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  • 33w, 2d
    The Annotated Mendacity and The First Law

    So, unhappily, I have no update to The Rise and Fall of the Dark Lord Sassaflash to share with you today.  Don't y'all fret none, it's a-comin', but it needs a little time yet to be properly polished; this is going to be a particularly important chapter that poses some unique challenges, and I want to get it right.  That shameless tease out of the way, I do have two items of particular interest to share with y'all today, one of which I'm confident that many of you will be particularly interested by, and the other of which I can only hope that you will be.  We shall see.

    Anyway.  First up on the menu is, as you might have guessed from the title, an annotated version of Mendacity, shiny and new for your perusal and enjoyment.  I've been working with the well-read and astoundingly diligent Shoggoth Lord on this for about two weeks now, and am very proud to show y'all the results of our work--or, to be perfectly honest, mostly of his work; he's shown an impressive work ethic in putting this together in such a short span of time.  Not only will you find details on the real-world mythology behind many of the characters and creatures of Mendacity, but you'll also some insight into hidden details--secret canon, shall we say--that didn't make it into the story proper, but which I came up with while I was devising the details of the Mendaverse.  I hope y'all will enjoy it; here it be: The Annotated Mendacity

    Now we come to the second item on the agenda today: The First Law.  I don't know whether y'all will be interested in this or not, as it's completely un-Pony-related, but since you've enjoyed my previous stories, I thought it only fair to let you know that I'm working on another one--this time, a piece of original fiction.  It's a science-fantasy tale, and may be a bit confusing at first, but rest assured that many of the more cryptic details will be fully explained in later chapters.  It's currently being hosted over on, and as of today the first chapter has popped up for all to see; further chapters will, most likely, be popping up at my usual update time of half-past forever.  If y'all are interested, I could drop a line here on the blog to let you know when further chapters have been posted; sound like something y'all'd be interested in?

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  • 48w, 6d
    Sad Tidings

    Just a brief note to let y'all know that due to an unfortunate incident involving my laptop, a meter of elevation, a hardwood floor, and the rapid conversion of gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy, I'll have some trouble getting regular access to a laptop for the next few weeks or so--and consequently, the next chapter of my current story will be delayed by at least that length of time.  Fear not, it will come in time--it's just that "in time" will end up being a little bit longer than might have been ideal.  Many apologies for the delay, and hope y'all enjoy it whenever it DOES come out.

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  • 50w, 4d
    Update on Chapter III

    Just a quick heads-up to y'all to let you know that I've made a few more alterations to chapter III, which will hopefully resolve some of the issues caused by the removal of Stowaway Belle from the story.  Chapter VI, incidentally, should be coming along fairly soon; no ETA other than "fairly soon," I'm afraid, but...Well, yes.  Soon.

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  • 50w, 5d
    The Incredible Vanishing Sweetie Belle

    Just a quick PSA; for plot-related reasons, I've removed Sweetie Belle's appearance from chapter III of my current story, and although she will have a role to play in future chapters, it'll be much lighter than I had originally planned.  I know that this may be kind of disappointing to quite a few of y'all, and honestly I'm a bit disappointed as well, as I like Sweetie Belle and have fun writing her--but unfortunately, I just couldn't quite manage to get her to fit into the story in a way that satisfied me*, so in Ponyville she will remain.  My apologies to those of you who are disappointed by this, but I really do think that the story will benefit from this change.  Here's hoping I can demonstrate that to y'all.

    *Not to mention the fact that, this being a Lovecraftian story, it wouldn't really be possible to include her in the thick of things without her becoming at least a little psychologically scarred, and as this is an interstitial story set between two episodes of the show, there are obvious problems with that.

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  • 87w, 1d
    Story the Second

    Well!  It's been quite a while, hasn't it?  Longer than I had intended, in fact, and for that you all have my apologies.  Even the loneliest river wends its weary way at last to the sea, though, and the thinnest crescent Moon will wax to fullness in time (full Moon tonight, by the by.  I think, odd as it sounds, I'll be trying to tie future story updates to the lunar cycle; the Moon makes a very obvious, regular timekeeper, and unlike the arbitrary days of the week it offers a clear, tangible sense of the passage of time).  Before another twenty-four hours have passed, I'll be posting the first chapter of my next story.  The promised epilogue to Mendacity will be arriving not long afterwards, by the time the Moon is new, and chapter 2 of this new story will be coming either then or at the next full Moon.  As to the story itself...well, I feel I owe y'all something of an apology.  I asked, after posting the final chapter of Mendacity, whether you'd prefer me to write a sort-of sequel or a new story with Lovecraftian elements, and most voted sequel.  I tried to get something satisfactory down for that, but for now at least the ideas aren't quite flowing as they like, and I'm not sure how to tell the stories I have in mind.  So, instead, we'll be exploring the lives of a different set of characters, some time before the beginning of Mendacity--before, in fact, Discord's return to Equestria, though not long before.  There won't be any romance this time, but there may be shoggoths, ghouls, and mi-go, and while they're not quite the same thing as True Love I hope they'll prove to be an acceptable substitute.

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  • ...

Bon Bon's voice is funny, and that's about all that anypony who meets her notices, as her marefriend Lyra soon steals the spotlight with her explosive personality, strange obsessions, and curious beliefs. And why not? Bon Bon is, after all, a perfectly ordinary, boring pony in every way but two: her voice, and the carefully kept secret that she isn't really a pony.

First Published
20th May 2012
Last Modified
26th Jul 2013
#1 · 131w, 5d ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

It's on fimfiction now!? Fav'd. Fav'd hard.

The things you are doing here... they are amazing. Your novel take on the setting is matched only by your mastery of immersing readers in the point of view of your main character, and the inherent conflict and the tension it brings makes this story an exceptionally engrossing read. I'm confident that it will rank among the best of the shipping genre. My compliments on this; I will be taking notes on technique.

#2 · 131w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

>>619307 itake it that you enjoyed it :trollestia:

Anyhow; cool story bro. Here, take a like. :ajsmug:



#3 · 131w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Awesome that this is on FiMFiction now. I read the first chapter when it was posted on EQD and loved it, but lost track of the story. At least now that it's here, I'll be able to know exactly when there's a new chapter. Can't wait to find out what happens next!

Comment posted by Mashmaster deleted at 5:37am on the 29th of May, 2014
#5 · 131w, 5d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

This seems interesting. I'll file it away for later reading. :pinkiesmile:

#6 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Yes, yes, yes! :twilightsmile: This finally came to fimfiction, it's much easier to read it here than on googledocs.

#7 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Ah yes, having this on FIMfic makes it easier to follow. Have a like then!

#8 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

This story is, in a word, magnificent, and I eagerly await more.

#9 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Glad to see this story here! :moustache:

#10 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

I'm behind on chapters since I originally saw this, but this is the best changeling story I've seen the fandom produce.

#11 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

I can't wait for the enxt chapter! this promise to be an epic story.

#12 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Very nice to see it on FIMfiction!  Now it's only a matter of time before it gets featured and explodes in popularity.  Luna knows you deserve it.

#13 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

And sadly Lyra is gonna be turned into one of Chrysalis' brainwashed puppets.

AND DAMN! Chrysalis doesn't care much for her own subjects, AT ALL. We knew she saw ponies as cattle, but you think if she was willing to conquer an entire nation to feed them she'd feel SOME empathy towards her own people. 0-0 So that was Chrysalis' real personality?

#15 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Great story, thanks for putting it here so I can track it! :twilightblush:

#16 · 131w, 4d ago · 1 · · Chapter 3 ·

Wait. Lyra was part of the brainless bridesmaid zombies. BonBon didn't make it or something, right?


#17 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Heh, y'all were really eager for this to turn up in some format other than Google Docs, weren't you?  Glad the upload pleases you; lazybones that I am, I was a bit leery of uploading it here when I realized that it would mean going through the whole thing and re-italicizing and indenting the bits that copypasta didn't quite hit, but it was clearly worth it.  Many thanks!

#18 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Very unique premise.  Like and fave.:raritywink:

#19 · 131w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Fuck YEAAAAAAH, no more Google Docs!

(If you can't tell, I despise GDocs, and I've already ready Chaps 1 and 2.)


Shit hath become real. Very real indead.

#20 · 131w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

This story cannot hit the featured box fast enough. It deserves all the readers it can get.

Seriously, this was one of the last stories I was reading that wasn't on FimFic and that I still had to hit up the EqD Story Updates posts to follow.  I'm beyond happy that I can finally add it to my FimFic tracking list!

I don't have any Bon Bon or Chrysalis emoticons, so have a happy Lyra instead.

#21 · 131w, 3d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·


Almost the same here. "Crisis: Equestria" and a few others aren't here yet, though. Give it time, I guess... :twilightsmile:

Edit: Oops! Turns out "Growing Pains" IS here already. My bad. :facehoof:

#22 · 131w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Ooh. I'm liking this so far. I'll be sure to check out the rest as soon as possible. One thing, though:

When the sun had set and the moon was nothing more than a thin scimitar’s-edge of light in the sky, when the wind blew wildly and the rain lashed against the windows, when the world grew eerie and that eeriness hissed and hummed its shadowed way along ancient paths that, though they had been long since paved over and civilized, and seemed quite dead in the light of the sun, still retained a hidden life of their own—then, sometimes her marefriend would be woken by the sound of hooves against wooden planks as Bon Bon paced the floors of their solid safe little home, or by the shivering of Bon Bon’s cold body against Lyra’s own as she whimpered with her eyes clenched shut.

That is one sentence. One. Watch out for those, as they're incredibly difficult to read, and really kill the tone.

Other than that, I'm liking what I'm seeing!

#23 · 131w, 2d ago · 3 · · Chapter 3 ·

I've always thought that Bon Bon was rather plain and boring compared to other background ponies. But this.....let me put it this way:

Lyra being fascinated by humans = pretty smart.

Lauren Faust being an alicorn = pretty bucking smart.

Bon Bon being a changeling = BUCKING. GENIUS!!!

I didn't even need to read all the chapters so far before realizing how spot on this idea is. You, good sir, have earned yourself a loyal reader! Can't wait for more!

#24 · 131w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

What Kangthespartan said

#25 · 131w, 2d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Oh wow, I'm very glad I finally got around to reading this it is excellent!

I cannot wait for more.

#26 · 131w, 2d ago · 2 · · Chapter 2 ·

A really enjoyable chapter! This story is sucking me in good, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

#27 · 131w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Good lord. It's not a coincidence, it would seem. You have quite a serious problem with purple prose, my friend. However, it's usually limited to the first page or so of each chapter, which is quite strange.

But then, it's also interesting, because from there on in it gets better. And then you start talking about world building, and I get this stupid grin on my face because it's so well done, and then the plot sucks me in completely. In other words, I am enjoying this a lot, but I would suggest watching out for purple prose in the opening page or so of each of your chapters! Excessive adjectives do not make good writers!

Keep up the awesome work. I am really looking forward to seeing where this one is headed!

#28 · 131w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 3 ·

Mystic:  Yes, I struggled with that particular sentence from part one; in the end, I decided to just leave it as it was.  Jane Austen gets away with paragraph-sentences, so why couldn't I?  I neglected, of course, to remember that Jane Austen could get away with those because she was Jane Austen, and knew what she was doing.  

As for the more general purple prose issues...huh, that's interesting.  I don't write these all in one sitting, so it seems unlikely that the purple prose is just a result of me trying to find my footing in the setting.  If that were the case, I would expect the flowery writing to show up at reasonably regular intervals throughout the story, blossoming out in impenetrably ramulose floriations (sorry, sorry...) every time I started writing again.  I do love me some descriptive passages, but I'll try to make 'em a bit less unnecessarily elaborate in future.  Thanks for the heads-up, and thanks, too, for your kind words; I'm glad that aside from some stylistic issues, you're enjoying it so far!

#29 · 131w, 1d ago · 1 · · Chapter 2 ·

Poor Bon-Bon. You do a good job presenting her internal struggles, and the dilemma she's facing.

#30 · 128w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

Been waiting for this!

Definitely did not dissapoint.

#31 · 128w, 1d ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·

I'm growing to love hating Aldrovanda. :twilightangry2:

And now we know why, exactly, Lyra was in the crystal caves!

#32 · 128w, 1d ago · 7 · 1 · Chapter 4 ·

Lol, Kelpie stole mai shiet.

#33 · 128w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Heh. Queen Xubidu.

I see what you did there.

#34 · 128w, 1d ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·

Hee hee, I like that kelpie.  I'll still enjoy watching her die if she dies, but at the same time I enjoy watching her live.  :pinkiecrazy:

#35 · 128w, 1d ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

now on fimfic? INSTA FAVE

#36 · 128w, 23h ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·

Oh Aldrovanda, you scamp.:rainbowlaugh:

She'd be my favorite character in this story if it weren't for the whole flesh eating monster thing.

But anyway, good chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next.

#37 · 128w, 23h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

Let’s get this fool’s errand on the road! :rainbowlaugh:

I may have to steal that if I can manage to find an excuse to use it in a conversation at work today.

#38 · 128w, 23h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

This is definitely my favorite Changeling fic! Use of the Unseeli court, proper use, mind you, makes this story all the more enjoyable.

#39 · 128w, 22h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

So our heroine is down several bits, a saddle bag, a loaf of bread, and one weapon. Not the BEST way to start one's quest. :facehoof:

#40 · 128w, 22h ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

This fic feels very distilled, for lack of a better word, with several fanon concepts taken to their logical conclusion (Bon-Bon the changeling, Lyra who wants to be human, Pinkie Pie noticing the fourth wall . . .) It's also alarmingly well-ordered and lyrical, even for this crowd, so kudos for that.

#41 · 128w, 19h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

Ooh, great development. Very excited to see where this is going.

#42 · 128w, 19h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

I'm suprised this doesn't have a dark tag, 'cause compaired to other stories, this is really dark.

#43 · 128w, 17h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

Aldrovanda and Discord can go suck each other's [explicit term redacted].

#44 · 128w, 17h ago · 1 · · Chapter 4 ·

I did consider labeling it dark, but considering the directions I'm planning on taking the story, I wasn't sure that it was quite fitting (Aldrovanda isn't actually going to be devouring anypony at any point in the story, for example, and in future installments she probably won't be quite so expressive when it comes to her preferred diet).  Then again, when I think "dark" I tend to think "H.P. Lovecraft," so it's possible that my own sliding scale of darkness may have gotten stuck a bit too far on the dark side of things to be all that useful.  Funny, really; I would have thought that devotedly watching My Little Pony would have been enough to recalibrate it.

#45 · 128w, 17h ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Queen Xubidu. I get it now! :trixieshiftleft: good one!

#46 · 128w, 16h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

Yeah, that is a little bit too far on the dark side to be a proper mesure:pinkiecrazy:

#47 · 128w, 16h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·


Oh. heroine, not the drug. Had me confused for a moment.

#48 · 128w, 15h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·


Blasted Spellcheck. Thanks, and fixed.

#49 · 128w, 15h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

ALDROVANDA has joined the party!

Hmm, only level 1, stats are crap... well, she'll make a good packmule at least. *dumps inventory on Aldrovanda*

ALDROVANDA has left the party! "Haha, sucker!"


#50 · 128w, 13h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

You know, if there's an Unseelie Court, there's bound to be some Seelie Sidhe (not "Shee") who'd be willing to help, if only to screw with the Unseelie. I'm sure Fluttershy must know at least a couple.

Hell, Pinkie Pie probably is one. It would explain so, so much.

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