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I'm here in Florida working for Disney. Working the Monorail, so come say hi!

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A short story to hopefully help you feel better.

It was a cold day in Ponyville, so cold that a layer of rime was forming on the roof of their home. Octavia shivered, warming herself a smidge and jostling the groceries she carried with her. With a blue hoof, she opened the door and stepped inside. Her body didn't warm up much, and she wondered why Vinyl hadn't turned on the fireplace.

It only took her a turn of the head to see Vinyl Scratch nestled under her blanket, looking outside at the falling snow and fog, a frown stuck on her face. Octavia sighed; this sort of weather usually brought her down. Well, one of them had to put on a smile, and she did so as Vinyl turned her head, coughing softly-yet-hoarsely, she put on the gentlest of grins and set to work.

Firstly, she gathered some logs and threw then in the fireplace. In seconds, she had kindled a fire and watched as it steadily crept over each log. She looked back at Vinyl, who watched it out of the corner of her eye.

The next step was to make some tea. Usually, Vinyl Scratch would prefer coffee over tea—a mug had been half-consumed before she got there—but as Octavia's beverage of choice, and as she knew the healing effects of it, she decided to make it anyway. The kettle was put on heat, the tea leaves were brought out, and she grabbed what she knew would help Vinyl accept it: fluorescent blue food coloring. Blue was Vinyl's favorite color, after all. And as Octavia had tested, she liked thyme tea most of all.

With that and the fireplace, Octavia's chilly body began warming up. She looked at Vinyl, who was silently watching the fireplace. That wasn't exactly the reaction she had been hoping for. Perhaps she needs a bit of coaxing, she thought. So she walked over to her bed, grabbed one of her quilts, took herself to the fireplace, and lay down under it. Then, she waited.

And waited, listening to the crackling wood.

And waited, smelling the tea leaves she had brought out.

And waited, snuggling further into her shaggy quilt.

And finally, Vinyl joined her by her side, dragging her entire blanket behind her. Usually, Octavia would question why she did that, considering she had perfectly good quilts to use, but today, she decided not to. Vinyl bundled up, sniffling and coughing. Octavia thought about snuggling up with her, but didn't want to get sick herself.

They stayed that way until the kettle whistled. Octavia wrested herself from her quilt and trotted over to their stove. She picked out two cups and set the leaves inside. The water steamed and the leaves sloshed as they became one within the cup. As she waited, she looked back at Vinyl, who was looking at the nearest window.

There was no time to waste. Once the tea had fully permeated the cup, she took the food coloring and stirred it into Vinyl's cup. Her own jasmine tea settled while Vinyl's turned dark blue. That would help Vinyl get it down.

But as she gathered the two cups and placed them on saucers, and those on her back, she thought that something was missing. The answer came naturally to her, and so she carefully began walking to her gramophone. Music would perk things up for sure.

But as her eyes fell on Vinyl once again, and saw her lying exhausted, she had another thought. She was doing all of this for Vinyl, wasn't she? She turned and walked instead to her friend's turntable and, after some fiddling, put on the first song she could.

The initial beat made her jump, and it was only by her unnatural balance that she kept the tea from spilling. She looked for the volume knob, but couldn't make heads or tails of it. As she thought about shutting it off altogether, one of the knobs turned on its own. She looked back up to see Vinyl's horn glowing, her face in confusion.

Octavia smiled, and walked away from it. The beat wasn't ear-splittingly loud, but it was loud enough to shake the house and the rime and icicles outside. Vinyl continued looking perplexed as Octavia approached. With grace, the earth pony set the two cups on the floor, and passed the blue one to her unicorn friend.

Vinyl eyed it for a moment, and then levitated it and took a sip. Octavia watched expectantly. When the cup lowered, Vinly was smiling. Octavia had done it. She had successfully cheered up her friend. They both snuggled into their respective covers and watched the fire crackle, throwing in a log whenever needed. And as the night continued onwards, Octavia affirmed herself of what would make Vinyl happy:

A drink made up of thyme,

A song that shakes the rime,

Some blue tea and the beats.

If you read this, I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you become well soon. Also, best of luck with the storm that appears to be in Florida for the next week (as the weather tells me).

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