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    Random Book Review: The Martian

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  • 10w, 6d
    Dead Tree Format Rules.

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    Wooah. 2000.

    Two thousand upvotes.

    That's quite an amazing feat... and, honestly, I don't see that as just my feat; it's something you all did. Thank you for reading my story, and special thanks to anyone who spread the word about it to others. I couldn't have gotten there without all of you :pinkiehappy:

    On a related note, I have updated the html, rtf and epub downloads of the story. The epub now has an index page, all of the downloads have the same formatting the story has on the fimfic website, and all of them contain the author's notes on the chapters that have them.

    So, once again, thank you all. This has been quite a blast :twilightsmile:

    (and, shout out to Hotaru Lind, the one who actually passed the 2k threshold! The fimfic irc is a really fun place!)

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    Concerning the Lead Content of LEDs, Laying Layers of Lies, and Lying Down Beside the Point.

    That's right! I'm utterly bored, don't feel like reading or writing much, and thus, it's time to go over another batch of these.

    Yup. Common Errors. The bane of every writer, and, more importantly, of me, whenever I read through the writings of these writers. The stuff I see the most highly rated and famed authors still doing wrong. And so, we get to another batch of self-editing hints! As always, Twist is ready to serve as bullet point in the list! :twistnerd:

    This one is a bit more elaborate than the previous one, since I actually go deeper into the "why" of each one of them.

    Oh, and if you missed the previous one, it's right here.

    :twistnerd: Laying versus Lying. This is actually an interesting one. Loads of people get this wrong, and it's not surprising, either.

    So first of all, the difference. "lying" means simply "being in prone position", while "laying" means "getting/putting into prone position". This means you lie down, but you lay down something.

    Now, the big annoyance with this is not only in making the difference between these two, but also the odd little fact that the past tense of "to lie" is "I lay". The past of "to lay", however, is "I laid". For example, for 'lying', you can say "she lay on the floor". Not "laid" because, that's an action, not "lied", because, that's telling untruth. For 'laying', you'd say something like "I laid down the knife".

    And yes, this explains the expression "getting laid" as "a person who is laid down, by someone else", meaning it is, in fact, grammatically correct :raritywink:

    If you're ever confused, you can find a nice overview table of the tenses right here.

    :twistnerd: Led versus Lead. There's really only one thing to say about this: the only "lead" that's pronounced as "led" is the metal. The verb form, when written "lead", is always pronounced as "leed". So if you got a verb form that'd be pronounced as "led", you should in fact write it "led".

    :twistnerd: Beside versus Besides. I struggled with this one myself, and have done a whole ton of unnecessary edits and re-edits because of this thing. Basic rule: "beside" means literally "next to" in space, whereas "besides" means "in addition to (that)" or "aside from". Generally, unless you are using the word literally, you usually need "besides".

    An odd exception to this is the expression "beside the point", where the use is figurative, but it still indicates that something is not quite on the point, but beside it. So yeah, for some odd reason, that one does use "beside". English, ain't it fascinating? (Answer: No. Yuck.)


    He stood beside his mysterious ally, but besides their current common interest, he really felt no kinship with the cloaked person. Besides, the hooded bastard was probably the one who killed his brother.

    :twistnerd: And finally, Awhile. Oh sweet Celestia, "awhile". First of all, yes, spelling correctors do say it is a correct word. Secondly, if you use it from a combination of laziness that makes you type one less space and that aforementioned fact, then no, I do not think it means what you think it means. In fact, I'm sure it doesn't.

    "Awhile" is, in fact, a rather archaic form of "for a while". As in, "I've been standing here awhile" and "I'm going to lie down awhile". So, yeah, it sounds kinda... old. You can not use it in sentences like "They arrived awhile later" or "we waited for awhile". The word "awhile" is a time span, so you can't use it for "a while later", since that indicates a point in time, and if you use "for awhile" you're really saying "for for a while". So, unless you're purposely trying to sound archaic... don't use it, period.

    That's it for now! I hope you just got a little smarter.

    And, always remember the wise words of my grandmother, when it comes to the English Language:

    "Write it London, and pronounce it Liverpool."

    Nyerguds, out :yay:

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  • 41w, 2d
    The Daily Unlife gets Audio Book'd!

    Looks like my ghoul story is getting some love!

    Nitoka, who had already done a reading of the first chapter of Fallout Equestria: Dark Shores, now added The Daily Unlife to his work list!

    His glorious reading of the introduction chapter can be found here:

    (note: there's a slight pause around 3:28 due to a small editing error. Please ignore it. Just wait a few seconds and it'll continue normally :twilightsmile:)

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  • ...

A changeling who has lived at the side of an Equestrian mare for most of his life finds himself in the middle of the changeling invasion of Canterlot. He has no idea who the invading queen or hive are, and just wants to stay where he is, and more importantly, who he is.

The spell that ends the invasion doesn't discriminate, though. With his old pony form irreversibly stripped away, and the whole kingdom out to hunt his kind, he tries to keep his family together, and struggles to find his place in the world.

Please comment! Even now, I'd love to hear what people think as they read through :pinkiehappy:

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First Published
25th Apr 2012
Last Modified
17th Apr 2014

I was hoping the revised version would have at least something more to the ending, but I guess the minor touches here and there are ok.


Much more fleshed out, I like it :pinkiehappy:

You've done a great job with the revision. Although I wish there was an extended ending with an epilogue, its perfect as is.

Now I expect a sequel, I did enjoy the more fleshed out sequences. Shouldn't they give their child the news at some point. He may be 19 or so but still he deserves an answer.




I'm seriously toying with the idea of writing more, now... which is why I haven't added an epilogue. Their son will indeed be one of the issues they'll have to work through.

Hmm, very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing more. :pinkiehappy:

Epilogue, if not a chapter 2. CONTINUE IT!

Yes, you did a good job fleshing out things.  I did notice one error you might want to correct.

Swift Star sighed. "Come on!" he said. "The buck projecting that thing is one of the Twilight family.

I'm pretty sure that you meant that to be "stallion", unless that was Flitter making a slip and using a Changeling term for a male.

Of course, now that you've got an even stronger beginning, you realize that we want to see more.    Morning Rain and Flitter have found their own personal balance again, but now they have to face the rest of Equestria.  We'll need more backstory on the two, like what their professions are.  Living in Canterlot, I can imagine that Morning Rain's likely not an active member of one of the weather teams, so the family must do something to bring in the bits.  The first hurdle they are going to have to deal with is how to convince other ponies that Flitter doesn't have any association with Queen Chrysalis and her Swarm beyond race.  That ought to be good for several chapters in and of itself, and then you have the whole race fear that Flitter is going to face if the couple want to get back anything resembling their prior life.   Honestly, I can see where this will be a point where an unexpected patronage from one of the Royal Sisters might come into play.  After all, a certain Princess of the Night knows exactly what Flitter is giong to be facing, and if he and Morning Rain can convince her of his sincerity, I can see her as his champion in the Court.

I'll be looking forward to where you take this next.


Meh. It's quite commonly used in FiM fics as, basically, a shorter word for 'stallion'. I see it as saying "dude" instead of "man" :derpytongue2:

If it bothers you, mentally replace it with "son of a deer" (or, "son of a goat"), and give it a negative connotation courtesy of his horn envy :rainbowlaugh:

As for the rest... yeah, I know. Luckily, fleshing out characters is something I really like doing :ajsmug:

Now he needs to find a friend who can dress up as Swift as well as possible and change into that.

>>504746 Their son is probably the closest they can get. I don't think Morning Rain will feel comfortable about that, though :rainbowlaugh:

I really like the revisions. They add quite a bit to the story in my opinion. Even the occasional extra sentence or two felt like a fresh, new aspect of the story. Bravo, Nyerguds.

Though the ending still seems a little... abrupt. Maybe that's just me.

oh i want to read more of this story so bad... please write more. :fluttercry: :derpytongue2:

Nice Revisions here are awesome :rainbowdetermined2:


Or maybe he'll be able to loophole around it by drawing on Rain's love for 'Flitter disguised as Star Swift' and changing into that.


No way. That'd be a horrible cop-out, invalidating some of the major psychological points of this story.

The main issues they are facing are 1. the fact Flitter lost a shape he had really started to identify as 'himself', and 2. changelings are clearly seen as enemies and monsters by ponykind after the Canterlot invasion incident.

Magically removing those issues would destroy any reason to even write more of this. These issues are what make it interesting to write more about it.

The additions really tie this story together. The new opening especially, as it  helps set the tone of their relationship prior to the revelation.  I can certainly see many problems ahead for these two, only the first of witch is trying to convince their son that Flitter really is the father he's always known. That shield kicked Chrysalis out of Canterlot, maby even Equestria proper, but Shining Armor can't be everywhere at once.  I foresee the government issuing changeling awareness warnings. The queen and her swarm are likely to stir up trouble again, souring the public's view even further. Yes, there will be a long hard road ahead for them.

I like this revision. It adds more to the characters while keeping the heart of the story the same.

If you write more about them, I'll read it, but certainly it feels complete enough as it stands. Either way, great job, I enjoyed reading this again. :pinkiesmile:


"2. changelings are clearly seen as enemies and monsters by ponykind after the Canterlot invasion incident."

A big problem for you continuing with this is that it would be so easy for him to go somewhere else, copy somebody else's form, and come back.  I can't think of many plausible reasons not to do this.  Celestia could make an edict forbidding this 'cloning' - that's a little implausible, since the only people who could break it wouldn't respect it - but it's all I can think of in the moment.  He can't just break like the Tardis.


Yeah, he could copy some random form, but that would be even more of a lie than being Swift Star.

Anyway, now I'm imagining a line-up of stallions passing in front of Flitter as he changes into each of them and either rejects the form or writes it down on a list of possibilities.


Taking a form that deceives someone else, because they think they know the person with that form, is a lie.

Taking a random faraway pony's form isn't a deception.  I don't see it as any more of a lie than taking the form you were born with.

Anyway, shouldn't Morning Rain get to choose?  :)   Hey, if I had a partner who could choose any form... I think I'd have a lot of fun with that.  Probably a lot more fun than my partner would.  "Oh, Flitter!  That old body again?  You had it all last week!  Let's go down to the market and look for somepony different."  "MR, sometimes I think you only love me for other peoples' bodies."


so that means ur gonna write more?


Yeah, the original opening was one of the parts that really bothered me. The characters were just completely unknown to the reader, and that needed to be rectified. It also allowed me to put the Chekhov's gun in the story of what the shield would do to him. With that little hint, and knowing the episode, people would realize that the shield at the end would do more than kick him out, and it also allowed me to let Flitter really panic when it happened.


The main reason is the #1 I summed up there... he really identified with the form he had, and doesn't really feel comfortable in anything now. And Morning Rain already felt uncomfortable calling him anything but his 'true' name. Rest assured she feels the same about his shape. If I'm writing more adventures of these two, he'll probably use the ability to get out of trouble at some points, sure, but I don't think either will feel comfortable with him permanently taking another pony form.


Oh wow. It's hard not to go straight to sexual jokes there, especially knowing how she acted in the intro :rainbowlaugh:

Having a clone of a random pony walking around with a mare he's usually not associated with is just asking for unnecessary drama, though. My ch2 ideas doc already contained a bit on that.


I'll try, at least. I'll have to see if I actually produce anything worth submitting, though. :twilightsheepish:

I've just gotten a really interesting comment on Pony fiction Archive... someone saying they liked the idea of "good changelings".

So, for all the people here, let me just clear that up right away. They're not really 'good', in my opinion... my 'Old Ways' changelings are based on the folklore ideas of malevolent fae that pretend to be human. The changelings do this to survive, and have devised ways to cause as little uproar as possible with the way they do this, but in the end, they're still deceiving tricksters. They manipulate dying people into giving them information on their lives so they can take their place, while the only thing they give in return is the vague promise that their loved one will not suffer the tragic news of their death. In this case, Flitter built up a life he's come to identify with more than his old changeling life, and the dying pony actually forced him into promising more than he normally would've, but you can imagine that in many cases, the partner will notice their loved one has changed, love will inevitable fade away, and the changeling will quietly slip away, looking for new chances.

So, yeah... there's no real Good and Evil... only the grey reality :unsuresweetie:

I also imagine that changelings, being emotional vampires, have a hard time developing emotions of their own. Most of them would be a lot more like the mindless drone Flitter conversed with. But he's been a pony for twenty years, and in that time he has developed a lot more than most changelings would. Flitter isn't any different from other changelings; the circumstances just made him different. As far as changelings go, he's probably been living the American Dream :moustache:

In that case, you can also imagine Queen Chrysalis would simply not allow her drones to develop. There's nothing harder to control than individuality :trollestia:

As for why and how Morning Rain reacted different than most to the replacement of Swift Star, well, I already got some fairly good ideas about that. :twilightsmile:

all this talk of changelings and their children makes me wonder if perhaps they pass on some of their magical abilities, even should their mate be an earth pony.

Hmmmmmm, do you think there's a little bit of 'ling in a certain element's background? :pinkiegasp:

Yes, that's right, I'm talking to you miss spawns-extra-hooves-at-random! Pinkie has changeling magic but doesn't know or understand how they work, it just DOES because she thinks about stuff happening. And that is how Pinkie Pie is simply Pinkie.

(It would also make her family's ridiculously structured and reclusive nature make sense, as by living such a routine life there's no reason to bother with magic, therefore no way for the children to accidentally find out they DO have powers, and it also keeps them isolated and away from anyone finding out by accident.)

I'd wager Pinkieling would actually be hurt by finding out her lineage though, since now she would actually have to plot out stuff to work her magic, while at the moment she has no barriers because she doesn't REALISE there are barriers! :pinkiehappy:


There are no half-changelings in this story... she was pregnant before he got replaced

Awesome read....loved the ending. :rainbowlaugh:

>>523107 I made a cover image, does that count as "progress"? :coolphoto:

Interesting story.

I really start to like the idea of changlings

living peacefully among ponies.

You've told quite i nice tale here,

I know it's concluded however

I wouldn't mind more heartwarming

stories with this concept.


I've written a few first drafts for possible sequel chapters, but first I'm going to thoroughly clean up and rewrite this. An editor from ponychan was kind enough to offer his help, but due to me being me being a bit ill, and some other RL mess, I haven't been able to actually use the tons of suggestions and remarks he's sent me.

I'll have to flesh out the rest of the sequel too before actually posting the rewrite. There are so many ideas, but there needs to be some structure in them, and a fitting conclusion, so that'll take some work.

For some reason, reading this reminded me of Lamiroir's song "Guitar's Serenade" from Apollo Justice.

It was a worthwhile read.

What I like best was how you explained Changeling history...the old ways sure makes a lot more  sense than feed off love and blabla

There are some issues to hammer out in this, but you have an interesting idea going.


I'm aware, and currently in the process of hammering :)

Why the hell does everyone think Luna was sleeping? She didn't help Celestia fight Chrysalis because she was busy fighting the other changelings. When she arrived at the wedding reception and said, "Did I miss anything?" she wasn't referring to changleing attacking, she was referring to the wedding.

It's a good story, though. Except the part about Luna.


She's kinda nocturnal, in case you haven't noticed. Her sleeping makes perfect sense.


No it doesn't. How could she stay awake during an attack like that? I am pretty someone would let her know. I am also sure that Luna is, combat wise, more powerful than Celestia, because Celestia had to use the Elements of Harmony to banish her in the first place.

you disappointed me! I thought this was going to be about the Pegasus Flitter from the title!

>>635332 I don't do background characters. Deal :rainbowwild:

>>632880 Kindly stop spamming up the comments with your own silly headcanon. She sleeps through the ruckus of a busy city every day. It's not as if the attack included artillery fire to wake her up. Just some screaming. Also, the Mane 6's use of the Elements stripped her of that combat power. Luna isn't NMM anymore, and most likely nowhere near as powerful as she was.

"He'd fulfilled his promise to the best of his ability, but after this, there was to point in struggling on." I'm fairly certain that is supposed to be a no.

Other than that, I didn't notice any glaring issues. Also, I really thoroughly enjoyed this story. Nice job.

Reading this had been on my "To Do" list for a week or so now. I have now done so. :twilightoops:

Now I've got an image in my head of a black "pony" with bandages wrapped around his hooves, a vest to cover his exo-skeletol "ribs", a set of goggles to cover his blue eyes, and a hooded cloak to cover his wings and funky ears. I highly doubt that this is the route that Flitter will take, but I'm sure some other OC Changing could pull that look off.


Don't know if you found this on your own, but there is a story of a changeling that pretty much does exactly what you described. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/25149/Thrown-Abroad.

Side-note(or perhaps main note): I eagerly (and yet resevedly, yes spellcheck I know that's not a word...) await the sequel to this.:pinkiehappy:

Also I could have sworn I commented on this before...huh well I definitely read and liked this from the beginning if that means anything.:twilightblush:

A sequel would be greatly appreciated :)


This story was good.. ending was a bit anti-climatic and it was kinda short. :twilightsheepish:

Well, that was...interesting.

In a good way, of course. These "Old Ways" seem to be a way of changelings...dare I say it...emotionally protecting Equestrians. Even if it is through lies and deceit. But Flitter does have a valid point: He WILLINGLY pledged his life to Morning Rain, and he WILLINGLY loves her. A touching tale of how a simple promise became something infinitely more.

Please, if you do have any ideas to continue this, write them. I'm interested to see how the story of Flitter and Morning Rain can progress.

Thumbs up, and Fav'ed. Keep on writin'!


Please, if you do have any ideas to continue this, write them.

I do, they just need a lot of sorting out, and I'm quite short on time these days... not sure when I'll have time to get deeper into this.

As for the emotional protection, well, true, but ultimately it only serves to protect themselves, since it keeps the ponies from realizing their existence. As I said before, they're modelled after classic trickster fae :)

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