually sexual release is a great stress reliever and so forth so Pinkie didn't just suggest that for no reason other than to feel up Rarity.

Anyway wonderful had feels with the clop so I want to read more. Please have more :applecry:

Always liked your wording, I must say. I had to get out the dictionary for a few and was happy about it. So good on ya and hope to see a continuation.

The feels. :twilightblush:

The utter, sheer, indescribable feels. :pinkiesad2:

You sir, are brilliant. Gimme another chapter. NAO. :flutterrage:

Ah, my invaluable cowritting assistance! Wait, what? Oh dear, I'm afraid this is going to require another electric shock... :raritywink:

I have this game where I try to guess if a story is a clopfic based on only its name. This story won the game.

Very good.  I like the way you show us Pinkie's feelings in this without ever outright throwing them in our faces.  Pinkie does her best to portray her actions as simply helping a friend in need, and it's only in the little things here and there that give us hints that she feels more strongly than she lets on.  As a few commenters above have already mentioned, the line about watching the Boutique from her window and listening to Rarity sing was very powerful.

Hang on a minute...  Do I spy an [incomplete] tag?  Am I to take this to mean there is more of this beautiful Rari-Pie to come?  Oh, that makes me a happy pony indeed!

"(...) in the chair._The hoof pressed firmly into her, and she plummeted into freefall. Every part of her convulsed as she felt a great heat wash over her, and her eyes flew open to stare into the lovely blue eyes of the smiling pink pony."

Can't... stop... :pinkiecrazy:

Must... turn off... grammar-nazi switch.

And stop... talking with... so many pauses...

I really think you did a great job on this chapter. keep it up!

... Well, I'm a hardcore Rarijack shipper, but...

And not just the clop. You, my dear friend, you may have a mustache. :moustache: As well as a fave and an upvote.

Steel Resolve wrote more clop? The world is doomed

Oh no, wait, that was ImJustAnotherBrony who'd say that.

Let me rephrase that: Yay clop :rainbowkiss:


I don't read clop. I will read this. This does not feel like a contradiction at all, and that's a good thing.

Hurrays for you and the other you which wrought wrote this also.

Pinkie Pie is best pony. Rarity is also best pony, but Pinkie Pie is best pony.


He's just trying to make me look bad.



Well written Raripie?


Well written Raripie with tasteful clop?



You always look ba - no wait, I didn't mean it!

Lol this wasn't even that cloppy. Beautiful work though, feels were had.

oh this was soooo nice, more please

Dat story that parring :pinkiehappy::raritywink::heart:

:twilightblush: I hope not what i'm thinking

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