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  • E An Emerald Treasure

    After returning to Ponyville from Canterlot, Sweetie Belle tries her best to find her place amongst friends and family and to remember what it feels like to be home. This story takes place 4 days after the finale of Scion of Chaos.  · SilentBelle
    11,240 words · 6,227 views  ·  751  ·  7  · 
  • T A Heart of Change

    Sweetie Belle comes up with a plan to share a summer's vacation with her friends. Little do the young mares know that their trip will not be quite as they had planned. But when has anything ever happened as they planned?  · SilentBelle
    210,253 words · 5,973 views  ·  871  ·  12  · 

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  • E An Emerald Treasure

    After returning to Ponyville from Canterlot, Sweetie Belle tries her best to find her place amongst friends and family and to remember what it feels like to be home. This story takes place 4 days after the finale of Scion of Chaos.
    11,240 words · 6,227 views  ·  751  ·  7
  • T A Heart of Change

    Sweetie Belle comes up with a plan to share a summer's vacation with her friends. Little do the young mares know that their trip will not be quite as they had planned. But when has anything ever happened as they planned?
    210,253 words · 5,973 views  ·  871  ·  12
  • E Within a World of Dreams

    Luna enjoys a fine secluded night, when an anomally in the night sky catches her eye. She reads the signs and goes forth to soothe a worried friend's dream.
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  • E Shattered

    Scootaloo faces a hard truth about her dreams.
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    Willow, a young doctor in the making, decides to do anything he can to save his mother. Though his plans fall apart. His brother disowns him for his actions, and Willow is quick to leave the only home he's known. His best friend, Amber, follows
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  • E Under Scrutiny

    Rainbow Dash finds herself up early to be the first in line outside of an old store in Ponyville. What she first thought would be a short wait turns out to be more than she had originally anticipated..
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  • E In Shadows and Silence

    Apple Bloom awakens to a night where not all is as it seems. Only by uncovering the source of her fears will she find the circumstances of this strange night and have any hope of escaping.
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  • E By the Light of a Firefly

    Applejack tells a story she holds close to her heart.
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Blog Posts107

  • 2w, 5d
    Voicing Your Fears

    So, I had just watched a new video by Doctor Wolf, and it struck pretty close to home. While I've never quite had to deal with as much anxiety as what is being discussed in the video, much of it still resonated with me. It struck a chord so to speak. So I felt I had to give expression to that feeling the video left me with.

    So here's the video in question:

    And here's the poem I wrote as a consequence of watching it:

    Silence (When I Was Broken)

    By: SilentBelle

    If there's one thing we learn, it's that we all have fears,

    Moments of weakness in the eyes of our peers.

    Times of hesitation when we wish we could disappear,

    So we wouldn't have to share our darkest secrets with a stranger.

    I've known times where speaking has been hard,

    When the sound of my voice only ever felt like it stained or a marred.

    When I feared not knowing how they'd react.

    “An unreasonable fear,” I told myself. I knew for a fact.

    Yet still I wished, every time I opened my mouth,

    That instead I'd by opening my skin, and blood would pour out.

    Physical pain was so much easier to understand, to overcome.

    Yet I never acted on such thoughts, for two pains would be worse than one.

    But it was still there, a part of me.

    It has shaped me, and made me who I am.

    I made silence my solace and it allowed my mind to clear,

    A place where I could watch the world without judgment or fear.

    I looked on, listening to numerous voices in passing, their sounds creating beauty,

    And for a moment I longed to speak, freely and truly.

    That's when I knew I was broken.

    When what I feared most, was also what I longed for.

    When silence comforted me, yet spurred me to talk more.

    When I expected the worst of humanity,

    Despite never having seen the worst in actuality.

    This is why I love silences,

    They were the only times I truly felt safe and at ease,

    To be myself, and to have myself to shape in preparation,

    So that when next I'd speak, I wouldn't face annihilation.

    Somehow, amongst it all, I managed to make friends of strangers,

    Who now understand my quietude, or at least respect it.

    They listen when I speak, for my words are fewer than theirs.

    Though I suspect they don't know the weight these unspoken words have on me,

    Or how much effort it takes to finally give them away,

    I try to share them how I can. To reach into the depths of my mind,

    Into the silence and to wrench free these feelings I've buried deep.

    Looking into those past silences, is where I can finally see the beauty of the present,

    And all it took was to speak.

    I've shared my silence with my friends, and I now know that I am safe beside them.

    To speak, that's still all it takes, I know.

    All it takes is to rend my body limb from limb and to entrust it to you,

    Which is why, when the phone rings, I still hesitate.

    Perhaps this gives a bit of insight into why I have 'Silent' in my name. This has been a struggle for me, most of my life. Though I have gotten a lot better at talking with and meeting strangers, and it no longer is my primary fear or source of anxiety in my life, (which is great). But it was one heck of a struggle to slowly overcome it. Thanks for reading.


    7 comments · 156 views
  • 3w, 1d
    What's Great About November

    Well, there's that thing called NaNoWriMo, which I participated in last year, sort of. I met the goal of 50k words over last November between two of my stories, but the exercise pretty much burned me out for the following two months. So this year, following the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I have set myself a goal to write 30k words by the end of the month (1000 words per day). This writing will be split between A Heart of Change and A Special Project I am working on. It should be an interesting month. Progress can be tracked on my userpage if you feel it's necessary to know how far along I am.

    On a side note, today (November 4th) is my birthday. I just received a great picture of Sweetie Belle from AHoC (circa chapter 21 + 22) by Rameslack which was quite fantastic. It does spoil an event if you aren't caught up, so I'll post a link rather than actually posting the image: Feel free to check it out.

    Hmm. 27 years, huh. Time sure flies when you are having fun. Here's to writing, aiming to improve, and having another year of fun.

    Thanks for reading,


    10 comments · 93 views
  • 6w, 2d
    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians. It's nice to see most of my family over the weekend, and it's probably my favourite holiday for that reason--I get to see my family and enjoy a good meal, yet it's not really a long or formal thing.

    On a side note: I feel a little annoyed at neglecting my writing over the weekend, and it's a shame that I have to work today, but it's a short shift and I get holiday pay. Once that's done, I'm gonna get right back onto AHoC, as there's a scene I'm working on that I must utterly destroy and rework, for it has been sitting there, feeling incomplete and wrong. Leaving it like that has been nothing short of irritating. (Although it has been good motivation for me to ponder exactly what I want out of the scene and why it feels so wrong as it is.)

    Anyway, I'm off to work.


    8 comments · 73 views
  • 7w, 3h
    Very Flattering

    Keepers, Must Reads, Awesome!, Amusing Stories, Twilight's Choice, Epic, Stuff I Would Recommend, Classics, Exceptional.

    The new library names are truly flattering. It inspires me to get back into the groove of writing after suffering through a week with a nasty head-cold. I really like this site update so far. What do you folk think?

    15 comments · 147 views
  • 9w, 2d
    How Immersive To Be

    The following writing is what I had prepared for the panel I was a part of at BronyCon. At the time of writing this, I was planning to memorize it and recite bits of it for the panel, however I quickly realized that doing so would kind of go against the general atmosphere of our panel. So I ended up focusing on a point or two during the panel and emphasizing them as concisely as I could. I never really got around to touching down on all the points I wanted to during the panel, so I figured maybe I'd share what I had prepared.

    Feel free to give it a read if you want.

    How Immersive to Be

    When you take a look at adventure stories, you see these fantastical tales of heroes and adventurers, unlikely or not, going about exploring, growing, struggling, and often forming and achieving their dreams. These stories usually contain unbelievable and impossible events. Is there a magic system that's being used by the characters? Do they come across new towns, cities, dungeons, cultures, and religions that the reader knows little or nothing about? Of course they will, that's part of what makes a story an adventure. And to explore all these unbelievable, unknown, and fantastical things, it has to be handled in a way that is cohesive within itself, otherwise, the reader is going to be constantly reminded of just how ludicrous the whole situation is and that they are just reading a made up story.

    To make a cohesive world is what we call world-building: creating a world that allows fantastical elements to immerse the reader instead of ejecting them due to the story's believability. When a character enters a new location, that character needs to react to the location appropriately to who they are as a character, otherwise the reader will begin to question why they did or did not act they way they were expected to, which pulls the reader their immersion. As an author, you must ask the questions in place of your readers. Have these characters been here before? Why and when? Have they not been here? Why not? How do they react to seeing what they are seeing and why? What are they seeing?

    With every new place, concept, or character, you have to ask these questions and understand how all these elements fit together and interact with each other, whether it's some nameless guard by the city gate, or your main character starting to use magic for the first time, you have to understand how they fit together within the scope of your world and universe, and the more you can define these things, the better. The way you define them is by asking an endless slough of questions, question every element of your world as you use it, and if you can't provide a satisfactory answer, you should think about it until you can.

    This is the mentality which is at the heart of world-building and adventure in general: exploring the world and understanding how it works. However, it is very easy to get carried away with these questions while trying to figure out how your world works. Many times I've seen authors become very interested in exploring a particular element of their story. Let's say for the sake of an example, that the author wrote some bit of history that is set before the story. I've seen authors present a two-thousand word mini-story about an ancient kingdom and a war surrounding it just to give a bit more depth to the ruins that the characters are currently going through. And while the idea behind doing such a thing is great, the author needs to be careful not to lose sight of their original story while trying to supply reasons for the elements in their story. The readers are here primarily for the main story, while some might be entirely enthralled to read about the history behind some fallen kingdom, many other readers will grow irate that they are being told a story that doesn't involve the characters that they are already invested in.

    So here's the advice that I want to give on how in-depth to be with your story: Look at your story's world and question it ruthlessly. Figure out the histories, what led things to be the way they are, and how the characters fit into that world. Keep asking questions about everything, and never stop being inquisitive and scrutinizing your world. These questions are as a pair of glass that allow the reader to look into your world, and for every answered question, the glass becomes more transparent, allowing for a clearer view.

    While you craft the world in such a manner, keep your focus on the story that you want to tell, and on the characters that the readers want to read about. When you think a reader might have a question about the world, see if there's a way to present that information in a manner that fits into your story. Maybe the character pauses to question a situation right when a reader would have as well. Maybe you'll have a question asked, but not supply an answer for it right away. Maybe the characters will find a book that tells them about the ancient ruin that they are passing through. As an author, you have to find ways to provide the depth to your world without pulling away from the story that you are telling.

    The most fascinating and frustrating thing about writing a lengthy adventure story is all the world-building that goes into it. I know I've spent hours and hours thinking up, writing up, and typing up hundreds of pages of questions and answers about my world. And of those pages, maybe ten percent at most are ever going to be explicitly stated in the story. It can be hard to look at those pages, knowing so much of it will never see the eyes of your readers.

    But what you have to remember is that these unseen questions and answers about your world will play a huge part in your story. All that work will have made your characters' underlying motivations and passions defined, and in turn, that will give their actions believable reason, and thus help bring the world to life. The readers will pick up on the subtle nuances of your defined world and begin to trust that your world works as a cohesive whole even if most of it is out of sight, and because of that, they will be able to experience your story in its purest form. And that's what you want your reader to do when they read your story.

    Now I do want to say one thing in particular. I've said that you need to question your world and its elements, however, I want to point out that a lot of authors do a ton of this subconsciously. Sometimes I will write something and pause for a moment and think that it just doesn't feel right and change it until it does. While I hadn't actively questioned that part of the story in detail, something about what I had just written was in contradiction with what I had already written about my world so far. It's an instinct that I think most people have, and you have to learn to trust it as you write. Writing tends to be about half conscious, critical and planned out, while the other half is born of the subconscious, emotional and spur of the moment instinctive thoughts.

    Your world-building is never going to be complete or perfect, but it will always be better to have spent time refining your world.

    Thanks for reading,


    P.S. AHoC chapter 22 is over halfway proofread. I'm hoping to post it tomorrow if possible.

    7 comments · 188 views
  • ...

Sweetie Belle is compelled to learn magic after Rarity promises to teach her the finer art of dressmaking, but only once the young filly has learned the basics of magic.  However, learning magic comes with its own set of complications and bears an unforeseen gift that will change Sweetie Belle's life forever.

Here's a one-shot sequel that takes place four days after Scion of Chaos: An Emerald Treasure

And this is a Multi-chapter sequel that takes place 5 years after the events of SoC and AET:  A Heart of Change

Here's a poem that's based around the character Red Timber. (Not necessary to read for the comprehension of the storyline): Red Timber

Special thanks to SameAsUsual for letting me use his art:  And to ShadowBro for adding in the title and cropping the image.

First Published
7th Apr 2012
Last Modified
8th Jan 2013

I can just tell, this is going to be epic:eeyup:

Heh, anagrams, huh Discord? Never ceases to amaze.

Wanderer D

Yes! More Sweetie! Nice first chapter, I enjoyed the details on magic and how Sweetie interacts with it! :twilightsmile:

Oh wow, my story is getting a better response than I had ever hoped.  I must be doing something right.  Let's see if I can keep this up.

...Welp, time to go after that Discord statue with a sledgehammer. Grind it to dust and all. *grunt!*

..Oh, also, tracking this target. Wonderful story. :P


>>426988 you smash the lord of chaos...i smash everything you hold dear mortal

:raritystarry: You don't even know the amount of love I am giving you right now.


I may not be able to quantify its value but I can feel it :unsuresweetie:

In all seriousness, though, thanks for reading.  Expect a new update on Sunday :twilightsmile:

I have been looking forward to the continuation of this story!

So far very interesting.:pinkiehappy:

It's just getting better! Great writing skills! :twilightsmile: I'm enjoying this.

^^What he said. This story is intriguing, and you are a very good author. I am greatly enjoying this.:twilightsmile:

Ok so Crackpot Theory of the Story: Discord is channeling off all magic cast upon Sweetiebelle so he can eventually break free of his prison.


Or unlocking Sweeties "Hidden Talent" of siphoning of f magic for herself.

Either way, great story so far.

Tis getting good.

Yes indeed.  Now if only it would come a little faster...

Thank you, to everyone who has read the story so far.  You can expect the story to update every two weeks.  With working six days a week, it's all I can manage at the moment.  But who knows, maybe I'll get faster as I get more experience.

Very good so far love the update.

Rainbow magic, huh? Wait 'till Scoots sees this.

Was that Gilda gone feral? :rainbowhuh:

New Spell Acquired: Eldritch Storm :ajsmug:


Nope it wasn't a gryphon, they don't hoot like an owl.  But if you did through a monster manual, I'm sure you'll be able to find the creature that matches the description.  Alternatively, it will be cleared up in the next update.:twilightsmile:

In any case, thanks for reading and leaving a comment, it means a lot to me.

>>719024  Oh, that was quick.  I always found them to be one of the most entertaining monsters around.  :pinkiehappy:

>>719056 They're on the cover of those D&D game boxes I see in the bookstore near my house :rainbowlaugh:

Hard not to tie in refs for me :twilightblush:

God Dammit, now I have to wait until the next chapter, :raritycry: On a post note, I love how your version of Discord, Scoddri for all those who wish it, alude to the past without referring to himself. For sure one of my favorite fanfics.

>>765385  Oh wow, thanks so much for the high praise.  As this is my first multi-part piece of writing, I'm always worried about how well each chapter will turn out.  I'm very glad that you enjoy the story, and I hope to improve my writing as I continue.  :twilightsmile:

I just want to know what will happen to Sweetie Belle. What is your plan Scoddri? Also nice mixing of letters with the name.

I think I'm finnaly going to fave this. It's getting pretty good.

wow. how was this fetured

i am not saying in anyway that this doesn't deserve to be fetured,

however 33 likes seems a little low


Holey moley, I never expected it to get featured, of course I don't know the exact algorithm used to determine what the feature box chooses.

Well in any case that's pretty sweet :yay:  

Nice, nice! I really enjoy Discord's last line. Ahem, I mean, Scoddri.... Yeah. :trollestia:

I am enjoying this berry, berry much! :twistnerd:

And that's how Equestria was saved... By Discord. :pinkiegasp:

It got featured?  I must have missed it.  Well, if we continue to hold it at 0 dislikes, it might happen again!  The story certainly deserves it.

>>426988 ...I actually read a fanfic once in which Spike did just that...Except that it was a magical sledgehammer, and he chose not to smash Discord into dust at the last second.

I'm waiting for the others to find her fort at some point. This is really well worded and well done but still. But then again build up is very important and so far there's been plenty of that so I'll wait for the next part with excitement!

Great chapter.  I love the backstory, and the new look at Discord, plus his origin story.:yay:

WOOO! Magic and confrontation! I await the next installment eagerly!

wow. this is good.

Using Parchment in books? BIG no no, Given that Parchment is made from Calf Skin (Or sheep or goat). I know it Sounds like a Good replacemnt to make something seem old, But I honestly doubt anypont would be comfortable with the idea of anything written on Dead Children's skin. The same problem exists with Vellum, another Pre-paper Paper substitute.

This chapter reminds me of the scene in Eldest where Eragon is learning how to harness natural energy. I'm anxious to see what Sweetie does with this power. :raritystarry:

Oh, boy. It begins.

Our young Sweetie continues her magic training and learns of "Chaos Magic"

This story continues to be very interesting.

More please! =P

You're using the tags "said, muttered, asked, etc." too much in your fic. Not every piece of dialogue needs to be followed by these tags. These help clarify who's speaking, but aren't really necessary if the reader can draw the conclusion them self. This sort of came to me after I had read the chapter, I'm guessing the reason I didn't see it at first was just from the excitement of the update. It looks like you put a lot of time into this chapter.


Thank you for the feedback, it's always appreciated, I'll keep it in mind as I keep writing.  I will keep updating it every two weeks; however, since I have started writing this story, my writing has been getting quicker.  Maybe in the near future I'll get them out every week, but what's most important is that people are enjoying it.

Thanks for reading,


Well, there was one section where I was ready to punch my computer screen if I had to read the word magic one more time, but this was a pretty good chapter.

I do wonder, though, if Scoddri will show his evil side when Sweetie Belle is confronted by her friends...:unsuresweetie:

A monkey wrench thrown into her plans? Yes! Now things shall get interesting once again! Great chapter!

Just finished reading this and all the previous chapters, I'm quite delighted that I found this story.


I am very pleased that you find it worthwhile.  Thank you for reading. :twilightsmile:

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